Monday, July 03, 2006

Ye Shall Be As gods - Jul 3

I don't think I'm the only one who is noticing that people are becoming more and more unrestrained lately. I mean, it's like all that matters is them and to hell with anybody or anything that gets in the way of THEIR gratification. I am my own sovereign! Me first, all the time, right now! The same lie that Satan used in the Garden of Eden to cause the fall of man is the same lie being used today. Read it yourself in Genesis chapter three. It is a lie that freedom comes from doing your own thing, believing in your own thing, and screw the consequences. For the self-centered individual, all facts, reality and history is purely subjective. After all, if its not about them, then who cares? Let me tell you I REJECT this line of thinking. True liberty can only be found in Jesus Christ. When you learn that it's NOT ABOUT YOU all the time every time, it is then and only then that you can experience great personal growth. The Bible says that there are ways that seem right to a man but in the end lead to death. My friend, God loves you so much. So much that He sent His son Jesus to die for you in your place to pay for all your sins, past, present and future. You were made in God's image. You were made to have an eternal, loving relationship with your Creator. Your birth was NOT a cosmic accident. You are not a 'mistake'. The date, place, and timing of your entrance into this world was known unto the Father before the Earth was ever swung into existence. If you are living as a god of your own making, then you are living a deluded life. If you are leading the kind of life as I described initially, please turn away from it now. That kind of 'freedom' will kill you, both temporally and eternally. Ask Jesus for salvation, for there is salvation found in no other name. Now is the hour of your salvation!

I'm sorry, but can you name someone that has more class than Steve Yzerman? Stevie Y played all 22 NHL seasons with the Detroit Red Wings, an unheard of concept in an era of me-first players (Hello Chris Pronger, are you listening?). An ace-in-the-hole for induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame when his name comes up, to be sure.

Going from one extreme to the next, some drunken dolt was found peeing on a cenotaph in Ottawa over the Canada Day long weekend. An outrage to be sure, but there are some questions that need to be asked:

1) If the Prime Minister of Canada is expected to be at such and such a place (like a cenotaph) at a publicly known time, wouldn't it be prudent for security professionals to secure the place 24 hours before his arrival and some time after that? Urinating on a cenotaph isn't just lack of class, it's a major security breach.

2) Were enough of those horrible 'Porta-Potties' on hand, knowing full well there was going to be a large crowd, many with full bladders?

3) When there is no public ceremony going on, cenotaphs are meant to be enjoyed by the public at large. Just because some idiot cannot control himself should not take away from that. And yes, that includes bicyclists, roller-bladers and skateboarders. Above all, NO BLOODY CAMERAS! Having Big Brother monitor these places 24/7 is an insult to those who bought our freedom with their spilt blood.

From the BBC, a picture gallery from Valencia, Spain over that horrific subway crash.

The World Trade Organization is in serious crisis over another failed summit. Even when these New World Order advocates fail they still manage to make the headlines.

Is there a more giving organization than the International Medical Corps? Well the Taliban in Afghanistan weren't nearly as enamored as I was. So much so that they burnt one of their outposts to the ground. I think the reason is that Muslims do not approve of a male doctor tending to a (Muslim) female patient. So if you're a Muslimah who needs medical attention and no female doctors are present, what do you do? Why you suffer in silence and die of course. I hate their backwards type thinking.

Two articles from

Eight nations are taking part in a major naval exercise in the Pacific. Not coincidentally, North Korea is making hay over its nuke capabilities.

A Washington think tank is now saying that Turkey is moving away from secularism and creeping towards Islamism, led by none other than PM Erdogan. This would be a foreign policy disaster, ten times worse that what's happening in Somalia right now. Secularism may reign in Turkey now, but Islam is forever.

Hugh Fitzgerald on Islam's fascination with military technology. The fact that some of this science could be used to raise the standard of living of their people is completely lost to these leaders. In Islam, bombs equals progress. Hugh also makes the point that they don't know what bullying is. From all the foreign aid we give them, to all the full-scale interventions we've had to do to save Muslims from killing other Muslims, they have no clue what bullying truly is.

A Very Canadian Jihad Update: Would it surprise you that many of the so-called 'fairer sex' in Islam are just as militant as their male counterparts? It should not. Indeed, it ought to be fully anticipated. Click on the Globe and Mail link found within to read the whole story.

Mitch Albom of Jewish World Review on a heart-warming story of faith, hope and redemption.

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