Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Rock Amongst The Sand - Aug 23

Got this really funny diss of the KSA for you. Not for the easily offended or the humorless.

Before I get started, I have neglected to mention that the X-Def is now a year and a half old! An 18 month old blog is breathing rarefied air indeed. So be a good citizen of the world wide web and delete those sites or blogs you no longer use. Way too much internet clutter out there! A helpful hint from yours truly.

So what do we do with all these wars and rumors of wars? Are you suffering from headline hysteria? Personally, I'm looking in awe at what's happening. We need not be afraid because God's plan of redemption is closer than ever! If you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, this moment in time should be the most exciting and exhilirating for the faithful. Strange that so few are taking advantage of this day and age. All stories have a climax and an end. Should we view human history as any different? No! A vise-like grip on God's word is the only remedy for these dying days of human empire. It must be reiterated that Bible prophecy is not doom and gloom. It is a rock to stand on as opposed to the shifting sands of a post-modern society. So do you stand on rock or quicksand? Time is running outt!

Man, these bookmarks have been burning a hole in my pocket for over a week and I gotta get rid of 'em. All good stuff and worthy of your attention of course.

The Iranians are really ratcheting up the pressure on the U.S.. From a growing military and political alliance with Syria to the shelling of the Kurds in northern Iraq, the Gog-Magog prophecy seems closer to fruition than ever. With American forces stretched to the limit, any kind of military response to Iranian shenanigans are unlikely. The Syrians can make trouble in the Golan Heights and accomodate the Russian navy if it wants to. Iran and Syria end up doing what they like because they fears no reprisal from the West. Therein lies the problem. If the U.S. cannot stand up for it's allies in the ME (ie. the Kurds), it will lose a lot more than a war. It will lose it's ability to project force throughout the region. The only thing to fear more than a ineffectual American foreign policy is an non-existent one. After Bush leaves office in Jan of '09 I believe that's where we're headed.

One of the (unintentional? intentional??) consequences of the Iraqi war has been the proliferation of Western arms into the region. After all, you can't have a war without them, can you? Italian police have uncovered some shady business dealings with some Italian arms dealers and Iraqi leaders. The message is clear. Selling arms into a war zone not is wrong. Selling arms into a war zone without gov't oversight is wrong. So there. Figure that one out.

New World Disorder Alert

Well, two actually. It seems that the UN is going to get a lot more involved in Iraq, whether it likes it or not. And the EU is planning a continent-wide fire fighting force. Can a EU-wide police force be that far behind?

Better You Than Me!

School is a mere twelve days away! Suckers! Been there, done that. So parents, what's your approach? Do you favor the left-brained (and very manly) wiles of Victor Davis Hanson or the right-brained (and oh so feminine) guile of Suzanne Fields? Science or arts? I'll let you hash this one with your spouse. Think I'll wisely steer clear of this debate if you don't mind.

Johnny Cash

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