Monday, April 26, 2010

Hiatus - April 26

It's the waning hours of Monday evening and I've got a few minutes before I go to bed. This is to let you know that the Christian Defender will be taking a temporary hiatus until further notice. Don't know how long it's going to be but I have every intention of keeping the X-Def going. I'm working Saturday and Sunday (12 hour shifts) and Monday to Friday is an exercise in trying to balance school and rest. I have no life! *Sigh*

I do have one request though. Whoever is sending those porn links from Japan is an asshole. As you can tell, all your efforts have been rejected so far. So please stop harassing me by sending these ridiculous comments. I'm sure there are plenty of porn sites out there that would appreciate your efforts. This blog is not one of them. So please stop. You're annoying me. Should you continue I will have no choice but to shut down the commenting feature altogether which hurts us all. Jerk!

Mind you, seeing as this blog is basically a one-hit wonder I doubt anyone really cares about the rest of my work. So we'll see what the future holds. Should my schedule clear up and my passion for writing remain I shall carry on posting. As always, the Lord knows best.

Ta-ta for now!

Johnny Cash