Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Left's 100% Failure Rate - Aug 24

I haven't had a good rant lately and as it appears to be a slow news day the timing just seems right. As the title suggests, I am not exactly enamored with secular-progressives aka "The Left". Now this is not to be confused with the unionists, NDPers, and those left-of-centre, which is another rant for another day. No, I'm talking about full-on Godless Humanism, those who hate God, the church, the faithful, the pro-lifers, the 'one-man, one-woman' marriage advocates, the non-UN boosters and so on. Have they ever, and I mean ever, gotten anything right even once? Not only do they despise the things that are good, they appear to actually love evil ideas and evil people. Crime and Punishment? They've never heard of either. Nazism and Communism in its heyday was never taken seriously and the threat to human freedom that it posed. They don't understand Castro and how much the Cuban people really would like to see ol' Fidel kick the bucket. They completely disregard the real threat that Islam poses and the anti-semitic ramblings of OBL, al-Zawahiri or one Mr. Ahmadinejad. Show me a dictator who seethes with a hatred for America and you can bet The Left is right there cheering him on. While you're at it, don't try to set up a Bible study group that's within 100mi of anything that's man-made. It's the 'Separation of church and state' we're being told. My God, forget Christmas, carol singing and a nativity scene. Open prayer in public places? No dice. Their political prowess is as just stunningly bad. Take whatever predictions they make and you can bet with certainty that the exact opposite will happen. Whether it be a war, the economy or election results, The Left has fumbled the ball every single time without fail. I mean it's nothing short of miracle that some of these people still exist! I'd personally be embarrassed to show my mug in public if I was identified with them. And it's not like they're learning from their mistakes either. You could read this post 5, 10, 20 years from now and it'll still be as true as the day it was posted! Simply put, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and these dolts are oh-for-two. And THAT'S the way it is!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now some news, a map and three Jewish blogs I stumbled upon:

Well it appears the French are taking this whole Lebanon thing a bit more seriously as Chirac pledges more troops for the region. Try to the tune of 1,600 troops, or two battalions.

Found this link from the Beeb about Israeli and Lebanese bloggers offering us their fearless and sometimes funny opinions. Here are three of them from that link that I had some time to look at.

Israel-Hezbollah War, by David Lisbona.

Israelity, by Allison.

The Muqata, by Jameel.

After you leave a comment here, go to one of those blogs and leave a comment there!

And just because I feel like it, here's a cool map (jpg) of the Persian Gulf, compliments of stratfor.

Is Moshe Yaalon one of Israel's best hopes? Mr. Hornik of thinks so.

Two items of note from Russia:

It appears that along with the French, Russia has shown interest in sending peacekeepers to Lebanon as well. Think of it as the fox guarding the hen-house.

I almost fell off my chair as I read this. It appears that Russia, not Saudi Arabia, is now the world's biggest oil exporter. Wow.

Good enough for government work,

Johnny Cash

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