Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweet Fanny Adams - Aug 22

Well so much for that talk about a 'day of reckoning' regarding Iranian or American military ambitions. I'm actually quite relieved nothing of major significance happened today actually. I've seen enough drama already. Just in case you were wondering, 'sweet fanny adams' is a clever tongue-in-cheek English play on words that obviously implies something else. And no, I'm not taking it back either. So there.

I reported yesterday about those three doltish MP's who did a propaganda tour of Lebanon. Predictably, the you-know-what has hit the fan, with Conservative MP Jason Kenney comparing Hezbollah to the Nazis. How tiresome. I wish somebody would actually use some Seinfeld-esque wit once in a while to describe evil.

Some knuckle-dragger in Quebec is spouting racist rhetoric on a website once more. Of course, leftist lawyers are defending him calling it a 'right to free speech' and so on. Upside-down reprobate thinking rules the day once more.

Honest Reporting has once again come out with a winner, describing the atrocious level of journalism in the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict. Get used to this folks, and don't take anything at face value from the MSM, particularly if it's coming from the Middle East.

I've got four videos from YouTube to show you what I mean. If you've been paying attention, some of these pictures will be familiar to you. It's always good however to review what you've seen. If these pictures aren't familiar to you, it will offer you a remarkable insight into the cynicism that HB is notorious for employing.

See 'Mr. Green Helmet' direct a tragic ambulance scene.

You've heard of Hollywood and Bollywood. Now witness 'Hezbollywood'.

The Jenin Massacre Syndrome.

See two 11 year-old Palestinian children express their joy at 'shahada' or martyrdom operations. As long as this stuff persists there will never be any kind of peace in the ME.

Tragedy in the Ukraine as 170 people are dead (160 passengers and 10 crew members) in a Tupelov-154 crash. From the Beeb comes a picture gallery and a profile of the Tu-154.

Not bad. I hope you enjoy the videos. If you have left a comment on my blog, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your comments (mostly positive btw) are a constant source of encouragement to me. Now leave a comment and encourage me, dammit! LOL

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