Monday, August 27, 2007

The RoP: A Nightmare For Women - Aug 27

The jihad waged against artists critical of Islam continues. Below is a cartoon that caused a stir recently from Berkeley Breathed of 'Opus'. I think this was an edited version as the woman in the cartoon calls herself 'Fatima Struggle' instead of the more obvious 'Fatima Jihad'. In the last frame, the English phrase 'God willing' is used instead of the Arabic phrase 'Inshallah'. The latter would be the more natural response from a devout Muslim(ah). Even with this top-heavy editing, it still created trouble. If you have problems reading it here, just click on it and a new window should open with the cartoon enlarged.

On to more serious stuff. A disturbing story from the Guardian UK about the rise in female suicides in Batman, Turkey. Sorry, no Robin jokes here. I guess the move from 'honor' killings to a coerced suicide is seen as progress in these parts. A bizarre notion of honor if ever there was one.

Here's a true life horror story of two underage Christian girls (11 and 16) in Pakistan who were kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry. Again this is par for the course for Islam. So long as Islam is advanced is the only thing that matters and all ethical considerations are shunted aside.

More weak-kneed cowardice from the multiculti crowd as the turning of the blind eye to female genital mutilation (or FGM) continues. This is an inexcusable sin of omission. Those in love with their own apparent goodness fail to realize you can be condemned for NOT doing certain things. I don't care how 'good' you are. If you take a see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil approach you are part of the problem. Period.

In Antwerp, Belgium, horror story #2 about a female boss and her male Muslim employees. Should it surprise you that these chauvanist pigs refuse to recognize her authority? Or that the woman's superiors refuse to back her because they're intimidated too? None of this should come as a surprise. No Muslim male will ever submit to a woman in charge. Nor will they bother with a non-Muslim boss. Hell, a male Muslim boss deemed 'not Islamic enough' will get the cold shoulder too. Is it any wonder that our fantasy-based policy of Iraqi 'democracy' is failing?

Get it? Islam does not respect women, despite all protestations to the contrary. It does not respect our laws, our culture, our institutions or our religious beliefs. Oh, if only women would reciprocate the love/lust (y'know, whatever) I have for them! But that's another story for another day.

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