Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God Is Our Protector - Feb 28

I just read this from Koinonia House news which is Chuck Missler's ministry. You can find the text below in its proper context here. Also from K-House you can read about the recent fraudulent claims about Jesus' supposed grave in Jerusalem. Keep in mind that Jesus and His earthly family where from Galilee, which is way north of Jerusalem. It is highly unlikely that a poor Galilean family would have a grave in Jerusalem. It must be noted here that the Talpiot grave is not a new discovery but one that was known to Israeli archaeologists since 1980!Consider also the fact that names like Mary, Jesus, Judas and Joseph were common names in use during our Saviour's earthly ministry. So yes, my faith in the resurrection is still alive and well.


The last Sunday of January, a US helicopter was shot down a few miles north of the Shiite holy city of Najaf . It was just two days before the Shiite high holy day of Ashoura, and the 600-700 man Islamic "Army of Heaven" was gathered, ready to mingle with the crowds and blow up as many pilgrims and clerics as possible. The "Heaven's Soldiers" believed their leader was the 12th Imam, or Islamic messiah, and planned to present him to the world on that Tuesday.

Shooting down that helicopter, though, might have been the worst decision the Army of Heaven made for their cause. A certain group of about 50 U.S.-backed Iraqi forces just happened to be in the area, and, going to the rescue of their friends in the helicopter, they ran smack into the middle of the cult army. The fighting that followed was so heavy that, "if you put your finger up in the air, it would get blown off," as one US soldier put it. The tiny Gideon-like band of Iraqis and Americans battled valiantly, though, and by the time reinforcements got in, they had killed at least 200 of the enemy. Another 60 of the enemy were wounded and 100-150 were captured. The cult's Imam was also killed, and the planned terrorist attacks never took place.

On our side, five Iraqis were killed, as well as the two Americans in the helicopter. One U.S. soldier in the battle that day described his amazement at surviving, saying, "I didn't get a scratch." When it was all done, he and a buddy prayed and thanked God for their lives.

Here's some scripture to put things into their proper place:

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way. (2 The 2:7)

The 'He' being spoken of in this verse is referring to none other than the Holy Spirit. While police and various other security forces still do play a part in foiling evil, ultimately it is the sovereign power of the Almighty that restrains evil. It is nothing short of obscene to believe that we are the ones that is stopping terrorism in its tracks through our own efforts. When the tribulation time comes, people will see terrorism and criminal activity go through the roof. My advice is to avoid that time here on Earth. Turn away from your sins and come to faith in Christ. Trust me, you'll thank me for it later.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That Giant Sucking Sound You Hear - Feb 27

.... is none other than our money from the Canadian taxpayers going to waste in Afghanistan. I just read how the Harper gov't is committed to spending more money, time and manpower on the Afghanistan mission. Actually, it's around $200 million, but hey, who's counting? Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. When will you ever learn? It's Islam that's Afghanistan's problem, not al-Qaida or so-called extremists who have hijacked a 'Religion of Peace'. Let me ask you this Mr. Harper: What exactly is the curriculum being taught at these wonderful schools we're rebuilding? Science and mathematics? Critical thinking? Comparative Literature? The combined works of George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Noam Chomsky and perhaps even Robert Spencer? No, of course not. They are learning how to hate infidels (meaning us poor bastards). Oh, they might be branching out a bit and learn how to strip, assemble and fire an AK-47. Or perhaps grenade throwing. Or the deadly use of knives. And so on. Well Mr. Harper, what do you think? Before you even attempt a lame-duck answer, allow me to muse aloud as to what I think we should do:

1) Could we puhleeeze stop calling Islam peaceful? The word Islam literally means 'submission' (salaam in Arabic) not peace! Let us call a spade a spade, shall we?

2) There are only two Abrahamic faiths: Judaism and Christianity. Not three. Two. That's it. Any mention of Abraham in Islamic texts is the feverish product of a false prophet who had the spiritual maturity of a three year-old. Old Abe never set foot in the Arabian peninsula. Ever. And crazy Mo never once visited Jerusalem. Sorry, dreams don't count. Actually, neither Jerusalem nor 'Palestine' is mentioned even once in Islam's texts. So there.

3) Under no circumstance should anyone ever feel obligated to bow to that which they believe is false. I worship Jesus Christ alone, not some madman sucking in too much desert dust 1400 years ago. Why should we be making all the bloody concessions just because we're a (post) Christian nation?

4) A three-dimensional problem requires a three-dimensional solution. Why then are we blindly insisting on fighting in two dimensions only? Not all battles are fought purely in the material realm. This is also a spiritual battle as well. Even the perpetually stunned Left understand that a military solution alone doesn't exist. Mind you, that's by sheer accident that they say this. Satan hates it when we try to free those that are under his bondage. The sooner we get serious about the demonic nature of this struggle the sooner we'll be defeating the likes of the Taliban.

5) Unceasing prayer is another thing Satan hates. So pray always for victory, not matter what the cost. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let us never forget that.

Despite all this, it is still heartening to know that Canadians are still stepping up to the plate in a big way as it pertains to Afghanistan. At least there's some of us out there who still take this stuff seriously.

It was on February 26, 1993 when the first terrorist attack occurred at the WTC in NYC. Undeterred, they came back eight years later to finish the job. We all know what happened then.

Here's another good reason why being a Muslim is a bad idea. Your fellow 'brothers' would betray you in a heartbeat if that meant gaining the advantage. Just remember, Malcolm X was murdered in cold blood by his own, not by police or federal agents. Ayman al-Zawahiri knew full well the necessity of betrayal and murder if it meant getting power and prestige in the al-Qaida movement.

I'm gonna wrap this post up as it is getting late. What I really want to say is this: It is God who is ultimately our protector. It is no accident that it's very difficult to be a successful suicide bomber in Israel. God has not forgotten His people Israel. I also want to say that I hope that you are growing in faith as these ladies are in India. In Canada (and the West in general) we take literacy for granted. Not so in India. Watch this slideshow as they learn to read and write and grow in faith. God is good all the time is He not?

Johnny Cash

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our Sovereign Lord - Feb 24

Does it not seem that the world is spinning out of control? Well yes and no (Don't you just hate it when people give you that answer?). If we were to see things through man's finite vision we would say yes. But I think that's a mistake. You see, God is an unchanging God: He is the same yesterday, today and forever. When we see things through God's POV we see things coming together, not falling apart. Whether it be turmoil in the ME, domestic terrorism, the global persecution of Christians and even in the climate where it appears that nature is rejecting us, God is still in charge. I don't know what tomorrow will bring any more than the next individual. What I do know is that nothing is out of place as far as our Creator is concerned. The way I see it, you can live in fear and perplexity or you can put your faith in God and believe that He will safely deliver all those that have trusted in Him. For me, that's an easy call to make. Will you do the same?

I've got some backlog here that I want to get rid of so here we go:

I think I want to really expand on the domestic terrorism issue as Licia Corbella of the Calgary Sun touched upon (See the 'domestic terrorism' link above). It is precisely this irrational fear of causing offence is the thing that's going to get innocents killed, not the truth itself. I have said it before and I will say it again: Peace with Islam is pure death, plain and simple. Peace where it is possible yes, but not a peace where only one side (meaning us) makes all the personal sacrifices.

Are the Democrats so stupid to believe that once all U.S. troops are pulled out that the Iraqi debacle will come to an end? No! In all likelihood it will be the beginning of a new nightmare, the likes of which few of us (including myself) can comprehend. Just as this article succinctly states, the Americans will end up apologizing to the Iranians for a war that they started in 1979. This is not just Bush's war. This is our war too whether we like it or not.

I have three more links I'd like to share with you that didn't seem to fit the narrative above.

When I say the term 'Witch Doctor', you probably think of some silly, politically incorrect Bugs Bunny cartoon. However, in places like rural India, a witch doctor is a very real and usually one with a great deal of prestige in their local village. Read about Raju and how he forsook his witch doctor ways and chose to serve a living God, Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Is it possible that an off-shore wind farm in the North Atlantic could fill the energy needs of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and then some? Does Dick Cheney know about this?

I've had this blog in my favorites folder for some time now but never bothered to put it in my OBAS section. Here now is Sand Monkey, an Egyptian blogger with a great sense of humor. As always, the X-Def does not take responsibility for the content of any external sites mentioned here.

Hope that'll do for now. I'll have more up to date stuff later.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 7.62mm Solution - Feb 20

Robert Mugabe. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ayman al-Zawahiri. Ismael Haniyeh. Mahmoud Abbas. Bashar al-Assad. George Galloway. Jimmy Carter. Kofi Annan. Jacques Chirac -- the fact that he's also French doubles the pleasure. Yessir, here's a short list that I've compiled that would better serve humanity and their respective cause/country by finding themselves six feet under. They have added nothing to this world except make the West weaker and the enemy of freedom (namely Islamic jihadis) stronger. For all those who pray for America's destruction and for an Islamic caliphate deserve to go on the 'dirt nap' list as well. Do you think I'm being unduly harsh? Let me pose a scenario for you:

Suppose it's the year 1938. Now imagine yourself equipped with a sniper rifle sent to assassinate Hitler and any other of the high-ranking Nazis that you come across. You've been training for this all your life. Would you go and do the job? Well I think if you had any kind of backbone you'd salivate at the chance of getting Der Furher in your crosshairs.

Now I fully realize that Hitler and his sycophants have been residing in Hell for over sixty years. However, the people that threaten our cherished freedoms are still very much out there. There's would be nothing quite like the feeling of putting a 7.62mm bullet directly in the forehead of an enemy of freedom. I mean what was the end of the war in Europe and in the Pacific against the Japanese if nothing but a military solution?

Fast forward to today and we see a complacent populace that has forgotten what it means to fight for freedom and to stand up to tyranny. We have gotten soft and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. We have people in the West today who want to negotiate with the Iranians and the Syrians over the problems that Bush is having in Iraq. We have traitorous Democrats like John Kerry and Barack Obama who wish to see America fail. See what I mean? Being an American (and a Canadian too) to me always meant someone who has a steely-eyed resolve and a willingness to make sacrifices for liberty. I don't see that any more and it grieves my spirit greatly.

Please understand, I am a man of peace first and foremost. But I will not bow my knee to the false god (and false hope) of 'peace at any price'. If we must fight however, let our wars be small ones rather than big ones. How do we accomplish this? By taking direct and immediate action now. Have we done this? No! Our unwillingness to fight and take the spiritual nature of this conflict seriously points us to fighting a much bigger war later on. This is directly in line with Bible prophecy that predicts that the world will gather all of it's armies and march on to the Holy Land of Israel. At that moment, when Israel is at her greatest peril Jesus Christ will come in glory and power to save his people. Make no mistake, this campaign to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth is well underway, be it in the form of UN interference, the meddling EU or any anti-Semitic commentary that denies Jews the right to settle in their God-given land.

Bottom line is this: Either we get an unconditional surrender or we give one. I don't know about you, but surrender to these Islamic thugs is NOT AN OPTION. Ever. So what do we do? Understand and then try to be understood. Find out about what is happening in the ME and Islam's true nature. Know this: The MSM is hopelessly mired in PC and is absolutely useless. A great place to start (insert shameless plug here) is right here at this humble little blog. Any of the links I've given can really help you if you take the time to read them. Rapture Ready is a fantastic site filled with Bible prophecy information. I discovered RR years ago and is updated daily. Plus there are weekly commentaries from Todd and Terry there every Monday. As far as understanding Islam, Jihad Watch stands head and shoulders above most anti-jihad websites. Go to their site and sign up for their daily e-mails and get your daily jolt of info on that 'Religion Of Peace'. All I can do is point you in the right direction. It's up to you to start (and hopefully finish) the journey that this will take you. I wish you luck. You're gonna need it!

Johnny Cash

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Imposing Righteousness - Feb 18

As I have stated before, one of the classic lies that this world loves to teach is that real truth is unknowable. More to the point, they stretch this even further by saying that anyone that does claim to know truth from error, the darkness from the light, the wheat from the chaff (and so on) is to be viewed as some kind of monster. You see, if evil exists (and the Bible is crystal clear on this) then the entire worldview of the secular-progressives goes up in smoke. Poof. Just like that. Moral relativism must be held on to at all costs, despite all evidence to the contrary. Islam cannot be considered 'evil' (for that would be seen as attacking 'deeply-set beliefs', a liberal no-no), it must be erroneously compared to other belief systems, especially Christianity. The call to jihad and to lop off the heads of the infidels must be compared to certain OT scriptures, however extraneous. This despite the fact that the call to jihad was always understood to be a perpetual standing order given to all able-bodied Muslims and the fact that the LORD gave his OT commands only for a set time and a place. Let it be said here that militant secularists never let facts get in the way of a good argument.

The idea that imposing any kind of belief system on anyone somehow violates their individuality and their freedom to do as they please is a flawed one. Oh, the secular-progressives breathlessly exclaim, "If only we could break free from the church-mandated morality then we would truly be free". I think this is disasterous thinking. No parent would ever let their child run wild without placing any kind of restraint on him/her. No, the parent would make it a point to instruct that child on what to do and what not to do. It's not being cruel or trampling that child's freedoms (such as they are) into dust. It represents an equipping of sorts so that when they are mature they can make the right decision. So in the same way, our Heavenly Father wishes to instruct us to do those things that bring us joy and avoid those things that cause us pain and sorrow. Imposing righteousness on their children is the prerogative of every parent, both the earthly and heavenly ones.

So why is Islam flourishing in a post-Christian West? Why is sin is strutting about with a puffed-up chest on the world stage? Why does it appear that our national leaders are failing us? Simple. We have forgotten what it is like to be a righteous and holy people. Not just here in Canada. Not just in America or Europe. Not only in Israel either. IT'S EVERYWHERE. We have before us a generation of Biblically illiterate people who know not God. We have forgotten what it means to fear the LORD. If you want to be truly equipped in this day and age, you must study God's word. There is no other way. The other way, which is the corrupted wisdom of this world, has brought us nothing but death and destruction. My friend, it is good to impose righteousness. It is good to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. It is good to be holy and acceptable before our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Not by my efforts am I forgiven, rather what Jesus did for me at the cross is the reason why I'm heavenly bound. By the blood and through the blood of the Lamb is the only way back to God. Understand this and understand this well: Satan is terrified of two things, the words of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb. That's it. Therefore I ask you in earnest to pray for a revival. Pray for a genuine national outpouring of grief over our sin and disobedience towards Him. I'm talking full on sackcloth and ashes here. And you know what? Satan also hates prayer warriors. So if nothing else, pray to bug him and drive him up the wall.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Canada, Terrorism and Energy Politics - Feb 15

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While I'm no longer a premium subscriber to stratfor, I still get these real nifty updates. You can too! Just click on the link provided in the sidebar, fill out the form, provide stratfor with a valid e-mail address and receive the same cutting-edge information today! I just got this neat Public Policy Report in my Inbox concerning Canada's energy policies and the recent threats made by al-Qaida and how it concerns Canada's unlikely implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. Real interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

Johnny Cash

Canada: The Changing Shape of Energy Politics
By Bart Mongoven

On Feb. 14, the lower house of the Canadian Parliament passed a resolution that calls for Canada to rededicate itself to environmental commitments made under the Kyoto Protocol. On the same day, al Qaeda's branch in Saudi Arabia issued a call for jihadists to attack energy industry assets in Canada because it is a key supplier of oil and natural gas to the United States.

Both events are important -- not because the calls of either Canadian lawmakers or Islamist militants are likely to bear significant fruit (they are not), but because of the way they intersect with public sentiment and policy prospects that are likely to impact the future of the country's energy industry.

Earlier this month, Canada's Conservative government launched into a series of meetings with environmentalists, industry groups and local politicians on issues relating to energy development. The meetings are noteworthy because Prime Minister Stephen Harper -- both in his 2006 election campaign and throughout his political career -- has unwaveringly advocated rapid development of Canada's energy potential. Harper is widely expected to call for a new election before the end of April, and, significantly, his government appears to be considering a different approach to energy development in the run-up to that election. In short, Canada's long-term vision for its energy industry could be changing.

At the same time, the support that Canada provides to the United States on numerous fronts -- most notably, military support in Afghanistan and exports of natural resources for U.S. manufacturing -- is growing increasingly controversial, and moving to the forefront of Canadian political debate. Though exceedingly unlikely to have been purposely timed to coincide with the climate change debate, the al Qaeda threat that surfaced Feb. 14 will only add to the questions and public dissatisfaction over the U.S. relationship.

Taken together, the two events add another layer of complexity to the debate over how freely Canada should send natural resources to its neighbor to the south. This is a debate that is extremely important to the United States, which is looking for ways to reduce its own dependence on energy sources in the Middle East. A new energy plan proposed by President George W. Bush would require not only that Americans become more efficient in their consumption and make greater use of nonoil sources of energy, but also rests on the assumption that Canada would make up for the loss of any oil imports from the Middle East -- as well as for dwindling output from domestic oil sources and Venezuela.

The Politics of Energy

To fully understand the issue in the wider context, it is important first to examine the role that Canada already plays in the U.S. story and perspectives on the growth of the Canadian energy industry.

Currently, Canada supplies more than 21 percent of the United States' crude oil imports, far more than any other country. The 2.1 million barrels per day come primarily from traditional oil fields in the far northern and Rocky Mountain regions. The U.S. Energy Department projects that Canada will increase its total oil production by almost 50 percent in the next four years, and that U.S. imports from Canada will increase in the coming decade. As Washington considers a number of policy options to reduce imports from the Middle East, however, the percentage of U.S. imports from Canada likely will be even higher than the Energy Information Administration estimates.

Though that may be perfectly acceptable from the American viewpoint, it is a problem for the Canadians -- many of whom are coming to perceive their country as a well-stocked cupboard of natural resources that is continually being raided by their neighbor to the south. The notion that Canada is continually exporting its raw material riches to the United States is a dominant theme in Canadian political dialogue: The United States is viewed as a bully and an exploiter.

At the same time, it is difficult to dismiss the fact that Canada has benefited financially from U.S. "exploitation," and that even closer energy ties with the United States could be good for oil companies and certain energy-rich provinces. For example, in a province like Alberta, which has a sparse population and tremendous natural resources, the idea that energy exports to the United States could be further increased leads to visions of becoming something like a North American version of Kuwait.

Alberta, Harper's home province, is an important focal point in Canada's energy debates because it is the province where most of the country's oil sands are located.

Canada long has recognized the significance of these oil-rich sands (sometimes referred to as "tar sands"); but until recently, this resource has been viewed as only a potential source of wealth. The process of deriving oil from the sand is expensive: Oil-laden rocks must be collected and then heated to separate the petroleum from the surrounding minerals. Though the technical costs of the process now are falling, the feasibility of developing large-scale oil-sands projects remains questionable, since they would be unprofitable if global oil prices fall below $50 per barrel. The profitability threshold for oil-sands projects could come down a bit more as Canada builds new gas pipelines and other infrastructure, but compared to most of Canada's traditional drilling -- often profitable at $6 per barrel -- oil sands remain a risky venture.

The Politics of Politics

The Liberal government that was in power during the 1990s promulgated a series of laws designed to reduce the risks of oil-sands development and encourage companies to take the plunge. Among the measures passed was a 1996 tax break -- essentially allowing the rapid depreciation of assets used in tar-sands development -- that encouraged companies to find new ways of approaching the tar sands. It is not clear whether this and other tax breaks and subsidies were key factors that drove interest in the resource, but it can be said that industry has invested heavily during the past 11 years in technologies to exploit the tar sands.

The 1996 tax break is now at the center of a political storm in Canada.

Harper, a Conservative, was brought into office not on the strength of his political ideology, but in a voter backlash over missteps by the previous Liberal government. In order to consolidate his party's hold on power, it is in his interest to move quickly -- while he is still in something of a honeymoon period -- to call new elections, since most have concluded he will. Harper, who is more conservative than the average Canadian, wants to move his party and his government toward the political center -- and rescinding the 1996 tax break is one of the options he is considering to achieve this. The justification for the move is similar to that recently given in the United States by Democrats, who sought to rescind a Clinton-era "royalty relief" package: That oil companies are profiting plenty with global prices at their current levels and do not need additional tax breaks.

The easiest way to expand the Conservative Party's base is to capture votes in the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, Harper will have to part with many of his more conservative positions, and to some extent sever his Alberta roots, for political gain. Addressing climate change, standing up to the United States and reducing subsidies to oil companies fit well into a strategy designed to capture the political center.

The Politics of Climate Change

The Parliament resolution passed Feb. 14, calling for Canada to meet its Kyoto Protocol obligations on climate change, should be viewed in this context. The resolution also complicates the political problems associated with accelerating oil-sands development.

Many Canadians are convinced by political rhetoric that their country cannot meet the greenhouse gas emission reductions that Canada agreed to in the Kyoto Protocol largely because unrelenting U.S. demand for energy compels Canadian companies to increase oil and natural gas production. That in itself is an energy-intensive undertaking -- and under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canadians are powerless to put a halt to these energy exports.

The technicalities of extracting oil from tar sands also make for an energy-intensive process, meaning that further development of tar-sands projects would further increase, rather than reduce, Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. With many in the country already upset that Canada is not expected to meet its Kyoto commitments, efforts to develop tar sands as an oil resource are viewed as a way of guaranteeing the country's Kyoto failure.

The Politics of Terrorism

Even if there were not strong domestic arguments against the oil-sands development, underlying sentiments about Canada's trade relations with the United States should not be dismissed or understated. The Canadian public senses that the United States uses Canada as a colony to supply its demand for raw materials and energy, and the tar sands would be just another example. Because NAFTA makes it impossible for Canada to prevent companies from exporting raw materials freely across the border, and because it consigns Canada to supply natural gas to the United States in perpetuity, many Canadians have come to view the trade agreement as a strategic blunder that reduced Canada to the status of a natural resources vassal to the American overlord.

And with the call issued by al Qaeda on Feb. 14 for attacks in Canada -- specifically citing its energy relations with the United States -- there likely will be a growing sense that Canadians have accepted vassal status at risk to their own life and limb.

It does not automatically follow that jihadists, having issued the threat, would be able to carry out a meaningful strike against Canada's energy industry. Al Qaeda has used Canada as a base for operations in the past, but at this time the militant presence in Canada appears to be more of the "grassroots" variety than the well-trained or battle-hardened type. That means that any attacks mounted in response to al Qaeda's call would be more likely to involve "soft" targets -- or relatively unprotected assets -- rather than "hardened" facilities that are critical to core operations. Nevertheless, the threat itself (or an actual casualty-producing attack against the public on Canadian soil) has the potential to damage U.S.-Canadian relations. If al Qaeda's goal is to weaken the United States economically, threats against one of its key energy suppliers -- issued in a way or at a time that dovetails with existing public sentiment -- certainly could have an effect.

In short, none of these issues can be considered in a vacuum. The United States has come to view increased oil production from Canada as a significant piece of any strategy designed to promote "energy independence." Meanwhile, pressure is building within Canada to slow the pace and scope of the energy industry's growth, particularly as it relates to oil sands. For the Canadians, questions about energy development place the country's relationship with the United States front and center in the political spotlight. And for the Americans, the stakes are just as high: The Canadian debate casts a shadow of uncertainty over U.S. options for reducing reliance on Middle Eastern oil supplies.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Christianity? - Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day for those who have someone in their lives! Love is a difficult thing to hold on to. I have the utmost respect for those who have made their relationship with that special someone last for any length of time.

With that out of the way, I figured I'd do a cheap post on the fly as it is already 11 p.m.. For me, there are at least three solid reasons why Christianity stands head and shoulders above all belief systems. Jesus Himself spoke truth when He stated that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let's look at these one by one.

The Way

Let me make a confession to you first. I'm a nervous person. I always dread the worst is going to happen to me even when I have no reason to believe so. It's just part of my nature I guess. It's kind of funny that I dread the day to day stuff more than eternity. For most the reverse is true. The day to day stuff, the routine to which people become accustomed is their 'rock' upon which they stand. Any talk of death terrifies them. For me, death represents a new and exciting beginning, not some horrible 'lights-out-the-party's-over-fade-to-black' end that I should fear. Actually, I find myself more curious than anything as to what will happen when I breathe my last. Not being morbid or fatalistic you understand, just keen to know what awaits me on the 'other side'. You see, when you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you know that He is going to guide you on the right path. We don't have to pray that hopefully God will lead us into righteouness, because He is perfect in every way. God doesn't merely point us in the right direction and wish us luck on our journey, He promises to be there every single step of the way, up to and including our last moments.

The Truth

One of the biggest lies that this world loves to tell us is that truth is simply a relative thing and is therefore unknowable. Truth however, is not a 'thing' or an abstract idea that one plays with and throws away when it no longer amuses us. No, truth is a person who was revealed to us by God the Father in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. Moral relativists despise this idea. According to them, God is forever evolving and therefore morals are doing likewise. This so-called evolution of morality, rather than making us more holy and acceptable to God, leads us right into the cesspool and the gutter. Timeless truth in human terms means this: What is true today will remain true tomorrow, and error will always be error despite all of Man's best efforts. Truth is also a universal concept as well. It applies to male and female, to black and to white, to rich and to poor and to the weak and the strong. Yes, that is intolerant. And unapologetically so.

The Life

This one here is the real clincher for me above all past, present and future Bible prophecy. As the saying goes, If your religion doesn't change you, change your religion. I have read and heard many testimonies of individuals who have come to faith in Christ and they all share one thing in common: A big change in they way they conduct themselves and how they choose to lead their lives. I suppose that's the reason why so many foolishly choose not to follow JC: They're just 'stuck in their ways' and see no reason for (even positive) changes in their lifestyle. Jesus Christ is indeed the author of life. Without Him we just wither away to dust.

So there you go. I'm sure you could come up with a better list but this'll do for now. Hopefully I'll whip up a proper post soon for your reading enjoyment.

Johnny Cash

Monday, February 12, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different - Feb 12

With apologies to Monty Python of course. No clever segue needed here as I've said all I wanted to say in my previous post. So without further ado, here's some of the news that has crossed my desk in recent days.

Without sounding like I'm flogging a dead horse, it appears that the end-game between Iran and the U.S. is well under way. This has been a long time coming, hence the reason why I've shied away from any sensationalist pronouncements and the like. By the way, what's wrong with putting fear into the heart of the enemy? Why is that deemed so offensive, especially to the useful idiots on the Left? Squeezing Iran is the best possible thing we can do right now in light of what's happening in Iraq. Iranians view the Americans as resourceful and unpredictable, which believe me is actually a good thing. Taking advantage of this paranoid mindset ought to be priority number one for the Bush administration.

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! In Munich, Germany, President Putin's true colours were revealed as he came out publicly swinging against U.S. foreign policy. Defence Secretary Robert Gates kindly rebuffed Putin and reminded everybody that one Cold War was quite enough. While the old unlamented Soviet Union is dead and buried, the Russians are re-entering the arms race with a vengeance. Though not even close to it's zenith in 1985, Russian arms exports are ominously on the rise.

Just remember, it's not paranoid if it happens to be true. Did you know that your iris can be scanned without your consent?

Why are honeybee colonies dying in droves all of a sudden? In the honeybee article it states:

Along with being producers of honey, commercial bee colonies are important to agriculture as pollinators, along with some birds, bats and other insects. A recent report by the National Research Council noted that in order to bear fruit, three-quarters of all flowering plants—including most food crops and some that provide fiber, drugs and fuel—rely on pollinators for fertilization.

See that? No pollinators like bees equals crop failures which lead to famine. I know this sounds silly, but please keep these bees in you prayers. They are more important to humanity's survival rate far more than we'll ever know.

You wouldn't understand, it's a Canadian thing: Our own Stephen Harper found himself in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick to ceremoniously drop a puck at a pond hockey tournament. Consider the scale of this 'little' tournament:
1) There are 120 teams (or so) vying for the Wooden Cup. Along with the obvious contingent of Canadian and American hockey players, there are also teams from England, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Egypt (!), and the Cayman Islands (!!).
2) Roulston Lake which is where the tournament is being played on can support up to forty teams (or twenty rinks) at any one time. A lake that big has to be frozen up real good in order to physically withstand the weight that is placed on the ice.
3) I was perusing the papers today and it appears that an American team called the Boston Danglers won the tournament. Good for them!

Lastly I've got a cool video link that I've been saving since I've moved to Brampton. It's from and requires flash in order to play. It calls itself the 'Islamic Mein Kampf' and ought to be seen by everyone. A must-have for your favorites!

That's it for today. I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

Johnny Cash

The Christian Defender - One Year Later - Feb 12

Go ahead and try to blow out THIS candle. Preferably without spitting on your computer screen of course.

Yes friends, it's time to celebrate! The Christian Defender is now officially one year old! You can view my first post here and Faith Girl's first post here as well. Keep in mind the X-Def wasn't nearly as polished as it is now. Fact is, I'm still working on it! I'd also like to thank many of you, especially my English friend DizzyFatPlonka (still have no idea what that is) who has been with me from early on. DFP my friend, I hope to one day meet you face to face. I'd also like to thank Belinda, Concerned, Joe S. at JihadiDuJour, CottShop at Sacred Scoop, Gareth at BNP and Me and all the rest of you who have dropped by and left a comment. Hey, even if you didn't leave a comment but still enjoyed my posts I would also like to thank you for your time. My special gratitude however is reserved for none other than Faith Girl. This wonderful Christian woman is not just a contributor here at the X-Def, she is also a true friend of mine. Thank you Faith Girl to you, your three little ones and to your parents for showing me warmth and kindness.

With all those accolades out of the way, I want to make a belated mission statement here. You see, when I started this blog in February of 2006 I had no idea it would still be up and running a year from that time. Indeed, we have come a long way from total obscurity to at least some recognition. The focus of this blog has always been centered on the person of Jesus Christ. Without Him and my previous military experience I would in all likelihood be either dead or in jail. I don't think I'm exaggerating either. I truly believe that God has blessed me with His grace and wisdom. It is my solemn vow to you, my dear reader, that His name be lifted up and glorified above all other names for the duration of my blogging efforts.

For me, blogging was never about being a show-off or being some kind of smart-ass (although I'm still guilty of that charge from time to time). All this B.S. about Liberal vs. Conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, Right Wing vs. Left Wing (politics, not hockey!) is pure nonsense. It's always been about getting it Biblically correct, not politically correct. My sole concern was getting the whole picture and to see things from God's POV. A tough task to be sure, but a much-needed one in this day of confusion. We live in a dangerous time my friend, where telling the truth can get you hurt, black-balled or just plain old-fashioned dead. We also live in a time where true Biblical love is in some serious short supply. Lots of lust and expediency to be sure, but little in the way of love that Jesus practiced and preached. To wit:

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Mt 22:37-40)

You see, Christ's message still resonates with the hearts and minds of men and women today. God's command to us is to love one another as we would want to be loved. That's it. It's not a difficult concept really if you think about it. So many are seeking love through fame and fortune, yet few celebrities, the so-called 'beautiful people' of this world, seem to be able to find it. Love is in short supply all over, from entire regions like the ME and certainly in places like Iraq. It's in demand in churches and in homes, in love-starved marriages and in strained relationships. So my 'thing' is this: Love God with your whole heart and don't hold back. When you do so you'll find it much easier to forgive and forget past slights. That's where the whole 'loving your neighbour' bit comes in. Show mercy and mercy will be shown unto you. Hatred, bitterness and resentment has no place in a Christian heart. That to me is what it's all about. Always has been and always will be. I hope you enjoyed this first year as much as Faith Girl and I did. Here's hoping Year Two will be even better.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Politically Incorrect - Feb 6

I was watching CTS TV earlier and I saw something that disturbed me as a Christian parent. Apparently, British Columbia is the test case for a new spin on the sex-ed in high school. They are introducing gay and lesbian lifestyles as a normal, acceptable choice for teens. This is being done in relative secrecy. They are making a point of NOT asking the parents what they think and just teaching the kids what they want. They are also NOT ALLOWING PARENTS to excuse their children from this section of the curriculum. This makes me angry. Since when are parents no longer allowed to impose their moral or religious beliefs at public school? Okay, so they took out the Lord's Prayer, they made it really hard for Christian clubs to function in school, and you need a signed form from parents to listen to the Gideons and get your own free Bible....All this not to step on toes...But what about OUR toes?

As a Christian mom I believe that Homosexuality is wrong. Politically incorrect or not. The Bible says that a man should not lie down with another man and a woman should not lie down with another woman. Plain and simple. I believe that if God says "Don't do it" you don't do it. It's not rocket science. What other people want to believe or teach their children is up to them, but I want the right to teach my children my beliefs, NOT the world's.

If the school want to teach something, I can't stop them, BUT let the parents know and give them a choice! I have no problem with homosexuals -after all, Jesus died for them too - but that doesn't mean I agree with their lifestyle, and that doesn't mean a teacher should be teaching my children to accept it as 'right'.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm Moving Again! - Feb 1

Is January of '07 finished already? Man, time sure flies when you're not paying attention. Anyways, I'm just firing off a quickie post of little consequence to let everybody know I'm moving house once more (twice within six months) to lovely Brampton(istan) where I'll be eight minutes from work. No post tomorrow but I'm hoping the internet connection is set up (more or less) where I'm going. If I'm disposed at length I'll try to give you updates from my parent's computer. I don't expect that to happen though. The short commute will save me on gas, not to mention wear and tear on the car (and on me too). Wish me luck on Saturday because that's when the move is going to happen.

On a side note, it occurs to me that the X-Def was created on the 12th of February a year ago. As the day gets closer I'll give a more in depth analysis of what has gone on these past twelve months. It's very rare that a blog lasts that long, most people who start one up quickly lose interest and stop posting. So without bragging, the X-Def is certainly in a unique minority. More to follow on this train of thought later.

Johnny Cash