Sunday, January 28, 2007

Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here - Jan 28

No, this is not the entrance to Hell though it sure could pass for it. Actually, this picture (from was taken in Hawaii. Take a look at the creepy 'face' to the right of the entrance. I just thought it was a cool picture so that's why I'm posting it here.

Now that I've got your attention, here's two picture galleries from, the first is top ten weather phenomena and another is a top ten list of how weather altered human history.

So let me ask you a question: If Efraim Halevy, the former head of Israel's intelligience service told you that WW III was already underway would you believe him? This is not some amateur hack we're talking about here. When anti-semitism rears it's ugly head you know that's a precursor to war. That's a simple fact if you take a look at your history.

May I make a confession here? Back in the day when I was a university student, I became 'caught up' in the whole radical leftist movement. Looking back I've no regrets or apologies but it certainly was an education for me in more ways than one. I'm glad I went through it actually. However it appears to me that the left are for the most part absolutely clueless, even to the point of relishing America's defeat. Do they realize what will happen to the Sunni-Shia civil war should Congress bring all of its fortunate sons (and some daughters too) home? What we are seeing now is a cakewalk compared to what will happen should U.S. forces depart prematurely. Don't think for a second that the Saudis are going to idly sit by while the minority Iraqi Sunnis are being massacred wholesale by various Shiite militias. Nor will the Iranians twiddle their thumbs should Saudi forces cross into Iraqi sovereign territory. Americans are fed up with this war not because they are committed pacifists, but because of the lack of visible progress and the disposition of the Iraqi 'security forces' who are either indifferent, corrupt, incompetent or who are collaborating (sometimes openly) with America's sworn enemies. Do these lefties even grasp this? No, of course not. Which is why I left the Left, never to return.

In Canadian news, authorities are shocked, shocked (!) that nice Canadian Muslims are being radicalized by the supposed 'Religion of Peace'. Wow. Did I mention the word clueless previously? Read the Koran, Hadith, Sira and Sunna and buy a clue why don'cha? Go to or Or you can just sign up for the RSS feed for this blog and get it all. Not that I'm into self-promotion or anything like that. While you're doing that, please pray for the safety of 1st Canadian Field Hospital and 3PPCLI who are headed to Afghanistan just in time for spring and renewed Taliban offensives.

To close, listen to Ann Coulter roar about Hillary's presidential ambitions, see a photo gallery of a Gospel for Asia missionary at work in India, and why in God's name are the Israelis seriously considering handing over control of Judea and Samaria to the EU?

Two things and then we're done. I've added a new section called 'New World Order'. In the NWO section I've added the Bilderberg site and Kofi Annan's 'Alliance of Civilizations', a wretched site if there ever was one. I've also got some personal news to share. I'm bloody well moving again! The new place is a ten-minute commute to work as opposed to the 45-minute one I've been doing for the past seven years or so. As a result, I don't know how long the X-Def will be down while me and my roomies figure out how to get connected to the world wide web. I'm moving this Saturday and as soon as I'm able I'll knock off a quickie post to let my vast readership (Vast? Who am I kidding?) know that I'm back. Will try to get another post off before Friday but don't worry if I go offline for a short while. You can always go through the archives or better yet, actually take a look at some of the links I've generously provided. All Johnny Cash approved of course.

Johnny Cash

Monday, January 22, 2007

Single Christian Woman Seeks Single Christian Man

The title is sure to attract attention. What if it went on to say that she was 31, never married, attractive and well educated? Sound even better? How about including the fact that she loves God and is looking for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage?

I can imagine that the ad would attract men mostly from the same age group who also had a love for Christ and were looking for something serious.

Okay, so what would happen if I added this: Mother of a 10 year old and a 6 month old, both of whom have different fathers.

Does it make a difference? Let's be honest, of course it does. But should it?

I have a friend who accepted Jesus last year when she was six months pregnant. As a result, her life changed. She stopped living with the father of the baby who had no intention of ever marrying her. She started coming to church, quit the bar scene and cleaned up her life. No one could pick her out of a congregation and know that she led an unsaved life up until last year. Well, except for the fact that she has two children sitting next to her. But where does that leave her? She comes to a small church with an almost non-existent supply of single Christian men. Where can she go to meet single Christian men? They certainly don't hang out at bars and it's really hard to get to know someone in the two minutes you see them before and after service.

My second question is: Will a single Christian man care about the children? Let's be honest, if not for the grace of God a lot of women could find themselves in her boat. She's a wonderful woman who would make a great wife but wonders if that'll happen. Does God intend for her to be alone? I don't think so.

Jesus forgives. Jesus loves. Jesus lifts us up. Jesus gives us a new life. Where do kids fit into this?

Any suggestions or honest thoughts would be appreciated. Here is the sum-up question: Is there hope for women who turn over a new leaf and want to make a fresh start under God... but not end up alone?

Faith Girl

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colts and Da Bears in SB XLI - Jan 21

Congratulations to both the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts for winning at home to secure a berth for one of the biggest sports event of the year. This Super Bowl will mark the first time that two black coaches (Lovie Smith of the Bears and Tony Dungy of the Colts) will face each other for the prize. Truth be told, I'm quite surprised this hasn't happened sooner. May there be many more black coaches in the NFL who will shepherd their teams to the championship.

Went a little nuts with the pictures in this post. When I saw this picture I started laughing. Look at the South Korean fat kid on the right enjoying his army rations. That fat kid reminds me of what I was like when I joined the CF in '92. Like a fish out of water I tell ya. Here's the story to go with it.

Beneath the white sheet is one very dead Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist shot in Turkey. It is interesting to note that only the Telegraph out of the U.K. reported that the assassin is alleged to have said "I shot the infidel!". Shame on all those other media outlets who failed to report this for fear of Islamic intimidation or litigation. Here's a Beeb picture gallery as well.

Winning A War The Canadian Way Dep't: Well you don't try to be nice to them and you don't try to hug them either. Waging psychological warfare (or psy-ops if you want to use cool military jargon) is being used against the leaders and foot soldiers of the Taleban in southern Afghanistan. Here are Canadians in a LZ sucking in dust as they prepare to deploy. Go get 'em boys!

Leave No Man Behind: A daring raid by 45 Commando Royal Marines to recover to body of a lost comrade fills me with vigor and hope. Strapping yourself to an Apache helicopter to do the trick must have been one hell of an experience for the raiding party. The noise and dust would've been unreal.

As we close out this post, we contemplate how we can topple the Iranian mad mullahs without risking nuclear war, how declining global oil stocks are actually a blessing, and how the heck does Kofi Annan still have a job spouting anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda?

Johnny Cash

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Two Minutes Closer To Midnight - Jan 20

Who says its two minutes closer to midnight? According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists we are indeed that close (now at five minutes to midnight). It is feared that even a few small atomic weapons being used in a war would have disasterous consequences on the global climate far away from the battlefield. Keep in mind that this 'clock' moves both backwards and forwards as the graph below shows.

What is it with this 'wrath of God' type weather that is happening around the world today? Violent storms in Europe has left 47 dead with recorded gusts of over 200 km/hr! Lithuania's stormy coast from the Beeb's picture gallery is shown here.

It's not just in Europe either. In Malaysia, 23 year-old Chai Ming Hui was struck by lightning just as she was answering her cell phone. Chai died as a result of the burns she suffered from the lightning strike. Also, as a result of massive drought in Australia, many poisonous snakes such as the Eastern Brown are making their way to urban areas in search of water. Some Aussies have already been bit and have died as a result. Crikey!

The End Is Nigh Dep't: Probably one of the surest signs of the apocalypse is Hillary Rodham Clinton announcing her bid for the presidency. I think if Hillary secures the Democratic nomination the Dems will get slaughtered by the American voters. Not that any of the GOP nominees look like a winner with the possible exception of Tom Tancredo.

I called this post 'Two Minutes Closer To Midnight' but I could've just as easily called it Wars and Rumors of Wars. As the U.S.-Iran showdown looms, it appears that plans for an outright invasion of Iran and not just mere strategic airstrikes is being seriously considered.

The Chinese, not content with being a Far East economic powerhouse, are looking to claim space as their final frontier as well. An aging Chinese weather satellite was destroyed recently with a ballistic missile. The 'shot across the bow' to the Americans is obvious. However, any attempt by the Chinese to start picking off American assets in space will invite massive retaliation, a certainty that the Chinese know all too well.

Are our 'allies' the Turks scheming to invade the Kurdish north of Iraq as well? Should Kurdish forces weaken and the Americans commit that just might happen. The oil fields in Iraq's north are an inviting trophy to be sure. What does all this prove to us? That oil and Islam simply don't mix.

Three more articles to close out this fairly large post.

Assyrian Christians have had it tough in Iraq, no question about it. They have suffered for their faith a great deal but it appears now that the end game is in sight. What a sad story. As the bride of Christ grows in places like China and India, the church appears to be dying a slow death in the Middle East, the very birthplace of Christianity.

Speaking of Turkey, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink has been assassinated by a teenaged Ogun Samast. Mr. Dink (Yes, that's his real name. Stop giggling.) was reporting on the Armenian genocide that occured many years ago at the hands of the Turks, considered an 'offence to Turkiness' in so-called securalist Turkey.

Lastly, here's a fun quiz from Christian Science Monitor called 'Shiite or Sunni?'. Eight well-known leaders in the Islamic world are shown and you guess which one. Not to brag but I got seven out of eight. So there.

Johnny Cash

Friday, January 19, 2007

Chinese-Vatican Relations Warming - Jan 19

I've got a real keeper for you here. The church is growing by leaps and bounds in China, to the tune of 3,000 souls coming to faith in Christ every day! As I read this, I began to laugh. Imagine, the big bad Chinese are all of a sudden worried about what an 80 year-old German pope thinks! My mind boggles. Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican has no real power if you think about it. It is God alone who wields the ultimate power over Chinese geopolitics. Three thousand new Christians in China added every day. Man I tell you, if I were a Chinese Communist official I'd be worried too.

Johnny Cash

Geopolitical Diary: Chinese-Vatican Relations Warming
Jan 19, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI has approved the ordination of a new bishop in China's Guangdong province, Hong Kong daily the South China Morning Post reported Thursday. Diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican have been especially strained since the Chinese failed to seek Vatican approval when appointing three bishops in 2006. China now appears to be adopting a more cooperative stance toward the Vatican -- with an eye toward thwarting any aggressive moves by the church, in the event that a pending economic crisis gives rise to domestic unrest that Beijing could find unmanageable.

Diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican were severed in 1951, two years after an officially atheist Communist government took control of China. Since then, the Church and the communists have conflicted over who has the ultimate power to appoint bishops. The Vatican asserts that only the pope can officially name bishops to be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. However, the Chinese government uses its Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, the state-sanctioned church, to oversee bishop appointments.

The Vatican was particularly displeased over the appointments of three bishops in 2006 in the cities of Kunming, Anhui and Xuzhou. The disagreement has divided Chinese Roman Catholics -- one group supports the Vatican, and another supports the Chinese government.

The approval of the new bishop, Gan Junqiu of Guangzhou, comes at an interesting time. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's No. 2 official, plans to meet with bishops representing Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau at the Holy See starting Jan. 19 to discuss relations with China. The Vatican has been forced to develop policies that deal with illegitimate appointments without creating divisions within the diocese or Roman Catholic community, which in China has grown to as many as 12 million, according to the Vatican. The Catholic leadership believes that 8 million of these members have not registered with the state-sanctioned church, since official government statistics report only 4 million Roman Catholics in China.

Yet China recognizes the potential strength of the Vatican as a geopolitical force. Pope John Paul II was often credited with helping to bring down the Soviets during the Cold War by using faith and the church to mobilize citizens across Europe. Pope Benedict XVI is even more aggressive when protecting Roman Catholic values, and expects reciprocity for misdeeds against the church. For example, in the controversial speech that addressed violence and Islam, he demonstrated a willingness to speak out openly for the beliefs and morals of the church. Pope Benedict's more head-on approach to addressing issues of concern for the church, coupled with his stated priority of addressing relations with Beijing, has given the Chinese incentive to mend relations with the Vatican, given its positive historical results when dealing with dissent.

China ultimately is concerned with maintaining social stability in an environment of growing social and economic unrest. Beijing is averse to the idea of conceding power to the Vatican, and opposes the idea that the pope will become the ultimate authority for Chinese Roman Catholics. But because of the inevitable media attention that China's hosting of the 2008 Olympics will bring, the Chinese are willing to compromise -- they know that drawing worldwide media attention to rifts in the Chinese Roman Catholic community ultimately would have more dire implications for the Communist Party and potentially could exacerbate social unrest.

With the Vatican's proven power to mobilize citizens, as well as the growing number of Roman Catholics in China, the Chinese recognize that cooperating with the Vatican will help to prevent future internal disorder. And China's willingness to cooperate is yet another indication that Beijing is making preparations for an impending economic crisis. By working with the Vatican, Beijing hopes to weave another safety net to help contain fallout from an economic crisis and prevent widespread domestic unrest.

Copyright 2007 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Monday, January 15, 2007

What If We Lose? - Jan 15

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S., a day we don't recognize here in Canada. MLK was a man who wasn't afraid of losing. He could've stayed in his church as some everyday preacher but decided to make a difference instead. We need more people like him today, men and women of faith who are willing to stand for liberty. Even if it requires their martyrdom.

I am fully aware that for many of you the war in Iraq is one you strongly oppose. I'd love to see our Canadian Forces come home from Afghanistan and for U.S. and British forces to come home for good from a demon-filled Iraq. However, have you ever asked the pertinent question, "What if we lose?". I mean what would happen to the ME if we just walked away from Iraq and Afghanistan? The term 'horror story' wouldn't even begin to describe it. Just ask the Spaniards and the Greeks who chose to play kissy-face with terrorists and see what you get. Not a pretty sight at all.

If you're a Palestinian, why bother with such questions as 'quality of life' when improving the quality of improvised explosives is much more important? We are dealing with individuals here who dream of war and martyrdom, not peace and living a long and prosperous life. Israelis know this all too well. So what do we do here in the West to oppose such supremacism? We conduct meaningless polls to refer to people as 'racists' who disagree with the implementation of Sharia law or who refuse to accept dhimmi status.

Endangered Species Alert: A moderate Muslim cleric has been found in Dublin, Ireland recently. There doesn't seem to be much hope for such a rare species against it's more aggressive local counterpart.

I've been meaning to get this off my chest but time usually works against me. In Mexico, a 19 year-old kid named Adam DePrisco was killed recently in Acapulco. Local authorities are saying that Adam was the victim of a hit-and-run while his mates are saying he was 'set up' and beaten to death. I don't know why, but this story really grieves my spirit. Not just the fact that he was Canadian, moreso that he was so young (almost half my age) and just seemed to be targeted for death for no apparent reason. Add to this the corrupt, inefficient and just plain intimidated Mexican police who have been put in the back pocket of the drug cartels and you see how much this upsets me. There is a special place in hell reserved for those cops who use their badge to extort bribes or cover for the local drug gangs. Mexico is a sovereign country and as a result, the RCMP will not be able to do a full and thorough investigation into this tragedy. We can assist but the ultimate fate of this case rests with the somewhat suspect local police force. Hence the reason why I fear that this case will never be properly resolved to the DePrisco family's satisfaction. My advice to those that are considering vacationing in places like Mexico or Cuba is this: Don't. Please don't give these gov'ts your hard-earned money because they simply don't deserve it. There are many other warm places to visit like Jamaica or the British Virgin Islands where the local police force are professional and will protect you from local thugs. So please choose wisely when considering your next vacation. It could cost you your life.

I've got three more article to cover and then we're done.

Libya has just concluded a $3.24bn arms deal for top of the line jet fighters. Just remember, there are only two things that enable international arms trade: War and Peace.

Oh, will the Islamophobia ever end? In Saudi Arabia, a fatwa has been decreed banning the use of the letter 'X'. Is this because of it's affiliation with porn? No. It's because the letter X closely resembles the Christian cross. How utterly pathetic and insecure these Wahabbis must be to censor a simple letter. All the more reason to look for alternate fuel sources. After all, why should we pay for their crummy jihad?

Lastly a glorious update from Gospel for Asia on miracle healings and people coming to faith in India. In the article, the question is asked, "What is the reason for all these miracles, and why do they happen so much in Asia?". While the article gives a rather simple explanation, I think the reason why God is moving so rapidly in Asia is much more profound. God the Father is preparing the way for the groom Jesus Christ to take His bride home. God is willing that none shall perish, but that all should come to eternal life. That time when Jesus comes for His beloved bride (meaning the church) may be much closer than we think.

Johnny Cash

Love - Jan 15

Love. Such a small and yet complicated word. The love that is on my heart today is not romantic love or even friendship or family love. It is more the power of loving someone consciously. I know it sounds weird, but bear with me. There is a person in my life who I don't like to be with. I don't dislike them, but I do dislike many things about them. When you feel like this about someone, I find your words and thoughts about them tend to be somewhat unkind. God recently showed me some goodness in this same person and I felt a spark of liking toward them. The more I saw them, the more I decided that I was wrong to judge them. I began to make an effort to bless them, to love them. I spoke kind and encouraging words to them, went out of my way to do nice things for them...To show love for them. As I did this, I realized that the love I was showing them became a truly genuine expression. It was both a blessing to them and to me. The love made the little irritations I'd disliked before seem so much smaller, and the less I focused on them, the more I liked the person.

This love that I am referring to is Christ's love for all of us. It makes a huge difference to not only the other person, but also to what kind of person we are. There is an intoxicating joy that comes from blessing someone for no other reason that to show them love. I challenge everyone to try it with someone...Let's face it, we all have people in our lives we aren't crazy about. But lets get crazy about them...After all, God is!

Faith Girl

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Upping the Ante in Iran - Jan 14

Below is the Natanz facility in Iran. With the unexpected 'surge' of American troops ordered by Bush the Iranians are getting a little bit nervous. While we here in the West have a gloomy outlook, the Iranians regard the Americans as resourceful and unpredictable. Which of course is a good thing.

I've been dying to get this link posted. It turns out that Iraq is the second-worst persecutor of Christians behind North Korea. With thanks to CottShop of Sacred Scoop.

With the fall of the Islamic movement in Somalia, the Americans are now putting made-in-Africa jihad under the microscope. Certainly the rise of al-Qaida in Africa's horn has not gone unnoticed.

We're Not Gonna Be a Dhimmi Anymore!

The more Islam pushes, the more the rest of the non-Islamic world pushes back. All of which leads me to believe that this constant raising of the ante as it were has got to give sometime. From an Islamic preacher's message of hate in Britain to the cancelling of an Islamic conference in Sydney, Australia, people's eyes are beginning to open up. In other words, every Islamic victory rings hollow. People in positions of power and influence are taking notes and storing information on Islam's growing political power. Only time will tell if this is going to be a case of too little, too late.

Another person who is pushing back is famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Mr. Dershowitz gives us the low-down on ugly instances of anti-semitism in Poland as church officials find themselves embroiled in scandal.

Don't look now but the American presidential elections are less than two years away. Which begs the question, what are Barack Obama's Islamic connections?

In India, we go from high-tech to low-tech in one fell swoop. The Indians are beginning to assert themselves as they try to get a space program going. I think Mahatma Ghandi would've been more at home with bicycle-bourne missionaries spreading God's word to India's rural regions. Just a guess, mind you!

Just a couple of things before I sign off. You may notice that some links expire, some sooner than others. Hence the reason why I choose my links carefully. Even so, some links don't work even after due diligence. As I have no intention of changing any and all links that cease to be you'll just have to exercise a little bit of patience with me. I also have some good news as you can now contact me directly via an e-mail address that I've set up recently. Any correspondence received will remain private unless I think you're a complete moron and deserve a public mocking. I have talked to Faith Girl and I'm hoping to get her new address so you can reach her as well. After all, there are some things that you can ask a woman that you simply can't ask a guy.

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Russia's Unique Military Position - Jan 9

Got a really good one here from stratfor about Russian bomber capabilities. Very interesting stuff. Anyways, in lieu of a real post that requires some actual effort I've done a cut and paste job for you here instead. Click on the big map below to get a larger view.

Johnny Cash

Russia: Maintaining a Unique Military Position
Jan 09, 2007


In 2006, Russian strategic aviation conducted more than 100 training sorties over the old Cold War battleground of the Northern Atlantic, Northern Pacific and Arctic oceans, Russian air force Commander-in-Chief Gen. Vladimir Mikhailov announced. While the sorties are neither especially impressive nor particularly concerning to Washington, they are a reminder of Russia's unique military position, especially vis-a-vis the United States.


Russian air force Commander-in-Chief Gen. Vladimir Mikhailov said Jan. 4 that Russian planes flew more than 100 strategic bomber patrols over Russia's eastern, western and northern periphery in 2006. Mikhailov said the sorties indicate a new level of combat readiness for Russia's long-range strategic air force.

The aviation exercises are in line with a general Russian military resurgence that has been under way for some time. Building a new Russian military from the shambles of the Red Army is a massive and daunting task. But key forces -- strategic nuclear forces, aviation and elite ground units -- are being reconstituted. The current pace is admittedly slow, but it is steady. The selective rehabilitation of Russia's military capabilities is coupled with the Kremlin's increasing control over the strategic energy and mining sectors and the political landscape. With major elections coming in December 2007 and March 2008, the Kremlin wishes to consolidate as much power as possible to ensure the perpetuation of its current policies. Thus, Russian military rhetoric has become more for domestic consumption, intended to show the Russian people what Moscow has done to rebuild its strategic position in the world.

However, the strategic aviation patrols in the old Cold War style are also a reminder that Russia holds a unique position of military power vis-a-vis the United States. Though the Soviet Union is no more, its achievements in military technology -- especially those just coming online when the Berlin Wall came down -- remain in the hands of the Russian armed forces today. There is no clearer example of this than the Tupolev Tu-160 bomber (designated "Blackjack" by NATO).

Besides the United States and Russia, no other nation possesses such a strategic strike platform -- and none appears likely to have one in the near future. Similar in appearance to the U.S. B-1B, the Tu-160 is some 30 feet longer and has a maximum wingspan more than 40 feet greater. It is some 125,000 pounds heavier than the B-1B, and each engine kicks in 55,000 pounds of thrust in afterburner -- 25,000 pounds more than the B-1B. Capable of traveling at Mach 2.05, the Blackjack is nearly twice as fast as the B-1B. This is not to say that the Tu-160 is a superior plane in all respects; its cruise speed is slower, its ordnance load about 10,000 pounds less and its avionics and navigation capabilities are not as evolved, but these are minor distinctions in the context of the world's air forces.

The Tu-160 can, without refueling, deliver ordnance halfway around the world from Russian territory. Moreover, it can launch a dozen KH-55 cruise missiles (designated AS-15 by NATO) with an additional range of roughly 1,800 miles and a circular error probable (a measure of accuracy) of about 80 feet. Tu-160 airframes have been slowly receiving upgraded systems and the capability to carry additional types of ordnance since the summer of 2006.

While Russian pilots still do not receive stellar amounts of flying time -- and flying time is an important measure of an air force's true skill level -- select squadrons like the Tu-160s of the 121st Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment stationed at Engels Air Force Base near Saratov are now getting a disproportionate increase in training in order to correct this deficiency.

As Russia rebuilds its military, it is taking advantage of the significant stepping stone of legacy Soviet platforms like the Tu-160. While this by no means translates into a Russian ability to penetrate U.S. airspace and hit strategic targets, Moscow and Washington alone can quickly strike at targets around the world on short notice.

Moscow still officially considers the United States and NATO its top defense priority. Though nuclear strategists keep a close eye on Russia, the United States and NATO do not see Moscow as a top threat. The withdrawal of U.S. P-3 Orions from Iceland is only a small indication of this. Though the West has not forgotten Russia's military -- especially its strategic nuclear forces -- the time could come when an unexpected Tu-160 strike in defense of Russian interests in some remote locale reminds the world that, while down, the Russian war machine is definitely not out.

Copyright 2007 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Canada 4, Russia 2 - Jan 7

I'm a little late in posting this result as the Canadian juniors won their gold medal game last Friday. Bryan Little of the Barrie Colts scored a goal in the big game to help the team. Way to go boys, we're so proud of you!

I've always believed that crime never pays. I also thank God for dumb criminals. If every liar and thief were masters at what they do we'd be in some serious trouble. However if you do choose to become one of the bad guys allow me to give you four examples of what not to do:

Never, ever try to dismantle a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) with a sledgehammer.

While stealing copper wire, make sure that there isn't 13,000 volts running through it.

If you steal a snake from a pet store, don't go back to the same pet store and ask for books on how to care for said stolen snake.

Allahu Akbar Dep't: If Muslim, kindly leave your bombs at home before heading to mosque to pray.

Utter nuttiness I tell ya. In a more serious vein, I do think that deviant criminal behaviour and overall general cruelty is on the upswing. A lot of the delusion going around today seems to have a touch of the black supernatural to it. The persecution of Christians, both in China and in Iran is on the rise. The so-called free press is under a liberal lock-down. It's tough to speak out for God and to stand up for Biblical principles in today's world. I don't believe that this is all unrelated either. I think this shows that the end of the church age is probably much closer than it appears.
Hooray for such Canadian heroes as Colonel Fred Lewis! Col. Lewis is the deputy commander of the task force that's in southern Afghanistan. According to him, the Taliban is using the drug trade to facilitate jihad and are strong-arming local farmers to plant poppies for opium production. I wish every lefty would understand this. We are dealing with thugs, criminals, pimps, extortionists, drug dealers and money launderers of the worst sort here. Someone who is truly fighting for freedom has honor, decency and a respect for life, an ethos that is hard-wired solely to Judeo-Christianity. Hey, even the French are waking up to the threat of global jihad! If we leave now then Afghanistan will revert to it's past days of lawlessness and gangsterism where terrorists can walk about without fear of reprisal. We cannot allow ourselves to say that because al-Qaida is not in my backyard it is therefore not my problem. Such short-sightedness will destroy us all.

Another thing that Canadian society has become rather permissive in it's non-Biblical outlook is how we now approach the sanctity of the family unit. Once we divorce ourselves from the idea that marriage ought to remain the union of one man and one woman then anything goes. Canadians en masse have fallen in love with the idea of gay marriage, a clear abandoning of Christian principles. Of course, once you change the definition of one man, one woman to two men or two women, what's to stop it to three or more? In a landmark case in Ontario, a lesbian's 'life partner' is now legally considered a boy's second mother. That's right, this poor kid now has three legal parents. Hell, why stop there? Make it four, five, six or even seven parents if you truly believe in 'tolerance'. The definition of marriage and family come from God's authority, not from Man's majority! How foolish we are in accepting the radical homosexual agenda without any kind of free and skeptical inquiry. We are paving the way to our own destruction and few seem to notice or care.

It's been a couple of days since I last posted, hasn't it? Please understand that it takes up at least three to four hours of my time to get off a single post. Like most blogs, the X-Def is for all intents and purposes a one-man operation. Hence the reason why I don't post more often then I really want to. So if you are a regular reader of this blog please exercise patience.

Thanks for all your understanding,
Johnny Cash

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UN to Jews: Please Lie Down And Die - Jan 2

Here is former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Kotler talking about what the international community can do to stop Iran's Thug-In-Chief. Runs 5:45.

We all know that the so-called international community will do nothing. There seems to be no rational reason why we are not tackling this problem head on. World War II and Hitler? Never happened. All facts, all logic, all of human history are being treated as purely subjective. There is no material reason why institutions such as the UN are not taking action against Iranian aggression and its anti-semitic calls for genocide. The only reason I can possible come up with is a supernatural one, simply because I've eliminated all other possible scenarios. Satan is hard at work deceiving the nations to do his bidding and God is permitting it to show us how incredibly foolish we really are. I really believe that this year we will see something utterly fantastic as God displays his power to an unbelieving world.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss Dep't: UN Grand Poobah Ban Ki-Moon continues the fine tradition of incompetence of his predecessor in suggesting that if the Israeli-Palestinian problem was solved then everything else such as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria would follow. Yup, the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq will drop all their weapons and embrace one another as brothers just as soon as the question of a sovereign 'Palestine' is resolved. Gosh, if only the Jews could just politely lie down and die without complaining then peace on Earth and goodwill towards Men would surely follow throughout the Middle East. Utter madness I tell you.

CSIS has just made a stunner of a statement saying that a so-called dirty bomb being exploded hereabouts would impact negatively on the economy. Wow. That's our fearless spy agency in action folks! South of the border it was discovered that only 6 of 75 major urban areas are truly ready for a major emergency. Gov't bureacrats also discovered that six cities being ready for an emergency represents an improvement over zero cities being ready for an emergency. Do I laugh or do I cry here?

Alas, there is hope my friend! Somali Islamists have been routed from their last redoubt in Kismayo, Somalia. The Kenyans aren't messing around either as they guard their northern flank to prevent the jihadis coming across the border. Plus I got a cool story out of jolly old England as authorities there deal with Umran Javed, a hate antagonist and overall scumbag. May God save the Queen!

Johnny Cash

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: A Year For Trouble - Jan 1

Below is the mess left over from last night's celebrations at Times Square in NYC. Talk about littering!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you survived the holiday season. I don't know why they call it a 'holiday season' as it feels more like a battle of attrition than a holiday. These past ten days off was something I was looking forward too for sure. As Man's light becomes dimmer, the Light of the World will be that much brighter. We here in the West seem to be in a daze, a permanent state of denial over Islam's growing power. Please note that Islam does not promise forgiveness or even a direct pathway to God. It promises unlimited earthly power, a deal with the devil if you will in exchange for an eternal soul. I think it will also be a tough year for the truth-tellers and whistleblowers amongst us who dare to challenge the secular-progressive view of reality. So right, so pure, so just and so convinced of their own infallibility that the s-p's run roughshod over Judeo-Christian traditions, neatly paving the way for Islamic global despotism. Here's a paragraph from Hugh Fitzgerald of JihadWatch that encapsulates my feeling perfectly:

The re-primitivization of the world proceeds, proceeds because the advanced peoples do not appreciate their own achieved advancement. The uncivilized are inheriting that civilization, because the civilized themselves are insufficiently grateful their own legacy, and indifferent or ignorant of the conditions that were necessary for its achievement over time. And the uncivilized, seizing control of that very civilization they had so little a hand in creating, will determinedly undo it. They already are.

Read it all here.

Hey, did you know that Canadians could be living on the moon by 2024? I say why bother? Living in Quebec, a mere six-hour drive away, has the same effect! Actually, this may not be a bad idea. I nominate Gilles Duceppe and Stephane Dion (you can take Jack Layton too) to be our first moon residents. That would truly be a proud moment for the Quebecois 'nation', non?

From the PMO comes a New Year message from PM Stephen Harper. Look at the family portrait. Man, talk about Beauty and the Beast! How Mr. Helmet Hair and Laureen ever had sex with one another on at least two separate occasions is a mystery to me. In a more mature vein, I think it is certain that Canadians will take the long and winding road to the polls (heads bowed, shoulders hunched along with that 'thousand-mile stare' that you so often hear about) in 2007. Ezra Levant kindly gives us the run-down and his not-so-flattering opinion of the new Liberal leader.

This just in! Saddam Hussein had a messed-up childhood! Wow, I did not see that one coming at all! May you never rest in peace Saddam for all the carnage and bloodshed that you caused.

Here's a wish for the nation of Israel: That its gov't strike fear into the hearts of the enemy rather than its own people. There are worse things to wish for in 2007 I suppose.

Congrats to Romania and Bulgaria for what it's worth for their ascension to the EU. Let us pray for the sake of Europe that the same honor is never extended to a so-called 'secularist' Turkey.

Let's continue to keep the welfare of American troops in our thoughts and prayers as well, regardless of your political beliefs. The 3,000 fatality mark was passed just recently, victim of an IED.

Springtime for Hitler Dep't: The Mahdi is coming! The Mahdi is coming! Just remember, you heard it here first!

Dammit, Janet, it's the religion, stupid! Here is the fearless Janet Albrechtsen from The Australian on 'Girl Power' in Islam. While I admire what Janet is doing and saying, there will be no such renaissance within the Arab world so long as Islam remains the dominant socio-political-religious worldview. Ever. There is no reforming Islam without destroying it, its very brittleness and rigidity is what dooms it. It was that way with Marxism-Leninism as it was with German National Socialism in Hitler's day. Once the 'true believers' see it for the sham that it truly is, the cascade to leave it will be permanent and irreversible. I see signs of this happening already. Let us pray that Islam's end will come soon with as little bloodshed as possible.

The Post That Will Not End Dep't: Sorry 'bout this. I've included three new links in the sidebar. Under 'I Love Israel' is a link if you want to learn Hebrew. In 'Know Thine Enemy', you can click on the 'Prophet of Doom' by Craig Winn. Hard-hitting stuff but well-researched. A must for those who want to uncover the truth about the RoP. I'd also like you to say hello to Gareth at 'BNP and Me' (BNP = British National Party). As Gareth was so kind to link to my blog, I've reciprocated and done likewise. About right here I would like to add a disclaimer here: The X-Def will not be held responsible if any article on any website that is listed here annoys, vexes, disturbs or is generally off-topic. If you genuinely believe that any link that I give is wholly inappropiate to this blog, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. As I have enabled comment moderation you can be sure that I will personally see any comment you leave behind. So there.

Johnny Cash