Sunday, August 27, 2006

Taqiyya, the First Rule of Islam - Aug 27

Actually, Islam has many rules its adherents must follow. For those of us who do not practice Islam however, there is one rule above all one must abide by when dealing with the ME and Muslims. That rule is this, that if a Muslim can lie to gain the advantage over non-believers (that's you and me) then they are openly encouraged to do so. I know that sounds unduly harsh, but I am not exaggerating nor am I hate-mongering when I say this. It is the plain old-fashioned truth, a concept we've long forgotten here in the West.

Well, there is some good news as those two Fox reporters have been freed from captivity. What should carefully be noted is the fact that these reporters were forced to convert to Islam. Any such talk about there being no compulsion in Islam is sheer nonsense.

Here's another example in a very long list of examples of lying in Islam. Sheik Hassan Hasrallah, who is still hiding in fear of his life btw, now has the sheer audacity to tell us that he really had no idea that the Israeli gov't would respond so strongly to those kidnappings of two Israeli soldiers. He knew damn well the Israelis would respond forcefully and so did the Iranians and the Syrians. They wanted, needed and desired a war with Israel and they got their wish.

If you still think that a mosque is just another 'house of worship', think again. First, read this account of American troops who had to learn the hard way of enemy fire coming at them from a mosque in Iraq. If it's a fortress, then it ought to be treated as a fortress, meaning it's a legitimate military target. Then read this from Hugh Fitzgerald on his opinion of mosques masquerading as a 'house of worship'.

The English are starting to catch on too. Many in the U.K. now have a very low opinion of Islam. A full 16% (that high?) of those polled still believe in the 'peaceful' vision of Islam. A so-called Islamic charity called 'Crescent Relief' has had its assets frozen recently after finding out it was directly funding jihad against the West.

I have three more links on some international news:

There's been a terrible tragedy in Kentucky as 49 people have died in a plane crash. Only one survivor(!) was pulled from the wreckage and is in serious condition.

Tropical Storm Ernesto has now been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane. Almost to the day of Katrina hitting New Orleans, Ernesto threatens the cities of the Gulf of Mexico.

Restating the blazingly obvious and prophetically relevant, the EU is becoming more and more Israel's guaranteeor of 'peace and security'. Wow. Surely the AntiChrist is here today alive and well, waiting in the wings to assume his destiny.

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Anonymous said...

Islamists accept all religions. There is no such rule that says that they can lie for such reasons. Not all muslims are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Islamists accept all religion. There is no such rule that you mention. Not all muslims are terrorists. Its people like you that make people think so.