Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Lazy Post for a Lazy Sunday - Jul 2

OK, so I must be a wee bit bored. I have no real lead-in to start you off here. That problem in Gaza is momentarily stalled, nobody so far is willing to do anything TOO stupid to start a war. The status quo remains for another day. So I just got some odds and sods to go on.

Here is an update from The Australian about the recent crisis in Gaza.

CBC: U.S. gov't told striking Iran was likely ineffective. Well d'uh. I could have bloody well told them that! There are, I think, two main reasons why American (and Israeli) forces will not strike Iranian nuke facilities:

1) Any airstrike will not completely destroy Iran's nuke capabilities. The sites are spread out, dug in deep and without the use of small nukes, difficult to take out. Besides, don't you think they would have done so already if it were possible? The political fallout far exceeds any superficial military advantages.

2) Iraq, Iraq, Iraq: Bush is desperate to show that he has chosen wisely in his 'War on Terror' by invading Iraq in 2003. Back channel negotiations have been on the go for some years now between Iran and the 'Great Satan'. Any agreements (political, economic, military) made between the two goes in the toilet if America starts dropping bombs on Iranian soil. Plus, as long as U.S. soldiers remain in substantial force in Iraq, any such talk about 'taking out' Ahmadinejad and the clerics is pure posturing.

Here is some rather startling new information on the H5N1 virus, commonly referred to as the 'bird flu'. Usually, any virus poses the greatest danger to the very young and the elderly. They're finding out that the reverse is true in this case as young adults and teens are found to be the most vulnerable. Scientists are saying this is eerily reminiscent of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which targeted people in the prime of their life.

Ten months later, New Orleans has still not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina. It was August 29, 2005 when Katrina smashed into 'Nawlins.

Two cool blogs for you to add to your collection.

Whither The Fool

It's a day late but what the hell. A very Canadian quiz for a very Canadian holiday. I did poorly, scoring 4 out of 10. Scoring 7 or higher makes you a bona fide Canadian history whiz.

If you've got a science geek at home or you feel comfortable with your inner nerdiness, then here's a gallery for from Use these pictures for a really cool screensaver if you want!

That's all for today. Keep Jesus real!

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fool said...

Ten months later, New Orleans has still not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina.

Actually, it's that ten DECADES after, New Orleans has still not fully recovered from Democrat party rule.