Monday, July 10, 2006

What Restrains Evil? - Jul 10

Actually, that's a trick question (sorry). It isn't WHAT restrains evil, rather it's WHO restrains evil. No wonder people don't get the right answer, they aren't asking the right questions. I'm referring of course to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. The HS, which is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and the Son, is the 'agent' which restrains evil. It is the HS which is responsible for the fact that al-Qaida has not caused a nuclear mushroom cloud to rise over a major American city. It is the HS which keeps a cap on personal crimes such as rape, murder, theft and the like. It is the Holy Spirit which keeps Islam's jihad against the West and Israel in check. It is the office of the HS, not Islam's so-called 'peaceful' nature, which prevents most Muslims from taking up arms against the infidels (that's us btw). As well as being eternal, the HS also resides in it's temporal form in the Church, aka the Body of Christ. When Jesus comes for His church, all manner of hell will break out here on earth. Crime will skyrocket. Wars, famine, earthquakes and bizarre weather will increase. Jihad will increase tenfold. My friend, that does NOT sound like fun! You can escape this if you want by asking Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour. Just do it and ask Him. Lay down your pride, your ego and your ambitions. I'm afraid there isn't much time left.

As always, Israel takes front stage again:

Israeli scientists have developed a formula for crops to be grown in saline water. This is huge. If you've read the Left Behind series, this is how LaHaye and Jenkins got the ball rolling in the first book. Well, it appears that that time has now arrived.

Our buddy Mahmoud is making strange sounds regarding removing Israel permanently off the ME map. It's the same old lines, Israel is the source of all the region's problems etc. etc. Consider this the 1938ish salvo the start of the campaign of Armaggeddon.

Two items of note in international news:

In Russia, Shamil Basayev has been killed near Chechnya. Yes, you may cheer for the Russians now if you wish. Russians, unlike us Westerners, do not get sentimental over such things nor worry a great deal about international opinion. Find the bad guy, kill him. It's really that simple.

In Syria, land of the free and home of the brave (oops, sorry that's America), there's been a crackdown on intellectuals over a manifesto concerning Syrian/Lebanese relations. True freedom of expression is a flight of fancy for these people. I know that we take such freedoms for granted over here.

Two items as it pertains to the Canadian military:

A Sea-King (aka the Flying Coffin) has been ditched in the sea 50 kilometres from the Danish coast due to an improper landing. Man, these helicopters should have been decommisioned 10 to 15 years ago. Thanks to Mr. Chretien, our boys in the Air Force are putting their lives on the line every single time one of these jalopies become airborne.

More news about Canada trying to reassert its sovereignty over the Arctic. I mean they are really going all out on this one. I've suggested before it's the opening of the NorthWest Passage. This northern route will bypass the Panama Canal, enabling ships to go from Europe to Japan without going so far south out of their way. For a fee of course, which the Canadian gov't would love to figure out. Hey, maybe global warming might have some positives after all.

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