Monday, August 27, 2007

The RoP: A Nightmare For Women - Aug 27

The jihad waged against artists critical of Islam continues. Below is a cartoon that caused a stir recently from Berkeley Breathed of 'Opus'. I think this was an edited version as the woman in the cartoon calls herself 'Fatima Struggle' instead of the more obvious 'Fatima Jihad'. In the last frame, the English phrase 'God willing' is used instead of the Arabic phrase 'Inshallah'. The latter would be the more natural response from a devout Muslim(ah). Even with this top-heavy editing, it still created trouble. If you have problems reading it here, just click on it and a new window should open with the cartoon enlarged.

On to more serious stuff. A disturbing story from the Guardian UK about the rise in female suicides in Batman, Turkey. Sorry, no Robin jokes here. I guess the move from 'honor' killings to a coerced suicide is seen as progress in these parts. A bizarre notion of honor if ever there was one.

Here's a true life horror story of two underage Christian girls (11 and 16) in Pakistan who were kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry. Again this is par for the course for Islam. So long as Islam is advanced is the only thing that matters and all ethical considerations are shunted aside.

More weak-kneed cowardice from the multiculti crowd as the turning of the blind eye to female genital mutilation (or FGM) continues. This is an inexcusable sin of omission. Those in love with their own apparent goodness fail to realize you can be condemned for NOT doing certain things. I don't care how 'good' you are. If you take a see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil approach you are part of the problem. Period.

In Antwerp, Belgium, horror story #2 about a female boss and her male Muslim employees. Should it surprise you that these chauvanist pigs refuse to recognize her authority? Or that the woman's superiors refuse to back her because they're intimidated too? None of this should come as a surprise. No Muslim male will ever submit to a woman in charge. Nor will they bother with a non-Muslim boss. Hell, a male Muslim boss deemed 'not Islamic enough' will get the cold shoulder too. Is it any wonder that our fantasy-based policy of Iraqi 'democracy' is failing?

Get it? Islam does not respect women, despite all protestations to the contrary. It does not respect our laws, our culture, our institutions or our religious beliefs. Oh, if only women would reciprocate the love/lust (y'know, whatever) I have for them! But that's another story for another day.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Rock Amongst The Sand - Aug 23

Got this really funny diss of the KSA for you. Not for the easily offended or the humorless.

Before I get started, I have neglected to mention that the X-Def is now a year and a half old! An 18 month old blog is breathing rarefied air indeed. So be a good citizen of the world wide web and delete those sites or blogs you no longer use. Way too much internet clutter out there! A helpful hint from yours truly.

So what do we do with all these wars and rumors of wars? Are you suffering from headline hysteria? Personally, I'm looking in awe at what's happening. We need not be afraid because God's plan of redemption is closer than ever! If you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, this moment in time should be the most exciting and exhilirating for the faithful. Strange that so few are taking advantage of this day and age. All stories have a climax and an end. Should we view human history as any different? No! A vise-like grip on God's word is the only remedy for these dying days of human empire. It must be reiterated that Bible prophecy is not doom and gloom. It is a rock to stand on as opposed to the shifting sands of a post-modern society. So do you stand on rock or quicksand? Time is running outt!

Man, these bookmarks have been burning a hole in my pocket for over a week and I gotta get rid of 'em. All good stuff and worthy of your attention of course.

The Iranians are really ratcheting up the pressure on the U.S.. From a growing military and political alliance with Syria to the shelling of the Kurds in northern Iraq, the Gog-Magog prophecy seems closer to fruition than ever. With American forces stretched to the limit, any kind of military response to Iranian shenanigans are unlikely. The Syrians can make trouble in the Golan Heights and accomodate the Russian navy if it wants to. Iran and Syria end up doing what they like because they fears no reprisal from the West. Therein lies the problem. If the U.S. cannot stand up for it's allies in the ME (ie. the Kurds), it will lose a lot more than a war. It will lose it's ability to project force throughout the region. The only thing to fear more than a ineffectual American foreign policy is an non-existent one. After Bush leaves office in Jan of '09 I believe that's where we're headed.

One of the (unintentional? intentional??) consequences of the Iraqi war has been the proliferation of Western arms into the region. After all, you can't have a war without them, can you? Italian police have uncovered some shady business dealings with some Italian arms dealers and Iraqi leaders. The message is clear. Selling arms into a war zone not is wrong. Selling arms into a war zone without gov't oversight is wrong. So there. Figure that one out.

New World Disorder Alert

Well, two actually. It seems that the UN is going to get a lot more involved in Iraq, whether it likes it or not. And the EU is planning a continent-wide fire fighting force. Can a EU-wide police force be that far behind?

Better You Than Me!

School is a mere twelve days away! Suckers! Been there, done that. So parents, what's your approach? Do you favor the left-brained (and very manly) wiles of Victor Davis Hanson or the right-brained (and oh so feminine) guile of Suzanne Fields? Science or arts? I'll let you hash this one with your spouse. Think I'll wisely steer clear of this debate if you don't mind.

Johnny Cash

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Regaining Biblical Courage and Zeal - Aug 19

We need, more than ever, brave people who will stand up for God. We need young people who will show a zeal for truth and supernatural understanding. So why do so many bash Christianity yet remain cowed by Islam? I'll tell you why. It costs nothing to drag the church and the Bible through the mud. They do this for two reasons: One, Christians do not (for the most part) make the murder of their enemies a priority. Two, facing an enemy that can actually fight back terrifies them. The s-p's have to obsess about Christianity because they cannot stop obsessing about Christianity. Their entire MO is based on an irrational fear of Bible-believing Christians. Again, there's no point discussing this with them. No amount of reason or corroborative evidence can budge them from their position. We cannot allow ourselves to be discouraged by this. Despite the fact that we are outmanned and outgunned, we must be good soldiers for Christ. We must defend our ground and be prepared to endure, to sacrifice, to pay the price and even die for Jesus Christ if called upon. Are you up for the task? Are you part of Gideon's army that was ready to do battle? Will you claim victory over the forces of darkness?

At the end of the day, it is only through God's grace that we have our rights and freedoms that protect us, and not by the hands of our government.

Kudos to Ryan at for giving me the title of my post. I wanted to post about some important military matters but was lacking for a title. Now I've found one.

When I was a student at McMaster, the air was thick with PC. That was in 1993. I imagine it would be worse now. I was lucky I suppose in that I studied the sciences so I was sheltered from the more extreme leftist elements on campus. This was before I joined the CF and became a Christian so I really was a sheep amongst the wolves. Now I was exposed to some of it of course, indeed how could you not? But I think God was saving me for something bigger than campus politics, though I was unaware of His grace at the time. I would venture to say that pretty much all of the political stuff taking place on campuses today is predatory in nature. A young person not rooted in Biblical truth and lacking in confidence is the perfect target for these ideological scumbags. I thank God that I was delivered from the quagmire that was McMaster University with something to show for it.

So I relate this personal narrative to show you the opposition to a Biblical worldview. God help that individual that is dumb enought to challenges the profs on his or her views. I think these academic hacks teach all the wrong lessons to these young adults. Critical analysis is thrown out in favor of some type of messianic ideological purity. And whether it be anti-Israeli sentiment or the radical feminists (including the feminization of our military), it is absolute murder trying to swim against the ideological stream.

If you want genuine real courage, the Bible has the answers you're looking for. People like Joseph, Gideon, Moses, Joshua, David, Paul and Peter provide for us insight into a warrior's mindset. These were real people who struggled as we do today. Parents, the best thing you can do for your kids is to get them to read, memorize and understand God's word. Hoping for some form of divine luck to guard your son or daughter is downright dangerous. What we have to do for ourselves is our responsibility, not God's. Equip your kids. Teach them and train them in the ways of God early in their lives and they will not depart from them.

Johnny Cash

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Mari Usque ad Mare - Aug 12

Back in the day when Canada was becoming a nation, the building of a railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific was huge. So important was this endeavour that Canada's motto became 'A Mari Usque ad Mare' (From Sea to Sea, Psalm 72:8). But Canada's third sea to the north was pretty much ignored until recently. PM Stephen Harper has announced that two deep sea ports will be built at Resolute Bay and Nanisivik. Here he is with Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor rubbing elbows with the Canadian Rangers. The Rangers are a bit of a hidden gem in the CF. The Rangers profile appears to be rapidly rising with this recent pronouncement by the Harper gov't.

Make no mistake, the Russians are not joking around about this. Not just in the Arctic, the Russian military, aided and abetted by the Kremlin, is pushing back anywhere it can. Vladimir Putin is upgrading Russian missile capabilities. We push them, they push back. If you know your history, the rise in militarism ALWAYS precedes a war. Both the Americans and the Russians want one and the likely meeting place is the ME. Amoral and Western-based (and financed) arms dealers out to make a quick buck giving no thought for tomorrow will be the ones fueling this next conflict. You can be certain that a large portion of the war materiel found on the plains of Armaggeddon will be proudly stamped 'Made in the U.S.A.'. You can guarantee it.

Hey Champ, Nice Erection!

What the hell is a pro-Hezbollah sign doing up in Windsor, Ontario? Canadian law is very clear: HB is a terrorist organization. Imagine putting a mural of OBL in Battery Park, NYC! Very strange this. As of right now, I would say that HB is much more militarily capable than al-Qaida prime. I'm talking about AQ's inner circle, not some jihadi wannabe who claims to be al-Qaida (the franchise).

From the article above:

Fellow Lebanese native and Muslim Ghina Maawie said she doesn't understand why anyone would be offended by the billboard. "When I saw it, I felt so happy and so proud of it," she said. "In Canada, we have freedom of speech."

Ah yes my dear Ghina, we do indeed have freedom of speech in Canada. But as usual, you miss the point. Freedom that goes only one way isn't freedom, it's submission. While some stupid sod can convert (sorry, 'revert') to Islam in the West, it is next to impossible for a Muslim living in a Muslim country to leave their faith.

Examples of Islamic hostility towards free speech abound, but two recent examples have caught my attention. Labor MP Mohammed Sarwar (yes, he's a Muslim) discovered his religion's treacherous nature when he called for Pakistan to extradite three hooligans wanted for murder in Britain. With such a flagrant assault on human decency and the devaluing of life, you would think that local Pakistani Muslims would be supportive. But of course not. The killing of a mere white boy means nothing to them. The three fugitives are the anti-heroes while Mr. Sarwar's 'betrayal' is regarded as treason. It's backwards, upside-down thinking I tell you. You can also read about Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi woman daring to criticize Islam's blasphemy laws. Free inquiry and free speech? Not for Islam and its adherents!

I hope you see where I'm going with this. A pro-Hezbollah sign in a major Canadian city is a deliberate act of intimidation. It's basically saying, 'We're gonna put up this sign and dare you to confront us. You don't have the guts to enforce your own laws. You are weak and we plan on taking over.', and so on. You get the idea. Will we stand tall or wither on the vine? Time will tell but with God's help shall we prevail.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spiritual Warfare - Aug 9

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12) KJV

In my previous post, I referred to CAIR as using 'brownshirt'-like tactics to intimidate Andrew Whitehead of anti-CAIR. My comparison to the Nazis is not an exaggeration. For the politically immature, the term 'Nazi' is bandied about with such reckless abandon to describe anybody they don't like. However, the meeting between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Adolf Hitler on November, 28, 1941 is documented proof of Islam's connection with the Holocaust.

For many Christians, the words 'spirituality' and 'warfare' are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. The most dangerous enemies of liberty and freedom are spiritual in nature. Most of us have little problem with the idea of a material enemy. Slightly fewer understand that we are not merely up against a material enemy, but an ideological one as well. But how many of us truly believe that evil has a supernatural source? How many have come to the conclusion that our enemies are not just material and ideological in nature but spiritual as well? When I look at Stephen Harper, the man knows that our troops are facing a material enemy. He may even have a clue about the ideology that drives the Taliban (that would be Islam). But Mr. Harper has no clue about the spiritual struggle that our troops face daily in Afghanistan, a critical point I've made before.

Speaking of unholy alliances, Muslims of a jihadi persuasion are now teaming up with Mexican drug cartels. The two are after all natural allies. Both seek power. Both share a virulent anti-American ideology. Both share a common enemy in U.S. law enforcement and the FBI. Both are enemies of freedom. My point? The chaos that is enveloping the U.S.-Mexican border do not magically stop at the Canada-U.S. border. Both the drug cartels and the jihadis are also enemies of the Canadian people. It can't happen here? You'd better believe it can.

Please understand me. I do not wish to unduly frighten anyone. However, we must face some hard facts. Spiritual bondage is real. It's not something that exists in rural India, it's in our very own backyard. You don't have to live in bondage or fear. You don't have to be afraid of the headlines we read every day. You don't have to be intimidated by Satan's devices. Freedom from fear can be had in Jesus Christ. That's why we study prophetic scripture. Those who scoff and mock Bible prophecy stand on shifting sands. They have no foundation and they have no hope. But we who live in the light DO have a foundation and a hope. It's my desire for everyone who reads this blog that they truly have this hope that only the God of Israel can bring.

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Got Chills Multiplyin' - Aug 7

It's been an interesting day personally. I just got dumped by three ladies on eHarmony. Nice to see my perfect record of futility is still intact. Truly pathetic I am. Erin led the charge along with two others. Saw a picture of Erin and as it turns out I really wasn't missing much. Hell, it's not like I was expecting a model or anything like that! Oh well, so be it. Fall down ten times and pick yourself up eleven. The end result? You're still standing. Perfect.

So onto my post. Got some air-conditioning going this past week so now I can sleep better without all that horrible humidity that you get in August in lovely Brampton. That however is not the reason for all the chills going up and down my spine. Don't seem to have any theme here so in lieu of an actual thought process I'm just going to lob them at you as I see fit.

Would you be worried if 190,000 AK-47's went missing in Iraq? Isn't that generous of America to accidently arm both al-Qaida and Hamas? What's the bet that some of these weapons end up in Afghanistan to be used against Canadian soldiers? It's foolish and it's reckless. Lose a retaining pin as a CF soldier and you get charged. Lose a 190,000 automatic assault rifles and no-one blinks. There's no oversight needed here! Why bother when you don't have to?

Mark Of The Beast Dep't: Got another article on that whole RFID thingy. This year, RFID was worth $4.96bn. In ten years (2017) that will multiply to $26.88bn. From tagging merchandise to tagging humans is not as big a leap as you might think. The technology for the mark of the beast is already here. All it requires is a huge political shift for that to happen. Once the church is evacuated out of harm's way, there will be no stopping this process.

This Jihad Is Killing Us Dep't: I read this story about some dolt trying to flush a Koran down the toilet. Oh the horror! For the toilet that is. Seriously, if this dude tried to desecrate a Bible (or at least a New Testament) he would've been feted by the Left and pro bono defended by the ACLU (Anti-Christ Legion of Unbelievers). Muslims really do love their state-sanctioned victim status, much to our detriment. And can we ban the burqa and niqab too? Not only do the women look completely daft, it's a known security risk and health issue. Besides, only Johnny Cash was effective in pulling off the 'Man in Black' look.

This Jihad Is Killing Us, Part II: Not just figuratively but quite literally as well. Chauncey Bailey was the editor of the Oakland Post before he was gunned down by an employee of Your Black Muslim Bakery, a jihadi front in the Oakland, CA area. Muslims baking fresh bread is one thing. The trashing of other business and the open display of automatic weapons is another. Should it surprise you that these criminals were aided and abetted by effete leftists? The arrogance and contempt they display towards local law enforcement is galling.

So what does all this entail? Citizens are NOT going to report criminal activity out of fear of reprisal. These Nazi-like brownshirt tactics are having a chilling effect on free speech. We are fortunate that some brave souls such as Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (watch the HotAir video here!) is not so frightened by the litigation and intimidation tactics of CAIR. God bless him. May there be a thousand more like him.

How would you like to be detained by Hezbollah? No? CSM reporter Nicholas Blanford found out the hard way and lived to tell a rather harrowing tale. Hey, better him than me!

Finally a story about how God used a motorcycle accident to open the door for the Gospel for a GFA missionary in Maharashta, India. Hallelujah! God is great!

Johnny Cash

Monday, August 06, 2007

Subdivisions - Aug 6

This is perhaps my favorite Rush song. While YYZ and 2112 are also fantastic, I think this song means the most to me personally. I can definitely empathize with the geek in the video. I see a lot of him in me as I was growing up in Brampton. The footage is in and around Toronto. I did notice the 404/DVP with a TTC train passing by. That maze of roads is where the 401 and the 404 meet. The street shots appear to be Yonge St.. Subdivisions is off the 'Show of Hands' (1988) album and the video was made the same year. The boat/car and the wide lapels look so cheesy now. Lyrics provided by

Sprawling on the fringes of the city
In geometric order
An insulated border
In between the bright lights
And the far unlit unknown

Growing up it all seems so one-sided
Opinions all provided
The future pre-decided
Detached and subdivided
In the mass production zone

Nowhere is the dreamer
Or the misfit so alone

Subdivisions ---
In the high school halls
In the shopping malls
Conform or be cast out
Subdivisions ---
In the basement bars
In the backs of cars
Be cool or be cast out
Any escape might help to smooth
The unattractive truth
But the suburbs have no charms to soothe
The restless dreams of youth

Drawn like moths we drift into the city
The timeless old attraction
Cruising for the action
Lit up like a firefly
Just to feel the living night

Some will sell their dreams for small desires
Or lose the race to rats
Get caught in ticking traps
And start to dream of somewhere
To relax their restless flight

Somewhere out of a memory
Of lighted streets on quiet nights...

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Letter To Erin - Aug 3

Who's Erin you ask? Actually, that's a darn good question. I don't have a last name or even a picture! Of course, even if I did have a picture I wouldn't post it here. Erin is a woman I met on eHarmony. Yes, yes, insert groan here if you wish. I typed out a lovely response on the eHarmony website but the stupid bloody thing timed out on me, leaving my response forever lost in cyberspace. So I came up with the brilliant idea of posting to my blog and forwarding the link to her for her perusal. Naturally, any comments made by Erin to me are for personal and private viewing only. But I will post my letter to her in the public domain. I'm a sucker for punishment, what can I say? Here goes:

Dear Erin,

Thank you for your response. I do stand by what I say when I talked about taking the Bible at face value. There is a problem in the church today in teaching end-time theology. This goes for Protestantism as well as Roman Catholicism. It's also true of every denomination under the sun. We have Christians who are politically unaware as well as prophetically unaware. And that's just the pastors! In the congregation the problem is worse! This is something that grieves me greatly. Who will give proper guidance to our young people? That is why I think many of the traditional churches are losing parishioners. The charismatics are attempting to fill the void because the 'respectable' churches won't or can't (Take your pick).

So who will lead us from the darkness? Who has the Biblical knowledge and the financial wherewithall to engage the world about Christ's Second Coming? Not too many! Pastors like Dr. Adrian Rogers and J. Vernon McGee have passed on. Those still with us like Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, David Jeremiah and Charles F. Stanley are now senior citizens. I reckon we have maybe 10-15 years or so before the Lord calls each one of these loyal soldiers home. Who will step forward and take their place? Me? You? Anybody? Do you sense the urgency here? You see Erin, it's not the War on Terror that worries me, it's the War on Error. That's why we study scripture lest we fall into disfavor with God. There's just so much misinformation out there that many good Christians simply don't know where (or who) to turn to. Those who allegorize and deconstruct end-time prophecy risk becoming a lightning rod for God's wrath. Yikes! The physical, visible and yes, LITERAL return of Jesus Christ must be the 'Blessed Hope' for every Christian who longs for Him.

What does the Bible teach then about end times? Again understand this: God's word is infallible. He cannot lie and He cannot fail. God means what He says and He says what He means. Off the top of my rather large head, I would say the following are clear end time teachings:

1) The re-birth of Israel. (Eze 37)
2) The war of Gog and Magog. (Eze 38-39).
3) Deception (Mt 24:4)
4) Wars and unrest. (Mt 24:6,7)
5) The persecution of Christians. (Mt 24:9)
6) Tribulation that will kill many. (Mt 24:21-22)
7) The Anti-Christ who will exalt himself. (Dan 11:36-45)
8) Not to mention his sycophant, the False Prophet (Rev 13:11-17). Please note that these are real people we are going to be dealing with. They will have a name and a face. Adolf Hitler was a real person. So too was Joseph Stalin. The Anti-Christ and False Prophet will make those two look like amateurs.
9) The Battle of Armaggedon. (Rev 16:16)
10) The physical, literal and visible return of Jesus Christ at the end of the tribulation era. (Rev 19:11-21)

Erin, let no-one deceive you that these somehow are not literal events. We can be confident that those future events prophecied will come to pass in their proper time exactly as foretold. I would distrust any Christian who distorts, deconstructs, allegorizes or trivializes the Bible, especially concerning end time activity.

Finally, I would love to keep up our communication. I think you're a good person who deserves happiness in all its glory. We can discuss the fine details later but if we cannot agree on the basics then we must be honest with each other and close communication. I look forward to your next letter. Do explore my humble little blog. You may be surprised!

With Love,
Johnny Cash
(Not my real name. But you already knew that.)

(Insert weepy music here.) Will Johnny find his June? Will the lovely Erin find Johnny to be a stud or a dud? Will this post ever come to an end? Stay tuned!