Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Clear And Present Danger - Sep 16

Found this little gem of a wallpaper from (see sidebar). Thought is was appropriate for this post.

Not just the mere title of a Tom Clancy novel, it is a call to awareness of the Islamic fifth column that walks amongst us. As the Germans have found out in Frankfurt, the Islamists despise Europe as much as they hate the U.S..

Make no mistake, the culture wars are in full swing. Western civilization may be the only one that has taken up the cause of the enemy with great fervency. As Bill O'Reilly notes, why are these questionable movies being made while America's military personnel are still in the line of fire? Brian DePalma's 'Redacted', a story about the rape of an Iraqi woman by American servicemen is a case in point. The perpetrators were caught, tried and convicted as they should be. Why then this irresponsible bomb-throwing? This is NOT a free speech issue. This is traitorous behaviour in the name of cinematic 'art'. Secular-progressives love to slander and libel private citizens and then run and hide behind the skirt of 'free speech'. Dare to call their bluff and watch them pontificate while we laugh at them. What losers! These leftists are terrified of genuine debate and the free market of ideas.

Don't think for a second that the likes of al-Qaida are unaware of these shenanigans. Just as we are sizing up our opponents, they are doing likewise. Why disseminate such propaganda that encourages the enemy and demoralizes us? There's a growing minority within the West that not only believes that our noble Judeo-Christian traditions aren't worth saving, but are in fact the source of all the world's evils! No wonder our enemies are sharpening their knives! Understand this: Once Jesus comes for His church, the slide towards an anti-utopian Islamic Caliphate will be irreversible. There will be no escape for those who wish to opt out of this nightmare. Only when Yeshua comes in full glory with all the armies of Heaven at His disposal will the carnage end.

I have two more links that have recently crossed my desk worth sharing.

An outbreak of Ebola (!) has broken out in the Congo. Despite it's fearsome 90% mortality rate, proper quarantine procedures can contain this outbreak.

Better Late Than Never Dep't: I have been negligent in failing to mention the sub-prime mortgage crisis. From K-House comes the story in layman's terms.

To that anti-Semitic piece of trash who left a comment on my blog (you know who you are), I have rejected your comment. So don't bother looking for it 'cause it ain't there. Loser.

On a much happier note, I've added two widgets to my sidebar. You can get your fill of the X-Def in two ways. You can get an e-mail everytime I (or Faith Girl) post or you can subscribe to my RSS feed (thanks to FeedBurner). Because of this fancy shmancy update, the widget 'Crazy Buttons' is no more. Sorry if that inconveniences you. I'd recommend the e-mail personally as I only post 1-2 times a week. Let me know if it works. Inshallah!

Johnny Cash


Anonymous said...

What the heck are you writing the word'inshallah' for? Do you even know what it means? One moment you are talking about Jesus and God Almighty and the next you are wondering if a pagan moon-god is willing......
Damn, how mixed up can a person get?

Johnny Cash said...

It's a joke ya hammerhead. Of course Allah isn't Jehovah God. Honestly, read the top of my blog page. It says 'Serious minded without being too serious!'. Guess you missed that. Get a sense of humor and get a grip. What a tool!