Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 7.62mm Solution - Feb 20

Robert Mugabe. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ayman al-Zawahiri. Ismael Haniyeh. Mahmoud Abbas. Bashar al-Assad. George Galloway. Jimmy Carter. Kofi Annan. Jacques Chirac -- the fact that he's also French doubles the pleasure. Yessir, here's a short list that I've compiled that would better serve humanity and their respective cause/country by finding themselves six feet under. They have added nothing to this world except make the West weaker and the enemy of freedom (namely Islamic jihadis) stronger. For all those who pray for America's destruction and for an Islamic caliphate deserve to go on the 'dirt nap' list as well. Do you think I'm being unduly harsh? Let me pose a scenario for you:

Suppose it's the year 1938. Now imagine yourself equipped with a sniper rifle sent to assassinate Hitler and any other of the high-ranking Nazis that you come across. You've been training for this all your life. Would you go and do the job? Well I think if you had any kind of backbone you'd salivate at the chance of getting Der Furher in your crosshairs.

Now I fully realize that Hitler and his sycophants have been residing in Hell for over sixty years. However, the people that threaten our cherished freedoms are still very much out there. There's would be nothing quite like the feeling of putting a 7.62mm bullet directly in the forehead of an enemy of freedom. I mean what was the end of the war in Europe and in the Pacific against the Japanese if nothing but a military solution?

Fast forward to today and we see a complacent populace that has forgotten what it means to fight for freedom and to stand up to tyranny. We have gotten soft and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. We have people in the West today who want to negotiate with the Iranians and the Syrians over the problems that Bush is having in Iraq. We have traitorous Democrats like John Kerry and Barack Obama who wish to see America fail. See what I mean? Being an American (and a Canadian too) to me always meant someone who has a steely-eyed resolve and a willingness to make sacrifices for liberty. I don't see that any more and it grieves my spirit greatly.

Please understand, I am a man of peace first and foremost. But I will not bow my knee to the false god (and false hope) of 'peace at any price'. If we must fight however, let our wars be small ones rather than big ones. How do we accomplish this? By taking direct and immediate action now. Have we done this? No! Our unwillingness to fight and take the spiritual nature of this conflict seriously points us to fighting a much bigger war later on. This is directly in line with Bible prophecy that predicts that the world will gather all of it's armies and march on to the Holy Land of Israel. At that moment, when Israel is at her greatest peril Jesus Christ will come in glory and power to save his people. Make no mistake, this campaign to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth is well underway, be it in the form of UN interference, the meddling EU or any anti-Semitic commentary that denies Jews the right to settle in their God-given land.

Bottom line is this: Either we get an unconditional surrender or we give one. I don't know about you, but surrender to these Islamic thugs is NOT AN OPTION. Ever. So what do we do? Understand and then try to be understood. Find out about what is happening in the ME and Islam's true nature. Know this: The MSM is hopelessly mired in PC and is absolutely useless. A great place to start (insert shameless plug here) is right here at this humble little blog. Any of the links I've given can really help you if you take the time to read them. Rapture Ready is a fantastic site filled with Bible prophecy information. I discovered RR years ago and is updated daily. Plus there are weekly commentaries from Todd and Terry there every Monday. As far as understanding Islam, Jihad Watch stands head and shoulders above most anti-jihad websites. Go to their site and sign up for their daily e-mails and get your daily jolt of info on that 'Religion Of Peace'. All I can do is point you in the right direction. It's up to you to start (and hopefully finish) the journey that this will take you. I wish you luck. You're gonna need it!

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James Biga said...

I understand your preferance for small wars. Unfortunately we have gone to the limited warfare approach to conflicts. We usually talk ourselves into a situation that requires massive action and we go at it sporadically. As a boy I did my best to stay out of fights. However when the occasion arose that I could not avoid the fight I went at it with everything I had. The intent was to make sure that this opponent realized the mistake he had made and that I wasn't going to stop until he was screaming for forgiveness. This prevented this person from creating another situation that would lead to an altercation.

This may sound extreme to people today but it made life a little easier back then.