Sunday, July 16, 2006

This Is Not It! - Jul 16

The world is watching Israel and Lebanon right now with bated breath. Let me tell you what is going to happen. In a short while, Western civilians will be evacuated out of Beirut. They will either end up in Cyprus or in various Christian enclaves to the north. Going east towards Syria is not a very good option as roads there are likely to be attacked by Israeli forces. Going south towards Israel is pure suicide. After U.S. forces have evacuated most of their own, the Israelis will move towards the Bekaa valley in a massive ground incursion. A factory in Haifa was ordered closed by the Israeli government to facilitate this. The only question is: What will Hizbollah do? There is a reason to believe that they have in their possession some rockets with a range that can reach Tel Aviv. Hizbollah will also try to escape by way of Syria. If this happens, we do not know if the Israelis will chase Hizbollah in 'hot pursuit' into Syrian territory. The Syrians and the Israelis have a tacit agreement not to attack one another. I don't believe the Israelis will pursue Hizbollah into Syria proper, thus Hizbollah will be spared total destruction. But Hizbollah will be finished in Lebanon, make no mistake. It will buy the Israelis time if nothing else, a precious commodity in the ME. This is not Armaggeddon folks. But it looks like a pretty decent start, a rehearsal of sorts if you will.

Well you know Mr. Big Mouth, aka Iran's Thug-In-Chief is getting in on the anti-Israeli bandwagon:

Time for a history lesson from Charles Krauthammer from JWR on why Israel must fight. The issue isn't a 'two-state' solution. The issue is whether or not Israel has the right to exist at all. The Arab states don't want Israel to withdraw to it's pre-1967 borders. They want Israel to withdraw to it's pre-1948 borders.

From AsiaNews, an article on why Israel must have a peace accord in place with it's Arab neighbours. Israel will have it's day of destiny with the AntiChrist as he forges a seven year peace treaty. All around the world this man will be hailed as an international hero. Then that whole 'wrath of God' thing happens before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

From the BBC comes a picture gallery of the current crisis in Lebanon.

I've included this link to show you that things are not always as they appear, especially in the ME. In Egypt, a movie is raising all sorts of hackles and controversy. Nice to know that many in the Islamic world are still using their brains.

Three items of American news to end this post:

Bill O'Reilly on the nastiness between the liberal media and the Bush administration.

Bush says no to Putin at the G8 meeting for Russian ascencion into the World Trade Organization. American and Russian relations are quite frosty now, not a lot of happiness on either side.

In California, forest fires are raging out of control. Two massive blazes are but a kilometer apart. Firefighters believe they may merge, causing even bigger problems. Governer Schwarzenegger has called it a disaster area which releases federal funding to help battle the blaze.

That's long enough. If I tried to put everything I've read about this current crisis I'd have twenty posts by now. I'll keep you posted on this very fluid and dangerous situation.

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