Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Passion of the Mel - Jul 30

I don't have a clever opening monologue for you today. Didn't feel like it.

Please pray for Mel Gibson. Mel pulled a real boner just recently, having been arrested for drunk driving. He's had problems with alcohol before and appears to have relapsed. Well, at least his pet project, The Passion of the Christ, is considered one of the most controversial movies ever made. I've seen 'Passion' twice myself and would highly recommend it. Five out of five stars.

Well here is something to cheer you up. The New York Yankees got mugged at home, losing 19-6 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays yesterday. Hahahahaha. I hate the Yankees. Good team though.

Well you knew this was going to happen. Two allies of Israel, Canada's own Stephen Harper and Australia's John Howard are being raked over the coals by recent anti-Israeli rallies.

Jihad in Seattle Update: Right on cue, that Pakistani shooter is found with a 'mental illness' by the PC media and Seattle police. What a brave man this guy was. 'Cause you know how hard and difficult a military target is such as a bunch of unarmed Jewish women. The word coward is too good for him.

Another hero from the land Down Under is Cardinal George Pell, who wants a televized debate with Abu Hamza. Good. I'd love to see it happen.

Did you know that 60% of the U.S. is in drought? Yes, my friend, it's THAT serious. The drought is concentrated in the northern plains in the Dakotas.

Closing the Barn Doors After the Horses Have Fled Dep't: The UN has actually made a smart move by pulling all unarmed observers from the Israeli-Lebanese border. At post time, the body of Maj. HvK has still not been recovered.

Answer me this: Would you rather be a black man in Louisiana or a black man in Sudan? According to the UN, it's choice is the first one. While innocent blood is shed in Darfur, the best these idiots can do is criticize the U.S. over the Hurricane Katrina disaster. That is when they aren't passing one resolution after another against Israel. Pathetic.

That'll do for a lazy Sunday. Enjoy your hot weekend.

Johnny Cash

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