Monday, August 07, 2006

Waking Up - Aug 7

Today is Simcoe Day, a statuary holiday in Canada (except Quebec and the Yukon). Kind of a breather just before the rest of the summer closes down. Gotta feel for those new and returning university students, some of which are leaving home for the first time. Been there, done that! Anyways, I'm heading for Montreal tomorrow and coming back on Friday. So no posts will be made Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In the meantime, much stuff is happening. I really get the sense that people are starting to wake up as to what is going on. I believe now is the time to make a stand for (a flawed) Western civilization. The call for a ceasefire in Lebanon is a case in point. While the call for peace is an admirable one, are we deferring a little war now just so we end up fighting a much bigger war later? What this current conflict will boil down to is this: Israel will lose because it did not gain the decisive victory. Hizbollah will be able to claim victory because it was not defeated, and against one the top armies in the world to boot. HB will re-organize, re-arm, re-load and reform and we'll all be back here again sometime soon. No, sadly the drive to WW III is still well underway.

Did you know that the Israeli security apparatus has a 90% success rate in foiling terrorist plans? The key: A no-nonsense attitude sheared of PC and the active participation of its citizenry. We should all take note.

The media can play a very important part in counterterrorism. From Daniel Pipes comes a story of how the NBC exposed terrorist financial skullduggery.

Here's exactly what I mean. A judge has made a very interesting decision regarding a recent 'revert' of Islam. While you still cannot prosecute a Muslim just because he/she is a Muslim, we should not be ignorant of that fact. The fact that the defendent in this case changed his birth name to a more Arabic sounding name is something no judge should ignore.

PM Ehud Olmert is losing his patience with the EU. While EU-led forces killed many civilians in Kosovo, Israel is singled out because of the unfortunate deaths of Lebanese civilians. The word 'hypocrisy' comes to mind.

Gays in Iraq are being persecuted at an alarming rate as well. While I am not a supporter of the gay lifestyle, there are a few questions that come to mind.
1) Where is the Hollywood elite in all this? You'd think they would be all over this but they seem to be strangely very silent. Do they hate Bush more than they love Iraqi gays? My mind reels.
2) If these Shia death squads have full backing of the gov't, why are we continuing backing them with our money?
3) If Bush is aware of this, then their blood is on his hands. If he isn't, then somebody oughtta get fired.

Make no mistake, the Israeli army and its citizens are paying a bloody price in this war. While certainly most of the death and destruction is on the Lebanese side of the border, Israel continues to suffer as well. Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

In the Philippines, the army is being mobilized due to a recent upsurge in volcanic activity of Mount Mayon. See? The entire Earth seems to be heaving. Two links, one for text and one for a picture gallery.

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