Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mob Rule - Oct 27

I'm not a sensationalist. I like to keep things short, sweet, simple and to the point. So when I use such terms as 'fascist' or 'the new totalitarianism', I'm not exaggerating. Here are some examples that has recently got my attention:

When An Acquittal Isn't Really An Acquittal

Anarchy is in the courts. It is a sure sign that we are in trouble when the rule of law effectively breaks down. I certainly got the chills after reading this CFP article. How's this for a legalese tongue twister: 'Acquitted Conduct Sentencing Enhancement'. Here's how it works. Let's say a defendent is charged with both possession of stolen property and theft. The jury convicts on the lesser charge of possession but acquits on the second. The judge can still use the acquittal to 'enhance' a harsher sentence than what would normally be reserved for the lesser charge. What it boils down to is this: A defendant can find themselves facing a lengthy prison sentence (or hefty fine) based on hearsay and innuendo. When politics, and not the rule of law, are used to sledgehammer anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the way of an unscrupulous lawyer we should all be worried. Is it any wonder I hold lawyers with such little regard?

Driving While Under the Influence of Blackness

A right that citizens of a democracy surely enjoy is the protection against unsubstantiated and unwarranted search and seizure by the police. And guess who gets the short end of this stick? Blacks of course. No, not all cops are racist as irresponsible bomb-throwing leftists love to attest to. However, the simple fact is this: Young black men are far more likely to stopped by the police, be they on foot or at the wheel of a vehicle than their white counterparts. Do racist attitudes blindly convict? You bet it does.

What Kind of 'Academic Freedom' Is This?

Universities have increasingly become a hotspot for anti-Americanism and seditious behaviour. Miscreants at Emory U effectively shut down David Horowitz as he was attempting to deliver a speech hosted by Emory's Chapter of College Republicans. I have just seen a vision of the future and it apparently doesn't include conservative speakers. At one point Mr. Horowitz challenged the protesters with this statement:

'How can you learn if you can’t see the arguments?'

And that's exactly the point. They don't want to see the arguments. That would require honesty, maturity and patience, three attributes that are in short supply. Everybody loses when these kind of 'brownshirt' tactics are deployed. Jews and Christians lose out. Muslims lose out. Even agnostics and atheists lose out. Free speech is not yet extinct but it is most definitely on the 'endangered' list. Also from FPM are the testimonies of two brave women: Donna Hughes and Nonie Darwish and the hostility they faced at our institutions of 'higher learning'.

Vladimir Putin, Meet Hillary Clinton

Putin and Hillary as natural ideological allies? You don't say! Superficially these two appear to be like night and day. A closer look reveals they're very much cut from the same cloth. And I'm not referring to silk or satin material either. In Russia, the heavy-handed tactics of the Kremlin make it next to impossible for opposition parties to prosper while Bob Tyrell gives Americans seven reasons not to vote for Clinton #2.

The Axis of Eeeeevil!

Go ahead. You know you want to point your right pinky to your mouth. Maybe I'll take Mini-Me to Iran, a place that continues to fascinate me. Aside from Israel (and perhaps Jordan) it is a ME country I'd love to visit if I had the time and money. Stupid reality! Dr. Assad Homayoun warns American foreign policy makers about possible war with Iran. America is not at war with the Iranian people, who are mostly young and have ambitions to move to the West. Nor should we lend any legitimacy to the regime's mullahs who want to hold onto power at all costs. Thank goodness our politicians don't believe in that. Oh wait, never mind.

Mr. Putin was in Iran recently. Now there's a conversation I'd love to overhear! Puin made two statements of note. Firstly, Russia would continue to support Iran's nuclear program. Not surprising since much of the funding, materiel and expertise undergirding Tehran's nuclear ambitions has Russian origins. Secondly, and more importantly, Russia's 'near abroad' will not be used as a land base for any military action against Iran. I'm guessing the likes of Azerbaijan heard Putin loud and clear.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome Home Benazir! - Oct 23

You judge a society by the way it treats its women. No wonder Pakistan's generals are in a state of fear and loathing about the return of Benazir Bhutto. From the David Horowitz Freedom Centre comes a YouTube video about the dehumanization women endure under that 'Religion of Peace'. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Runs 9:03.

In Pakistan they call this the 'welcoming party'. Given the multi-cultural madness gripping us, who are we to criticize? Seriously though, it takes a cruel heartless bastard to explode two bombs in the midst of a big crowd. The first victims in the frontlines of jihad are almost always Muslims, a point I've made countless times before. From the BBC comes a cool picture of Karachi and the harrowing testimonies of the carnage that took place.

A picture is worth a thousand words. When I say 'multi-culti' madness I mean it. Witness the search of this poor nun in Detroit.

Concede and Bleed Dep't: Throw the Jews under the bus! If it's for the greater good then why not? That seems to be the approach Condi and Bush are taking wrt the ME 'peace process'.

God is still hard at work changing hearts and minds. A Palestinian diplomat named Khaled Ghazal recently visited Poland's Auschwitz-Birkenau with his Israeli counter-part. If this kind of thinking caught on we might actually have a chance for peace in the ME.

Another GFA story about the notorious Sumitr who came to faith in Christ. God is still in the reclamation business, saving hell-bound souls through His undeserved grace.

I leave you with a warning: Islamic leaders mean what they say and say what they mean when it comes to Islam's true intentions. You just have to look past the political correctness and the wilfull blindness of the MSM in order to find it.

A Quickie X-Def Update: I've added two links to my sidebar. In 'I Love Israel' you'll find the link for 'Strong Israel'. Please sign the petition and add your name to the list of people that support the Jewish claim to the Holy Land. I've also added 'Illustrated P.I.G' (Politically Incorrect Guide) and 'Political Mavens' to my Scallywags list. Do pay these sites a visit as they are well researched and presented.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Canada's Drug Trade - Oct 15

Another great article from Stratfor. I have stated before that America's problem with its southern border is our problem as well. Cocaine made in the jungles of Columbia can reach Canadian cities in a matter of days. Yikes! Thankfully there are cops out there willing to put their lives on the line so as to keep us safe. Let's keep them in our prayers.

Johnny Cash


Canada and the Transcontinental Drug Links

Canadian police conducted several simultaneous raids on suspected drug traffickers in Newfoundland and Quebec provinces Oct. 11, arresting two dozen people and seizing marijuana, cocaine, weapons, cash and property. The drug-trafficking ring, which Canadian authorities believe was operated by the Quebec-based Hell's Angels motorcycle/crime gang, could have smuggled the cocaine into Canada from South America via Mexico and the United States.

More than 70 members of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and Quebec's Provincial Biker Enforcement Unit carried out the raids, which represented the culmination of an 18-monthlong investigation dubbed Operation Roadrunner. The arrests were made near St. John's in Newfoundland and near the towns of Laval and La Tuque in Quebec. In Newfoundland, authorities seized $300,000 in cash, 51 pounds of marijuana and 19 pounds of cocaine, as well as vehicles, weapons and computers. In Quebec, $170,000 and four houses were seized.

The marijuana seized in the raids could have been cultivated in Canada itself, in Mexico or the United States. However, most of the cocaine consumed in North America originates in South America, mainly in Colombia, where the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrilla group -- among other organizations -- traffics in drugs in order to finance itself. Bolivia and Peru are other sources of South American cocaine.

Although much of the cocaine seized in Canada is transported from South America via Jamaica and Haiti, a good portion also comes through Mexico and the United States -- demonstrating that the problems associated with Mexico's drug cartels and the porous U.S.-Mexican border affect Canada as well as the United States. Approximately 25 percent of the seized cocaine destined for Canadian markets either transits or is intended to transit the United States, according to a 2004 Canada-U.S. Border Drug Threat Assessment.

In order to use the Mexican-U.S. route, producers in South America deliver the cocaine to a Mexican drug-trafficking organization, which then transports it over its network to points on the U.S.-Mexican border known as plazas. The plazas stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to roughly Arizona are controlled by the Gulf cartel, while the plazas in Arizona are dominated by a group of cartels based out of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Drug trafficking around Tijuana is largely controlled by the Arellano-Felix organization. From these plazas, the cocaine enters the United States and is moved north via the Interstate highway system to distribution points in the United States, most often major cities along the Interstate, such as Houston and Los Angeles. From these points, the drugs are further distributed to other criminal/militant groups, shipped to the Canadian border and turned over to Quebec's Hell's Angels or other drug-trafficking organizations.

The links between criminal/militant gangs from South America to Canada and the ease of smuggling drugs across the U.S.-Mexican border are of concern to Canadian intelligence and law enforcement for another reason as well. They also see this vast network as a way for militants to enter Canada. Once inside the United States, they note, it is relatively easy to get into Canada over the same smuggling routes that are used to move contraband such as drugs, cigarettes and stolen cargo -- despite Canada's own ambitious efforts to control its borders. Although the flow of militants traditionally has been more of a problem for the United States, the arrest in 1993 of five Jamaat al-Fuqra operatives at the border at Niagara Falls underscores this concern. They allegedly were planning to conduct attacks in Toronto.

The jungles of South America, where cocaine is produced, seem a long way from the St. Lawrence River. Using a sophisticated shipment and distribution network, however, criminal and militant organizations can cover the distance in a few days.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The New Totalitarianism - Oct 14

I want to continue where I left off in my last two posts. Whether it be the secular-progressives or jihad-committed Muslims, there is a strong move towards despotism today. Genuine free speech, one that allows a conservative and a Bible-believing viewpoint is dead in the water. The art of academic debate is dead, buried and eulogized as well. 9/11 represents a turning point to be sure, but does it really matter exactly when anti-Americanism came into vogue? If there's one thing we must do, we must get rid of this incessant navel-gazing and self-loathing. We need to get our groove back! America and the West has had her share of enemies. Always have and always will. The key difference between now and then is that Americans believed in themselves. Not only did they believe that America was good for Americans, but good for the world. To be sure, Americans know full well their country isn't perfect. God knows it isn't. But this nonsense about '9/11 was an inside job' and 'Bush started this war' has to go. It is not adding one iota of good to our fight to remain free. Indeed, it is sapping our morale while aiding and abetting the enemy.

The greatest danger we face right now is Islam, in particular the violent imposition of a world-wide caliphate under Sharia law. In other words, say goodbye to the Constitution and British-based law. Let there be no mistake, there will be no place for Christians in this anti-utopia. In places where Islam is already predominant the situation will deteriorate. In Israel, Arab Christians are at the forefront of this vicious persecution. It already may be too late for this religious minority under siege. The UN gives Palestinian Christians the 'Darfur' treatment as do the feminists and other human rights groups. They are persona non grata as far as these 'progressives' are concerned. Be it a deliberate act of blindness, ignorance or hypocrisy, the new totalitarians are very much in the PC camp.

Old Habits Die Hard Dep't: Putin being relieved of the Russian presidency will matter little. As Prime Minister, Mr. Putin will still be very much 'The Man' in Mother Russia.

So do we give up? No! So long as the church is still here we can work for good. While missionaries in India face persecution, many are still finding hope in it's slums.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fascism By Any Other Name - Part Two - Islam - Oct 11

This is a sign leading to Mecca, Islam's most revered site. Actually, I think this sign should read 'The Broad Path To Destruction' on the left while 'The Narrow Gate Which Leads To Life' on the right. But that's just my opinion.

This is part two of the previous post. I felt (correctly) that trying to get all the links in one post would be horribly unwieldy. Think of it as your favorite double album, X-Def style.

Sorry, but Dubya has got to go. Here's what's got me in a tizzy: According to America's Commander-in-Chief, Muslims and Christians all pray to the same God. Yep, George said so so it must be true. Is W incompetent? Bush is much more cunning than that. Is he stupid? I tend to believe he's playing this 'Good Ol' Boy From Texas' role to the hilt. No, I think he's afraid of the Muslim backlash and is mindlessly pandering to the multi-culti hordes. Rather than be a man about it and make his misgivings of Islam as a 'Religion of Peace' be known, Bush has decided it far more politically expedient to turn his back on America's Christian heritage and coddle terrorists instead. In the end we all suffer for such dhimmitude.

Islam is bad for gays and lesbians. This is obvious for anyone that bothers to do the research. Why then is the gung-ho Hollywood pink mafia so silent? Because the persecution of gays in the ME do not fit into their anti-American, anti-Christian crusade, that's why. To admit the obvious, that gays and lesbians enjoy a far greater range of freedoms and rights in a post-Christian America than anywhere else is anathema to these ideologues. The church won't give the rubber stamp approval that the pink mafiosos so desperately crave, the church must be punished. This is stupid, short-term thinking. If gays think it's tough now, they haven't seen anything yet. An Islamic caliphate will go on a bloody rampage, killing every gay, lesbian and trans-gender they can get their hands on. I don't want to see this. The greatest love you can show a gay person is to tell them about Jesus. They may not like it or give you the courtesy of hearing you out, but they need to hear the Gospel and the forgiveness that only Jesus can bring.

There is no other country on Earth that feels the sting of Islam daily more than Israel. In Gaza, a 31 year-old Christian named Rami Ayyad was murdered. His offence? He was the only Christian book store owner in town. Arabs displaying their love for Israel (yes, some do exist) are also stigmatized by their 'brethren'.

I'm cutting this post short. I'll expand on it later. Sorry for the shoddy work.

Johnny Cash

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fascism By Any Other Name - Part One - Secularism - Oct 7

There are two big lies undermining Western civilization:

1) Shoddy theology divorced from Biblical truth and;
2) 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' PC multiculturalism.

The persecution that Christians are enduring today is increasing. The shadows of what is to come will only increase with time as the church age draws to a close. There are two groups which are leading the charge: The secular-progressives and the Muslims. This post will deal with the first enemy of Christianity.

The Church of Militant Secular-Progressive Humanism

What do a bisexual female rabbi, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Methodist Church have in common? Absolutely nothing. These three disparate groups recently combined for a bizarre spectacle on Capitol Hill protesting the Iraqi war. I have no problem if someone wants to protest the ongoing debacle that is unfolding in Iraq. Nor do I have a problem if a bunch of religious groups want to get together to issue a joint statement. What I do have a problem with is what these groups are preaching and teaching. Ecumenicalism is a bloodless gospel and is shoddy theology (see above). Any effort to deny the shed blood of Christ as the only atonement for sin is bad doctrine. The opposite of truth isn't error, it's pure death.

Support Our Troops

There can be no shallower statement issued by the self-serving left. Given their actions, why bother? Terrorists hide behind children while American troops are hamstrung by a long list of ROE's. News of success in the field is largely ignored by the press while any hints of wrongdoing by our military is given blanket coverage. Is it any wonder I get a little cynical?

The Hermit Kingdom

It should surprise no-one that North Korea is at the forefront of Christian persecution. Being found with a Bible in your possession sends you and your entire family to prison camp. North Korea is also in the business of arming Israel's enemies.

Free Speech Is Acceptable Provided We Agree With It.

That is if you happen to be rich, white and liberal. Or give generously to the Democratic Party. As the lovely Michelle Malkin reports, God help you if you make your dissatisfaction with public. The difference between the German SS and's lawyers? The latter are better dressed. The tactics are frighteningly similar though.

Forget about Islam. That's what students at Columbus State in Ohio are being told as efforts to bring Islamo-Fascism Week to campus is shut down by the school's administrator. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was given a forum at Columbia University in NYC yet students at a public college are denied access to their own campus. The hypocrisy couldn't be starker. The censorship of unpopular speech and the use of intimidation is alive and well in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Two more miscellaneous links to close out this post.

Mark Of The Beast Update: The technology for this has already arrived. Right now it's simply a matter of logistics and the gaining of public support. One of the biggest enablers of the MOTB is credit card and debit card fraud. A microchip embedded in the card will go a long way in preventing identity theft. It will also facilitate the greatest persecution of Christians just prior to the Second Advent. 'Chipping', as it's being called is already in use by veterinarians and cattle farmers. The jump to chip humans is not as big of a leap in public policy as you might think.

So long as we're here we'll still be helping the less fortunate. In West Bengal, flood relief by GFA workers are opening up doors for the Gospel. Hallelujah! Praise God for He is Most High!

Johnny Cash

Monday, October 01, 2007

Is Rudy 'Da Man' For The GOP In '08? - Oct 1

Not according to the FDNY. Or Pastor Chuck Baldwin for that matter. Did you ever wonder why so few police died on that fateful day compared to the 121 firefighters that did? The answer is simple: The cops had radios that worked and the firefighters didn't. Actually, two orders were given to evacuate, the first one at 56 minutes and the second 29 minutes before the North Tower collapsed. Rudy Giuliani as 'America's Mayor' is nothing more than a clever myth.

Like most politicians, Rudy is a lawyer. That is a well known fact. What most people don't know is the dirty tricks he used to entrap Michael Milken. Such tactics make Hillary look tame by comparison.

Mr. Giuliani has made some questionable allies that do not believe in America as a sovereign nation. His connection to the NAFTA Superhighway connecting Mexico, the U.S. and Canada is troubling. Any politician that has globalist tendencies should be singled out for ridicule and be dismissed from his post immediately.

Is America LOST? Surrendering much of the world's seas to the UN strikes me as an incredibly bad idea.

It is no secret that America is the world's biggest arms supplier to developing nations. Yet that doesn't scare me. What does scare me is a global treaty on arms control. The National Rifle Association has every right to be concerned about this. A global treaty on arms control will lead to the socialist dream of confiscation of civilian-held firearms by an overreaching federal government. Say goodbye to the Second Amendment and the rest of that 'troublesome' constitution the NWO leftists love to despise.

I'll tell you what America needs to do. Disentangle itself from foreign (and likely hostile) influence. Elect a president and Congress that that embrace Christian values and doesn't spend tax dollars like a sailor on shore leave. Look forward to the future rather that being trapped by the past. Strong and vibrant masculine leadership don't create wars. It's the weak and emasculated leaders that do.

Johnny Cash