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A Monster Post - Jul 5

OK, so I have to apologize as I have a really big post to do here. I missed yesterday as I was at the movies so you have two days worth of news in one post. I'll try to keep it simple but I think you'll find at least something to your liking. Some news, some sports, some weather, some business and some humor. Whew. I'm getting tired already. Here goes!

First off, congrats to Italy and France for their respective semi-final wins. Man, what a match it will be on Sunday! The explosive Italians versus the Maginot Line French. My advice to the Azzuri? Flank 'em. It worked last time.

There's been some fearful weather happening in Canada. Now I fully understand that Canada is a big place and bad weather is gonna be happening somewhere. But all at once? Dear me, this country of mine is getting hammered by Mother Nature/Father God (take your pick).
1) Fire in Northern Saskatchewan.
2) A tornado in New Brunswick?
3) Lightning, hail and thunder in Eastern Ontario.

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening! Dep't. Ah, what a clever segue! What to do in case you are caught in the midst of an electrical storm.

There are some rules of warfare that should not be broken. Never start a land war with China. Never engage the U.S. Navy whilst in the middle of the Pacific. And never, ever, get Russia riled up. Mr. Putin is now saying Russian forces will not be bound by international borders in their fight against terrorism. This is over those four unfortunate Russian diplomats killed in Iraq.

Here's a bit of wonderful anti-dhimmitude from two unlikely allies: Tony Blair and the Vatican. I'll leave it up to you to add your own silly conspiracy theories here if you want to.

Two articles from

1) The EU is moving closer to a common arms market. Wow. Peace through superior firepower. A wee bit cynical, no?

2) Like a moth to a flame, Brussels is courting Moscow over some free trade thingy. The question is, who will get burnt the worst?

Two items that caught my eye in the business world:

1) Ken Lay, consummate scoundrel and the founder of Enron has died. If you're reading this, rent "The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Enron Story" before you start eulogizing Mr. Lay and what he did to corporate America.

2) Some dolts who worked for Coke tried to sell its secrets to Pepsi. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at this. I know, I know, it's called industrial espionage. But it's not like you're selling nuke secrets to the Russians at the height of the Cold War like the Rosenbergs did.

Other odds and sods I've pulled together over the past couple of days:

Please be in prayer over those individuals who have left Islam and taken up the cross of Jesus Christ. Many face an uncertain future, not to mention stigmatization, torture, jail and even death.

North Korea, aka the "Hermit Kingdom", is at it again, this time popping off a couple of missiles. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese are none too pleased.

PC alert! The English are seriously considering removing the cross of St. George as England's flag so as not to offend Muslims. I don't even know what to say here. How about Treason? Or Cowardice? How about dickless, mindless and spineless? Shame on those who actually gave this some serious thought!

Michael Graham of JWR on why Superman will always be cool and why the UN never will be:

Here is a dramatic true story of some Christian missionaries in India who saved a woman from suicide by hanging:

Like I said, sorry 'bout the size. But I do think each link is a keeper. Keep praying for the safe return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit.

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