Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hooray! - Feb 23

It appears I've missed the actual anniversary date of the X-Def by eleven days. Still, better late than never! Yes, a long time ago (February 2006 to be exact) in a galaxy far, far away (Tottenham, Ontario to be precise) the Christian Defender was born four years ago. Month in and month out I've tried my best to glorify God and His wonderful plan of redemption.

The Past 12 Months - Pain and Glory

In March 2009 I lost my good friend Ian to a massive stroke. It was truly a heartbreaking event as his death came most unexpectedly (doesn't it always?). He had a stroke Tuesday night, was admitted to Brampton Civic Hospital Wednesday morning and left us on Sunday. The proverbial silver lining was when I had the utmost pleasure to meet Ian's two sisters, Susan and Cindy. It's funny how death brings together people you normally would never have the chance to meet.

On the upside, I began my trek back to respectability by starting at triOS college for my paralegal studies. Pretty soon I'll be finished. Man how time flies! This past year has seen me grow on a personal level I never could have achieved had I stayed with Tipco. I've met some awesome instructors (Henry Lowi, Akua Carmichael, Michael Johnson and Syed Rizvi) and I've met lots of equally keen students who are just as passionate about the law as I am.

The Road Ahead

What lies ahead for me is anyone's guess. The near future is a murky one with no clear safe harbor in sight. That's usually how God works - He never tips His hand too far in advance. I've always managed somehow to land on my own two feet no matter the circumstance. All I can do at my end is be diligent and persistent. The rest I'll leave into His capable hands.

Johnny Cash

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dutch (Abomi) Nation - Feb 9

Pat Condell hits another one out of the park with his assessment of the Geert Wilders trial. As Pat says, authoritarianism mixed with cowardice will have deadly consequences. I fear that the forces of darkness are winning the cultural and spritual battle. The time of the church age is about to close. Will you be ready when Jesus comes?

Johnny Cash

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Make Mine Freedom - Feb 4

Saw this recently on newsrealblog.com and decided to share it with you. The video was made in 1948 by Harding College during the height of the Cold War. The quality is a little iffy and the overall effect a bit hokey, sort of like the old projectors I saw in the 70's. However, the message is a timeless one for all people regardless of their political affiliation. Please do give it a viewing!

Johnny Cash