Friday, October 13, 2006

Feeling A Bit Paraskavedekatriaphobic? - Oct 13

Of course you are. You have an irrational fear of Friday the 13th! Not to be confused with mere triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of the number 13. Paraskave is the Greek word for Friday and dekatria (deka=10 and tria=3) is Greek for the number 13. Hence the term paraskavedekatriaphobia. Just rolls of the tongue, dunnit? Ah, I kill me. Now let's get to my post.

As a Christian I marvel at the silly superstitions some people hold. I have zero time for stuff like astrology, fortune telling and all manners of soothsaying. At least 95% of it is just some huckster out there separating a fool from their money. The other 5% is genuinely demonic and should in no way be flirted with.

So now that I've got your attention, this post is dedicated to religion and belief.

In Nicaragua, there is reform movement towards a more pro-life position. Much of Central America is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic church so I hope that awareness does increase in that area. Also in South America, that Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero has now been declared a Catholic sanctuary. Weddings and baptismals can now take place there. It's a remarkable statue that I think is a testament to the simple faith of the Brazilian people.

Be Not Conformed To This World Dep't: From Bill O'Reilly comes a true story about Brian Rohrbaugh, a father who lost his 15 year-old son Daniel in the Columbine massacre. On Katie Couric's show no less (KC reeks of insincerity, IMHO) Mr. Rohrbaugh blamed a secular culture that doesn't value moral absolutes and treats life with contempt. Pushing God out of the classrooms and abortion was another sticking point. The predictable liberal outrage was quick to follow. Katie, who is as Godless as the rest of her liberal masters, was swift in denouncing Mr. Rohrbaugh for refusing to toe the party line. I say way to go Mr. Rohrbaugh, you've got my heartfelt support. And thanks to Bill for reporting this story.

Russia is once again taking center stage in world politics. Politics makes strange bedfellows as the wonks like to say as Russia and Germany are becoming strategic partners. Just consider what the Germans did to Russia in WWII and you'll see what I mean. Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is also calling on Russia for a bigger role in ME talks. Uh, Ehud, do you notice all those Russian Jews living in Israel? They are there because they weren't welcome back in Russia. I hope Mr. Olmert isn't serious about this. Russia is a sworn enemy of the Jews and Israel. The last article of slain reporter Anna Politkovskaya from Novaya Gazeta has been published. It paints Russian security forces in a negative light, showing them to be sadistic torturers of the Chechens.

Did you know that Hollywood is getting serious about making movies out of Bible stories? Make no mistake, this is all about making money, not about spreading the Gospel message. I guess it's true though that God Himself does indeed have a sense of humor. The irony is incredible!

King Abdullah II of Jordan is financing a fifth miniaret to be built on the Temple Mount. Silently, the Jews must be steaming at this latest face-rub. Of course they aren't going to object. To do so would invite another 'intifada', not a welcome development for any Jew or Arab in the region. The gall and contempt for Jewish culture these guys display goes well beyond the pale.

Three more posts and then we're done.

Please Don't Hurt Us Master Dep't: Why ,oh why, is the EU insisting on bankrolling the PA to the tune of $816m? The Palestinians are the biggest freeloaders on the planet. They are career welfare cheats who have not used a penny of this undeserved jizya tax to better themselves. Only more guns and weaponry in their sham resistance to the Jewish state of Israel. Uhh, it makes me sick!

I read this next article and I think Mr. Harper has seriously made a bad decision. Basically, sexual offenders will have the onus placed on them to prove that they are no longer a threat to society. The concept of 'innocent before proven guilty' is being turned on its head. I hope Mr. Duceppe doesn't back this latest effort by the Harper gov't to erode the rights of the accused.

It's Brave New World Out There Dep't: In Hungary, a pilot project is underway to tag all passengers at your local friendly airport to combat terrorism. Called Optag, it's being developed by University College London. I'm sure in due time they'll decide to make this a permanent feature. Then we'll all be safe. Or slaves to the Antichrist's regime. Take your pick.

Mr. Johnny Cash


perujan said...

Why not do some research. Though the word may be Greek, the origin (for most of us) of the number 13 as a fearful number begins in the era of the inquisition and relates to the Church wanting to further denigrate women and women healers. Look it up.

Johnny Cash said...

Dear Perujan, Thank you for your comment. I think the main thrust of my argument was that we're not to be afraid of such things such as Friday the 13th. God is in full control and He loves us. By no means was I trying to be flippant or dismissive, I was just trying to add some levity. The denigration you describe coming from the church and the Inquisition can only be contained by a loving Biblical faith. That's been my aim all along. If you can give further insight as to where I can do such research that would be of great help. Hope that answers your query. JC