Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nazism and That Religion of Peace - Jun 29

In the West today, confusion reigns supreme as it concerns the ME, tiny Israel, Islam and Jerusalem. The fundamental idea that we are fundamentally equal, that we desire peace and war is something to be avoided at all cost is a wonderful ethic which has allowed us to prosper. Even at the height of the Cold War, I doubt many Russians really desired an all-out war of annihiliation between the 'imperialist' West and 'proletariat' Russia. Struggle and sacrifice yes, but never total war. Then there's Islam. A religion that regards everything prior to its founder as trash (jahiliyyah). A religion that pours contempt on all those who worship differently. A religion that regards the woman as inferior, especially concerning sexual matters. A religion that worships war. In his day, Adolf Hitler described the coming war (WWII) as a struggle between the Aryan man and the inferior, subhuman races. And really, does Islam describe things much differently? Don't forget, the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were big pals. The details have changed but the principles remain the same. War. Glorious, unending, perpetual war. Does it really make a difference if you call it 'Struggle' or 'Fate' or Jihad or whatever? Both hate the Jews. Both hate the 'decadent' West (hard to disagree with that one actually). Both dreamed of total global conquest. Hitler's armies died a slow, cold death in the Russian steppes. Will Islam's fate be similar or will it succeed? The answer is found in God's word as Jesus comes again in power and glory to defeat the armies of Armaggeddon. Will you be victorious? Here are two ways you can achieve victory over Islam:

1) Turn away from sin and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Everything starts with salvation. Swallow your pride and ask Him for forgiveness. Please do it today.

2) Get informed and educated. The internet is a wonderful tool so if you're reading this you have NO EXCUSE! Once you understand, seek to be understood. Tell others in your own words what you have seen and read about Islam. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

3) Tune in to the X-Def on regular intervals to get your daily dose of veritas and humor.
OK, so that's three ways. If I'm not going to promote my own blog, then who is?

From is a chilling article on how women are brutalized in Saudi Arabia. The tales of woe that maidservants have to tell is tough reading.

A chilling message to the infidels. An interview with Abu Bakir Bashir, Indonesian imam to JI, an al-Qaida off-shoot branch.

There's a documentary called 'Obsession' dealing with radical Islam and the West. I have not personally seen it, I would really love to. If anyone has seen it or has a DVD copy of it that I can borrow, then please leave a comment below.

Meet Aki Nawaz, Muslim rapper. This guy is so unbelievably vile it is sickening. I'm sorry, but free speech ends at open sedition and advocating suicide bombing. I'm sure the Left, who has never met a traitor it didn't like, would disagree. So be it. Is this a free speech case or not? Let me know after you read this article.

I have two articles from JINSA about the double standards that the world unfairly uses against Israel. The first is about us, the second about them.

There are twin girls in Manitoba that want to play on the boys' hockey team. Depending on your viewpoint, you can argue that this is a human rights issue or PC running amok. As a guy's guy and avid hockey fan, I tend to lean towards the latter argument. Allowing 17 year-old girls to play with bigger and stronger 17 year-old boys is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Facts tend to be a stubborn thing, after all. Ladies, this is your cue to leave a comment and tell me how much of a horrible human being I am.

Behold Vladimir Putin. Does this look like a man you want to seriously piss off? Ask any historian the wisdom of vexing a bunch of mad Russians. Mr. Putin has given the order to find and kill those jihadis in Iraq who murdered those Russian diplomats. I can tell you right now those terrorists are as good as dead. It's simply a matter of time.

From the web-site. Pay attention to a particular sentence in this article. It talks about the National Bank of Belgium (BNB):
'The BNB leads an oversight group supervising SWIFT's activities that includes the central banks of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the European Central Bank.'
That's ten countries plus the ECB. Are these the ten kings found in the book of Daniel? Too soon to tell but it's not a bad guess.

From the Greater Jihad to the Lesser, an update on what's been going on with Israel and its dealings with the Gaza Strip. This is all over that kidnapping of 19 year-old Corporal Gilad Shalit and the killing of 18 year-old settler Eliahu Asheri.

Serious business as Israeli jets buzz Bashar al-Assad's place in Syria.

Israel is delaying any foray into Gaza proper as Arab countries try to defuse the situation. Israel has captured 64 Hamas operatives and 20 parliamentarians, sparking a major international row.
delaying any foray into Gaza proper

Two links to close out this post on a happy, uplifting note:

On July 1st, Canada will be celebrating its 139th birthday. Our American allies will be making merry on July 4th. Here are quotes from K-House from some famous dead guys. They're all American speakers but I think the things they speak of are universal and timeless.

OK, I KNOW you want a Superman quiz. I can just feel it. I myself did not bad, scoring 7 out of 10. Let's see if you can do better.

The X-Def: Now ass-free. Dammit! I did it again! Oh well. It's my blog, not yours. Take it or leave it.

The Man in Black

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Law of Unintended Consequence - Jun 28

One of the sure signs that we are headed towards the tribulation era is the phenomenal growth in technology. I love the internet (obviously!) and find all the stuff out there to be really interesting. I'm not some techno-geek by any stretch but you find that you do have to know something about computers to get by in society. While things like blogging and the net can be a force for liberation, it can also be used as a weapon. It is a well known fact that there are listening ears out there who, for the sake of public safety, have to listen to internet chatter on the world wide web. Gov'ts track jihadi web-sites for any hot new info on an impending attack. It goes without saying that the Muslims who frequent these chat rooms are fully aware of this, hence the use of coded language. It really is a cat and mouse game that has been going on for centuries between the cops and the criminals. The difference is now the stakes are much higher. More than ever, governments, the police and military are also tracking financial transactions that might be funding terrorism. The poorly named 'War on Terror' is having a bit of a blowback effect on us, one that is not immediately apparent to those who fluent in their Bible. In the tribulation, that is the seven years of terror prior to Christ's return, all financial transactions can only be done with those who have a 'mark' in their right hand or forehead. In other words, a cashless society. Counterfeiting is a billion dollar criminal enterprise. Everybody wants something for nothing I guess. Put the two forces (anti-terrorism and counterfeit detection) together and the natural result is the elimination of paper money and a world-wide tracking system of all types of buying and selling. Unless you have a credit rating, good luck trying to buy any big-ticket item (house, car). The global system of control is already in place! Such a thing was not even true 20 years ago! So if the antichrist system is in place, then where is that Son of Perdition, the Beast, the AntiChrist? Surely he must be alive today! Of course, God and only God is restraining this person of mystery from the public view. Before He does, Jesus will come for His church and evacuate His saints from danger. My friend, I hope you will be part of that supernatural evacuation from danger. Just ask Jesus to come in and take over your life. Yes, some ignorant half-wit will probably call you some silly name. It's a small price to pay to live for Him. Please don't get left behind. You don't have to go through those seven years of terror if you don't want to. Confess all your sins and make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour today.

There seems to be a big undercurrent of awakening going on in the ME today. The desire for greater freedoms and an end to top-down governments that abuse their powers. No, I do not believe that Islam can be reformed. Islam 'is' or it is not. There is no 'in between'. I think these 'liberal' bloggers are going to have to find this out the hard way. Nice to know that many Muslims have aspirations other than jihad and martyrdom though.

Have you ever heard of S.W.I.F.T.? It stands for Society of Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications.

How 'bout TFTP? Also an acronym, it stands for Terrorist Financing Tracking Program. Which is great except for one teensy, weensy problem. Who defines the term 'terrorist'? Or what exactly is an 'illegal financial transaction'? Believe me when I tell you that today's militant humanists and securalists would LOVE to use this technology against Bible-believing Christians and others who don't buy into their radical agenda. Remember, its not being paranoid when they are really out to get you.

God bless David Limbaugh and his brother Rush. I love the man but Mr. Limbaugh has taken a much more conservative approach to this. The New York Times blew a story about the gov't tracking terrorist monies and DL thinks that's uncool. Just imagine the conversation I would have with this man! Fireworks, baby!

Also from JWR, Caroline Glick offers up a scathing rebuke to PM Ehud Olmert and reckless Israeli politics that enable the enemy.

Here is an update of an earlier article about that Denver shooting of a Safeway store. The shooter's name is Michael Julius Ford. Guess what religion (of peace) he was into. Hint: It starts with 'I' and ends with 'slam'.

Peter MacKay is once again talking about Arctic sovereignty and the NorthWest Passage. Imagine a ship going from Europe to Japan without touching the Panama Canal. Now imagine the transit fees the Canadian gov't would rake in every time a ship uses that route. See? Global warming can be fun!

Two 'happy' links:

See the growing church in India from Gospel for Asia. Wouldn't you want your church to experience this kind of growth?

A laugh from Andy Borowitz. It never fails. I always get a good laugh out of this guy, no matter what. Probably because we share the same demented sense of humor.

Hope you found that to be as enlightening as I did. And look, I didn't even say words like hell or shit even once! (tee-hee)

Johnny Cash

Monday, June 26, 2006

Calling a Spade a Spade - Jun 26

I received just recently a comment in my 'Carolina Hurricanes' post about me using a bad word. That word was 'ass'. As in the leaders in MLSEL who were the aforementioned object of my wrath in my rant against the incompetents who run the Toronto Maple Leafs (usually into the ground). Guess what? I stand by every word of it and I make no apolgies. I'll retract only when a grevious error has occured or if I get threatened with litigation (I'm not THAT brave!). Other than that, I'm not changing any of my posts for anybody. I mean good God, I'm hardly going off on some profanity laced tirade here. My question to this poster is 'So what?'. How many posts have you bothered to read? How many links in those posts have you clicked on and read the whole way through? The answers to both those questions could likely be counted on one hand. One word (albeit a saucy one) in one post and now I'm not Christian enough for you? Unbelievable. But not altogether unsurprising. I hate being pigeon-holed. I'm sure you feel the same way. So please keep your annoying self-righteous comments to yourself.

With that out of the way, there's been a mass shooting in Denver, Colo. at a Safeway distribution centre. Like I said in my earlier post, never underestimate the Devil's ability to access the human mind.

There's been an Israeli soldier that's been captured in Gaza by the bad guys. Israel is now threatening a massive military incursion into Gush Katif if that 19 year-old soldier is harmed or killed. Not good. Not good at all.

In Europe, authorities are noticing a significant raise in cocaine usage. America is still #1 in cocaine abuse with Columbia being the prime exporter of the vile stuff.

I've got two new blogs that I've stumbled upon that I believe are worthy of your attention. After you've left your life-affirming (I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!) comment on this blog, leave one there too.
Gateway Pundit
Islams True Face

Lastly, as I always like to leave a post with a positive message. From the BBC, an interesting story about 'enlightened' materialist society and monastism. Ask yourself this, "Who's the goldfish in the bowl?" Is it the religious folk or the modern careerists?

Food for thought. Congrats to Italy and Ukraine for their World Cup wins.

Mr. J.R. Cash

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The god Of This World - Jun 25

It's hard not to look at all the chaos around and ask, "What is going on? Who or what is causing all this trouble?" All of our secular high-brow thinkers of our day have not come up with even one sure-fire solution. They've had many ideas to be sure, some of which have alleviated people's suffering for a while, only to slip back into old, bad habits. So what gives? I believe there are many within our gov't that do generally care about their constituents, but here is the problem. Speaking from a mathematical standpoint, you cannot apply a 2-dimensional solution to a 3-dimensional problem. That is, they consistently miss the spiritual element that is part of man's makeup. We are not merely the physical space that we inhabit. You and I were meant to have an eternal love relationship with the Father by way of the Son. It is Jesus, and only Jesus, that can fill that 'God-sized' hole in your heart. Life becomes a nasty, brutish and short endeavour without Him. So it should come as no surprise that Satan (the god of this world) will do everything is his demonic power to cut you off from God's perfect, eternal love. What else can explain the carnage out there without considering the spiritual aspect? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret that is going to be tough to swallow: Your mind is being bombarded every single day by Satan's influence. In other words, your mind is not your own. But, but, you protest, surely it is! Please listen to me. Every white lie you've ever spoken, every lustful word/action, every murderous deed that has ever crossed your mind has come directly from Satan himself. I know this because I've experienced it personally myself. The truth is, if you are not sealed by God's Holy Spirit, then you will believe every single lie from the wicked one. You are hopeless and helpless against the wiles of the Devil without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My friend, this world needs discernment more than ever. Do you want truth? Do you want to know, without a doubt, what is real and what is fake? Do you desire direction and purpose in your life? Do you want grace under pressure? Then will you do yourself a favor? Ask Jesus to be at the center of everything that you do and are. Just ask Him. Confess (agree with God) that you are a sinner and ask Him to take up residence in you. Then thank Him. When you are ready, ask Him for the courage to make your faith a public one. Please do this today. Today, yes today!, is the acceptable hour of YOUR salvation.

An article from worldnetdaily on today's lack of faith and discernment:

When the Devil is not in the business of lying and murdering, he's also in the business of accusing and harrassing God's children, even when it's a private conversation.

In the United States, New Orleans in particular, murder is on it's way up. I mean it's all over the place! Even places where violent crime is traditionally on the low end of the scale it appears to be rising.

The Muslim world is under full-time attack as Hezbollah (Shia) and al-Qaida (Sunni) are at each other throats. Brother shall be set against brother and the love of many shall grow cold. Not that I'm complaining too harshly. I'm not fond of any kind of Islamic unity thank you.

In a similar vein, Hugh Fitzgerald takes on the 'Islam is not a monolith' argument and turns it on it's head.

In Pakistan, a woman gets raped for leaving her Muslim faith behind while embracing Christianity. This type of harsh treatment is not uncommon for those individuals who leave Islam. Sadly, it's usually at the hands of their family as they are the ones who murder them or report them to authorities.

Lastly some Canadian content as the Harper government is in the business of some massive military procurement. Like about $15b to be spread out over the next couple of years. No thanks of course to our previous Liberal gov'ts as they plotted and schemed against our own soldiers.

Remember, Satan is not the product of an overactive mind. Nor is he a silly superstition as some would say. He is real. And he wants full-time access to your mind. Please do not give Satan the victory! Believe on the name of Jesus and you WILL be saved. Do it today.

Whew. Talk about intensity!

The Man in Black

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Denial, Not Just a River in Egypt - Jun 24

It seems in this time that we are living in, there is a great deal of denial going on. In the West, we are in denial about an enemy living amongst us that has sworn to overthrow our way of life in order to replace it with something out of Orwell's '1984'. In the Arab world, five years after the fact, many still refuse to believe that it was Arab Muslims who carried out the 9/11 attacks. Apathy and denial. Denial and apathy. Add that dreaded 'human error' into the equation and you have a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

By now you've heard of those 'Chicago Seven' who tried to blow up the Sears Tower. Read this link carefully. It says that some of the accused also read the Bible. It's a nice moral equivalency touch from the radical egalitarianists. All religion is equally bad or good, no matter what the history books say.

Oblivious to the Obvious Dep't: (From jihadwatch) It seems more and more that humanity is breaking into two irreconcilable and hostile camps. The poll statistics sure bear it out.

Also from jihadwatch is a revealing video of Islam's true intentions and why we simply cannot let up, no matter what. Where it says click 'here', then do that. Requires Windows Media.

You know, there are few if any musical acts that can even touch Pink Floyd. Think 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. The heady Sid Barrett years. And who can forget the double album 'The Wall'? Unfortunately Roger Waters has now decided that he is an expert on the ME, Israel in particular as he declares, "Tear down the wall!" (Israel's separation barrier). Sorry Rog, love your music but your politics is way off base here.

New World Order Alert: The U.S. has now admitted that it tracks a lot of private bank transactions in the 'War on Terror'. If you're thinking, "Well, I've got nothing to hide", then I think you're being terribly naive. I understand that we are at war against a relentless enemy. I just don't believe we have to surrender our mind, body and soul to our governments to achieve this.

Fifth Column Jihad Dep't: Do we have to start monitoring mosques now? Michael Ledeen of the NRO says yes we should. Another example of a slippery slope but certainly one that has 'reasonable doubt' written all over it. I believe in freedom of speech, but not when it includes outright sedition and incitement to riot. Freedom of speech does not cover someone yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre if there is in fact, no fire. Imams cannot be calling for a violent coup d'etat against democratically elected governments, regardless of your political views.

From Jerusalem Post comes an interesting story of a political earthquake in tiny Kuwait. Obviously, anything that undermines radical Wahabbi Islam is a good thing. Who knows, maybe this whole 'government by the people, for the people' might actually catch on in the ME.

Poor Indonesia. Lately that archipelago country cannot catch even a small break with Mother Nature as it reports massive flooding.

From the site, an interesting take on Europe's energy needs. The solution? Liquid natural gas (aka LNG). Either it brings prosperity or it brings war. Time will tell.

Two items from the CBC to close out this post.

As I reported earlier, that dispute between the Iranians and Peter MacKay (with PM Harper's blessing) is still going hot and heavy. In other words, it's the exact opposite of Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach. Ouch!

How Many Newfies Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb Dep't: Do you remember your high school graduation? Not me. I DO know that Courtney Diamond will remember hers. Why? Because she's the only one to graduate. A graduation class of one. I am not making this up. Honest.

Congrats to Germany and Argentina for their World Cup playoff wins today. England goes against Ecuador tomorrow for future football glory. Go get 'em Becks!

Johnny Cash

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Asleep at the Wheel - Jun 22

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus prophecied about certain things to look for just prior to His Second Coming. These signs (in no particular order) were as follows:

1) Deception and Apostasy
2) Wars and rumours of wars
3) The behaviour of Man will wax worse and worse
4) Signs in the earth and in the heavens
5) Apathy and indifference.

It is on this fifth point that we will concentrate for this post. It seems many churches (mine included) have either neglected or abandoned end-time prophecy. It is a lonely road for those who eagerly await His coming. Try starting a conversation about Jesus' return and you end up getting a shrug of the shoulders or outright hostility. My friend, take a good look around and tell me what you see. It isn't a pretty picture, is it? I yearn to see the end of conflict, the lies, the injustice and all the suffering that's going on. There is a general consensus that things cannot go on as they are, that something horrible is going to happen unless we do something, ANYTHING! We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it does (and it will), are you going to trust Jesus Christ for your salvation or your own cleverness? The choice is yours to make. Choose wisely.

I have two links from the CBC:

Kofi Annan is warning that we are 'sleepwalking' when it comes to nuclear proliferation. The UN, with its "All governments are created equal" mantra has been the proliferators biggest enabler so far. Kofi is right of course, but don't you think he's using his own personal soapbox to further his vision of a 'New World Order' with the UN at its head? Gosh, that sounds almost cynical if you ask me.

In Los Angeles, California, they're bracing for the 'Big One'. Despite the fact that Los Angelinos are aware of the day to day reality of earthquakes, I don't think many really appreciate or fully understand the level of latent destructive power that lays under their feet. In 2005 it was New Orleans with Katrina. Will 2006 be LA's year for disaster?

Here's a video link from Messianic Bible that is reaching out to Jews to tell them about Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. If you have some money you'd like to give to a ministry, I would suggest these people highly. Attempt only if you have a high-speed connection.

Mr. Schussel, the Austrian Chancellor is desperately trying to get a pan-European referendum (neverendum?) on the constitution that was rejected earlier by the French and Dutch voters. Even the biggest EU boosters are admitting that this is a long shot.

Peter MacKay got into it with the Iranians over the selection of their UN Human Rights delegate. In 2003, an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist (Zahra Kazemi) was arrested, raped, tortured and killed by Iran's much-feared security forces. Iran has been on Canada's permanent shit-list since then.

Please pray in earnest for the safety of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. If you don't have a reason to now you will after reading this:

Remember that whole 9/11 thingy? I dunno but it seems like a logical idea NOT give a whole bunch of Wahhabi Muslims commercial pilot licences. Friends, I can't make this stuff up even if I tried. From the lovely Michelle Malkin (sigh):

Two articles about unhappiness abounding in both Egypt, and in Iran.

History is Fun (sort of) Dep't: On June 22, 1941 Hitler launched the biggest land invasion in history against the (country formerly known as) the Soviet Union. Germany did NOT lose the war fighting the West. Hitler lost the war in the Russian steppes, cities, and plains. It was Russia that bore the brunt of Nazi aggression, not us.

From a downer to an upper, the BBC has a fun multiple choice quiz on World Cup chants from the fans of various countries. Some are pretty funny as they sound out of tune and quite drunk. I did mediocre with a score of 5 out of 10. Eight or higher makes you either a football god or a master linguist.

I tried to do this last night but for some reason got stuck on my last link. You shoulda seen me. Not a happy camper. Oh well, it appears I've got my stuff together now.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Johnny Cash

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sports and Faith - Jun 21

One more thing about that hockey game last night. As anyone who reads this blog will probably figure out that I'm a big sports fan. NFL, CFL, MLB, NHL, OHL, you name it, I follow it (not basketball though). It's important to realize that our faith can only be as large as the object of our faith. A sports fan, in essence, exercises faith when he/she follows any team. But because these teams are wholly comprised of mere mortals (usually men), it is a faulty faith because these men that we cheer on WILL fail us on occasion. Faith fails because the team fails. When we put faith in God, you can be sure of a solid faith that cannot fail because God cannot fail. It is faith built upon a rock which cannot be moved. Although we will be buffetted and harassed by circumstance, our rock remains resolute. If you aren't on the rock, shifting sands will be your base. Adversity will come and you and your foundation will be destroyed. Don't put faith in faith. Put faith in God instead.

If there is just one link you have time to read, then read this excellent essay from a Muslim thinker (yes, they do exist) on 'Schizophrenic' Arab culture.

Another essay, this time from Hugh Fitzgerald of jihadwatch, on jahiliyya, or what happens when Muslims get a hold of non-Islamic history. Cultural carnage and religious supremacism rule in Islam.

A story from the BBC on a computer chip that can perform at 500 GHz (Giga Hertz). In laymans terms thats half a trillion (500,000,000,000) calculations that can be performed in ONE second. A trillion calculations per second is a Tera Hertz (1,000,000,000,000). The catch being is that the chip has to be cooled to near absolute zero to achieve this. Truly mind-boggling!

Also from the BBC, an interesting story about a 'doomsday vault' in the Svalbard Islands, Norway. Basically this vault is like a safety deposit box, only it contains seeds that have been cooled in case of crop failure or famine. A Noah's Ark, if you will, of plants.

Y'know, the Palestinians have to be the biggest welfare case in the world. What's worse, they feel that they are entitled to it. What arrogance. "Pay us our jizya tax or else." Sorry, but it's time to put a 'stop payment' on this mindless foreign aid we are doling out.

More Islamic intransgience as Daniel Pipes reports how history is being willfully distorted as Islam attempts to lay sole claim upon the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

The EU is launching an 'Anti-Terror Squad' over the heads of the European parliament.

Here is a cool blog of the day you ought to add to your Favorites folder:

Illustrated PIG

I'm tired. Time to hit the sack.

Johnny Cash

Monday, June 19, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes - Stanley Cup in '06 - Jun 19

Well sports fans, in case you don't know, the Carolina Hurricanes have defeated the Edmonton Oilers 3-1 in Game 7 to win the Stanley Cup. The Oil played well in what probably is the toughest road game a hockey team can play. In all four rounds Edmonton was able to steal at least one from the home side, important since they were the 'dog in every round. With this in mind I'd like to give out a few passing thoughts.

1) Hockey in June is flat out ludicrous. Even the Memorial Cup is over in May. Sorry, but I can't get up for a seventh game unless it's a team I really, really like.

2) For the love of the game, let's not have any more talk of strikes. Labor disputes in the real world suck enough without spoiled millionaire athletes getting in on the action.

3) Then there's the Leafs. Thanks to their ridiculous ticket prices I doubt I'll ever go to a game unless I get a free pair. That's why I get my hockey fix by way of the OHL's Barrie Colts. Will the Toronto Maple Leafs ever win a Cup? Well if the Boston Red Sox can win a championship after 85 years I suppose anything is possible. However, I don't see much light at the end of the tunnel as far as Leafs hockey goes. Hope always springs eternal with a hockey fan.

4) Kudos to the Oilers for a great season. With the Flames in the Finals two years back, it appears The Center of the Canadian Hockey Universe has packed up its bags in Toronto and headed for Alberta. So be it. Until MLSEL gets their collective head out of its ass it's gonna stay there for a while.

5) Can I please enjoy my summer now?

Johnny Cash

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is China's Economy Out Of Control? - Jun 18

I thought I sent this before but for some reason it is not posted on my blog. Better late than never I suppose.


Stratfor -- Predictive, Insightful, Global Intelligence

Geopolitical Diary: China's Economy, Out of Control
Jun 15, 2006

China announced Wednesday that industrial production increased in May more rapidly than at any time in the past two years. Output rose 17.9 percent compared to May 2005. The numbers exceeded expectations. Exports in May rose by 25.1 percent while domestic retail sales grew by 14.2 percent. In other words, the Chinese government's campaign to slow China's overheating economy is not working. On the contrary, the economy is accelerating.

That is why the People's Bank of China (PBC), China's central bank, issued a statement Wednesday saying that banks should be concerned about the potential risks associated with the rapid increase in lending, following a meeting between PBC officials and representatives of China's banks. China's M2 -- the broad measure of China's money supply -- grew at 19.1 percent year-on-year, outstripping government targets. More important is the fact that Chinese banks, which are provided annual targets for the amount they should make in loans, have already loaned over two-thirds of that amount -- with more than half a year to go -- and it appears that the rate of lending is accelerating.

Put very simply, the Chinese economy is out of control. One would think that the faster the growth, the better the economy; but at a certain point -- and in this case -- that is not so, which is why the PBC is trying to get control of the situation. The problem is the massive overhang of debt, and in particular, troubled loans. Looked at from the standpoint of Chinese corporations, servicing this debt is a tremendous burden. Looked at from the standpoint of Chinese banks, the loans threaten the banks' viability if they become nonperforming.

The solution of Chinese companies is to sell more products to generate cash to pay off the loans. It is difficult to sell into the Chinese economy because of high savings rates, driven by government policies and economic insecurity. The Chinese government needs a high savings rate to help stabilize the banks; dramatically increasing domestic consumption would undermine the savings rate, threatening the banking system just as surely as defaulting loans would. The solution for these companies, therefore, is to increase exports. In a world already saturated with Chinese exports, the only way to increase cash flow is to cut already low prices. That increases cash flow but does nothing for profitability. In other words, companies already saddled by debt burdens cut into (or below) profit margins to service the debt.

The banks, meantime, do not want to write off nonperforming loans. The trick is to keep them performing -- at least to some extent -- since the definition of a "troubled" loan is both more elastic and less devastating to a bank's balance sheet. To do this, the banks arrange to lend more money to troubled enterprises. This allows some repayment of old debts, but simply puts off the day of reckoning on all sides (and increases the magnitude of reckoning when it arrives). Thus, bank lending accelerates at a breakneck pace -- not going into market-driven opportunities, but maintaining essentially failed enterprises for a while longer. Production surges at lower prices and the entire process moves faster and faster.

The problem is that any slowdown in economic growth decreases cash flow from imports, cuts into debt payments, and increases nonperforming loans until the entire edifice starts to collapse on itself. This is what happened to Japan in slow motion in the 1990s, and to Southeast Asia with dizzying speed in 1997.

The Chinese government knows it needs to slow down growth to avoid hitting a brick wall. It also knows that slowing down the economy can threaten the entire banking system. It is therefore engaged in setting restrained economic targets and expansionary economic policies simultaneously. It is caught between a rock and a hard place. At a certain point, Chinese companies will no longer be able to grow their exports rapidly. In the case of China, it is the speed bump that is the brick wall. Slowing down is dangerous and speeding up disastrous.

At this moment, therefore, the Chinese economy, incredibly, is speeding up. Virtually every economic indicator we see -- with allowances given for uncertainties in Chinese statistical methodology, to put it politely -- is surging out of control. It has been clear to the Chinese government for a while that this is coming, and it is now clear to the Western media that China is in trouble. Business Week, which has normally written breathlessly enthusiastic articles on the Chinese miracle, ran one this week entitled "China: Big Economy, Bigger Peril?"


Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Let's Go Oilers! - Jun 18

Well Happy Father's Day to all you dads and granddads. Hope you have a great day with your wives and kids.

It's Game 7 tomorrow in Carolina as the Oilers try to come back from a 3-1 series deficit. Injuries are catching up to the 'Canes and the Oilers looked like lightning in a bottle in Game 6. Here's the recap for Game 6. I promise to give a comment after it's all said and done.

Just saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", starring Al Gore as the lecturer and subject. Pretty good, not great, and I don't think it really shocked or surprised me. A solid documentary though. 3.5 out of 5.

Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her 80th birthday. It's the official state celebration, not her actual b-day. God bless her. She's still looking sharp as ever.

There are probably many horrible ways to die. One way is to freeze to death. Another way to face death is through extreme heat. I really don't know which one is worse. Two men have died by the hands of Mt. Merapi as they were literally baked to death in a bunker.

This next story is but a drop in the ocean, but it is still an encouraging sign that positive signs are happening in Afghanistan. A Taliban commander has renounced his ways after receiving medical treatment from the Canadians. I still think that time is on the side of the mujahadeen in Afghanistan, though.

Here is another excellent essay from Hugh Fitzgerald on practical steps YOU can take to prevent Islam becoming THE religious and political force where you live. First, seek knowledge of Islam. Second, take action. Remember, you don't have to give in to despair. You can oppose Islam effectively, legally, and through non-violent means.

In Europe it is becoming more and more apparent that any such talk about a constitution is increasingly falling on deaf ears. Not to mention the World Cup which is providing a convenient distraction to the parties involved. A 'lack of vision'? You'd better believe it.

Mohammed Ali Ramin, advisor to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on his opinion about the Jews. A vile anti-semite if ever there was one. It seems to me that more and more people are making the direct connection between Anti-Semitism and Islam. Read it all.

Here are two articles about Israel's enemies (Iran, Syria and Russia) making some hostile moves. No doubt the U.S. Navy is taking notes as well.

So you wanna be an al Qaida terrorist, do ya? Well my friend, you've come to the right place. Just click on this link and away you go.

I often talk about the goings on in the ME but America has its other enemies as well. That third member of the 'Axis of Evil', North Korea is mighty upset about U.S. spy planes flying over their airspace. The reason? A possible NK missile test.

Two articles from

1) The National Rifle Association is raising alarms about global gun-control. You may not own guns or even love guns, but believe me global gun-control is a bad idea. Hitler's Germany asked its citizens to disarm and look what happened there. A well-armed citizenry is freedom's best hope.

2) A senior leader in the Islamic Waqf is now saying that a Jewish temple did in fact exist on the Temple Mount. Needless to say, many of his fellow colleagues are not following suit. A startling admission if I do say so myself.

Wow. That's a lot of stuff to digest. I went to the Blue Jays game last Wednesday and I've been busy and/or tired the past couple of days. Hope this post makes up for that.

The Man in Black.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Love of Money - Jun 13

OK, let's get one thing straight. Money is NOT the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. People ALWAYS bloody well misquote that one. Same deal when they speak of 'the writing is on the wall', when it is abundantly clear that they've never read the book of Daniel and the story of Belshazzar. People saying stuff without its proper context really bugs me. Anyways I've got lots of info here. There's been a tonne of business news lately and so I've felt that the title of this post was most appropiate.

In case you haven't heard, Ken Thomson, Canada's richest man passed away recently. Here is a link from the CBC that pays tribute to the man.

It appears our bullish days are behind us as both the TSX loses 293 points and the price of gold falls $44/oz. to below $600/oz. It's called a correction. If I were you, I'd still hold on to gold. It has always been a great hedge against paper currency.

How do you feel about a North America super-state? I love America, just not that much thank you. I've got not one, not two, but THREE links (!) to back up my claim. All on the same day, no less.
(Note: That last link is PM Harper's own website. I believe I gave it to you yesterday.)

Space .... The Final Frontier Dep't: Here are.... two links! Why.... am I.... all of a sudden... speaking... like..... William Shatner?
Stephen Hawking
Alien Glaciers?

In.... Afghanistan..... (oops, sorry, I'll talk normal now) there is talk about a major military operation involving British, American and Canadian troops to seek and destroy the Taliban. This sounds like a really big deal. I'm sure there'll be more to follow in the coming days.

From Honest Reporting comes an update about that Gaza shelling that killed a bunch of Palestinians. From the sounds of things, the MSM have got their sharp knives out for Israel.

If you only read one link from this post, this would be it. Read Fjordman's take on "Waiting for Godot" as it concerns Europe and Islam. Truly a beautiful and heartfelt essay.

I hate leaving a post on a downer, hence the reason why I saved this slide show from Gospel for Asia for last. See the growing church of Bangladesh and be filled with encouragement. God is good, all the time!

The Lord is my Shephard, I shall not want.

Johnny Cash

The 3 I's: Iran, Iraq, Israel - Jun 13

It's late so I gotta be quick. Here goes!

From Jerusalem Post and Arutz7 come two links to update that tragedy regarding those Palestinians who got killed and injured on a Gaza beach. It's looking less and less like indiscriminate shelling by the IDF and more like an explosion caused by a Hamas stockpile. Surprised? Don't be.

All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a Chance Dep't: Hamas and Fatah are once again at each others throats. I'm sure Israel isn't pleased at the idea of anarchy in their backyard.

Allright, hands up for those who want to replace al-Zarqawi's job of spreading mayhem in Iraq (crickets chirping). Proving once more that there is indeed a sucker born every minute, comes Abu Hamza al-Mujahir. Oh goody, another target for the U.S. to target!

In SuperDuperHappyLand aka Iran, there appears to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Khomeini's grandson, and from Iranian women. Honest to God, are the police there watching the LAPD training videos? I dunno, I was always taught to never hit a lady, no matter what.

In Afghanistan, our boys are sure getting their noses into it. Try to the tune of 800 Taliban in Panjwai. Two Canadian soldiers have been seriously hurt.

See Canada's newest WMD in the WOT. These Taliban types don't stand a chance.

Two items of nature gone wild:

1) Alberto may very well be headed towards hurricane status. While not a major storm, big Al is gonna leave a lot of Cubans and Floridians very wet.

2) Are we in the midst of a sixth mass extinction? Judging by a lot dead birds in the U.K., it appears that we are on the cusp of such an ecological disaster.

Y'know I can deal with that. But the Toronto Blue Jays losing three in a row? Or the Edmonton Oilers losing Game #4 2-1 to the 'Canes? Now THAT bums me out! Nevertheless, I will sing praises to the Lord, for He is most high.

The Man in Black

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Football, Death and Taxes - Jun 11

It's been a busy week so far, hence no proper posting since last Tuesday (6/06/06). The world's greatest sports spectacle aka The World Cup is well underway and for those of us who care, this is a small slice of heaven. England defeated Paraguay 1-0 in its first game with the Swedes and Trinidad and Tobago up next. I'm also glad the Iranians got their butts kicked by Mexico 3-1. Not a fan of any Muslim country, thank you very much. It is so easy to watch any game when you are seeing the best of the best. Let's go England!

Canada and Soccer. Soccer and Canada. Not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of I'd say. Nevertheless, the beautiful game does have some historical roots in this country. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about football in Canada:

Death is not a fun topic. However, it is a reality which cannot be ignored. I rejoice in the fact that I have victory in Jesus Christ and that the fear of death is not a part of who I am. Lose the fear of death and you lose the fear of living.

In Gush Katif (Gaza), there's been a terrible incident as some seven civilians have been killed by an Israeli artillery shell. I don't know at this point if it was intentional or not, but the IDF is investigating. From Honest Reporting comes a look at what happened. As a result of this, Hamas is threatening Israel with military action.

A Very Canadian Jihad Update: Here is the very lovely and talented Michelle Malkin (sigh) on those 17 wingnuts that were arrested in Toronto recently. As the highly esteemed MM points out, the whole idea of offensive jihad as a cornerstone of Islam is glossed over in the MSM. I mean they actually use the term 'Broad Strata of Society' for crying out loud. Radical egalitarianism refuses to see the blazingly obvious, which is that Islam and terror are forever married to one another.

Welcome to FOB Martello, a place where not even the angels dare to tread. Man, talk about your 'balls to the wall'. Look at the picture. It looks like Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home in Episode IV. Minus the fun and excitement of course.

Hurricane season has started with Alberto, located in the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba and hurricane magnet Florida are the targets of Alberto's wrath.

Muslims Gone Wild Dep't:

1) It appears that some of these Islamic conferences are 'radicalizing' Muslim youth. Really? You don't say? What they are really doing is exposing these young people to Islam's true dark nature. How anybody still believes these confabs are no different from some Jewish or Christian mass meeting is beyond me.

2) Auto Theft for Allah is Good Dep't: Friends, it's stories like this (along with a plethora of bad drivers) that make my blood boil. No wonder my insurance rates have bloody well gone up. For Muslims, the concept "Thou shalt not steal" only applies to fellow Muslims, not to us kaffir-unbelievers.

How does a railway line from China to the EU strike you? In light of Bible prophecy (Kings of the East), encouraging Chinese advancement westward does not strike me as a terribly sound idea. No doubt the Russians are going to be watching this closely.

Taxes Suck Dep't

1) Did you know that PM Harper has his own website? Turns out our Fearless Leader (cough) is particularly fond of cats as well. Sign up for the PMO's e-mail list if you dare!

2) From the Bill O'Reilly archives comes an op-ed about Leftist politics and that 'radical egalitarianism' that I mentioned earlier. Lower taxes create jobs and money in YOUR pocket. Higher taxes create bigger government. Which one would you prefer?

Hope that covers it for now. Continue to pray for the safety of Israel and the city of Jerusalem.

The Man in Black

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Babylon and al-Zarqawi - Jun 10

As you all well know by now, the very notorious Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. While the MSM debates the who's and why's, I think the better question is what. As in what's next? Everybody is saying the right things, "This is not the end of violence in Iraq", "There's still a lot of work to be done" etcetera. From a Biblical perspective, I think this is a big step forward in creating a literal 'Babylon' in today's war-torn Iraq. A 'Triumph of the Will' if you will. The belief of Man's rationalism over a 'superstitious' belief in God got started with Nimrod in the book of Genesis in Iraq. The fall of man in the Garden of Eden occurred in Iraq. The Bible specifically mentions the Tigris and Euphrates as Eden's boundaries. In the Book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ), the Euphrates river is mentioned as it literally dries up to make way for the Kings of the East at Armageddon. Here's a link from Rapture Ready on Iraq and it's end-time significance:

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

The Man in Black

Stratfor -- Predictive, Insightful, Global Intelligence

Geopolitical Diary: Al-Zarqawi and the Tipping Point
Jun 09, 2006

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed June 7 near the Iraqi town of Hibhib, northwest of Baqubah.

According to most reports -- and reports on exactly what happened have been sketchy and changing -- the house he and his staff were in was under the surveillance of U.S. special operations teams, and an airstrike by F-16s destroyed the house. The Americans received highly reliable intelligence about his location and were certain he was in the house.

Within minutes of announcing al-Zarqawi's death, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced the resolution of the political crisis that had paralyzed Iraq's new government. Shia were named as the ministers of national security and the interior, and a Sunni was given the defense portfolio. Obviously the deal was in place prior to al-Zarqawi's death. It was made official and announced as soon as his death was confirmed. This may have been coincidence, but we tend to doubt it.

As we have been arguing for the past few weeks, we are now at the break point in Iraq. The Sunnis and Shia have reached a political settlement regarding the new government. The critical question has been whether the political settlement would translate into a shift in military operations. There could be no settlement without the Sunnis dealing with al-Zarqawi. The Shia hated al-Zarqawi with a passion -- he had been focusing on killing Shia more than Americans. Once al-Zarqawi was dealt with, the political settlement could proceed and immediately did.

Immediately after al-Zarqawi's death, the United States carried out 17 additional raids against his network. Clearly, somebody painted that network with exquisite care for the Americans. Whoever it was had to have superb intelligence about a highly compartmentalized operation. It is possible that a single person provided all this, but we find it more likely that it was compiled from a number of sources. To be more precise, our guess would be that the Sunni political leadership orchestrated the intelligence in order to allow the Americans to deal with al-Zarqawi while giving themselves plausible deniability in the Sunni community. There could be another explanation, but all this broke too neatly to be coincidence -- and, moreover, it flowed logically from the political situation. As we have been arguing, something like this ought to happen about now. It has.

The important question now is what happens going forward. If the Sunni political leadership did finger al-Zarqawi, then they should also be having their own insurgents, the ones they control directly, reduce operations. This is a bit simplistic, but roughly, the jihadists did suicide bombings while the Baathists and nationalists focused on improvised explosive devices and small unit actions. There should be a decline in these last two types of activity. Even if the al-Zarqawi network is shattered, there will be some outlying units that might carry out further bombings -- and, in fact, we do not know at this moment whether the network is shattered.

Either way, there should be a falloff of insurgent activities if the Sunnis are serious about going the political route. Friday is the Muslim Sabbath and weekly sermons are going to be given throughout Iraq. This will be the first glimpse of whether the Sunni leadership will call for some sort of cease-fire, or for vengeance for al-Zarqawi's death. It also will be the first time we will know what the Shiite clerics are saying about stopping operations against the Sunnis, now that al-Zarqawi is gone.

If this is in fact part of a political process, rather than an isolated intelligence coup, then we should see the falloff in insurgent and militia activity fairly quickly. Given the thread of our analysis, we have to see this as part of the political process. Certainly it is hard to explain the speed with which the Cabinet appointments were made -- without prior announcement -- except in the context of al-Zarqawi's death.

If we are right and this is the tipping point, then things just tipped toward a political settlement. This will become clearer over the next few days. Violence will certainly not disappear, but it should reduce itself rather rapidly if the Sunni and Shiite leadership have put out the word. We thought this was the week for something to happen, and something has. Now to find out if it was what we were waiting for, and to find out if it will work.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Number 666, 777 - Jun 6

Allright, have you got any jitters over this whole 6/6/06 thing? Not me. I promised a treatise on the Beast's number and I'm going to deliver. The number 666 comes straight of of The Book of Revelations of Jesus Christ (BRJC). Some just call the last book of the Bible 'Revelations', but that is in fact, incorrect. I will suggest that you cannot understand 666 until you understand the number 777. As any reader of the Bible will tell you, the number seven is a number that is close to God's heart. It certainly is of massive importance in the BRJC. In the first chapter, we are introduced to seven churches. In Rev 1:20 we read of seven churches having seven stars (which are seven angels) and seven lampstands which symbolize those churches. In other words,

7 Churches,
7 Stars/Angels and,
7 Lampstands,

or the number 777. Remember, the Church is an institution near and dear to God. In the BRJC 5:6, we see a picture of Jesus Christ as a slain Lamb. We find Him having three characteristics, namely:

7 Horns,
7 Eyes and,
7 Spirits of God,

which is the number 777 once more. Seven is God's number which is considered the 'divine' number. Six is the number of Man, not God. Man was created on the sixth day (Gen 1) and God 'rested' on the seventh which as any Jew will tell you is the Shabbat (Sabbath). If there is a finite number that God would choose to reveal His triune nature, 777 would be it. Satan is not, nor can he ever be, a seven. He is an imposter, a six (Man's number), which is one less than a seven. 777 represents Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 666 is a number that therefore reveals the Unholy Trinity of Satan (the anti-Father), the Beast (anti-Christ) and the False Prophet (anti-HS). Notice the prefix 'anti-'. 'Anti' doesn't just mean 'against', it also means 'instead of'. The seven-year reign of AntiChrist (see Dan 9:27) is those mystery years that immediately precede the Glorious Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Added Jan, 28, 2008)

First of all, I'd like to thank you for reading this. More than likely you've arrived here because you Googled '666' as your search word. I know this because sitemeter and feedjit tell me so. Here's a few more posts that I believe will help tremendously in your spiritual growth. Please do give them a read:

Pentecost 2017
Israel's Appointment With Destiny
777 and Bible Numerology
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

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(End of Addendum)

In the spirit of the day, here are two links that put today into it's proper perspective.
Rapture Ready and the number 666
The Independent

Another Mount Merapi update as 11,000 flee recent activity.

See God's saints in action in the country of India:

I think Baghdad, Iraq wins the turkey prize as the most violent city on Earth. Jarvis St. in downtown Toronto late at night is a bloody picnic compared to Baghdad.

The city of Yerushalayim, God's burdensome stone to both Jew and Arab.

An update of a Very Canadian Jihad: Apparently, one of these hammerheads wanted to storm the CBC and then behead Harper. D'ya think anybody would notice if someone took over the CBC provided they kept the hockey schedule intact? I doubt it.

This blog would be absolutely worthless if I did not mention the fact that June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day, the beginning of the end of Hitler's Third Reich. Sixty-two years ago to be exact. Naturally it was a huge event in 2004 as it was the 60th anniversary of one of the greatest amphibious assaults in military history.

I hope that helps. I'll have more theology for you later.

Johnny Cash

The Dilemma of the 'Dish, Somalia - Jun 6

Or the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sound confusing? It should. In 1991, Somali warlords were the problem. Now in 2006, they are seen as the solution to counter-act the jihadist threat. The warlords will, I believe, fail to take back their country. No doubt they will seek an agreement with their new masters for no other reason than to save their sorry hide. A tremendous step backward for American foreign policy and a step forward in Bible prophecy. The people of 'Put' and 'Cush' are those black Africans that have made the Horn of Africa home (see Ezekiel 38, 39). How Iran, Russia (Islam's biggest ally), Libya and others such as Turkey and Syria will react to this unexpected windfall is anybody's guess. Living in Israel just got a little more dangerous I'd say.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Stratfor -- Predictive, Insightful, Global Intelligence

Geopolitical Diary: The Dilemma of Mogadishu
Jun 06, 2006

The city of Mogadishu has fallen to Islamists, according to extensive media reports. Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia, where the United States intervened in 1991 and then withdrew after sustaining casualties. The Americans had intervened in an attempt first to alleviate a major food shortage -- and then, as the scope of the mission crept upward, they ended up fighting against the warlords who had precipitated the food shortage. After pulling out, the United States lost interest in Somalia until 9/11 -- when it developed an urgent interest in it, fearing that it would serve as a base for militant Islamists.

It is not clear how the Islamists will behave having won the city, but there is no reason to doubt their commitment to their cause, nor the possibility (or probability) that they would provide safe-havens to al Qaeda and other militant Islamists. The United States maintains a small force of U.S. Marines and special operations forces at a former French base in Djibouti, north of Somalia, and has been waging a quiet war throughout the region against Islamists. Somalia has been a critical piece of that war, both for its own sake and because it can affect the entire region, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Ironically, the United States has fought the war in Somalia through proxies -- the warlords it was fighting against in the early 1990s. There were few other options. Unless the Americans wanted to intervene directly -- and after the last experience no one was eager for that -- they would have to use surrogates, and the warlords were the only option. The proxies served their purpose over the five years of the U.S.-jihadist war, but now they appear to have buckled and lost the prize to the Islamists.

This is obviously bad news for the United States. As bogged down as the United States is in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has been able until now to claim that not a single Muslim government had been overthrown by Islamists, and that most governments were cooperating with the United States. It can be argued that the conquest of Mogadishu does not mean the Islamists will become the government of Somalia, and that no one was overthrown -- you don't overthrow anarchy and chaos. Those are good arguments, but at the end of the day it will be perceived in the region that the United States has lost an important fight. The argument that Iraq was a tactical problem but that the broad strategy was working has been undermined -- and as a result, so will be the psychological strength of the U.S. presence.

Psychology aside, the strengthening power of the Islamists in Somalia poses a direct threat to the United States. Right now, al Qaeda and related groups have sanctuary in areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, in parts of Iraq, and perhaps quietly in some other places -- but not in any country as a whole. That sort of sanctuary is what al Qaeda desperately needs, and if the Islamists can expand their victory to pacifying the country, that is exactly what they will have.

The obvious answer would be for the United States to intervene directly in Somalia. Had Iraq not turned out as it did, that might be an option; but under current international and domestic political circumstances, a new visit to the home of Black Hawk Down is not going to happen. That means the only option the United States has will be to increase aid to the warlords; but the problem there is not money, it is motivation and competence. Someone will reason that there is nothing there that a few more special operations forces wouldn't cure. But that alone won't work, and thus the Americans will be on the famous slippery slope once again. This time it is unlikely that they will start walking down.

This leaves the question of whether there will be space for militants in Somalia. Jihadists, both native and foreign, have in all likelihood been there for a while. But if there is a degree of stability and security, a place where training camps can start teaching the crafts needed for international operations, Somalia could allow a new generation of well-trained al Qaeda operatives to emerge in a few years, a generation quite different from the bumbling wannabes that currently pass for al Qaeda.

This is a serious event in the war, and Washington will have to take some action. The likely one will be increasing money and sending in some more advisers. The best the United States can hope for at the moment is to maintain a level of instability in Somalia that even al Qaeda would find unsuitable for training purposes. Just as important will be how this affects the Islamic world's psychology. Al Jazeera was trumpeting it all day as what it was -- a blow to the United States.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Made in Canada Jihad (pt. 2) - Jun 5

There is all sorts of talk about those jihadist types who were arrested on Friday in the Greater Toronto Area. When I read the Canadian news content, what strikes me is not what is being said, rather it's what's NOT being said. The fact that they are all Muslims (and devout ones at that) is like the 'Pink Elephant in the Room' scenario. It appears that our capacity for self-deception is limitless. Only the naive, foolish or the Left is left holding on to this idea of a 'peaceful' or 'moderate' Islam. I have said it before and I will say it again: While many Muslims are peaceful, Islam as a whole is not. Honestly, it's not a hard concept to grasp. Yet confusion and moral equivalency hold sway over too many people that I'm really questioning if the West (as we know it) has even a chance. 'Know thyself and know the enemy and you need not fear the result of a thousand battles' was SunTzu's admonishment. My friends, we are oh-for-two. We don't know who we are and we don't know the enemy. Jesus Christ is my rock upon which I stand. Upon which rock do you stand?

Here's a quick update of a Very Canadian Jihad.

Harsh Dose of Reality Dep't:

1) Veteran journalist John Gray tells of dimming hopes in Afghanistan where our boys are doing us proud. Listen, our soldiers could dig a hundred wells and build a hundred schools for these people and it still won't matter. We are, and will forever be 'Zionist Crusaders', no matter what we do.

2) Taliban R Us Dep't: Afghani locals talk openly about the growing strength of the Taliban and the growing resistance to good ol' Dar al-Harb.

3) Hugh Fitzgerald on Iraq and the WOT. 'Let them echo' is his cry.

Two articles about the EU and the growing power of Big Brother:

1) EU clinches deal on the transfer of criminal evidence across national borders.

2) That 'air data' deal between the EU and the U.S. for all incoming passengers to Europe is close to being signed. Damned lawyers!!

Falafel and Ice. Ice and Falafel (Ooooh, that makes me hungry!). Yep, that's the problem facing Iraq these days. Too much ice and falafel. Kalishnikovs? Check. Toyotas and Land Rovers? Check. Internet? Check. But don't you dare sell any ice or falafels in Iraq. That would be wrong.

Desertification is steadily increasing. In the battle of Man versus Famine, it's been a rout for famine every single time. Jesus said so in His Olivet Discourse.

Support for the 'Pals' in Europe is falling rapidly, France in particular. Torching cars and rioting will give you that kind of reputation.

Lastly, a cool link of the day. Just listening to the very English soundtrack is worth it, even if you don't read any of it (which I have btw).
Action In England

Carolina beats Edmonton 5-4 in a heartbreaker in Game #1. Nevertheless, Go Oil Go!

The Man in Black

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Made In Canada Jihad - Jun 4

For those of you who are paying attention, there was some major anti-jihad activity in Southern Ontario. I see that this is splashed all over the internet and on CNN, not to mention papers all across North America. So showing this link on my humble little blog isn't going to change the calculus much. There are some points however, that the MSM aren't going to touch with a ten foot pole that I will attempt to do so.

1) Islam does not recognize 'separation of church and state'. All so-called 'secular' politicians and laws passed in Islamic countries must have approval by the mullahs.

2) Dar al-Harb (the House of War) and Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) as two irreconcilable hostile camps is an Islamic fundamental. Jihad therefore, is that perpetual state of military flux that exists between the two. It is a non-negotionable pillar of faith (along with Hajj) that ALL able-bodied Muslims MUST undertake. Canada, the U.S., Israel and various other countries fall under Dar al-Harb.

3) Those who fail to embrace Wahhabi Islam (of al-Qaida) are infidels, including those Muslims deemed not fanatical enough. Jews are the number one enemy of Islam followed swiftly by Christians who are number two on the hate list. This has always been the case, even in the days of the Prophet Muhammed. They are 'najis' (unclean) or 'kaffir' (unbeliever) fit only for extermination. If you think this sounds a lot like how the Nazis viewed the Jews and other enemies of the German 'volk', then you'd be right.

4) While it is good to know that not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists today DO invoke Islam as their main inspiration. Look and listen carefully. It is not uncommon for Muslim terrorists to use Koran and Hadith to justify their actions. Most Muslims are a peaceful lot but Islam as a whole is VERY violent. It is the Holy Spirit of God, the third member of the triune JHVH, which is ultimately responsible for restraining evil, not some mythical 'moderate' Islam.

5) Either Jesus Christ was crucified, died, buried, raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven (and is coming again) or He was (or is) not. Church doctrine demands this of every follower of Christ or they are apostate. Islam denies Christ's crucifiction and His redemptive work on the cross. Both cannot be right at the same time. We are not dealing with a small insignificant point here. Logic dictates that the Muslim is in error while the Christian is correct or vice versa. One must be rooted in truth while the other is hopelessly in error. We cannot fluff this point off and just say 'whatever' because we are dealing with a fundamental point here. Indeed, it is the 'crux', or heart of the matter.

Whew. Now onto the news.

There has been a resurgence of 'gay rights' stuff in the news recently. Harper wishes to revisit the 'same-sex' marriage agenda and Bush wishes for a constitutional amemdment to protect the marriage union as 'one man, one woman'. I think in both cases they are dead ducks. Harper is in a minority position and Bush's popularity is at an all-time low. A post-Christian society? You'd better believe it.

Not to be outdone, clashes in Bucharest, Romania over gay marchers spilt into the streets. We here at the X-Def do NOT hate gays. I just don't buy into the whole 'Will and Grace' stereotype. I know I'm supposed to, but I just don't. Truth be told, unlike their married counterparts, many gay men are lonely and lead lives of quiet desparation.

Here is another Mount Merapi update.

Did you know there's a place called Hell, Michigan? Well on Tuesday (6/6/06) they're going to have a once-in-a-century festival to celebrate the number/date 666. Well whoop-de-doo. Wake me when it's over. I'll go into detail on Tuesday, the day of, and give a proper explanation of the number 666 and it's practical and theological implications.

In Brussels (the EU HQ), another one of those 'can't-we-all-just-get-along' interfaith meetings is underway. I am not opposed to inter-faith meetings per se, but any religious confab that does not have Jesus Christ at the center of the discussion is an exercise in futility. See point five above.

Lastly, here is a cool web-site of the day about Islam and the 'last days' that is worth your attention.
Joel's Trumpet

'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven'. (Mt 5:3)

The Man in Black

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Of Wheat and Tares - Jun 3

Oftentimes I hear the phrase 'clash of civilizations'. It is becoming more and more apparent that we are dealing with a schism (or divorce), rather than a clash of civilizations. Jesus, in one of His many parables, gave this account of a good man (Jesus) going forward and spreading good seed in the field. However, an enemy (Satan) comes along to spread tares (weeds) amongst the wheat. When asked about the appropiate course of action, Jesus said, Let the tares and the wheat grow together. If the tares are rooted out now before this harvest time, then the wheat will also suffer.When it is time for harvest, both the wheat and the tares will be rooted out. The good wheat will be separated and put into storehouses (the Kingdom of Heaven) and the tares will be thrown into the fire.
That I think, in a nutshell, is what we are seeing today. While this great separation has not yet happened, it is good to ask yourself, "Am I wheat or a tare?" Indeed, what we are seeing now is a precursor of things to come. Are you ready for this Great Harvest of Souls?

Russians being Russians Dep't:

1) Russia is attempting to sell India 126 new MiG-35s. I find this interesting as the Indian Air Force already has American-made F-16s and F-18s in its order of battle. Arms sales is one way the Russians can push back American hegemony.

2) Russia is attempting to sell large cargo aircraft to us Canadians (!). PM Harper has been contacted and it remains to be seen what will be done with this. Large aircraft will be terribly useful if Canada wishes to maintain its reputation as a peacekeeper nation. American suppliers will not be too happy and so some political pressure will be brought to bear if this is going to be seriously considered.

Three more articles proving that Islam is truly nuts:

1) Let's hear it for an Afghani Danica Patrick Dep't: In conservative Afghanistan, female drivers are being harassed by men on motorbikes. I guess these knuckle-dragging cave dwellers don't like the idea of THEIR women having some degree of freedom. Actually, I don't think this goes far enough. Let them wear tight-fitting leather pants and ride a Harley-Davidson motorbike (if they can afford one). That oughta scare 'em.

2) Disappointed investors have hired gunmen to shoot up the Palestinian exchange. I'm sorry, but I cannot help but laugh at this utter absurdity. I didn't even know the 'Pals' HAD an exchange to begin with (based in Nablus). The fact that gunmen (of which there are no shortage of in Gaza and West Bank) shot the place up should come as no surprise. Stop calling us terrorists or we'll shoot you and blow stuff up!

3) I'm giving you this html version of a Jerusalem Post story because I want you to see the picture. See the young boy dressed up in military garb carrying a toy gun? The Palestinians deliberately send these little ones in harm's way to antagonize IDF soldiers. Golda Meir once said that when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate us, then maybe there will be peace. It is too bad Golda didn't see that in her lifetime.

Here is another interesting article from CBC about those Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags you may or may not have heard of. Tagging products for inventory purposes is cool. Tagging and/or tracking people is not cool. Welcome to the Brave New World.

That volcano in Indonesia is STILL a danger! Mount Merapi is still spewing forth gases and other crap. It amazes me how quickly a major news event today becomes a yawner tomorrow. Talk about your short attention spans!

Ismail Haniyeh, leader of Hamas, has three sisters who have FULL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP! It's called Tel Sheva, an enclave of Bedouin Arabs. Hamas' new slogan? Death to Israel and America --- unless you let us live there in which case mild injury will suffice.

Gotta go.

The Man in Black

Friday, June 02, 2006

When Demons Rule - Jun 2

In the book of Ephesians, it mentions that evil is organized, 'of powers and principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places'. To a materialist, such talk about 'evil' is considered passe, a holdover from an era of ignorance. Why, if they just changed the environment people lived in, or offered them education, or just gave them more of our taxpayer dollars, then all these troubles would surely disappear. We HAVE changed the surroundings, we HAVE offered the masses education and oodles of opportunity, we HAVE given those less fortunate money from the gov't coffers (don't get me started on that). And yet, as I look at my Canada, I still see evil and hatred. There appears that something sinister that is stirring up these wicked passions of ours. The answers that we search for are in the supernatural realm. Demons, which are fallen angels, are for REAL!! Let me give you a list of countries. In the Americas: Haiti, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru. Pockets of certain European cities such as Paris, France and Malmo, Sweden. In Africa: Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Nigeria. In the ME, demonism is rampant including: Iran, Iraq, KSA, Syria and even tiny Israel too. There are stories of demonic oppression in China as well. The list goes on and on. Demons oppress individually and entire households. Churches, yes CHURCHES!, are being attacked by maleavolent forces that we cannot see. Satan hates the family and the sanctity of marriage (of one man and one woman). I am a true believer in a personal Devil. I also believe that Satan is utterly doomed. The sentence against the Devil WILL be carried out by our Lord Jesus Christ. There is a 'right' and 'wrong' side of eternity. Which path are you on?

I'm hearing talk of a 'breakthrough' wrt talks with Iran. Excuse me if I don't break into a giddy jig. From the sounds of things, this deal will be a 'make it or break it' kind of deal. So it's either 'Peace in our time' as Neville Chamberlain once exclaimed, or war. We'll know shortly. Hold on to your seatbelts, folks, its going to be a bumpy ride.

To drive home my point, the Iranian FM has denied the very existence of Israel. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards Men? Hardly.

A 65 year-old woman in Montgomery, Alabama gets hit by lightning just as she says 'Amen'. Not to worry, she's OK. Sure got a heck of a jolt though.

The X-Def: Now part of the vast right-wing Zionist conspiracy. I know that cause this article says so.

The Love of Many Shall Grow Cold Dep't: Meet Sabine Hilschenz, candidate for the worst mother ever. Try nine babies and nine deaths. Looks like dear old Dad is a real clunker too.

I've reported on this story before but decided to revisit it once again. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Euronext have merged, creating a massive trans-Atlantic exchange. So how DO you like your New World Order so far?

Short post but a good 'un. More to follow in the next 24 hours.

Johnny Cash