Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Show Evil No Mercy - Oct 31

On what is supposed to be the 'scariest' night of the year, I think it appropo to speak on the true nature of evil. Evil is not something to be laughed at or mocked or even aspired to. Some like British rockers Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden (both a guilty pleasure for me) use it to sell records or an image. But that is not the focus of my post. I think the problems that the world is facing today can be summed thusly; We refuse to confront evil, isolate it and destroy it. Evil cannot be negotiated with nor can it be appeased. Jesus was neither a pacifist or an avowed militarist (the Prophet Mo comes to mind). The Bible doesn't put forth the idea of 'peace at any price'. Real peace is not merely the absence of war, rather it is justice, holiness and righteousness all wrapped up into one. Peace is not surrender or appeasement. It is not 'just give 'em what they want' with the vain hope that the bad guys will tire and go away. Think of the run-up to WWII with the world's miquetoast response to Hitler and look at what we are doing today wrt Iran's Thug-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All the hard and bloody lessons that we've supposed to have learnt have been discarded in the space of a single human lifespan. God will never make a peace treaty with sin and evil. The question is, will you?

Faith Girl suggested that we Christians ought to be more like dog owners. I disagree. We ought to be more like Chuck Norris. I mean just look at him. After you read this 100% verifiable fact sheet you will understand why. Then read Chuck's article submitted to worldnetdaily. Otherwise Chuck Norris will kill you. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

I don't know about you, but I think the French are particularly wimpy when it comes to confronting evil. Well no more Mr. Nice Guy! The French are moving towards the idea of a new anti-riot squad to stop all those 'youths' (read Muslims) from torching any more buses. Being caught once last summer with your pants down is bad enough. Twice is unforgiveable. They are also stripping 72 Muslim employees at Charles de Gaulle airport of their security clearances. It's about time the French grew a backbone and reclaimed its true European flavor.

I've got five unrelated links for you to look at as well.

It appears that China may not be so friendly and benign after all. Well, duh! The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also discovered that a land war with China is a bad idea because it's filled with so many Chinese. Wow. Better American tax dollars and not mine I guess.

When I read this article I could not help but shake my head. Seems many an 'Islamic charity' is getting a bad rap these days. Saw this one coming a mile away. Suppose you were a Muslim and you wanted to donate to charity out of a genuine desire to help the needy. Naturally you would want to donate to a charity fund that is distinctly Islamic, but wait! Many of these charities are being watched like a hawk by the authorities because of possible links to terrorism, be it at home or abroad. Do you take a receipt, knowing that the charity will have a duplicate which can be accessed if need be by the police or even the FBI? If I were a Muslim who genuinely wanted to help the less fortunate I'd be furious at this development. Not at the local cops, but at my own people for foolishly using the term 'charity' to illegally raise funds for jihad. Dirty tricks that now have the full and undivided attention of law enforcement officials. Talk about reaping a bitter harvest!

Jacques Diouf, Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization is saying that the spectre of famine is growing. More are hungrier now than before and the numbers are only going to get higher.

New World Odor Alert as the Americans are talking about a 'global NATO' at a summit just recently in Brussels.

For DFP, another Gospel For Asia article. No slideshow, but now the Good News of Jesus Christ is being spread by radio in eleven new languages I've never heard of.

With this being Hallowe'en and all, I couldn't resist these two links about the world's most haunted places and an escapist named Dean Gunnarson who pulled off a doozy of a trick to honor Harry Houdini who coincidentally died on this day.

I tried to get a picture on this post but for some reason blogger was unable to download the picture. Sorry. Check back later to see if I've edited this post.

(Update: I have added the picture of the pumpkin carving and Chuck as of Nov. 3. Sorry for the delay but better late than never I guess)

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stephen, Stephen, He's Our Man! - Oct 29

Hey, did you know that al-Qaeda thinks Canadians (PM Harper in particular, see above) are 'fanatical adherents to Christianity'? Gosh, I go to church twice a week and I haven't met one yet! Not only are these guys stupid and oblivious, they apparently have no sense of humor as well. Just remember, that guy you see in the cowboy get-up is now our Prime Minister. How's that for laughs! Harper's no slouch either when it comes to calling the Liberals' bluff and saying to them to let him govern or dissolve the gov't. Which pretty much guarantees a federal election sometime in 2007.

Man, that feels good. Now on to more serious matters.

Trevor Berbick has been murdered in Kingston, Jamaica. This guy used to fight under the Canadian flag before he got into trouble with the law in Florida and was deported back to Jamaica. He fought Muhammed Ali in his last bout and beat him, only to be clobbered by a 20 year-old Mike Tyson eight months later.

According to General the Lord Guthrie, Britain's former CDS and who was trusted by Tony Blair, the current campaign in Afghanistan is 'cuckoo'. A strange choice of words but one that ought to be heeded. Basically, the British army is overstretched, a problem that I believe the Canadians are facing as well. The situation in Iraq is just as dreadful. Basically if we stay it's trouble but if we leave it will be double (apologies to the late Joe Strummer of The Clash). Americans see Iraq through the eyes of a heavily armed Humvee. What they do not see is the carnage that results when they leave and the irregular militias move in. Those in Iraq who support human rights or are viewed as American collaborators is to become a target of the militias. Take the example of Halima Ahmed Hussein al-Juburi for instance, a women's rights activist who was killed by 10 armed men. Ten armed men versus one unarmed woman! What cowards! I have nothing but utter contempt for these bullies.

Back home in the West, we are also failing in the WOT because we are not counteracting the Islamic propaganda drive on the internet. The enemy is recruiting left, right and centre and we have this attitude of 'Don't Worry, Be Happy!'. Why is this the case?

In Israeli news, PM Ehud Olmert, whilst giving a speech at Yad Vashem, is seen taking to task the international community's tepid response to Iran's nuclear ambitions. We have learned nothing from history. It's like World War II, Adolph Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust never happened. I know that the Israelis aren't spooked easily so when I hear such stories as them putting nuclear bunkers in their gardens I do get worried. Indeed, Boaz Ganor, founder of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism is saying that 2007 will be trouble for Israel, particularly on its northern border where a well-armed Hezbollah is still firmly ensconced in Lebanon.

Three more links to close out my post.

In Austin, Texas, David M. Walker, who is the Comptroller General of the GAO, is warning of debt troubles ahead. Financial shortages in Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are forecasted to balloon if spending is not brought under control. Seems Bush's Republicans are spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. So much for the idea of fiscal conservatism!

Read also the heart-rending story of child labour in Africa. Listen, I'm really not trying to bum you out here. I do however feel a responsibility to let the truth be known. Contact your local MP and ask them what our fearless gov't is doing to prevent this tragedy. Don't sit on your hands!

Lastly, here's a story from al-BBCeera of embedded journalist David Loyn who is behind the lines with the Taleban. Talk about having nerves of steel! Not an assignment I would want, that's for sure.

Before I sign off, I want you to notice a new button on the sidebar to your right. It's an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeder. I'm hoping that this will enable the X-Def to reach out to the world wide web and generate hits while touching lives. I've given up on NewsGator and now I get all my news using the RSS feeds. If you haven't done so, please update your browser to IE 7 and take advantage of the whole RSS thingy. It's worth it.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

St. Louis Cardinals - 06 WS Champs - Oct 28

Unfortunately, the Detroit Tigers could not pull it off. Congrats to the Cards for their much deserved 4-1 series victory.

We have a lot of stuff to cover so lets get right to it. I've not posted in two days and I have a fair bit of backlog to get rid of.

I am not the only one who believes that we are headed towards a New Dark Age, not just in the ME but here as well. Free speech, particularly if not doesn't glorify the secular-progressive agenda, is under attack by those not totally disimilar to the Brownshirts (SA) of Nazi Germany. Whether it be parental notification laws wrt an underage female getting an abortion, or Danish Muslims using the courts to muzzle cartoons, we seem to be hurtling towards disaster.

Make no mistake, we are moving towards that period of time just before Jesus Christ arrives. Seven years of terror and then mercifully all this will come to an unlamented end. We are not moving in a straight line either! No friend, things are accelerating at an increasing pace. What are the warning signs? For one, an increase in anti-Semitism (click on 'Read Article' link) is always a sure sign of trouble. The rise of militant Islam, such as we see in the suburbs of Paris, portends the growing problems in post-Christian Europe. Jews are under siege in their own Biblical heartland of Israel in their attempts at sealing the Egypt-Gaza border.

So where is all this headed? From joint efforts to combat terrorism and UN-sponsored international treaties being suggested for small arms, it's obvious where we are headed.

In Europe, the NYSE is wooing European business investors as well. In the tribulation era, the AntiChrist will control the world's economy. Moves towards a single currency like the euro, free trade, mergers (and bankruptcies), and now this points to one fact: If the global economy can be controlled by a few, the ultimate expression of this is one man who controls everything. When you think of Europe, it's very hard to overlook German influence. The Germans are now favoring a more robust defence policy and control a third of the world's container shipping capacity. Just as God predicted in Daniel, Europe will no longer be constrained by American foreign policy. The weakness of the Bush administration puts a lot more focus on European capabilities.

I have four more stories to close out this post.

In Nicaragua the gov't has voted to put an end to free-for-all abortion. The strong influence of the Roman Catholic church must be credited for saving the unborn.

From frontpagemag.com comes some excellent ideas on how the West can combat the threat that North Korea represents. One of the more (pleasantly) surprising and innovative ideas suggested is to enable Christian missionaries and the underground church! God is good all the time, is He not?

Don Cherry, who never met a microphone he didn't like, is now saying that there are too many Europeans in the NHL. Actually Grapes doesn't mind Europeans in the NHL per se, he just thinks that there are too many who are marginal talents now playing. God bless Don Cherry for having the guts to say what some only dare to think.

For DizzyFatPlonka, a link from Gospel for Asia on God's loyal soldiers in India.

That's it for today. I'll expand on my new rss feed button on the next post.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Top 3 Reasons to be More Like a Dog Owner

You may laugh at the title of this post, but wait. Over the summer I adopted a lovely 7 month old Newfoundland puppy. Having never owned a dog before, I was a little shocked to discover how much work they were ... especially when they weigh 80 pounds! His name is Sammy, and when Sammy decided he wanted to go somewhere, he did (usually with me trying to hang on to the leash and keep my balance as he dragged me along). After 3 days, I decided that this was NOT working. Out of sheer desperation I made a frantic call to the local dog obedience school and was put into a class right away. Well, I was amazed at the sub-culture that exists within the dog owner world. Dog owners - especially owners whose dogs are the same breed - have a common bond with each other. I felt like by getting Sammy, I'd somehow been accepted into this loving family of other dog owners. I left my first class feeling great!

On the way home I realized that these people are a great example to the Christian community, and we'd all be a little better off if we modeled some of their behavior.

So here they are, the top 3 reasons why Christians should be more like dog owners:

Reason # 1: They are PROUD of their dogs.

It may sound odd, but bear with me. They are dog owners, be it Newfie, boxer, poodle owners, they define themselves as 'dog owners'. Not only do they have a group they belong to, but they are PROUD OF IT! They buy the dog calendar, the dog welcome mats, the dog t-shirts and all the other available (and often expensive) dog paraphenalia. They are known at the local pet stores and are recognized as 'the owner of ___'.

If only we, as Christian could be so boldly obvious in our definition of ourselves. Who are we? We are FORGIVEN. How awesome is that? But do we have the calendar, the T-shirts, the welcome mats? Are we known by name at the local Christian bookstore? When people see us on the street is it obvious to them that we are children of the Living God? Unfortunately, not usually.

Reason # 2: They are KNOWLEDGEABLE about their pets.

Me, for example. When I got Sammy, I went out and got a book on Newfie dogs and began to learn about them. I found out all kinds of stuff and excitedly shared these things with my friends and family. To be honest, I'm sure I drove them all crazy with all the little tidbits of information I kept spouting at them. Why did I do it? I was excited by what I'd learned about my puppy. I wanted to say, "Hey! Guess what MY dog can do!".

Why is it that when we learn new things about God, Jesus or salvation we don't immediately start sharing it with our friends and family? Why can we so easily contain this kind of information and not be excited about it? We should be saying to everyone who will listen, "Hey! Guess what MY God can do!".

Reason # 3: Dog owners love TO BE WITH OTHER dog owners.

Every week at puppy class, we all stand around and chat as we wait for class to start. These people don't know me, but they know my dog, they know his name, and I am simply "owner of Samson". The same is true of them. I don't know any of their names, but I know them as, 'owner of Toby' or 'owner of Trooper' etc. But this doesn't matter. We are dog lovers and this connects us to each other. We can stand around all evening and chat comfortably together. For a group of people who have nothing else in common, that's pretty good.

Christians I find are often less comfortable together if you are new to the group. We often smile and make nice. We hide our struggles for fear of being judged or looked down upon. We don't always relish Sunday mornings and don't linger after service to hang out with each other (aka fellowship together). We aren't always able to stand around and talk about our common bond - faith in Jesus Christ. Often the topic makes us uncomfortable. We listen to the Pastor, sing our hymns and get out of there as fast as we can!

My final thought is this; at puppy class, I found others who faced the same struggles as me. I have learned that I am not alone in the puppy-raising trials I often find myself in. These fellow dog owners were able to provide suggestions to help me solve my problems as well as the feeling that I wasn't in this alone. I had a 'family' who was willing to help me and support me.

How much more like puppy class should Sunday service be? How much more like my 'dog owner family' should my 'Christian family' be?

Posted by Faith Girl

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mexico's Cartel Wars - Oct 25

I was having some real problems with blogger the past couple of days but I think I found an article from stratfor.com that will more than make up for it. No big intro needed here, just read it and see.

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Mexico's Cartel Wars: The Threat Beyond the U.S. Border

Oct 25, 2006

By Fred Burton

The U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security subcommittee recently issued a report on the increasing security risks along the U.S.-Mexican border. The report, which focuses on the Mexican drug cartels and the threat they pose to citizens and law enforcement on the U.S. side of the border, cites the cartels' use of military weapons and mercenaries with advanced military training, as well as their affinity for brutality and gratuitous violence.

Violence stemming from the drug cartels has existed for decades in many parts of Mexico. What is new is the fact that cartel violence is now spilling over onto the U.S. side of the border. However, although the House report -- by the Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations -- focuses on the current risks in the border area, the threat posed by the cartels already is making its way farther north. If left unchecked, the fighting can eventually be expected to erupt more widely in nonborder areas, affecting unprepared law enforcement agencies and even civilians.

Much of the violence is a result of the ongoing struggle between the three main drug cartels -- Gulf, Tijuana and Sinaloa -- for control of lucrative narcotics- and human-smuggling routes stretching from Mexico into the United States. Although the Mexican government has made efforts to stem the bloodshed, two main factors have impeded any major progress in this area. First is internal police corruption. Beyond the police commanders and officers who gladly accept money in exchange for providing the cartels with protection are those who face the choice between "plata o plomo," -- "silver or lead" -- meaning take a bribe or take a bullet. Second is the fact that federal and local security services are way outgunned -- both in terms of the types of weapons used and the training level of the people using them.

President-elect Felipe Calderon has vowed to end corruption in Mexico, but his administration will face the same issues as did its predecessors, and there is no indication it will have any more success at stemming the escalating violence. Indeed, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City issued a statement Sept. 15 warning U.S. citizens of the rising level of "brutal violence in areas of Mexico," specifically the persistent violence along the U.S. border in Nuevo Laredo.

Escalating Violence

In one recent and particularly gruesome incident that illustrates the current level of violence in Mexico, a group of masked gunmen entered the Light and Shadow nightclub in Uruapan, Michoacan state, on Sept. 6, fired weapons into the air and then tossed five severed human heads onto the dance floor. Beheadings had already reached the U.S. border in June, when Mexican authorities recovered four beheaded bodies from a vacant lot in Tijuana, and then pulled the heads from the nearby Tijuana River. The victims were three local police officials and a civilian.

Mexican drug gangs, who used the beheadings tactic for the first time in April, are sending a clear message that they are willing to go to any lengths to get what they want -- and that anyone who gets in their way is doomed. This same message also has been delivered via a number of attacks using grenades and assault rifles in other parts of Mexico, including the U.S. border cities of Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana and Juarez.

Another example of the escalation in violence is the Sept. 22 firefight in an upscale neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo between enforcers for the Gulf cartel and the security forces of an assassination target (presumably from the Sinaloa cartel). The engagement, which raged on for some 40 minutes and involved anti-tank weapons, hand grenades and automatic weapons fire, reportedly resulted in the deaths of five Gulf cartel enforcers and five other people.

The Mexican government has tried various tactics throughout the years to stem the violence and corruption associated with cartels, including dispatching military troops to Nuevo Laredo and other border cities. In June 2005, a string of events in Nuevo Laredo -- including the killing of two police chiefs in the city, the second of which occurred only a few hours after he was sworn into office -- prompted the Mexican government to dispatch army troops and federal agents to the town. The army and federal agents detained all 700 officers of the Nuevo Laredo police force and temporarily assumed their duties until some semblance of order could be restored. Following interviews and drug tests, only 150 of the police officers retained their jobs; the rest were terminated or arrested. More recently, in March, the Mexican government assigned an additional 600 members of the Federal Preventative Police to Nuevo Laredo as part of another program to fight increased violence related to the drug trade. Such solutions, however, have failed to stem the corruption and violence. As evidenced by the major firefight Sept. 22, Nuevo Laredo remains a hotbed of cartel activity.

The Ongoing Cartel Wars

Because of its geographical position beneath the United States, Mexico long has been used as a staging and transshipment point for narcotics, illegal aliens and other contraband destined for U.S. markets from Mexico, South America and elsewhere. Turf battles have flared up as various criminal organizations have moved to take control of smuggling routes, or "plazas," that lead into the United States. Over time, the balance of power between the various cartels has shifted as new cartels emerge or older organizations weaken, shrink or collapse -- creating temporary power vacuums that competitors rush to fill. Vacuums sometimes are created by law enforcement successes against a particular cartel; indeed, cartels will often attempt to use law enforcement against each other, either by bribing Mexican officials to take action against a rival or by leaking intelligence about a rival's operations to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

These kinds of tensions and frictions often can lead to inter-cartel warfare. The February 2002 death of Tijuana cartel leader and chief enforcer Ramon Arellano Felix, who was killed in a shootout with police in Mazatlan, and the March 14, 2003, capture of Gulf cartel leader Osiel Cardenas Guillen in Matamoros sparked the current period of particularly brutal warfare among the three cartels, which aim to take territory from one another. This war is being waged not only for control of Mexico's incoming drug shipments, in cities such as Acapulco and Cancun, but also for control of the outgoing network, where border towns have been focal points for violence.

The New Enforcers

The likely reason for the most dramatic changes between the drug wars of the past and the current intra-cartel violence is the makeup of the enforcing teams and the weapons they use. Though the cartels historically did their own dirty work, they now have started subcontracting out the violence to enforcers who apparently know no boundaries when it comes to who, how or where they strike.

This escalation has an obvious root cause: Some cartel leaders (notably from the Tijuana cartel) use active or retired police against their enemies, which has forced the targeted cartels to find enforcers capable of countering this strength. As a result, the Gulf cartel hired Los Zetas, a group of elite anti-drug paratroopers and intelligence operatives who deserted their federal Special Air Mobile Force Group in 1991. The Sinaloa cartel, meanwhile, formed a similar armed force called Los Pelones, literally meaning "the baldies" but typically understood to mean "new soldiers" for the shaved heads normally sported by military recruits. Because of attrition, the cartels have recently begun to reach out to bring in fresh muscle to the fight. Los Zetas has expanded to include former police and even motivated civilians. The group also has formed relationships with former members of the Guatemalan special forces known as Kaibiles and with members of the brutal Mara Salvatrucha street gang.

Though cartel enforcers have almost always had ready access to military weapons such as assault rifles, Los Zetas, Los Pelones and the Kaibiles are comprised of highly trained special forces soldiers who are able to use these weapons with deadly effectiveness. Assault rifles in the hands of untrained thugs are dangerous, but if those same rifles are placed in the hands of highly trained special forces soldiers who can operate as a fire team, they can be overwhelmingly powerful -- not only to enemies and other intended targets but also to law enforcement officers who attempt to interfere with their operations.

In addition to powerful handguns and assault rifles (which are frequently smuggled into Mexico from the United States), Los Zetas and Los Pelones are also known to possess and employ rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and improvised explosive devices, and have used them in attacks in several parts of Mexico. Such weapons are not confined to the Mexican side of the border, though. On Feb. 3, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that government agents operating in Laredo seized a large cache of weapons that included dynamite, grenades and materials for making improvised explosive devices. These weapons were associated with the drug cartels.

The various enforcer groups have targeted Mexican government officials protecting rival cartels, the leadership of the rival cartels and members of those cartels' enforcement arms. Some extremely brutal executions of members of Los Zetas and Los Pelones by their contemporaries have occurred, including not only beheading but also a tactic called "necklacing," in which a tire is placed around a victim's neck and set ablaze. (The tactic was made famous by the African National Congress in South Africa).

The drug cartels also conduct intimidation campaigns and reprisal attacks against noncriminal groups such as police, government security forces and journalists -- anyone who is seen as a threat to their business. Such attacks are quite significant, and gruesome executions are often the norm. That said, the crime gangs are not always precise in their targeting. At times, they have mowed down police on the streets with assault rifles or attacked police stations with grenades and other heavy weapons, causing considerable collateral damage.

The Future

In addition to their network of tactical operators, Los Zetas and Los Pelones also have provided the cartels with an advanced intelligence and surveillance capability. This network operates on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border and has been used to protect drug shipments from law enforcement interdiction and the forces of competing cartels. They also are accomplished at countersurveillance operations and at avoiding the countersurveillance activities of their rivals.

Law enforcement officers along the U.S. border have reported many encounters with armed smugglers who do not hesitate to shoot. In one encounter last summer, two deputy sheriffs in Hidalgo County, Texas, were attacked as they patrolled the north bank of the Rio Grande. They reported that their assailants fired 300 to 400 rounds from automatic weapons at them before withdrawing.

To date, the violence associated with this intra-cartel warfare has been much more severe in Mexico than on the U.S. side of the border. Although this trend will continue, violence can be expected to increase on the U.S. side as targeted criminals and others search for safe hiding places. Perhaps as a sign of problems to come, the Los Angeles Times reported Oct. 23 that cartel-related corruption has been "rising dramatically" on the U.S. side of the border. With corruption spreading north, it is only a matter of time before more violence follows -- particularly because the cartels are especially adept at parlaying their power to corrupt into opportunities to commit violence.

Traditionally, when violence has spiked, cartel figures have used U.S. cities such as Laredo and San Diego as rest and recreation spots, calculating that the umbrella of U.S. law enforcement would protect them from being targeted for assassination by their enemies. This is beginning to change, however, as the bolder Mexican cartel hit men carry out assassinations on the U.S. side of the border in places such as Laredo, Rio Bravo and even Dallas, where law enforcement contacts indicate Los Zetas members are believed to have assassinated at least three people.

This change will likely cause high-value cartel targets to move even deeper into the United States to avoid attack, though their enemies' brazen and sophisticated assassins will likely follow. Judging from their history in Mexico and along the border, these assassins will have no qualms about engaging law enforcement personnel who get in their way, or about causing collateral damage. Their intelligence network will be bolstered by their alliances with street gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha and Calle 18, which have affiliates in many large cities throughout the United States. These allies can either provide them with intelligence or, in some cases, be contracted to conduct assassinations.

Though the House report warns of the dangers to law enforcement and civilians on the border, the spread of this cartel violence beyond the border region could catch many law enforcement officers by surprise. Patrol officers conducting a traffic stop on a group of Los Zetas members who are preparing to conduct an assassination in, say, Los Angeles, Chicago or northern Virginia could quickly find themselves heavily outgunned and under fire. Additionally, because of their low regard for human life and disdain for innocent bystanders, any assassination attempts cartel members do manage to launch might be very messy and could result in collateral deaths of innocent people and responding law enforcement officers.

U.S. law enforcement officers along the border are aware of the problem of Mexican cartel violence and have made efforts to mitigate it, though they have found they cannot completely prevent it or root it out. This same reality will apply to the violence that will soon be seen farther inside the United States. The roots of this problem lie in Mexico, and the solution will also need to be found there.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Monday, October 23, 2006

How Not To Win A War - Oct 23

Yep, that's how you do it. You keep talking til the cows come home. Or the roosters come home to roost. Take your pick. Nero (meaning Bush, Chirac, and Uncle Kofi) fiddles while Europe burns from jihad. French police can't go into certain Parisian suburbs without being attacked. And do you remember what I said about the French having a sordid history of anti-Semitism? This is not good. Believe me, I love nothing more than to stick it to the French whenever and wherever possible. However, there are limits. I do not wish for France to become Islamicized. I don't want to hate the French, I just want to mock them from a safe distance. Is that too much for an English supporter to ask?

Here's another story of what I mean. In Copenhagen's Kastrup airport, a burka-clad female reporter wasn't required to drop her veil to reveal her face. When she got to Stansted, England, she was required to reveal her full face on both the incoming and outgoing flights. Why is this such a difficult concept? They frisk a business man in a suit and tie and a Latina mom of four, but they turn a blind eye to the blazingly obvious. Are we that terrified of asserting ourselves?

The geniuses at the Department of National Defence are getting desperate. Sailors and airmen were being considered for front-line infantry roles and possibly extending the rotation from six to nine months. Naturally Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has pooh-poohed such stories but I detect a slight sense of panic in our upper echelons of military and civilian decision-making.

Ahh, sweet justice! Jeffrey Skilling has just received a whopping sentence of 24 years for his part in the Enron bankruptcy case. This guy screwed so many people of their 401k's and mutual funds that it isn't even funny. I'm glad American courts are taking white-collar crime seriously. Why should an exec who steals millions get a lesser sentence than some small-time thug who robs a convenience store for a $100? Doesn't make sense.

In Israel, Ehud Olmert is talking openly about re-invading Gaza. You know, that strip of land that was supposed to represent a new page in Palestinian governance? Yup, that's the one. Anyways, it probably won't matter to many young Palestinian males who are seeking a way out any which way they can. What a disaster. I hope Olmert does not seriously consider any more withdrawals from their God-given land.

I've got two picture galleries from the CBC, the first is the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising and the second is on the World Series between the Cardinals and the Tigers (tied 1-1 as of post time).

Lets Go Tigers, Let's Go!

Johnny Cash

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Learning Through Brute Force - Oct 22

I have titled this post 'Learning Through Brute Force' because that's how most of us learn. It's messy and terribly inelegant, but it's true nonetheless. It certainly is true for me, from the profound to the mundane. Want to learn about blogging? Use brute force. Want to learn about Islam's true nature? Use brute force. You see, there is no substitute for it. It's how you learn the Bible. It's how you learn about that special person that is in your life. You learn by way of trial and error, or, as I put it, 'brute force'. Putting one's nose to the grindstone is a lost art these days. For most, truth is simply an exercise in pure ego. Few wish to do the legwork that leads to real understanding and enlightenment. Please don't be discouraged in learning. I believe it makes all the difference in leading an ordinary life and an extraordinary one. Anyways I've got a short post here but it's still a good one.

Witness Exhibit A in how to master irony:

I believe what we are seeing is the limits of tolerance that British society can endure. Real tolerance (meaning genuine reciprocity) is sorely lacking these days. In Russia, Georgian artist Marat Guelman recently had his exhibit vandalized by skinhead thugs. I mean it's hardly a fair fight when it's ten to one in your favor. When the numbers are evened up these lowlifes always tuck their tails between their legs and run away. From Muslims to white supremacists, another group that expects one-sided 'tolerance' to work entirely in their favor is the militant homosexual lobby. On the anniversary of the Kristallnacht (Crystal Night, when Jewish-owned businesses in Germany were targeted in a mass display of vandalism), a gay parade will be held in Jerusalem. Again I must emphasize that I don't hate gays, but this really shows some incredible gall and lack of class. It's mob rule, plain and simple.

Hey, what is it with these militant Thai Buddhist monks bombing peaceful Muslims? Oh wait a minute. I'm sorry, I've got things in reverse. Call it bass ackwards if you will.

Remember that story of French Muslims working at airports? From worldnetdaily.com comes an 'I told you so' story of a Muslim convert (revert if you will) named Asmin Amin Tariq who was on an inside job for his jihadi buddies at Heathrow. I'm sorry, but any pious Muslim ought to be disqualified on the spot if they wish to hold a job that involves secure places or sensitive information. We cannot allow any foxes to guard the henhouse, period.

In Israeli news, the Russians are continuing to shield Hamas from any real peace talks. The French, who also have a sordid history of anti-Semitism as well, are objecting to the IAF flying over Lebanese airspace.

That's it for today. Hope you liked the picture! (Tee Hee!)

Johnny Cash

Saturday, October 21, 2006

An X-Def First - Now With Pretty Pictures! - Oct 21

The world has gone mad I tell you. Look at these sweethearts:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a picture being posted for the first time on the X-Def of a neo-Nazi rally/protest in Berlin. Why do these idiots still exist?

So far I have commented very little on the question as to why Western forces are still in Iraq. The number one problem still has to be guerilla militias who have de facto control over some cities such as Amarah with the central gov't being powerless to stop it. In October of '06 alone there were 78 U.S. casualties. Things are getting worse, not better. With this situation, what do you do? Do you emphasize security first to get aid in or do try to get aid in first in the hope of security? Police or infrastructure? The answers are not easy. The Iraqis need both of course at the exact same time which is easier said than done. Despite President Bush's best efforts to kneecap Islamic terror, funds are still finding their way to such organizations like Hamas. As Wesley Pruden has noted, the killings in Iraq is indeed different from the Communists in Vietnam. Killings in Vietnam at least served some political purpose, Pruden argues, whereas in Iraq the reasons are just for the pure joy of killing. A chilling prospect for such a demon-infested place if you ask me.

Gog and Magog Update: It has come to my attention that there is a lot more activity that is going on in the Horn of Africa these days. I've been watching Somalia and Ethiopia in particular as the two gov'ts clash. Iran's Holocaust-denying Thug-in-Chief is once again making lots of noise about how illegitimate the Jewish state of Israel is. Not to be outdone, Russia is also at it, using its oil as a foreign policy tool and bullying out foreign organizations that don't play by the Kremlin's rules.

Two more links to close out this post.

It appears that North Korea is seeking to escalate things. The only way I see this being put to rest is that the Chinese must be convinced of a nuclear arms race happening right in there backyard.

Muslim workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris are upset over recent moves to rescind security passes. Naturally, the lawyers are involved. Saw this one coming a mile away. Allowing Muslims anywhere near sensitive areas at an airport is a really bad idea. A Muslim's allegiance is to the Prophet Muhammed and 7th century Arabia, not any Western nation in the 21st century. You can call it 'guilt by association' if you want but I think that Muslim employees are going to increasingly come under the microscope.

Man, do I feel like a dunce. I do promise more pictures from now on.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Raising the Ante - Oct 19

When I read the news, there is a current of thought that I see every single day. That is that bit by bit, the stakes are being raised higher like some no-limit Texas hold 'em poker game. Take North Korea for instance. Now the Japanese are openly talking about becoming a nuclear state and abandoning its pacifist constitution. It won't stop there either. There is only one conclusion that I can reach. We are nearing the end of history as we know it. What I mean by that is that this age that we are so accustomed to is coming to its inevitable conclusion.

Consider the Earth we live on. We pollute it like there's no tomorrow. While some advancement is being made by our politicians, drought conditions (especially in Australia) are on the rise. The entire Earth is literally heaving. I think it wants us humans to get lost!

Also take into account that every day we are hearing more about wars and rumours of wars as prophesied in the Olivet Discourse. Al-Qaida sees it fit to openly threaten Britain. Increasingly, Israel is being put under more and more pressure, from within and without to concede to its enemies. These threats of war are not in my humble estimation going to go away anytime soon. Of course, the security measures being undertaken only serve to accelerate our way to a global prison camp. Attempts to secure supply chains are obvious. Border crossings, particularly between Canada and the U.S., are also being watched like a hawk. I don't know about you, but I fundamentally distrust all these latest efforts by our gov'ts to secure my freedom.

Two more links and a heart warmer to finish off.

I dunno, but I thought this was interesting. Here's a picture gallery from al-CBCeera on the month of Ramadan.

The comic books are coming truer to life every day. How does a real-life invisibility cloak sound to you?

What then do we do with all this bad news? It's simple. Trust in the Lord, no matter what. Sure it sounds corny. But before you go of on a rant, read this faith-affirming story of a Jew named Jacobo Sherem who chose to observe the Sabbath whilst doing business in Mexico. God is still in the miracle making business my friend. Don't forget it! Man, I am such a sucker for these kinds or stories. I'm getting soft in my old age I tell you.

I have just recently switched over to Internet Explorer 7 and I'm liking what I see. Give it a try. You might be surprised!

The Man in Black

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The EU Scrambles for a Russia Policy - Oct 17

Even if one were not prophetically inclined, Russia strikes me as a country that you ignore at your own peril. While I do not believe that Russia is the one that invades Israel directly, it will likely be the chief instigator. See the following scripture from Ezekiel 38:2-6:

2Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
3And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
4And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:
5Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
6Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

Johnny Cash

Geopolitical Diary: The EU Scrambles for a Russia Policy
Oct 17, 2006

EU foreign ministers will meet Tuesday in an attempt to hammer out common positions on everything from Iran's nuclear program to their own expansion policy. There are not many areas that offer them easy solutions or compromises, yet the meeting is going to find a thread of connection among most of the problems currently vexing Europe. That thread is Russia. Some brief examples:

1) The Europeans are concerned that Serbia is not cooperating with international war crimes tribunals, an issue that is hanging up the country's EU accession process. The state most likely to step in should Brussels' influence wane? Russia.

2) European states are up to their necks in negotiations with Iran over Tehran's nuclear program. The state providing the bulk of that program's technology? Russia.

3) European states want to secure their collective borders, both in economic and security terms, by pulling Ukraine into the EU's orbit. The country that has reacted most negatively to that effort? Russia.

4) European governments are seeking to fight back against a wave of nationalism in energy-producing states the world over, in order to protect the outlays of their firms. The country currently threatening the most European energy investments? Russia.

5) European states desperately want the United Nations not to look like a useless talk shop; they hope the North Korean nuclear test will finally allow the Security Council to shine. The country working most feverishly to use its diplomatic gravitas to minimize the role of the United Nations? Russia.

6) The EU member states are desperately working to diversify their energy sources so that no one can use energy supplies against them as a political lever. The country with its hand already on the lever? Russia.

7) European countries are attempting to find foreign policy ideals that they all agree on, in order to strengthen the (often faulty) idea that Europe actually can speak with a single voice. One of those few topics is the idea that the former Soviet republic of Georgia should be free to select its own policies. The country leaning on Georgia the hardest? Russia.

Russia, Russia, Russia. Sometimes it seems it is the only topic on Europe's collective mind. Of course, thinking of Europe as having a collective mind will only set one up for some massive misunderstandings; each EU member sees Russia through its own lens.

The former Warsaw Pact states see Russia as an enemy to be, at the very least, held off -- or, ideally, ground down. The French and Italians see Russia as a potential partner, but only so long as Moscow has no real influence in Europe. The Germans and the Dutch see Russia as a major energy supplier, albeit a politically problematic one. The Finns are beholden to and terror-struck by Russia in equal amounts, while the Danes hope they never again have to be the "cork in the Baltic bottle" and the British have discovered a passionate attachment to Norwegian natural gas so they do not have to deal with Russia at all. And none of these issues even addresses Russia-specific concerns such as the ongoing war in Chechnya, the general degradation of civil liberties in the country, or the recent killing of dissident journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Instead, all these clashing national views will likely be laid painfully bare on Friday at the informal summit of EU heads of state. Now, these informal summits are supposed to be places where the union's 25 leaders can rub shoulders and talk off-the-record about whatever is on their minds. This time, however, the summit's hosts -- the Finns -- have taken it upon themselves to ask none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop in for dinner. With 25 leaders bringing 25 different views on the Russian question, the summit is almost certain to become a cantankerous affair. Eurocrats in Brussels have unofficially and anonymously referred to the Finnish invitation as a mistake and are terrified that the summit will vividly demonstrate that the European Union is anything but unified.

It is all the more important, therefore, that the EU foreign ministers get their collective ducks in a row on Tuesday. Should they fail to do so, the upcoming summit will demonstrate the EU at its worst and give the Russians a perfect opportunity to divide and conquer.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along? - Oct 15

Apparently not. The divide between Western society that has lost its focus and aggressive Islam continues at an accelerated pace. I have five new heroes I admire, one in death. First up is General Sir Richard Dannat, who is making it very clear the difficulties that British forces face in Iraq. He is calling the military adventure in Iraq 'naive' and says we should be setting our sights a little lower. Indeed, there is a great deal of furious debate over Muslim schools in Britain.

Make no mistake, this unhappiness and discord is growing, even while our so-called leaders paint a rosy picture over inter-faith relations. In Sydney, Australia, police are stepping up their presence at certain beaches to prevent clashes between 'whites' (locals) and 'Asians' (Muslims). As usual, the BBC cops out on this story. The Tunisian gov't is cracking down on head-scarves worn by Muslim women. And in normally sedate Jimma, Ethiopia, clashes are occuring between Christian groups and Muslims. The Turks are irked over a recent French bill that effectively outlaws the denial of the genocide of Armenians at the hands of the Turkish people.

I feel compelled to add my humble opinion here. When people feel that their gov't is no longer capable (or just doesn't care) for providing security for the working class, anarchy becomes the natural result. It's seen as a fundamental 'breach of contract' between those who govern and the governed. Whom do we blame? The list is a long one but three immediately come to mind. Politicians who shove 'multiculturalism' down our throats and then have the audacity to call us 'intolerant' when we fail to capitulate to their social engineering. Lawyers and judges who have fallen in love with their own cleverness. You can also blame the Left's ever-widening definition of 'racism' so that any objection to their views is met with howls of protests and threats of litigation. I mean it literally expands day by day. In other words, anyone or anything that disagrees with their ungodly humanist worldview is of course 'racist'. It's this perfectly ignorant close-minded system that is driving people up the wall. It should therefore be no surprise that we are hearing more and more of these stories of ordinary individuals who have had just about enough.

Whew, that feels better. Here's what I mean when I talk about politicians who should bloody well know better supporting policies that recklessly endanger our freedoms. President Bush continues to encourage the presence of the PLO in Washington because of their so-called moderate stance. Which would be bad enough, but why are we arming Fatah with American weaponry as well? And why are the Americans selling airplane parts to the Iranians? Is the West's lust for gold and influence undermining our very existence, Israel in particular? I think so.

I found this strange story concerning Somali ex-pats living in Canada going back to their home country to fight in jihad. Hell, I see no problem encouraging Somalis going back home if they want to fight. Just don't let 'em back in when they decide to return. Any foreign-born Muslim Canadian who is found guilty in involving themselves in jihad activity abroad should have their citizenship revoked immediately and promptly deported. Do you think that's unfair or 'racist'? I know for a fact that there are many out there who would quietly support such a measure!

Now some happy news to clear out this post.

Hero #2 is slain reporter Anna Politkovskaya who continues to shed light on the nasty, brutish side of Russia. Vlad 'The Impaler' Putin comes across as a real mean and nasty piece of work.

Hero #3 is Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin who scored his 500th goal in overtime against the Calgary Flames.

Hero #4 is not a person, but a team. The Detroit Tigers have reeled off seven consecutive playoff wins against the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics. As a result of their winning ways, they are 2006 World Series-bound. Go Tigers Go!

Hero #5 is Muhammed Yunus, who proves that capitalism works.

While not a personal hero of mine, Toronto impresario Gino Empry has passed away. Gino joins Johnny Lombardi and Steve Stavro as Toronto personalities that will be missed.

These Words Shall Not Pass Away Dep't: Edward Mosberg, 80, is donating a flawless Torah to the Mount Freedom Jewish Center.

Johnny Cash

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Telling The Truth Can Be Hazardous To Your Health - Oct 14

I just remembered something. Both my name and Faith Girl's real name both contain 13 letters. So no triskaidekaphobia here at the X-Def! On a more serious note, I am noticing more and more how dangerous it is for journalists and other activists to speak up. The powers of the state are growing at an alarming rate, even in countries that are considered free. In jolly old England, General Sir Richard Dannatt is displaying his displeasure over British policy wrt troops in Basra. Post apartheid South Africa is apparently blacklisting eight journalists seen as too critical of gov't policy. In Somalia, the Islamic gov't there has all but thrown the concept of a 'free press' in the dustbin.

You may have heard of Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American woman who has come out dissenting against Islam at great personal cost. Here is her own site in English. Not to be outdone, a Canadian woman named Farzana Hassan Shahid is also being threatened by extremists who do not share her views. It's a dangerous time indeed to upset Muslim sensibilities.

All the traitors are coming out of the woodwork too. Read about the case of treason against Adam Gadahn. Another aspiring jihadi named Mohamed Shorbagi, 42 out of Rome, Georgia has been arrested for his nefarious activities. There's no shortage of help out there for those who wish to cause mayhem. Perilous times are indeed upon us.

All this news about jihad against us would be enough, but it appears that Mother Nature is beating us up pretty good too. A record snowfall occurred in the Niagara region and the wonderful city of Buffalo, NY. Up to 60 cm fell on Buffalo, causing Gov. Pataki to declare a state of emergency.

Well, you can have too much precipitation in the form of snow or you can have drought conditions that are happening in Australia. As a result, global stockpiles of wheat are being diminished and are causing the re-evaluation of food exports abroad.

Here's an article from Kevin L. Wilson, a contributor at WorldNetDaily, on the losing war the West is waging against militant Islam. A must-read!

As we close out this post with a picture gallery of this weeks happenings, I leave you with an uplifting story of the changing face of faith in India. Many are leaving their Hindu origins and becoming Christians. This article from the Beeb is saying that they are joining both Christianity and Buddhism, but I can tell you that this is a crock. No MSM outlet will ever admit that great masses of people, particulary in India, are coming to faith in Christ. Just look at the two pictures. The first picture has a male wearing a crucifix while a woman is being baptised. The second shows a man wearing a crucifix standing beside a pastor. So they throw this red herring of 'converts to Buddhism' as if to show that these are all happening in equal numbers. Let me assure that there is no comparison. Those converts leaving Hinduism to join the ranks of Christianity far and away outstrip those Indian Hindus converting to other religions. Trust me on this. The Beeb is full of it!

Mr. Johnny Cash

Friday, October 13, 2006

Feeling A Bit Paraskavedekatriaphobic? - Oct 13

Of course you are. You have an irrational fear of Friday the 13th! Not to be confused with mere triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of the number 13. Paraskave is the Greek word for Friday and dekatria (deka=10 and tria=3) is Greek for the number 13. Hence the term paraskavedekatriaphobia. Just rolls of the tongue, dunnit? Ah, I kill me. Now let's get to my post.

As a Christian I marvel at the silly superstitions some people hold. I have zero time for stuff like astrology, fortune telling and all manners of soothsaying. At least 95% of it is just some huckster out there separating a fool from their money. The other 5% is genuinely demonic and should in no way be flirted with.

So now that I've got your attention, this post is dedicated to religion and belief.

In Nicaragua, there is reform movement towards a more pro-life position. Much of Central America is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic church so I hope that awareness does increase in that area. Also in South America, that Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero has now been declared a Catholic sanctuary. Weddings and baptismals can now take place there. It's a remarkable statue that I think is a testament to the simple faith of the Brazilian people.

Be Not Conformed To This World Dep't: From Bill O'Reilly comes a true story about Brian Rohrbaugh, a father who lost his 15 year-old son Daniel in the Columbine massacre. On Katie Couric's show no less (KC reeks of insincerity, IMHO) Mr. Rohrbaugh blamed a secular culture that doesn't value moral absolutes and treats life with contempt. Pushing God out of the classrooms and abortion was another sticking point. The predictable liberal outrage was quick to follow. Katie, who is as Godless as the rest of her liberal masters, was swift in denouncing Mr. Rohrbaugh for refusing to toe the party line. I say way to go Mr. Rohrbaugh, you've got my heartfelt support. And thanks to Bill for reporting this story.

Russia is once again taking center stage in world politics. Politics makes strange bedfellows as the wonks like to say as Russia and Germany are becoming strategic partners. Just consider what the Germans did to Russia in WWII and you'll see what I mean. Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is also calling on Russia for a bigger role in ME talks. Uh, Ehud, do you notice all those Russian Jews living in Israel? They are there because they weren't welcome back in Russia. I hope Mr. Olmert isn't serious about this. Russia is a sworn enemy of the Jews and Israel. The last article of slain reporter Anna Politkovskaya from Novaya Gazeta has been published. It paints Russian security forces in a negative light, showing them to be sadistic torturers of the Chechens.

Did you know that Hollywood is getting serious about making movies out of Bible stories? Make no mistake, this is all about making money, not about spreading the Gospel message. I guess it's true though that God Himself does indeed have a sense of humor. The irony is incredible!

King Abdullah II of Jordan is financing a fifth miniaret to be built on the Temple Mount. Silently, the Jews must be steaming at this latest face-rub. Of course they aren't going to object. To do so would invite another 'intifada', not a welcome development for any Jew or Arab in the region. The gall and contempt for Jewish culture these guys display goes well beyond the pale.

Three more posts and then we're done.

Please Don't Hurt Us Master Dep't: Why ,oh why, is the EU insisting on bankrolling the PA to the tune of $816m? The Palestinians are the biggest freeloaders on the planet. They are career welfare cheats who have not used a penny of this undeserved jizya tax to better themselves. Only more guns and weaponry in their sham resistance to the Jewish state of Israel. Uhh, it makes me sick!

I read this next article and I think Mr. Harper has seriously made a bad decision. Basically, sexual offenders will have the onus placed on them to prove that they are no longer a threat to society. The concept of 'innocent before proven guilty' is being turned on its head. I hope Mr. Duceppe doesn't back this latest effort by the Harper gov't to erode the rights of the accused.

It's Brave New World Out There Dep't: In Hungary, a pilot project is underway to tag all passengers at your local friendly airport to combat terrorism. Called Optag, it's being developed by University College London. I'm sure in due time they'll decide to make this a permanent feature. Then we'll all be safe. Or slaves to the Antichrist's regime. Take your pick.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What's Next? - Oct 11

There you have the question that is on everybody's mind. So, what's next? What do you do about a rogue regime like North Korea? I'm not a big believer in sanctions to be honest with you. Should sanctions be imposed on Iran, Ahmadinejad says that they'll celebrate. Not much of a deterrent there. The North Koreans are just as problematic. If you go in too weakly as the Chinese and the Russians say they should, then the so-called 'international community' looks impotent and weak (which it was all along). Impose full sanctions and the North Koreans will regard such actions as a declaration of war. As I stated initially, it is the long-term rather than the short-term that we should focus our attention on. If this starts a new arms race in the region, the old patchwork of non-proliferation treaties will have to be replaced with something a bit more global in its undertaking. See where I'm going with this? Your basic New World Order under Antichrist. The world will beg this man to solve its nuclear proliferation problems.

I have stated the question previously, "What does it take for someone to get arrested for treason in America?". Finally, someone out there must be listening as Adam Gadahn aka Azzam the American has be charged with treason in absentia. About bloody time. Don't tell me that I'm not sophisticated enough to know the difference between a disatisfied patriot and an out and out traitor! Adam Gadahn is a traitor and should be hanged. Plain and simple. Next up should be the ACLU (Anti-Christ Legion of Unbelievers) for their obstructionism and attacks on people of faith. Hey I'll call a spade a spade if you call a spade a spade!

Finally the roosters are coming home to roost in Europe as dissatisfaction with Islam grows beyond the political fringes. Saw this coming a mile away. I hope the common man of Europe can reclaim Christian Europe instead of Eurabia. My feelings about Eurodhimmi politicians is rather stark: They see Islam as a way to more power. These politicos know exactly what they are doing. Their antipathy towards Christianity and their naked lust for power is so ingrained in their psyche that they have thrown their lot in with the chains of Islam rather than the freedom of Jesus Christ. As the saying goes in reverse, 'Better a king in chains than a pauper in paradise'. I simply cannot come to any other conclusion.

Four more stories to tickle your fancy to close out this post.

How does a trans-Asian railroad sound to you. This article calls it an Iron Silk Road going from China into the ME. Once that is completed, the road to Armaggedon becomes wide open.

See this wonderful picture gallery of missionaries in northern India getting their winter woolies so they can proclaim the gospel. God does indeed supply according to His riches and glory!

I don't think I've ever posted on medical advances but this one really caught my eye. Imagine a 'nano' gel that stops bleeding in just 15 seconds. Lives will be saved, surgery times halved, and doctors can actually get some rest! A very exciting development if you ask me.

Lastly, the Canadian winter will be merciful to us Southern Ontario residents. A warm and dry winter is forecasted for 2006/2007. Read the article to see where you'll stand.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving - In Perspective - Oct 10

An acquaintance of mine asked me this morning how my Thanksgiving weekend was. "Great!" I replied. I went on to tell them about how I attended a heartbreaking memorial service for a close friend on Saturday. How, on Sunday, the men in the family went into the forest to cut wood for the winter and my 10 year old daughter got trapped under a 200 pound log. How my 2 year old niece spent the day in the ER room with a dislocated elbow. How my grandmother had an allergic reaction to the strawberries she'd eaten and had her lips swell to four times their normal size....At this point she stopped me. "Wait. You said your weekend was great. This all sounds awful!"

She's right. I guess it doesn't paint the perfect Thanksgiving weekend, but she didn't have the same perspective as me. I was privy to more information than I'd shared with her - not wanting to talk her ear off.

The memorial service was sad, but our friend knew the Lord, so we know where he is and we'll see him again.

My daughter's angels were with her because I somehow managed to single-handedly lift (and I mean LIFT) the huge log off of her leg and she walked home under her own power. She was left with little more than a sprain and the shock of the accident.

My niece's elbow was reset in a few minutes and she has no lasting effects from her ordeal. They were home in time for dessert!

My grandmother's lips went down (unfortunately before I could get a picture) and she joined us for leftover turkey on Monday. She played cards with her great-grandchildren and shared stories of her childhood and laughed.

Most of all, we were together as a family. We enjoyed wonderful food and precious time with each other. That was the whole picture.

It's that way with God too. We only get to glimpse certain parts of the picture and therefore have a limited perspective of the overall situation. But God sees the big picture and often our ideas are totally off base and without merit. Remember this: God is good all the time. And for this, among many others things, I give Him thanks for my wonderful weekend, and for taking care of turning all the potentially bad things into good ones.

Monday, October 09, 2006

To Whom Do You Give Thanks? - Oct 9

Today in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving, a month earlier than our American cousins. This I believe is strictly a North American tradition firmly rooted in the Christian faith. The question is not, 'What am I thankful for?', rather, the question is: 'To whom do I give thanks to?'. It's a simple question that so few people really contemplate with any seriousness. It strikes me as strange to thank God without wanting to praise Him. I mean, who (or what) does an atheist or irreligious person give thanks to on Thanksgiving? Themselves? Nothing? Talk about ego-centrism or a cynical viewpoint! So if you haven't done so today, pray a little prayer like this:

Heavenly Father, thank you Lord for this day of fun, food and fellowship. Thank you for sending your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into this world to pay for my sin debt. Thank you for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

There now, doesn't that feel better? Now let's get to the news happening around the world.

I was originally going to call this post 'Never Submit' because of all the news I'm receiving concerning Islam and our choice to either submit or to fight. By now I'm sure you know which camp I belong to but there still seems to be a lot of waffling out there. In Denmark, PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen was quick to fall in line in condemning the DPP activists who dared to lampoon the ol' Prophet Mo. The real kicker about this is that we are funding our own sworn enemies! How do we do this? By giving them undeserved foreign aid (aka the 'jizya' tax) and by buying their bloody oil! Don't tell me we have no choice because the technology exists that would ween us off ME oil (like the Alberta oil sands). In Israel, the perpetually outraged Israeli Arabs are furious about a Jewish MK visiting his own Temple Mount. Talk about cheek!

And where do you think all this jizya, oops foreign aid, is going to? Education of course. Not your basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Not something that would actually be useful in getting a job or anything like that. No, no, no, it is being used to teach students in Tehran the foibles of Zionism and to buy computers to teach newborns to hate! Why are we supplying the cash for all this? Where is the horse sense?

Well you know what? There are some out there who do have this (almost mythical) horse sense. Take Franco Frattini, the Vice-President of the European Commision who is calling into question the one-sided acts of tolerance towards muslims. PM Ehud Olmert showed some backbone too when he declared (as all Israeli PM's do) that Jerusalem is indivisible and forever Jewish. I hope Mr. Olmert truly believes that and isn't just mouthing the words to score cheap popularity points. After all, Israeli politics make Mr. Frattini's lot look tame by comparison. Natural allies such as American evangelicals, who represent a third of U.S. tourists to Israel, are still coming to the Holy Land to show their support. I have never been to Israel and it's a personal dream of mine to go there one day. If you've got $4,000 laying about, give it to me and I'll go as soon as I am able.

I've got three more links and a heart-warmer to finish off.

Did you know that Russia is the third most dangerous place for a journalist? Only Iraq and Algeria are worse. The fallout from the Politkovskaya slaying is coming in fast and furious. It would not surprise me one bit if Putin or one of his sycophants ordered the hit directly. Fellow Russian journalists are not hopeful of quick justice being done. What burns me is just the total arrogance of these industrialists, crime bosses and strongmen who feel that the courts cannot touch them. They believe they are a law unto themselves, accountable to no-one.

Back to Israel we go as the IDF is readying itself for a possible Syrian attack. That is unless you believe the Syrians who are saying to anyone who will listen that the Israelis will attack first. Should the unthinkable happen, let me tell you that Israel will throw everything including the kitchen sink at Syria should war erupt. Please continue to pray that Mr. Assad climbs down from his foolish rhetoric and not endanger Israeli and Syrian innocents.

The Somalis have declared jihad, meaning of course an inner spiritual struggle, against neighbouring Ethiopia. The Ethiopians have sent troops across the border into Somalia (denied by Ethiopian authorities naturally) because of the deteriorating situation there. What's left of the Somalian gov't is toast anyways, a fact not lost on foreign policy makers.

I think it's very easy to blame and bash America for all the world's troubles. It's easy but untrue. Read this account from Joseph Aaron, a man who loves America and the Jews that live there. See, all is not doom and gloom my friend! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Johnny Cash

North Korean Nuke Test Reported - Oct 9

I have been watching this develop for some time now and the situation has gotten a little stickier. The Chinese and the Australians appear to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Do I think military action is imminent wrt North Korea? No, at least not yet anyways. If the U.S. can accept Pakistan and India as nuclear powers, then North Korea seems to be a wash. The questions regarding this recent development are more long-term than short-term. Will this be the start of an arms race in the Pacific Rim countries? How will the Japanese and the South Koreans respond to such a provocation? The questions are easy. It's the answers that are proving to be more difficult. Here's a link from the BBC showing pictures of what an underground nuclear explosion looks like.

Johnny Cash

Red Alert: North Korea: Underground Nuclear Test Reported
Oct 08, 2006

Reports spread Oct. 9 that North Korea tested a nuclear device in the eastern part of North Hamgyong province at 10:35 a.m. local time. China has indicated it did detect a small underground test, although the South Korean military has not raised its alert level. Australian Prime Minister John Howard said his government has confirmed there has been seismic activity from North Korea, although he has not received reports on its magnitude.

The U.S. Geological Survey detected a 4.2 tremor in North Korea, which is smaller than expected and not big enough to make North Korea an unequivocal nuclear power.

If a test did occur, the most immediate U.S. response will likely be a strong condemnation and a call for a U.N. mandate for sanctions. If there is no U.S. military response, Pyongyang will see that as an acceptance of North Korea as a nuclear power.

Many questions remain, however. Even if this were a nuclear test, it is not clear that it was a weapon rather than a device. A nuclear device produces an in-place blast from a mechanism of indeterminate size and structure. A weapon can be fitted on a missile or on an aircraft, and is therefore highly compact and ruggedized.

China's response will be hesitant. China does not seem ready to cut off food or fuel to North Korea, particularly before winter sets in. Beijing has deployed additional troops to the border, but that is to seal the frontier. Beijing will be angry, but its primary concern is to keep the North Korean people from spilling across the border into northeast China.

South Korea will, of course, suspend cooperation in Kaesong and Kumkang and will probably put its forces on alert. With the drawdown of U.S. troops in South Korea, the South Korean army is now the border patrol. U.S. military units remaining will have to go on heightened alert and rush Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries to the peninsula. South Korea could deploy high-level officials to North Korea.

Japan will work for U.N. for sanctions and Chapter 7 invocation. Japan also will heighten its military posture and increase diplomacy with China and South Korea in an attempt to show a united front against North Korea.

North Korea will go on high alert nationwide. The military will assume a high-readiness posture, and the North Koreans will proclaim their entry into the nuclear club, using sanctions to tighten control and rally domestic backing. Pyongyang might quickly invite the International Atomic Energy Agency in to make its nuclear status "legitimate." It will petition international bodies to accept the new reality.

In any event, North Korea will view the test as a victory. It will mark the acceptance of the government as a nuclear state. Further negotiations will have to take place under this new reality. North Korea cannot be isolated forever. North Korea has bet that anything less than a complete military invasion is a capitulation. Pyongyang will press for acceptance, similar to Pakistan. China and South Korea will be key; both desperately want to avoid any military action. They will end up negotiating with North Korea, finding a way to make the North comply with international regulations.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Peace And Safety - Oct 8

Here's some scripture to get us rolling:

For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. (1 Thessalonians 5: 3-6)

What is the one thing this world wants, Israel in particular? It wants peace and safety, right? Why will this fail? Because humanity wants to do it their way, not God's way. Let's face it, this world believes some type of godless utopia can be achieved if we all just work hard enough at it. I am reminded of the saying, "Careful what you wish for, you just might get it!".

Look at tiny Israel, a David in a crowd of Goliaths. Hamas and the PA want to launch attacks from both the Gaza Strip(Gush Katif) and from the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). Ehud Olmert and the rest of Israel's politicians appear to be oblivious to the coming storm. Condi Rice (who should bloody well know better) is useless, eschewing plain talk for some type of Kemalist fantasy that just ain't gonna happen.

Speaking of knowing better, I am reminded of a clever saying that we don't display our ignorance by what we don't know, but by what we think we know that just ain't so. Behold Angelina Jolie, a very beautiful woman but incredibly dense when it comes to Islam. Would you believe she wanted to actually film in Pakistan about the slain journalist (and Jew) Daniel Pearl? Good Lord, the mind boggles. If Hollywood was bad enough, I could easily live with that. However, the rot goes much deeper. Fifth column jihadists, aka 'useful idiots', seem to be quite happy undermining America and much of the Free World (including Canadistan) as well.

It certainly is tough being a journalist nowadays, as the spilt blood of Daniel Pearl would attest to. It becomes downright murderous if you're a Russian journalist who is critical of the Kremlin's policies. Anna Politkovskaya was found shot to death in her apartment in Moscow, a victim of Russia's penchant for using contract killers to settle disputes. It's hard to say what the political ramifications of this will be, but the idea of a free press appear to be dead as a doornail in Putin's Russia.

From Israel to America to Russia, we go to Europe where Czech Jews living in Prague were to be targeted in a foiled attack. Man, things are not going well over there either! In England, Jack Straw has run afoul of Muslim sensibilities by suggesting that Muslim women should remove their veils (headscarves are OK though). As well, four members of the Household Cavalry who were returning from Afghanistan are being intimidated by Islamic yobs over renting a place. Those plucky Danes are once again stirring up more perpetual outrage as a conservative party dared to mock the ol' Prophet Mo.

There is a huge problem that is brewing between NATO and the EU. A nasty rivalry has ensued between the two and doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. Meanwhile, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to create a 'wise' council of 14 people to revive the moribund EU constitution. It remains to be seen if this is the seed of the Ten Kings as told in Daniel ch. 2.

Lastly from MEMRI comes a link about the chilling reality of anti-semitism in the KSA.

Before I close, I want to give you a quick X-Def update. On the sidebar to your right, you might have noticed that 'Foehammer' and 'Prophecy News Watch' have been removed. Foehammer is not a bad blog, it just didn't seem to be too terribly active. PNW was removed because I felt like it. In its place is 'Israel My Beloved' which I think will more than make up for those other two. Please let me know what you think. I always cherish your comments, even the critical ones.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

War By Other Means - Oct 3

I suppose what I mean by that is any attempts made outside conventional means is 'other means'. Wars can be won or lost not just on the battlefield, but in the media, in politics, in the home and in church. That is what I see on an unprecedented scale today. The West (including Israel) seem to be under siege by militant Islam, by cowardly appeasers, by out-and-out traitors and by the apathetic "So long as it does not affect me today" observers of our day. Nowhere seems to be safe. So what do we do? In all things and in every way we should trust the Lord.

I have some more background news on that Amish shooting. The Christian Science Monitor also notes a disturbing trend in these shootings: Those most likely to die in these shootings tend to be female. That's hard news for a guy like me to take.

I am a firm believer in the fact that the whole world is mere satire and I have the privilige of recording it. It appears that both Canadian and European arms companies are finding ways to get around those pesky arms embargoes imposed against China. Hey, where there's a will, there's a way!

Here's an example of what I mean when I say 'war by other means'. Our enemies who want to destroy us and enslave us are now turning to 'cyber' jihad against those sites (or blogs) that disparage Islam. I'm guessing they haven't seen this one yet. As well, Michelle Malkin reports of a Muslim male defacing a poster of NYPD's Paul Talty who died in the 9/11 attacks.

In Israeli news, Bashar al-Assad of Syria is trying to get Israel to sign a peace accord between the two (on their terms of course) or war will result in six months. But hey, no pressure! Hezbollah, clearly misunderstanding the peacefulness of Islam, have pledged to hold on to their arms. Oh well, I am comforted by the fact that eventually the bad guys always get their just desserts in the end.

New World Odor Alert: An UN official has confirmed the the EU will indeed have a single seat at the UN.

In India, there is an outbreak of mosquito-borne dengue (pronounced den-gay) fever.

Is there anything more precious to God than a single soul? Read about Prasad in India and his strange dreams and his eventual salvation in Jesus Christ.

Before I close, I want you to warmly welcome 'Faith Girl' to the X-Def fold. I was itching to get a female contributor to my blog, y'know to see the 'other side' as it were. Please treat her kindly or I will hunt you down and smack you one upside the head.

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Giving Our Children To God - Oct 3

My biggest challenge as a mom has been this simple prayer, "God, I give my children into Your hands." It may sound strange, but think about it. My plans - my 3 girls grow up, healthy whole and untouched by the evil in the world. Marry a successful, Christian man, bear many perfect children. Then live to a ripe old age and die peacefully in their sleep. God's plan - well, lets face it, only He knows. So I'm giving my children into the hands of one who's plans are unknown to me. They will likely include pain of one kind or another. This is the hard part.

On the news yesterday they were talking about the Amish school in the States that had an armed man storm in and kill several students. This is one of many examples of how the evil in this world is touching parents lives in areas where we have no control. Once those kids wave goodbye out of the bus window in the morning, they are no longer in our hands until we help them off at the end of the day. We don't really know what goes on in the in-between hours. We have no power to protect them from the evils that may befall them. We simply aren't there.

But God is. He knows and He can protect them. Does that mean that putting God in charge will keep your kids well and whole and safe? No. We are such a tiny piece of His puzzle that we often have no idea of the big picture. We have a place and a part in His plan. It may be small, and it may be humble or even brief. But never forget that God loves us and He loves our kids even more than we do. Even if they have pain or suffer, they are never alone. God is with them. And those children who lost their lives, they are with God now. There is no more perfect ending then this.

Giving our Children to God? Well, in the hours we are not with them, in the spiritual world, if we haven't place them in His perfect hands, then whose hand have we left them in? The Bible tells us that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of this world's darkness. And so, each day, my children are placed into the hands of a God who loves them, and has perfect plans for them...And whom I trust.

Faith Girl