Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of Half Measures and A False Peace - Aug 13

With much fanfare, a decision for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict will go into effect at 0500 GMT. While I write, the IDF is continuing in it's mop-up operations in Lebanon so as to gain the advantage before the ceasefire takes hold. What I have said before I will say again: We have deferred a smaller war now for a much bigger war later. Israel has lost because it did not win. Hezbollah has won because it did not lose. Foolishness, short-sightedness and naivete have placed Israel in grave danger. Were it not for the promises of God to His people the Jews (see Jer. 31), I would be the world's biggest pessimist. Hezbollah is still an intact fighting force. Those Israeli soldiers that have been captured are still in the enemy's hands. My friend, do not be fooled. Israel and this world is in big time trouble.

From comes an article that states exactly what I have said. Please leave a comment there if you feel so inclined.

Walid Pheres of newsmax says that Iran is now going to become the 'Mother of all World Threats' in the ME. It's also where I got the title of my post.

Before you get all bummed out reading the headline of this next article, just remember that God is always faithful. Israel is NOT doomed! However, due to the massive propaganda campaign, it's veneer of invicibility has been shattered. Believe me, these Arab nations will try to wipe Israel of the map. They will not succeed. God has said so.

I have two links from Ha'aretz here. The first one talks about how the Syrians are still offering military support to Hezbollah. The second one is not so dramatic. Sayed Kashua, an Israeli Arab (no, that's not a contradiction of terms BTW) on the effects that this war is having on him and his family, his young daughter in particular. Sometimes we forget the human cost of war. I hope this second link helps in reminding us of that fact.

Without a shred of doubt in my mind, the world's most dangerous city still has to be Baghdad, Iraq. Yes, even more dangerous that Beirut (Lebanon), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Mogadishu (Somalia), Moscow (Russia), or Jane and Finch (Toronto) at night. In another bombing and rocket attack, 47 have been killed and another 148 wounded.

Angela Reid, the mother of Cpl. Christopher Reid comes out swinging against the Taliban. Well, of course she is. Listen, we could dig a 100 wells and erect 50 schools for these people and it still won't matter. We will always be seen as an occupying Zionist Crusader army. No amount of good works we do will EVER alter that reality on the ground.

Please pray for Issa Motamedi Mojdehi, an ex-Muslim living in Iran who has come to faith in Christ. The corrupt police are trying to lay a bogus charge of drug smuggling against him.

Well surprise, surprise, the UN is once more back to it's old anti-Semitic ways as it condemns Israel without making any mention of Hezbollah. And you wonder why I don't think a one-world gov't will ever work.

It was on this day 45 years ago that the Berlin Wall was erected overnight, splitting Germany in two. Well, I wasn't born then but at least I remember when the damn thing came down.

Here's an X-Def Update: All of April '06 has now been hyper-linked. I still got February and March to get through yet. Will keep you updated.

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