Saturday, August 19, 2006

Why Islam Will Fail - Aug 19

The title of my post seems provocative, but please bear me out on this one. At first, this seems counter-intuitive. The recent war the Israelis engaged in with Hezbollah went poorly for the Israelis. Indeed, there was a great deal of complaining wrt lack of training, incidents of friendly fire and even lack of water at the front lines. From the Lesser Jihad to the Greater, airlines in the West are finding out the cost as well. Bill O'Reilly calls us towards sanity but I doubt if anyone is listening. The politically incorrect question is being asked, "Do we make it policy to profile Muslims and Arabs?" Many of the useful idiots on the Left say no.

So if Israel, America and Europe seem to be losing out, why the optimism? Ask yourself this: Who are the majority of victims of jihad? The answer is obvious: Muslims themselves. Once a Muslim comes face to face to the bloodthirsty fangs of Islam, the seeds of doubt have been planted. A Sunni who is stopped in Iraq by a member of the Shia militia can get killed if they fail to answer properly. Somebody selling or reading the wrong newspaper in Baghdad can also meet the same fate. Israeli Arabs fleeing Haifa had to endure maltreatment and inflated prices. Other Israeli Arabs make it very clear that their anger is directed towards Hassan Nasrallah, not the IDF. There are many Muslims out there who have made the personal choice to leave their religion. What we see now is just a trickle. During Anti-Christ's reign (whom I think will be a Muslim), that trickle will turn into a flood.

Here now are some other odds and sods I found interesting:

From the Beeb comes a timeline of the European Union. A cool history lesson for those who want to know.

In Ecuador, another volcano is erupting.

I had a bit of a rueful chuckle at this story. Apparently, male circumcision is now being touted as one of the ways to halt the advance of HIV infection. The fact that God Himself made that recommendation to his people a long time ago is never mentioned by any AIDS activist.

From the Master of Mayhem, Andy Borowitz leaves this post with a laugh about the UN and Hizbollah.

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