Monday, August 14, 2006

Adolf and Bobby - Aug 14

Imagine this historical scenario if you will. It's 1943 and WWII is not going as well as the Allies had hoped. In steps Mr. Bobby Annan, who is the Secretary-General of the World of Nations, a global peace making body formed after the First World War. Well, Bobby steps up to the mike and declares that this current conflict must end now, regardless of the reality on the ground. The (forever guilty of starting all wars) Allies doth strongly protest, suggesting a ceasefire is not needed, but an unconditional surrender and the disarming of all hostile forces. "This guy Hitler cannot be still left in charge with all his generals and admirals surrounding him! What of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe and the U-boats sinking our ships in the Atlantic? What about the Japanese in China and that Mussolini guy in Italy?". Well, Mr. Bobby is indignant! "Don't they know who they are talking to? I mean, I'm the Secretary-General of the WN! Surely I know what's best for everybody here!"

My friend, thankfully that never happened. However, it appears a very similar situation is shaping up in the ME. Israel is being handcuffed whilst the bad guys, aka Hezbollah, are given free reign. We have learned NOTHING from history! Man, I am so frustrated with all this bullshit.

From Jerusalem Newswire: PM John Howard of Australia says this ceasefire won't work. Not to worry though, Kofi Annan simply suggests that if we simply ignore all the Hezbollah violations, this problem will magically disappear. So whom do you trust? Well, according to the world should in essence trust Hezbollah to keep the peace. And yes, that is my comment, just so you know.

Did you know that August 22nd might be a day of reckoning of sorts? According to Islamic tradition, that's the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed's (imagined) Night Journey to the Furthest Mosque (even though Jerusalem is never named directly in the Koran). Robert Spencer, director of jihadwatch, gives us his commentary here and shows his face in a video here. If I were you, I wouldn't be dissmissive of the possibility.

Did you know that Iran's Thug-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has his own blog? Click on both the (semi) official one and a really funny parody blog of the little runt as well. In the first blog, click on the American flag at the top right to get the English translation. I do not know for sure if the first blog is real or just a very clever hoax by some Iranian joker. As always, don't trust everything you see on the net.

Two entries from Jewish World Review:

The first comes from Diana West and what her dream Secretary of State SHOULD be saying in the WOT instead of the drivel being offered to us from Condi Rice.

From Suzanne Fields, a brief history lesson as to what happens when nations choose to reject or embrace the Jewish people in their midst.

This is just unbelievable timing. Ariel Sharon's days may be coming to a close (yes, the man is still just barely with us). So what happens if Arik the Bulldozer dies just before that Aug. 22 date and all the world leaders are there (including Bush, Blair and Harper) while Iran fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39? The mind staggers at the possibility.

Also from the Beeb comes an interesting article on that whole 'global warming' thingy. More importantly, have they been talking to Al Gore recently?

Lots of stuff to ponder. Hope you like it.

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