Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That Giant Sucking Sound You Hear - Feb 27

.... is none other than our money from the Canadian taxpayers going to waste in Afghanistan. I just read how the Harper gov't is committed to spending more money, time and manpower on the Afghanistan mission. Actually, it's around $200 million, but hey, who's counting? Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. When will you ever learn? It's Islam that's Afghanistan's problem, not al-Qaida or so-called extremists who have hijacked a 'Religion of Peace'. Let me ask you this Mr. Harper: What exactly is the curriculum being taught at these wonderful schools we're rebuilding? Science and mathematics? Critical thinking? Comparative Literature? The combined works of George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Noam Chomsky and perhaps even Robert Spencer? No, of course not. They are learning how to hate infidels (meaning us poor bastards). Oh, they might be branching out a bit and learn how to strip, assemble and fire an AK-47. Or perhaps grenade throwing. Or the deadly use of knives. And so on. Well Mr. Harper, what do you think? Before you even attempt a lame-duck answer, allow me to muse aloud as to what I think we should do:

1) Could we puhleeeze stop calling Islam peaceful? The word Islam literally means 'submission' (salaam in Arabic) not peace! Let us call a spade a spade, shall we?

2) There are only two Abrahamic faiths: Judaism and Christianity. Not three. Two. That's it. Any mention of Abraham in Islamic texts is the feverish product of a false prophet who had the spiritual maturity of a three year-old. Old Abe never set foot in the Arabian peninsula. Ever. And crazy Mo never once visited Jerusalem. Sorry, dreams don't count. Actually, neither Jerusalem nor 'Palestine' is mentioned even once in Islam's texts. So there.

3) Under no circumstance should anyone ever feel obligated to bow to that which they believe is false. I worship Jesus Christ alone, not some madman sucking in too much desert dust 1400 years ago. Why should we be making all the bloody concessions just because we're a (post) Christian nation?

4) A three-dimensional problem requires a three-dimensional solution. Why then are we blindly insisting on fighting in two dimensions only? Not all battles are fought purely in the material realm. This is also a spiritual battle as well. Even the perpetually stunned Left understand that a military solution alone doesn't exist. Mind you, that's by sheer accident that they say this. Satan hates it when we try to free those that are under his bondage. The sooner we get serious about the demonic nature of this struggle the sooner we'll be defeating the likes of the Taliban.

5) Unceasing prayer is another thing Satan hates. So pray always for victory, not matter what the cost. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let us never forget that.

Despite all this, it is still heartening to know that Canadians are still stepping up to the plate in a big way as it pertains to Afghanistan. At least there's some of us out there who still take this stuff seriously.

It was on February 26, 1993 when the first terrorist attack occurred at the WTC in NYC. Undeterred, they came back eight years later to finish the job. We all know what happened then.

Here's another good reason why being a Muslim is a bad idea. Your fellow 'brothers' would betray you in a heartbeat if that meant gaining the advantage. Just remember, Malcolm X was murdered in cold blood by his own, not by police or federal agents. Ayman al-Zawahiri knew full well the necessity of betrayal and murder if it meant getting power and prestige in the al-Qaida movement.

I'm gonna wrap this post up as it is getting late. What I really want to say is this: It is God who is ultimately our protector. It is no accident that it's very difficult to be a successful suicide bomber in Israel. God has not forgotten His people Israel. I also want to say that I hope that you are growing in faith as these ladies are in India. In Canada (and the West in general) we take literacy for granted. Not so in India. Watch this slideshow as they learn to read and write and grow in faith. God is good all the time is He not?

Johnny Cash


El Grumpo said...

It is sad that our governments are so into pc-ism that they just cannot see the truth. Like Pelosi appointing a jerk to the intelligence agency who didn't even know the difference between shiite and sunni muslims......So many in our leadership are sooooo stupid.
Must be something in the water in washington DC huh?
Oh, and Johnny Cash--I cant ever seen the verification letters when I use Mozilla as my web browser. See about that will you?

Anonymous said...

What's worse is none of you can see the truths. You're paying too much attention to the 'sides' in the game that you don't realize Satan is controlling both.

Satan is the owner of this world. Who do you think originally misled the muslims in the first place?

Who do you think is misleading the American people to go over there and kill them? Who loves death and destruction? Who wants nothing more than to lure you away from God with your own media & lust for money?

C'mon folks, wake up & catch the train. When Adam & Eve walked this earth it was only them & God. Satan was cast down here to rule the place for awhile. Who do you think has been setting up this infrastructure of 'false Gods' since the inception of the planet?

Phew. Seriously, wake up. Stop picking sides & realize there's only Black & white: Satan & God.

There are no teams, stop trying to bat for either one. Repent & be baptized in the name of Jesus to be saved for your sin.

Johnny Cash said...

Dude, where've you been? I've been very consistent in my criticism of Western gov'ts, including Mr. Bush and Mr. Harper. This is precisely the reason why we are still having problems in both Iraq and Afghanistan. As I said in my post, this is a three dimensional problem (material, ideological and spiritual) that our humanist gov'ts are unable to understand. Satan is indeed god of this world, a point I've made over and over again. Am I picking sides? You better believe it. A defeat by the West will end all our cherished freedoms. As flawed as our tactics are, we still have to back our troops no matter what the cost. And I have been baptized and repented for my sins. Thanks for your concern.