Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Reply to a Comment - Aug 27

Well, I must be doing something right to raise hackles. Some horribly misinformed dupe, who didn't even bother with giving me a name has just left a comment on my previous post (leaving a comment anonymously is pretty lazy if you ask me). Here it is:

Islamists accept all religion. There is no such rule that you mention. Not all muslims are terrorists. Its people like you that make people think so.

No doubt this idiot took one look at the title of my post and decided I needed to be reprimanded. Well whoop-de-doo. Alright mate, let me ask you a few questions to test your integrity (or lack thereof). Did you bother to even click on any one of the links I provided in my post? Did you bother to do any kind of research before you posted? Do you know who Robert Spencer, Oriana Fallaci,Hugh Fitzgerald, Ibn Warraq or Ali Sina are? Have ever you read, in whole or in part, the Bible or the Koran to compare the two texts? No? Of course not. Reading is for losers and you've proven it. Good God, why bother trying when you don't have to! What does Sura 9:5 say? What's that, you don't know what a sura, hadith or sunna is? Can you identity the terms da'wa, taqiyya, kitman, jahiliyya, najis, haram, halal, caliph, (the English acronym) pbuh and the proper meaning of jihad for me? Can you identify the two main sects of Islam and the difference between al-Qaida and Hezbollah? While you're at it, give me the English translation of the two groups. What is Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam and where do you fit in? Give me the names of the Israeli Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Chief of Staff and Foreign Minister if you can. Have I ever said that all Muslims are terrorists? No, I have not. What I've been saying is that Islam is an ideology of war dressed up as a (false) religion. Listen to Neal Boortz here. There are plenty like me who feel the same way as Mr. Boortz does and our numbers are growing. Dammit you're ignorant. Now go away before I mock you some more! You've been warned!

The Man in Black

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