Saturday, October 28, 2006

St. Louis Cardinals - 06 WS Champs - Oct 28

Unfortunately, the Detroit Tigers could not pull it off. Congrats to the Cards for their much deserved 4-1 series victory.

We have a lot of stuff to cover so lets get right to it. I've not posted in two days and I have a fair bit of backlog to get rid of.

I am not the only one who believes that we are headed towards a New Dark Age, not just in the ME but here as well. Free speech, particularly if not doesn't glorify the secular-progressive agenda, is under attack by those not totally disimilar to the Brownshirts (SA) of Nazi Germany. Whether it be parental notification laws wrt an underage female getting an abortion, or Danish Muslims using the courts to muzzle cartoons, we seem to be hurtling towards disaster.

Make no mistake, we are moving towards that period of time just before Jesus Christ arrives. Seven years of terror and then mercifully all this will come to an unlamented end. We are not moving in a straight line either! No friend, things are accelerating at an increasing pace. What are the warning signs? For one, an increase in anti-Semitism (click on 'Read Article' link) is always a sure sign of trouble. The rise of militant Islam, such as we see in the suburbs of Paris, portends the growing problems in post-Christian Europe. Jews are under siege in their own Biblical heartland of Israel in their attempts at sealing the Egypt-Gaza border.

So where is all this headed? From joint efforts to combat terrorism and UN-sponsored international treaties being suggested for small arms, it's obvious where we are headed.

In Europe, the NYSE is wooing European business investors as well. In the tribulation era, the AntiChrist will control the world's economy. Moves towards a single currency like the euro, free trade, mergers (and bankruptcies), and now this points to one fact: If the global economy can be controlled by a few, the ultimate expression of this is one man who controls everything. When you think of Europe, it's very hard to overlook German influence. The Germans are now favoring a more robust defence policy and control a third of the world's container shipping capacity. Just as God predicted in Daniel, Europe will no longer be constrained by American foreign policy. The weakness of the Bush administration puts a lot more focus on European capabilities.

I have four more stories to close out this post.

In Nicaragua the gov't has voted to put an end to free-for-all abortion. The strong influence of the Roman Catholic church must be credited for saving the unborn.

From comes some excellent ideas on how the West can combat the threat that North Korea represents. One of the more (pleasantly) surprising and innovative ideas suggested is to enable Christian missionaries and the underground church! God is good all the time, is He not?

Don Cherry, who never met a microphone he didn't like, is now saying that there are too many Europeans in the NHL. Actually Grapes doesn't mind Europeans in the NHL per se, he just thinks that there are too many who are marginal talents now playing. God bless Don Cherry for having the guts to say what some only dare to think.

For DizzyFatPlonka, a link from Gospel for Asia on God's loyal soldiers in India.

That's it for today. I'll expand on my new rss feed button on the next post.

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