Saturday, September 01, 2007

But We've Got The Biggest Balls Of Them All! - Sep 1

With apologies to the late great Bon Scott of AC/DC. Hope everyone is enjoying the last long summer weekend of 2007. Yep, '07 is two-thirds done. So glad I'm not facing school anymore. Next work week will be just like any other, except shorter. Anyways, I'm not going to do a long preamble so let's get right to it.

Take a good long look at this football. Various flags of different countries are displayed with the Saudi Arabian flag featured most prominently. Note the sword and the Arabic lettering. This is the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith. The Israeli Star of David is seen along with the Danish cross and the Davidic star and cross of Northern Ireland. All Judeo-Christian symbols the Muslims despise. How offensive is this nondescript football? Very, according to recent attempts to drop soccer balls for Afghani children. A big hullaballoo was created and the 'good dhimmi' apology was promptly issued. I think this particular ball is an earlier one, made for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Honestly, what gives with these guys? Shredding Bibles in KSA and we don't even blink. An infidel touches one of their demonically inspired Korans and riots ensue. All of which renders me totally indifferent to Muslim sensibilities. I just simply couldn't care less. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

I know people love to eviscerate Bush and the Americans for their snubbing of the Kyoto Protocol. But it appears that China is taking over as the world's worst polluter. There is a huge difference in how the two countries operate. American pollution is a result of it's sheer size. Chinese pollution is a result of unrestrained growth without due regard to the end product. Corruption is still a big problem and many Chinese are dying due to the steamrolling of environmental safeguards. Below is the Shenmu coal mine in China, taken from the article.

As the world draws together, the softer the underbelly one world gov't appears. The UN Development Program (UNDP) is placing itself above it's own laws and seeks secrecy over transparency. What a farce the UN is!

Speaking of the UN, Iran is tapped to be a member of the planning committee of the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism. The ugliness will become apparent very quickly. It will be more like a conference against Zionism like what happened in Durban, South Africa. It must be repeated that all hatred of the Jews is supernatural (Satanic) in its origins. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Either you understand it or you don't.

I don't think there are many here in the West who fully realize the extent that Iran poses. Recent talks with the U.S. over the fate of Iraq have ended leading to animosity between the two. The Iranians are active in their support of the Taliban in Afghanistan where Canadian troops are stationed. Should the Democrats ride the wave of discontent all the way to the Oval Office, there's ample reason to believe that Iraq will cynically be abandoned out of political expediency. This is a very serious situation. Whoever gets the ring in November '08 cannot ignore Iraq. When presidents look towards the ME they look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whilst tragic in its continual spilling of innocent blood, it is for the most part self-contained and predictable. All these political assumptions miss the point. Look, comprehending the ME isn't difficult. What you need to know is that there are two wars being waged parallel to one another. The 1400 year-old civil war between the Sunni and the Shia is the first one. The jihad that Islam (Dar al-Islam) is waging against the West (Dar al-Harb) is the second. What we see in Iraq right now is both these concurrent wars in microcosm. As bad as Bush has bungled the Iraqi war, things could (and likely will) get worse. I cannot shake this feeling that once the American troops pull out (along with the Canadians possibly leaving Afghanistan by 2009) things will deteriorate rapidly. Our gov'ts ought to be prepared for this and it's painfully obvious that they're not. Just as the Bible prophecied it must come to pass.

Secularists Behaving Badly Dep't: Last word goes to David Limbaugh who notes how secularists usually end up becoming the very thing they despise. It's all about the specks and planks we find in our eyes from time to time I reckon.

Johnny Cash


Anonymous said...

Do you never get concerned that the continual spilling of innocent blood by zionists is just as satanic as hating jews, I mean just imagine a religion that is required to slaughter innocent people to prove the bible is the word of God.

That seems rather sick to me JC and Gentiles have no need to follow jewish apocalyptic and satanic visions that call for the shedding of the blood of innocents.

Johnny Cash said...

Thanks for your comment. I think there's a world of difference between Zionism and the likes of Hamas. Zionism is largely a defensive ideology whereas Hamas want the Jews to leave Israel permanently. Arabs living in Israel have a much higher standard of living than their counterparts in the Muslim world. No Jew is calling for an Arab-free Israel. Not one. Compare that to the Muslim attitude of a Jew-free ME and the difference in attitudes is like night and day. One has to be careful and not fall in the trap of moral equivalency. There is no 'cycle of violence' in the ME. It goes all one way against non-Muslims. Any action taken by non-Muslims towards Muslims is the logical result of previous jihad activity. Big difference. True, Satan plays no favorites, Jew or Gentile. But it is an egregious error to equate the IDF's actions with Hamas or Fatah. That is the point I was trying to make. JC

Anonymous said...

When I was at school JC we was made to sing this song that went along the lines of 'until we build Jerusalem in Englands green and pleasant land' as I look around what used to be a green and pleasant land now I can see all the troubles of Jerusalem and ask myself why was we brainwashed into turning a green and pleasant land into this mess?
Zionists are not about the State of Israel, they are about the earth being Israel, they are about New World Order and creating enough mayhem in a vague war on terror that does not even really identify an enemy, to strip us of our freedoms and smack us with their micro chiped ID society that can take your DNA and treat you like you are nothing more than cattle on a farm, owned and branded by them. Forget the middle east your war is with your politicians, the third world war is the people versus the state.