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A Mari Usque ad Mare - Aug 12

Back in the day when Canada was becoming a nation, the building of a railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific was huge. So important was this endeavour that Canada's motto became 'A Mari Usque ad Mare' (From Sea to Sea, Psalm 72:8). But Canada's third sea to the north was pretty much ignored until recently. PM Stephen Harper has announced that two deep sea ports will be built at Resolute Bay and Nanisivik. Here he is with Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor rubbing elbows with the Canadian Rangers. The Rangers are a bit of a hidden gem in the CF. The Rangers profile appears to be rapidly rising with this recent pronouncement by the Harper gov't.

Make no mistake, the Russians are not joking around about this. Not just in the Arctic, the Russian military, aided and abetted by the Kremlin, is pushing back anywhere it can. Vladimir Putin is upgrading Russian missile capabilities. We push them, they push back. If you know your history, the rise in militarism ALWAYS precedes a war. Both the Americans and the Russians want one and the likely meeting place is the ME. Amoral and Western-based (and financed) arms dealers out to make a quick buck giving no thought for tomorrow will be the ones fueling this next conflict. You can be certain that a large portion of the war materiel found on the plains of Armaggeddon will be proudly stamped 'Made in the U.S.A.'. You can guarantee it.

Hey Champ, Nice Erection!

What the hell is a pro-Hezbollah sign doing up in Windsor, Ontario? Canadian law is very clear: HB is a terrorist organization. Imagine putting a mural of OBL in Battery Park, NYC! Very strange this. As of right now, I would say that HB is much more militarily capable than al-Qaida prime. I'm talking about AQ's inner circle, not some jihadi wannabe who claims to be al-Qaida (the franchise).

From the article above:

Fellow Lebanese native and Muslim Ghina Maawie said she doesn't understand why anyone would be offended by the billboard. "When I saw it, I felt so happy and so proud of it," she said. "In Canada, we have freedom of speech."

Ah yes my dear Ghina, we do indeed have freedom of speech in Canada. But as usual, you miss the point. Freedom that goes only one way isn't freedom, it's submission. While some stupid sod can convert (sorry, 'revert') to Islam in the West, it is next to impossible for a Muslim living in a Muslim country to leave their faith.

Examples of Islamic hostility towards free speech abound, but two recent examples have caught my attention. Labor MP Mohammed Sarwar (yes, he's a Muslim) discovered his religion's treacherous nature when he called for Pakistan to extradite three hooligans wanted for murder in Britain. With such a flagrant assault on human decency and the devaluing of life, you would think that local Pakistani Muslims would be supportive. But of course not. The killing of a mere white boy means nothing to them. The three fugitives are the anti-heroes while Mr. Sarwar's 'betrayal' is regarded as treason. It's backwards, upside-down thinking I tell you. You can also read about Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi woman daring to criticize Islam's blasphemy laws. Free inquiry and free speech? Not for Islam and its adherents!

I hope you see where I'm going with this. A pro-Hezbollah sign in a major Canadian city is a deliberate act of intimidation. It's basically saying, 'We're gonna put up this sign and dare you to confront us. You don't have the guts to enforce your own laws. You are weak and we plan on taking over.', and so on. You get the idea. Will we stand tall or wither on the vine? Time will tell but with God's help shall we prevail.

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