Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saying Goodbye To A Furry Little Friend - Dec 30

There are many things that people go through that they would consider traumatic. One is being fired or getting laid off from your job. Another is moving. The loss of a loved one ranks right up there too. But there is another loss that many have a hard time with, and that is the loss of a pet. Last Friday night I had to make 'The Call' to the vet to have my cat Sylvie euthanized. This Saturday morning was when it was carried out. I sort of chickened out at the last minute and just left her there instead of seeing her very last moments but I didn't see the point in seeing her suffer. Tough job, being a vet. Seeing dogs and cats (and other animals) suffer every day is certainly not for the faint of heart. If I were a people doctor I don't think the suffering that I would see would have the same effect on my psyche as it would tending to animals. Strange. My Dad and I reckoned ol' Syl was close to 15 years old, which is the upper limit of a cat's life expectancy anyways. As she was senile and peeing all over the basement carpet it sort of brought everything into focus. My mother was the one who cried the most over Sylvie's passing and I admit I got a little misty-eyed over her as well. However, I know in my heart of hearts that I made the correct decision to end her life, a moment that every pet owner dreads. I'll see you on the flip-side Sylvie, may you rest in peace 'til we meet again.

With Love,
Johnny Cash

Friday, December 29, 2006

On The Doorstep - Dec 29

Below is a picture of comedian Rick Mercer in a flak jacket spooning gravy on the troop's meals in Afghanistan. You can read about it here on Rick Mercer's own blog. Attaboy, Rick!

I'm receiving conflicting reports here but it appears that Saddam Hussein might be swinging from the gallows' pole by as early as tomorrow. The last step before the execution was the transfer from U.S. custody to Iraqi custody. This seems to have already taken place although neither American or Iraqi officials have confirmed this. Keep in mind that in Islamic tradition, condemned prisoners are usually executed after Friday prayers. Saddam might have a reprieve today but it appears his fate will be decided sooner rather than later.

Last Sunday in church I stood up and reminded the congregation that even though the Christmas season is a time for celebration, for many Christians around the world it is just another day facing persecution at the hands of gov't authorities. And yes, it does happen even here in the West and in Australia.

See this movie from Bibles Unbound and join up. For thirty USD, you can send NTs to people in Muslim lands individually and in their own language. You can also got to the Voice of the Martyrs website which I have just added to the sidebar. Being a Christian is about making a difference, it isn't about sitting on your hands whilst whistling Dixie.

As I have stated before, it is very difficult to cut through all the groupthink without paying a hefty price. Congressman Virgil Goode (R-Virginia) is none to pleased with Keith Ellison's (D-Minnesota) decision to swear an oath on the Koran instead of the Bible. You can read Robert Spencer's article on this or if you're lazy like me you can see the video from instead.

I've got two slideshows for you (more end of the year fluff), one is from Christian Science Moitor and the other is from International Herald Tribune. Enjoy!

As I reported in my previous post, the Muslim Hajj is very much underway. What you may or may not know is that the Hajj has a deadly history, particularly when pilgrims try to 'stone the devil'. If you get that strange feeling that something is dark and sinister at work here you're not alone in your thoughts. Archived from Jan, 12, 2006 from the Beeb.

On Jan, 1, 1999 the euro was born. This article shows how far the euro has come in these past seven years.

Hey, did you know that Russia saw a record number of dangerous natural phenomena in 2006? D'ya think God might be trying to tell the Russians something?

We certainly are on the doorstep of a new year, are we not? I don't know for sure if I'll be squeezing off another post these next two days although I do promise to give it a go if I have the time. If not then I'll wish you a Happy New Year for 2007.

Johnny Cash

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Death Of A President - Dec 28

I received word on Wednesday that another great American, Gerald Ford, has passed away. He took over from Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal and in the waning years of Vietnam. He was regarded as a 'healer', the right man for the right job at precisely the right time. God I feel has continuously blessed countries like the United States and Canada with leaders that in their own way lead a healing of sorts. These past eleven months under Stephen Harper has been wonderfully quiet and pretty much scandal-free, a welcome respite from the Chretien/Martin regime which was one of the most secretive and corrupt in Canadian political history.

Speaking of dead leaders, Saddam Hussein has still not yet met his ultimate fate. I suspect he might be toast before the new year. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of individuals who wish to be his executioner. While Saddam's trial sometimes devolved into a farce at times, let's give credit where credit is due. The Iraqi legal system held its ground and were not intimidated by Saddam or distracted by such caterwauling lefties as Ramsey Clark.

The merry march towards God's rightful judgement continues unabated as well. By the middle of 2007 (at least), there appears to be some kind of showdown coming down between Iran's mullahcracy and the West (U.S. and Israel mostly). Andrew McCarthy of National Review explains why.

There's not much going on here in the Great White North but there certainly is a lot of international stuff that's worth posting.

In China, Hu Jintao is now making noises about building a significant naval force 'to protect Chinese interests'. Read that as a navy that will soon challenge the Americans for naval supremacy and you have another seed of war being planted in the Far East.

Somali gov't forces backed by the Ethiopian military have just entered Mogadishu, the Somalian capital. The 'brave mujahideen' have proven their military impotence once more.

From Jihadi du Jour, 3 million Muslims are beginning the annual Hajj pilgrimage , also known as Saudi Arabia's biggest cash cow apart from its crummy oil. Probably the main reason why the prophet Muhammed started his little 'venture' in the first place. Click on the Kaaba picture on the top left and see a funny video.

Our 'friends' in the United Arab Emirates are also waging a stealth campaign of jihad against the West by converting 8% of its foreign-exchange reserves into euros.

Some end of the year stuff, first from K-House on its Top Ten Strategic Trends and also the Top Ten Weather Stories of 2006 from Environment Canada

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Living In America - Dec 26

I'm a day late with this but the 'Godfather of Soul', James Brown passed away yesterday on Christmas day. Got a video from YouTube with Mr. Brown singing 'Living in America'. If you pay attention, you'll see two shots of the Twin Towers in NYC. Often imitated but never duplicated, there was none funkier than Mr. James Brown.

I'm up for a good rant aren't you? From Jihadi du Jour comes a wonderful discombobulated pro-American and anti-left rant that I think is worth your time. I think JDJ is on to something here. Without a doubt, the two most hated nations in the world are the United States and Israel. This is not by accident, since these two nations are a people who still have a strong connection with God. While we have been blessed mightily by our Creator, we have a lot of faults that our enemies are exploiting. Things like pacifism (peace at any cost), self-hatred and complacency are eroding our morale. Organizations like CAIR scream 'Islamophobia' at the drop of a hat whenever someone says something critical of Muslims in particular and Islam in general. And what do we do? We cower like a scolded child. You see, that's what happens when you abandon Biblical truth. Man knows nothing apart from God's divine counsel. NOTHING! It is God and God alone who is the source of all knowledge and truth. Not the government, not empty philosophy, not academia and not from Man's feeble imagination. It's that simple.

And here's another thing: It's cool to be a Christian! Hallelujah! Unlike our snobbish secular counterparts, Christians sin less, are productive members of society, are generally happier and live longer! So I refuse to apologize for my faith. If you have a problem with it, then talk to God about it. It's also cool to be a regular church-goer too! Whether it be feeding the homeless in Vancouver or tsunami survivors in Tamil Nadu, India, the church does a tremendous job of helping those in need.

Got some other stuff that caught my eye that I think is worth posting:

Earthquakes in Divers Places Dep't: The island nation of Taiwan received a massive jolt (7.1 on the Richter scale to it's south. Thankfully there appears to be few casualties and no tsunami! Whew! I also got a strange one from the Beeb that Dumfries, south of Scotland (!) got all shook up today. The last time that the area got a jolt like that was on 1979, curiously enough also on Boxing Day. Weird!

General Rick Hillier was in Afghanistan along with comedian Rick Mercer to lift their spirits and give them some Christmas Eve turkey. Hooray for the two Ricks!

If there's one thing that Iraqis must deal with successfully in order to have a semi-functioning state (Actually Muslims don't build nations. It's Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists that do. But I digress.), it is corruption. When police are the usual recipients of bribes, crime can only flourish. I think of police in Mexico being bought by the drug cartels and how things are turning for the worse along the Texas-Mexico border. It costs the global economy literally a trillion dollars in wasted money, capital that could've been used to better the lives of the little people.

Speaking of Iraq, Saddam Hussein has a date with the hangman sometime in the next thirty days. May that day arrive sooner rather than later.

There's some good news coming out of the Horn of Africa as Ethiopian troops are routing Somali Islamists. See? Don't tell me that a well-trained, well-equipped army with a steely resolve cannot defeat an Islamic insurgency. Defeatists in the West, please take note!

There's been a horrible accident in Nigeria as over 260 people are dead and many more wounded after a leaking gasoline pipeline exploded.

Hope you survived another Christmas!

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Anticipation - Dec 24

Below is a child in Nativity Square in Bethlehem, Israel. Photo is from the Jerusalem Post.

I may be stepping on thin ice here but it's hard to get excited over something that happened two thousand years ago. Being a Christian is not about dusting off some old history books and mindlessly chatting about the 'good times' from ages long past. As a child, I thought as a child and wondered what Santa would bring me Christmas morning. Then I grew up and put away such childish things. I'm anticipating what Jesus Christ is going to do both right now and in the near future. Look at the following verse:

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. (Romans 8:22-23)

Christianity is about anticipating what is to come! What a glorious message to bring to this troubled world!

Yes friends, this big old world of ours is in serious doo-doo. When Gaza Christians can't celebrate Midnight Mass and children are taught that Santa ain't comin' because it's too dangerous you know we have a problem.

Christmas is such a special time for the little ones. My two year old nephew is going to have a blast tomorrow. Many children however do not share the same happy fate. Pope Benedict XVI continues the traditon set by John Paul II in addressing the faithful on Christmas day. The Pope's theme this year was on those children who are suffering this holiday season.

Got some other stuff to share to show that all is not peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

It appears that Ethiopian troops have launched a massive counter-attack against the Somali Islamists, including air strikes. I doubt the Horn of Africa will be a happy place anytime soon.

The Iranians continue their mastery of denial and projecting their sins towards others. Their target of choice? A nuclear-armed Israel of course. Those darn Jews! The last time they threatened anybody with annihilation was .... Um ..... still thinking .... NEVER! What a bunch of putzes.

If there's one thing I cannot stand is people who take themselves far too seriously. Moroccan authorities have clamped down on a Arabic weekly called 'Nichane' for being oh-so un-Islamic. Freedom of press and freedom of speech? Not if you live in Morocco my friend.

Merry Christmas, Infidel! Threats are being made by British Muslims originating from Pakistan to attack the 'Chunnel'. What a nice and sensible immigration policy Tony Blair and New Labour has forged in allowing these fifth column jihadis to settle in the U.K.. For further reference, go to DizzyFatPlonka's blog to see the PC mess that Mr. Blair has created.

Merry Christmas to everyone, to DFP, to Belinda, to CottShop (of Sacred Scoop), to Faith Girl and to all of you who have taken the time to read my humble little blog.

Johnny Cash

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Counting The Cost of Faith - Dec 23

Christmas is just two days away, an appropiate time to reflect on the Christian faith. Some may ask, "Is Jesus still relevant?". My friend, He is more relevant than ever! My pastor gave an unusual sermon last Sunday about the cost of that first Christmas:

Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying,
In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.
(Mt 2:16-18)

You see my friend, it cost many families dearly that first Christmas when a demon-filled King Herod lead a slaughter of children two and under. However, think about this for a second: What if Jesus never came in the first place? Which would be costlier? There is no question that the coming of the Messiah (even if it wasn't on Dec. 25) was the correct choice. This despite those grief filled families who had their children ripped away from them. Allright, so what does this have to do with Jesus' Second Advent? Those seven years prior to His Second Coming is going to be some of the bloodiest and cruellest years humanity is ever going to face. I tell you, I wouldn't wish those seven years on anybody. So why must this all come to pass? I think the answer is simple: If Jesus doesn't come the price would be far, far worse. Jesus confirmed this when He said of the tribulation hour:

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. (Mt 24:21-22)

There is a tremendous amount at stake here. If there is to be any kind of true peace, Jesus must come and be genuinely welcomed with open arms by His people the Jews and other Gentile believers here on Earth. That time has not yet arrived. The true story of the Bible has always been one of redemption and hope, not doom and gloom! Please keep that in mind as you celebrate Christmas' true meaning.

The prayer list just seems to be getting longer by the day I tell ya. Number one has to be those brave Christian souls still living in a Muslim-dominated Middle East. Despite what our 'leaders' tell us, the Iraqi war has been an unqualified disaster for Christians in the region. In Bethlehem, the city of David which was the birthplace of Christ has seen Christianity slowly being strangled out of existence.

In other Christendom news, a Christian couple in Lancashire, England has been vindicated by the courts as British police harass them over their views on homosexuality. Please also remember those Christians living in China who are constantly being harrassed by gov't authorities as they try to practice their faith.

There's always time and space for our troops on my prayer list. Kudos to the Chief of Defense Staff, General Rick Hillier who has chosen to be with Canadian troops in Afghanistan on Dec. 25 rather than the comforts of home and family here. God bless the Queen too (seriously!) as she tips her hat to British troops who, like Gen. Hillier, will spend their Christmases in a foreign land.

As CottShop of Sacred Scoop reminds us, Christmas is a time when us Gentiles get in touch with the Jewishness of our faith. It's also a time of general wackiness out there as some people lose all sense of proportion. One step forward, one step back!

More end of the year stuff from Yahoo News Year in Review and an article from Licia Corbella of the Calgary Sun on what Stephen Harper has done with his minority gov't since January.

I've got three more links to share in international news then we're done.

It should come as no surprise that Jimmy Carter's allegiance has been bought with a great deal of Arab money. As you may or may not know, Mr. Carter was given the dubious distinction of being the American recipient of Jihad Watch's Dhimmi of the Year for 2006. This article from the Washington Post explains why.

The UN has finally gotten up the nerve to give Iran the much needed bitch-slap it so rightfully deserves. The question remains what actions will the Iranians take as they likely won't take this lying down. For reference, see Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Things are deteriorating rapidly in the Horn of Africa as Ethiopian troops and Somali Islamists clash near Baidoa, the seat of the transitional government.

I am excited to announce that is once more in the fold, as is and Please use these resources as they do have my stamp of approval. If I don't post again before the 25th, I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. I've got the next week off so I intend to do a fair bit of posting before I go back to work on the 2nd of January. We've got lots of stuff to cover and 2007 is already shaping up to be a year of destiny.

Johnny Cash

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Freakin' Christmas - Dec 22

Mr. Garrison of South Park gives us a little Christmas ditty I don't think you'll be hearing from the carolers anytime soon. I listened to the uncensored one and actually found this censored version to be much funnier. Just remember, God loves those who have a sense of humor.

Ah yes, 'tis the season. Thought you'd like that one. Anyhoo, here's Stratfor's year in review for 2006 (pdf format). Please note that there is a link on the sidebar. If you click on it you can get free weekly intelligience all year round. Amuse your friends and confound your enemies!

Be Still My Beating Heart Dep't: From the Globe and Mail is a wonderful bit of anti-dhimmitude from our Prime Minister. Mr. Harper suggests the radical idea that negotiating with hate groups such as Hamas is a waste of time. He's not opposed to dialogue per se, but talks that are based on deceit are bound to fail. Such common sense from a Canadian politician is rare these days.

Got a real heart warmer for you here. By God's amazing grace, a 105 year old village elder in India accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and gets baptized. A 105 years! I couldn't wait 105 seconds, never mind 105 years. God is awesome, is He not?

Frontpagemag brings us an article on nuclear proliferation in the ME. Gosh, what could possibly go wrong?

As you enjoy your (probably very heavily) rum-laced eggnog this Christmas season, please keep those troops stationed abroad in your prayers and thoughts. Think of U.S. Marines and British troops in Iraq and our boys in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

I think one of the major differences between Islam and Judeo-Christianity is our complete willingness to invite strangers into our homes and our churches and synagogues. Not so with Islam. Don't even think about tagging along with a Muslim friend to the Hajj if you're not one of them. Of course why anyone would even bother going to the KSA in the first place is a mystery to me.

Meet Jose Padilla, ex-mujahideen and all-around scumbag.

This just in. It's cool to be tight with God!

Bit of a hodge-podge of a post but it'll do for now. Hey, if you can't laugh about God and religion then you probably can't laugh at all.

Johnny Cash

Monday, December 18, 2006

We Stand On Guard For Thee - Dec 18

I just got an e-mail from my English friend dizzyfatplonka over the nature of the French in Canada. To someone who is unfamiliar with this country of ours, the French-English divide is most perplexing. Think of it as a dysfunctional marriage where you have a couple that mostly bicker and fight and yet the thought of divorce terrifies them. That's how it is with the francophonie in our midst. Truth of the matter is that I love this messed up country, even one that includes Quebec. However, my point is with them is that they share this sort of very snobbish European attitude towards the global jihad. It's like, "This is Bush's and Harper's problem. Why should we fight their war?". To say that this is terribly short-sighted is a massive understatement. To believe this, we would have to think that everything was OK prior to Bush assuming the presidency in 2000 and before 9/11. No, everything was not OK! I agree that perhaps singling out the French is probably unfair on my part. There are many of us who wish to join the surrender and appeasement chorus, including anglophones. But when Mr. Duceppe tries to tell his people that they can separate from Canada without cost or opt out of the global jihad being waged against us, I tend to get a wee bit upset. I realize also that there are many others who are being terribly flippant about this, a sort of laissez-faire attitude that we can manage this war, that simply muddling through will be enough. I dare say it will not. There can be no surrender. There is nothing that we can do that will ever placate the enemy to his perfect satisfaction. And it's up to us, francophone and anglophone to stand shoulder to shoulder in this country if we wish to defeat the likes of al-Qaida. Anything less than victory will not do!

Hope that sort of answers your question DFP. Always glad to be of help!

Anyways, there's lots of Canadiana here for you. Let me congratulate Stephen Harper for being voted Canada's top news maker for 2006. Last January, the Harper Conservatives went from being the opposition to forming the next Parliament, albeit in a minority role. The real test, I believe, will come early in 2007 as Canadians trudge (heads lowered, shoulders hunched) to the polls once more. As it stands right now, the Liberals and the Conservatives are fairly even. What's interesting is that they both have popularity numbers below the 40% threshhold. Should any party show forty percent (or more) support nationally, then it is likely that they will be the ones forming the next majority government.

This country I believe does want someone who has a vision and an idea of what Canada should be both domestically and abroad. Mr. Harper should put the focus away from mere grubby tactics and show that the Conservaties have a clear long-term strategy to defeat Islamic extremism. Take the Bloc for instance. Mr. Duceppe is now saying we should just try to reconstruct Afghanistan without any thought towards security. Huh? By telling Canadians that we are denying the Taliban sanctuary and taking the fight to the enemy is how you help in reconstructing a country! We can argue tactics all day long but the Conservatives must keep strategy first and foremost. If Mr. Harper chooses the high road, he just might come out with a majority. If he tries to win a mud-slinging contest or gets bogged down in the details he will fare badly. Already 2007 is looking more and more interesting. I cannot wait!

Let's look at some international news that has piqued my interest recently.

Money, Money, Money!

I've reported on both these before but I would like to update you on them as I believe it is of incredible prophetic importance. Basically put, Europe's fortunes are waxing while America's financial role is waning. The New York Stock Exchange and Euronext NV are rapidly coming together as a trans-atlantic stock exchange. This was unthinkable a mere ten years ago! There are a few factors which I believe are the reasons God is removing his protective hand over America. The 9/11 attacks and the subsequent funding for the war in Iraq has really put a dint in America's economy. Tourism has suffered as more and more (mostly silly and ineffective) rules have come into play when getting on an airplane. Any Muslim with a full beard and a prayer cap now gets looked at cross-eyed by everybody. I also think that America's spending under the Bush regime is spiralling out of control. Drunken sailors on shore leave have more restraint than what Congress is laying out. There is also a moral element to this as more Americans are leaving their Christian heritage and adopting a more materialistic worldview. Not cool with the Big Guy Upstairs if you know what I mean.

Here's another thing about the Iraqi war that I think most people missed. As I have stated before, the real reason why Bush went ahead with the cynically named 'Operation Enduring Freedom' had little to do with Saddam's notional nukes he was supposed to have. Nor was it over human rights, even though Saddam and his sons were indeed bona-fide monsters. No, the real reason was that Saddam wanted to sell his oil in euros rather than U.S. dollars, a direct challenge to the Bretton Woods system. Remember, this is the reason why the U.S. Congress can rack up huge deficits. So long as the world is forced to do business with America to get its dollars to buy oil, the sky's the limit. Now it appears that the Iranians are taking their cue from their one-time mortal enemy and doing the same. The big difference is that the Iranians are in a much stronger position than Iraq should America take military action against them. Should other oil-exporting countries follow en masse the result will be a financial apocalypse for North American markets. And just who is America's biggest trading partner? Why, Canada of course!

Ah Christmas! Chestnuts roasting on a open fire. Singing carols out of tune. Donning we now our gay apparel! And you certainly can't have Christmas without some Islamic yob threatening jihad against those who like to celebrate the season. Bunch of Grinches!

I came across this interesting article from Der Spiegel. Basically any kind of nuke exchange in the ME (or elsewhere) would have disasterous climatic consequences far away from the battlefield. A must read.

Johnny Cash

Saturday, December 16, 2006

We're Not Gonna Take It, Anymore! - Dec 16

With apologies to Dee Snider of Twisted Sister of course. As this year closes, it's usually this time that we look back and see both the good and bad that has occured over the last twelve months. Here's Jihad Watch giving us its 2006 Dhimmi and Anti-Dhimmi awards.

There's an interesting twist to this. There are two individuals who have been given the International Anti-Dhimmi Awards this year, John Howard of Australia and Geert Wilders of Denmark. John Bolton gets the nod for American Anti-Dhimmi, a much deserved accolade.

The Dhimmi Award Internationale goes to Jacques Chirac, who has betrayed the (mostly decent) French people by recklessly allowing Muslims to immigrate en masse into the country. Many French police don't even bother going into Muslim-held 'burbs of Paris because they fear for their lives. Paris burned in a big way this year and there's no reason to believe that the French are getting out of hot water anytime soon.

The American Dhimmi Award goes to ex-President (one term, I might add) Jimmy Carter. I'm guessing that James 'F--k the Jews' Baker who co-authored the much-panned Iraq Study Group was probably a close second. Mix high-minded arrogance with willful ignorance and you can describe these two dhimmis to a tee.

So what about Canada? No question, the Dhimmi of Canada Award should go to the NDP's Jack Layton who at one time suggested that the West ought to negotiate with the Taliban. Runner-up has to be BQ leader Gilles Duceppe who believes that the Quebecois 'nation' can somehow opt out of the global jihad without penalty.

So who, IMHO, deserves the Anti-Dhimmi of Canada Award? Two come to mind, namely Stephen Harper who stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel in its summer war with Hezbollah. The other is Harper's right-hand man, Peter McKay who made it known that the funding to Hamas will be cut off. Well, sort of. In other words, I'll be keeping close watch should the Conservatives wimp out in order to gain votes in Quebec. Besides, selling out is what Liberals do and they don't like competition.

So who else out there is being the 'nice' dhimmi and who is standing up and showing some backbone? Here are a few examples that have come across my desk recently:

Along with Daniel Pipes, super-babe (for a lawyer anyways) Ann Coulter is none to pleased with the recent ISG's recent efforts as well.

Bill O'Reilly is another one of my favorites who thinks that Christmas traditions are just fine and dandy, thank you very much!

I'm always amazed by those who are willing to pay the price for freedom. I also believe that enlightenment usually comes from the unlikeliest of sources. Witness Bassam Tibi, a Syrian Muslim (!) living in Germany who is warning the West about Islam's growing strength and power. If the West can pull the cotton out of its collective ears and listen to the likes of Dr. Tibi, we may yet gain the victory. I fear however that the West will not.

As the drive for nuclear arms heats up in the ME, another group that isn't going to take it (since May 15, 1948) is the Israelis, who fear a two-front war in 2007.

As we put down our laurels, we pick up our darts and throw them at the following:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have decided to back the Sunnis in Iraq should the American army pull up its stakes and go home. I've also read about this at and it just boggled my mind. Given the fact that al-Qaida is of the Sunni brand, what do the Saudis plan on doing when all these arms are all of a sudden being turned against them? The Saudis are the number one target of OBL, a fact that he has made absolutely crystal clear. Once you back various Sunni militias with top of the line military technology, what's to stop it from betraying its masters? This has got disaster written all over it, from the Saudis to a dependent energy-importing West.

Another dart goes to the Smithsonian Institute who has made the life of scientist Dr. Richard Sternberg a living hell for editing (not even authoring!) an article on intelligient design (see Genesis 1:1). Free and skeptical inquiry? Not for us, the SI says!

Sorry 'bout not posting earlier in the week. I get so busy and tired that it's often difficult to post. However, you should still check back frequently as I'm constantly adding new links and such to the sidebar. So I'm not being lazy and indifferent, just hot and bothered!

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cynical, Moi? - Dec 11

Let me just comment first off about my last post. It was WAAAAY too long. And this was after I deleted at least ten or more bookmarks! Guess I got a wee bit too ambitious. Well, at least you got a taste of Johnny Cash's music, so all is not lost. Let's move on shall we?

I got a bit of a cynical side to me in case you haven't noticed. I try not to be, honest! However, it's stories like this that make my stomach churn. It appears that Mr. Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois is threatening to withdraw his party's support of the Afghanistan mission. Why you ask? Is it because he is concerned about the welfare of the Afghani people? Is he worried about the global jihad that is being waged against the West? No, none of these reasons hold water. The real reason? It appears that the Quebec City based Royal 22nd Regiment (incorrectly referred to as the 'VanDoos', see note below) are headed to Afghanistan in the summer of 2007. In other words, it's perfectly OK for English-speaking soldiers to be the targets of the Taliban attacks, but quelle horreur if a drop of pure laine (white francophone) blood spills in the Afghan desert. Look, I have no doubt that the R22R will acquit themselves nicely in the heat of battle. I do however have a very big problem however with the likes of Gilles Duceppe or Jack Layton who want to duck and run from the global jihad that the West faces today. PM Harper, do not hold negotiations over our glorious dead, be they French or English! Our boys deserve our unconditional love and support, even if you don't happen to support the mission that keeps them there.

Note: The number 22 in French is 'vingt deux' which crudely translates into English to 'Van Doo'. Just thought I'd like to point that out for you.

A sad update on Laura Gainey (daughter of NHL great Bob Gainey). The search for her has been called off as it normally would after 72 hours.

Jimmy Carter, fearless leader of the 'Blame America' crusade, is castigating us Canadians for withholding funds to the Hamas-led Palestinian gov't. Actually, I don't think we've gone far enough. I think this country should send a bill to the Pals asking them for all of our money back (plus interest) since 1948. I can hear the chant in the House of Commons now:

No more jizyah!
No more jizyah!
No more jizyah!

Or maybe not. To be certain I wouldn't expect to see a Muslim organization like Hamas give tribute to an infidel nation like ours, but hey, it's the thought that counts!

When I read this from the Beeb, it gave me the chills. A possible serial killer (as still yet unconfirmed) has killed three prostitutes (with two more unaccounted for) in the Ipswich/Suffolk area, east of London. Two British killers come to my mind, Peter Sutcliffe and of course Jack the Ripper. Let's hope and pray the British police find their man soon.

In the last link of my last post (compliments of Sacred Scoop), I posted a story about Muslims coming en masse to faith in Jesus Christ. Here now is the full story. Hope that lifts your Christian spirit!

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Be Not Afraid! - Dec 10

Here's another video (runs 3:41) from YouTube featuring Johnny Cash's "Hurt" off of American IV: The Man Comes Around. Have to apologize in advance cause there's a f-bomb right at the end. Still, it's a good video and a sobering reminder of the fallen world we live in.

I have decided to have a real upbeat post here. Y'know what the message that Jesus Christ brought to this earth? I think His ministry can be summed up in these three words: Be not afraid! This phrase in its various permutations is repeated 366 times in the Bible, once for each day of the year, including leap years (so I've heard). My friend, you don't have to be afraid of dying! You don't have to be afraid about geopolitics spinning out of control! You don't have to be afraid of nature's fury! What an incredible message the Good News is! I see deterioration all around me, reminding me of how fast and how far we have fallen. And yet, if there is one thing that keeps me going, it is my faith in the God of Israel. So let's celebrate those everyday common individuals who aren't afraid!

Renzo Gracie is nuts. So is Matt Hughes, a devout Christian who also happens to be a UFC fighter. In case you've been living on Mars recently, UFC stands for the Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Courage? More like insanity if you ask me.

Canada has, in my humble estimation, always been blessed with heroes. Our problem is that we seldom recognize them as such. As an ex-soldier with 12 years of experience (Primary Land Reserve) I can appreciate the sacrifices our troops make, especially in God-forsaken places like Afghanistan. Those wily Taliban are at it again, using suicide bombers to attack Canadian convoys. Not only soldiers, but police too as three of Winnipeg's finest have been shot in a drug raid. All three will live but it is feared that two of the officers have suffered career-ending injuries. Tough job to chase after scumbag drug dealers, but somebody's gotta do it.

Kudos to chief elf Clare Mills, who works at Winnipeg's Canada Post. What is his job you may ask? It's to answer all the mail that is delivered to Santa Claus. Please realize that for some children Christmas reminds them of at-home abuse, divorce or perhaps the death of a loved one. It's a quiet courage I suppose, but an essential one.

I'll tell you who is getting a lump of coal in their stockings this year. It's for those 175 MPs (yes, you know who you are!) who shamelessly voted against revisiting the idea of same-sex marriage. Hath God said that a man should leave his parents and cleave unto his wife? Yes He has, and it's a crime that God's word is not honored as it rightfully should be in the House of Commons.

Please pray for the safe return of Laura Gainey, 25 year-old daughter of hockey great and Montreal Canadiens GM Bob Gainey. It appears a rogue wave in the North Atlantic has swept her overboard. Rescue efforts are underway and if Ms. Gainey can keep warm she may still have an outside chance. I'll keep you posted, be it good or bad news.

Hey, did you know that The Donald aka Mr. Donald Trump isn't afraid of doing business in Israel? The man has never been shy about bucking the trend, a good reason why he's a billionaire.

I have always believed that inspiration almost always comes from the unlikeliest of sources. Here are profiles in courage of three Muslims (yes, you heard correctly) named Nonie Darwish, Khaleb Kasab Mahameed and Jalal Talibani. In Nonie Darwish we have an Egyptian woman who has chosen to speak out (at great risk) against Islam's self-destructive behaviour. Mr. KKM's scenario is unique as well. KKM was going to go to Tehran, Iran to speak out against a despicable Holocaust Denial Conference. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Mahameed did not receive a visa to enter the country. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is slamming the recent Iraq Study Group's findings headed by (noted anti-Semite) James Baker, who sees this as an American betrayal of the worst sort. Given American Leftist sympathies and the apathy of the locals, I can see the man's point. While anti-war sentiment is indeed fashionable, opting out of Iraq now would be an unmitigated disaster. Not just for Sunni, Shia or Kurd, but for Iraq's besieged Assyrian Christian population as well.

I'll tell you why we should still be rejoicing. God's faithful foot soldiers are on the move, whether it be spreading the Good News to India's Buddhists or to the world's Muslim population at large. The message of God's unconditional love for the repentant sinner is a message of love, light, life and truth. It's a message of hope and a call to righteousness. Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Finally an X-Def update to fill your boots with. I've added some new links to the sidebar, including a global seismic monitor, GFA Canada, and a blog named Doctor Bulldog which I pulled out of Jihad Watch. One of our contributors, Concerned, has left us. He had only one post in September and that was it. He's very busy with his church and unfortunately didn't have the time. Oh well, the show must go on! I've also added a clever 'Bible box' from Please do make use of them as I have placed them there for your benefit.

The Man in Black

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Power of Words - Dec 7

It has been a while since my last post. I've been down with a cold and have taken on a new job, so I've been trying to get my life back on track.

This particular thought today is a very personal one, but one that I feel is worthy of examination. Words hurt! Do you ever notice that the Devil kicks you when you're down? It never ceases to amaze me how he can use the people close to you to attack you. My husband is not a church attender, or a pray-er or someone who feels God takes an active, personal interest in people's lives. He doesn't feel the kid's club I run out of my church is of any real value, and when I come home, with my 3 kids in tow at the end of a Friday night, he laughs when I tell him how tired I am. He tells me the program I run isn't real work. OUCH! I know he works hard, but working for God's purpose is the most rewarding and importance thing to me.

In any relationship, communication and staying close is essential. I was forwarded on of those Christmas survey things from a friend where they ask your favorite Christmas tradition, carol, gift etc. You fill it out and send it back and to your friends as well. I've been feeling a little distant from my husband lately, so I put some nice remarks about how important he is to me in it and sent it to him. I was hoping he'd read what I'd said about him and feel loved and appreciated. But he didn't even read it. He was mad that I'd sent it to him. "I don't answer junk mail" He replied in a chastising way. "Did you read it?" I asked. "No." he replied, "I told you I don't read junk mail." OUCH! Again, I was hurt by his thoughtless words.

Being a young woman, I want what I thing most of us do. Simply to be loved and made to feel valuable. For a woman without God in her life, where does she turn? Unfortunately the answer is obvious by looking at our divorce rate in this country. Each time I was hurt, I stopped and closed my eyes and sought God. He filled me with His love. A perfect love that never hurts. He really filled me with all I was missing and so desperately seeking from my husband. He loves me. He thinks I'm special. He wants me to spend more time with him. As I mentioned earlier, relationships need communication... just as my relationship with God. All the hurt pushed me one way... back into His open arms.

In a funny way, because of these harsh words and my need for love I wasn't getting, I have drawn closer to God. The Devil didn't plan that one I bet! If only more people put God first and let Him faithfully fill us with love and joy, how would that effect our divorce rate? To every one out there, if you have a bad day, you're in a bad mood, things just aren't working out for you, please guard your words. They can pack a punch to those who love you and care what you think about them. And to every one who has been hurt or rejected... run to Jesus. He loves you and He is waiting to embrace you and fill you with joy!

Faith Girl

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Tactical Analysis of the Gemayel Assassination - Dec 6

I've got a real cracker here from stratfor about that Pierre Gemayel assassination. Looks like a military operation from top to bottom. It seems also rather apparent that the Syrians and the Iranians had a direct hand in Gemayel's death. Something about this really stinks, and I don't think we'll get to the bottom of this along with the al-Hariri killing. A real mess indeed.

Johnny Cash

The Death of Gemayel: A Tactical Analysis - Dec 06, 2006
By Fred Burton

The recent murder of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel -- who was shot to death while driving through Beirut's Jdeideh neighborhood Nov. 21 -- has sparked a political crisis in Lebanon. Gemayel, a staunch opponent of Hezbollah, was a leader of the March 14 alliance, the anti-Syrian coalition that holds a majority in the Lebanese parliament. The alliance has been outspoken about alleged Syrian involvement in the high-profile murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri in 2005.

Gemayel is the latest in a string of high-profile Lebanese figures -- most of them anti-Syrian -- who have been targeted for assassination since October 2004. However, the methods used in his murder differ markedly from any others used in the recent past. First, assassins rammed his car and pinned it down; then gunmen stepped forward, firing multiple well-aimed shots from close range through the driver's side window. Gemayel was driving, with his two bodyguards, in an unarmored and unescorted vehicle. In most other cases, the assassins used bombs, often targeting the motorcades of political officials as they passed by and, at times, inflicting collateral damage.

Thus, the tactics used in the Gemayel killing represent an anomaly, which also happens to come at a key time for the region as a whole. That said, there is a signature to the attack that points toward specific suspects and, quite possibly, their strategic and geopolitical motives.

The Targets

Though the assassination of al-Hariri garnered international headlines and was a catalyst for the "Cedar Revolution" that drove Syrian troops out of Lebanon, the recent campaign of violence against anti-Syrian officials actually began in October 2004, when Druze parliament member Marwan Hamadeh narrowly escaped a car bomb attack on his motorcade.

This failed attack likely was something the actors in the al-Hariri murder bore in mind: They used a massive vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) -- estimated by U.N. investigators to have contained at least 1,000 kilograms of military explosives -- in the Feb. 14, 2005, killing. The assassins apparently wanted to make sure al-Hariri did not escape as Hamadeh had. But in killing him, they also took the lives of 22 others and damaged hotels and businesses in a fashionable district of downtown Beirut -- carnage and destruction that caused a massive uproar within Lebanon (and far beyond) and led to a U.N. investigation, which eventually concluded that Syria was responsible for the hit.

Five more anti-Syrian figures were targeted for assassination in 2005; all of the incidents involved explosives. The last of those killed, a year before the Gemayel murder, was Gebran Tueni (who, interestingly enough, was murdered only a day after returning to Lebanon from Paris, where he had fled for safety). However, the international pressure following the release of German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis' October 2005 report for the United Nations on the al-Hariri killing (and a second report issued Dec. 10, 2005) apparently led to a temporary halt in the violence.

Clearly, assassination by explosives is a common and recurring theme in Lebanon. In fact, Pierre Gemayel's uncle, Bashir Gemayel (then the president-elect of Lebanon) was killed in 1982 by a large bomb, placed in the Kataeb (or Phalangist) political party's headquarters.

The Gemayel Operation

The death of the nephew was very different -- and between the lines of the news reports, there is quite a story.

Gemayel was driving a late-model Kia sedan with tinted windows. He reportedly owned an armored BMW but was not using it the day he was killed. He was not, however, moving about as a private citizen might; there were two bodyguards in tow. All of this leads us to believe Gemayel was aware of some threat to his life, and that he was taking measures to obscure his movements. As the al-Hariri killing showed, even a first-rate armored vehicle and a full motorcade with a well-armed security team is not sufficient to protect a target from a 1,000-kilogram VBIED. So it appears Gemayel either was driving a nondescript car by itself in an attempt to mask his movements, or he had sent the BMW as part of a dummy motorcade elsewhere to draw any would-be assassins to the decoy.

It also is significant that Gemayel was driving the car himself, with a Lebanese state security officer in the right rear seat -- where a VIP normally would be sitting in a chauffeured car. This would seem a further attempt to deceive potential assassins, and one that would be aided by the fact that the Kia had heavily tinted windows. Gemayel's personal bodyguard was sitting in the right front seat of the car.

There is every indication that the attack itself was well-planned and purposely timed.

First, the strike came near an intersection on a busy East Beirut street, lined on both sides with parked cars -- something that limited the target's mobility. Stratfor sources have said traffic normally is heavy along this street at the time of day the attack occurred, but some eyewitnesses have said it became unusually sparse just beforehand. Rumors are circulating in Beirut that supporters of Gen. Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian in the pro-Syrian camp, might have lent a hand. Aoun's supporters are numerous in this neighborhood, and there is speculation by sources in Lebanon that one of them dressed in a police uniform and held back traffic to enable the assassins to flee the scene.

When the Kia reached the attack site, it reportedly was rammed in the front by a Honda CRV. The impact crumpled the hood and sent the Kia backward. It was then struck in the right rear quarter panel by a blue Fiat hatchback and in the rear by a van. The now-inoperable vehicle was pinned in. At that point, three gunmen reportedly jumped out of the CRV and opened fire on the driver's side window of the Kia. Gemayel and his bodyguard were killed; the Lebanese security officer in the backseat ran away from the vehicle and survived. The gunmen returned to the Honda and fled.

Within seconds of the shooting, a BMW arrived on the scene. This appears to have been a security team whose job was to ensure Gemayel was dead and to cover the escape of the shooters -- or, alternatively, to provide them a means of escape had the Honda been disabled in the attack. The team members in this vehicle also might have been functioning as spotters, whose job was to alert the assassins that Gemayel was approaching the attack site.

Reading the Clues

All in all, there are abundant signs that Gemayel was killed by a highly trained, disciplined attack team.

The conditions of the attack site and the sophisticated way in which the Kia was disabled and hemmed in are the first clues, but even beyond that, it is clear the assassination was swiftly and precisely executed. Gemayel's bodyguard never had time to pull his weapon: Either he panicked and froze or, perhaps between the collisions and the airbag deploying in his face, he never realized an attack was being executed.

Media reports stated that Gemayel's vehicle was "sprayed" with gunfire, but photos from the scene clearly show that all of the rounds fired into the vehicle entered through the driver's side window, in a tight grouping. There was no "spray and pray" or "Beirut offhand" shooting here. The assassins were obviously trained shooters who were able to control their fire -- even under the extremely stressful conditions of conducting an assassination in broad daylight. Even when shooting from close range, keeping one's cool and hitting a target rapidly and accurately under such pressure is not as easy as it looks on TV. It requires extensive training.

Perhaps the most significant clue stems from the fact that the assassins clearly were operating with intelligence support. They were able to determine in advance when Gemayel was going to be at the attack site, and that he would be in the driver's seat of a Kia rather than the rear seat of an armored BMW. The use of small arms fire is an indication in itself: This would not have been effective against the armored vehicle in which Gemayel normally traveled. Furthermore, the gunmen did not direct any of their fire into the backseat, where a political official normally would be sitting. They clearly knew their primary target would be driving. Therefore, they had advance intelligence of the route, time, vehicle and location in the vehicle where they would find their target.

Such detailed intelligence could have come in two ways. One possibility is that the assassins launched their operation on short notice after having learned from an exceptionally skilled surveillance team that Gemayel was driving a "soft" vehicle. However, for this theory to carry any water, one must assume Gemayel's routes and times of movement were predictably ordered -- which, given the deception he clearly was trying to employ by driving the Kia, would seem not only stupid but out-of-character. That means the second possibility is more logically tenable: An inside source gave the killers the details they required.

The fact that the Lebanese state security officer in the backseat of the Kia was the only person to survive the attack has raised suspicions that he was somehow involved in the plot. These suspicions are strengthened by the fact that the officer did not return fire -- even though he reportedly had two shoulder weapons with him at the time of the attack -- and by the fact that he personally did not come under fire. Knowing that trained shooters are taught to first take out the target who poses the greatest threat (aka has the biggest weapon), the fact that no shots were fired at the officer with two shoulder weapons is indeed interesting. If the assassins could obtain the precise intelligence that Gemayel was driving the Kia, they surely could have determined that the officer in the backseat was the one with the long guns.

The size and structure of the assassination team is also noteworthy. Stratfor sources have said there were three elements involved: the attack team, the security team and a separate surveillance team. This level of specialization and coordination does not come easily -- it requires practice. Therefore, we can conclude that the Gemayel strike was not the team's "first chili cookoff." The leader who planned the operation was also very good: The strike was logical, well-planned and well-executed.

Furthermore, there was excellent operational security. Even in settings of extreme sectarian strife and violence, it is difficult to orchestrate a plot to kill a government minister -- especially a plot involving such a large team of operatives -- without any leaks. Though Gemayel was employing extraordinary security measures, this does not necessarily indicate that he knew an attack was imminent. It is routine for political figures in Beirut, especially anti-Syrian ones, to take such measures.

The Lineup

The fact that the tactics used in the Gemayel assassination departed so drastically from those used in other assassinations in Lebanon would seem to indicate that it was not carried out by the "usual suspects" -- in this case, Syrian intelligence and its Lebanese assets. However, it also was far too sophisticated to have been the act of random criminals or even the average Lebanese militia member or terrorist. The complexity of the plot and the high degrees of discipline and training exhibited by the attack team point toward state sponsorship -- which, again, implies Syria. However, this operation does not have the ham-fisted feel of the al-Hariri hit. There is a level of sophistication and brutal elegance that seems almost -- dare we say Persian?

This is not an unfounded suspicion. Apart from the geopolitical alliance and shared interests of Syria and Iran, there is a tactical precedent to be considered. The Gemayel attack brings to mind the March 8, 1995, strike against a U.S. Consulate shuttle van in Karachi, Pakistan, in which two American diplomats were killed. In that attack, which U.S. authorities determined was carried out by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security, a taxi cab was used in a ramming/blocking operation, and two gunmen fired methodically into the van, using small arms. A command/control vehicle was reported on the scene as well.

Though it is clear the Syrians had a motive for killing Gemayel, they obviously would not want to attract the kind of international attention and pressure that ensued from the al-Hariri assassination, or to be the subject of another "Mehlis report." Therefore, assuming for the moment that the Syrians were responsible, they might have used different tactics to mask their involvement -- and to provide themselves with plausible deniability.

But there is also is the matter of collateral damage, which was massive in the al-Hariri strike and nonexistent in the Gemayel operation. All in all, this assassination simply seems too sophisticated for the Syrians to have carried it out alone. It was too professional and surgical. Therefore, it is plausible that the Syrians might have contracted the operation out to another party. The tactics used would indicate the Iranians, or perhaps a Syrian or Lebanese operational planner who has spent significant time training in Iran.

There is another state actor in the region capable of such a sophisticated operation: Israel, which is famed for assassinations involving small commando units and surgical small arms fire. (Not possible. Jews are much more elegant killers than Muslims - JC) However, the murder of an anti-Syrian, anti-Hezbollah politician would not seem to be in Israel's national interest, unless it was carried out as a frame-up operation against Syria. This is certainly something Damascus has alleged, but such a move for Israel would be most useful only as a means of bringing more U.S. and U.N. pressure to bear against Syria. And, in the wake of the Mehlis report, the United Nations and Washington have ample means of doing this without a political assassination.

By the same token, however, Syria has been known in the past to blame Israel for political killings in order to sow confusion and distract from signs that point to Syria as the culprit. The coordination and professionalism displayed in the Gemayel operation could have been intended to cast suspicion on Israel.

Intelligence being gathered from sources in the Lebanese government also points (though not definitively) toward Syria. The preliminary investigation has found that a former Syrian state security officer, who goes by the pseudonym "Abu Michel," toured Antelias (a neighborhood close to Jdeideh, the assassination site) several days before Gemayel was killed.

Thus, while it is not known definitively who pulled the trigger on Gemayel, there can be little doubt at the strategic level that Syria was the author of the plot. And given the Iranian signature on the strike, it appears that the actors -- plausible deniability notwithstanding -- are using the assassination to send a clear geopolitical signal to the West and, most important, to the United States. Washington is now facing pressure to engage both Damascus and Tehran in efforts to resolve the crisis in Iraq -- a symbolic victory for states Washington long has deemed "rogue" actors. Neither the Syrians nor the Iranians are keeping a particularly low profile at the moment, and Tehran at least has seemed quite eager to turn the knife, judging from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's public statements. The Gemayel assassination -- coming at such a sensitive time for developments in the region -- could be a similar show of bravado by Syria, intended in part to humble the United States.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Opposite of Love - Dec 4

Here is another YouTube video featuring superbabe Brigitte Gabriel and jihad buster Glenn Beck on how hate is being taught to Palestinian children in schools. Runs 7:38.

Man, there is so much hate-o-rade out there it isn't even funny. Dennis Prager, a Jew, was recently taken to task by CAIR over his criticism of Keith Ellison using the Koran instead of the Bible for his swearing in. The gauntlet has been tossed down. All those who insist on upholding Judeo-Christian values are intolerant and must be re-educated about Islam's peaceful nature or else! Listen, Mr. Prager is not alone in this. Many Americans are developing so-called cases of 'Islamophobia'. People are waking up to the jihadi fifth column in their midst and they're not liking what they see. Is that intolerant? No, it isn't. Rejecting lies is not intolerant. Truth is not bigotry. I wish someone could explain this (loudly and slowly of course) to those 'Blame America First' liberals who are enabling our destruction. Now wouldn't that be something!

Here's another thing that's bugging me. Will someone stop blaming all the rampant crime and bloodshed going on in the Palestinian territories on the Jews? Look, I'm well aware that there have been problems within the Israeli military, but please, enough already! I'm sick of this 'It's not my fault!' attitude that seems to seep through most Muslim minds.

Oh, I'm not finished yet. The Conservatives have mercifully ended a gov't funded program that allows prisoners to get tattooed while serving time. Denying a prisoner the 'right' to self-mutilate (because that's what tattoos ultimately represent) is NOT a violation of his (or her) rights! Of course we don't want to see Hep C and HIV in our prison system. But $600,000 a year plus another $350,000 for start up costs for this program is insanity! Kudos to Stockwell Day for getting rid of this PC madness.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, asks, "Have you been Ahmadinejadized?". I swear, the man is a comic genius.

John Bolton is toast as the U.S. ambassador to the UN. Bush isn't too terribly happy about it and I can't blame him. Just remember, the surrender of America's sovereignty to the UN is the ultimate dream of every NWO internationalist. It seems we've now taken a step closer in that direction. Mr. Bolton's fate was sealed when the Dems kicked GOP butt in the November mid-term elections.

Three more links and then we're finished.

It now appears that that long predicted military coup in Fiji is now taking place.

How 'bout this? Bend it Like Beckham, Palestinian style!

Here's a follow-up on that surprise twist of Alexander Litvinenko's conversion (reversion?) to Islam from

Johnny Cash

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Is 2007 the Year For War? - Dec 3

Yes good reader, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is the third post in 24 hours. What can I say? I love to make up time. Speaking about eyes being deceived, the below photo is Canadian Leopard tanks on the move in Panjwaii province, Afghanistan. Go get 'em boys!

Why is 2007 not going to be a Happy New Year? As Yogi Berra once said, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future". In the Middle East, things are heating up and for all the wrong reasons. Lebanese Christians are divided amongst themselves as to what to do or who to support. The stark reality of famine is threatening to rout us. British banks in the U.S. are being told to stop doing business with Iran, a possible prelude to war. Friend, you don't have to afraid! God has promised for those who believe in Him a special place for the coming Kingdom of God. This is going to be humanity's Golden Age, the fulfillment of the sabbath prophecy. In plain speaking terms, I'm talking about the millenial reign of King Jesus Christ! All this bad news that you see is coming to an end, and probably a lot sooner than we think. Just pray for salvation in Jesus' name and you need not be afraid of events that are looming on the horizon.

Who said things are doom and gloom anyways? Not me! My confidence is in God's authority, not Man's majority. Speaking of majorities and such, I have a picture gallery of that Liberal convention in Montreal where Stephane Dion was crowned 'The Next Great White Hope' to unseat the Conservatives. Greg Weston of the Ottawa Sun believes that the real winner in the Liberal leadership campaign is none other than PM Stephen Harper himself. I would caution Mr. Weston on that as the Liberals have proven to be far more resilient than what anti-Liberals think. I do admit that I am most surprised by this, as I fully expected a Bob and Iggy showdown on the final ballot. Many are now saying that Mr. Dion is pure death for the Liberals in the province (not country) of Quebec. If that is true, then Mr. Weston's assessment may be bang on. I don't know how many English Canadians, especially those in Ontario, are going to take to Dion. In Alberta, it won't even be close. If the Conservatives capture 20+ seats in Ontario it will definitely be a Tory majority. Remember, you heard it here first!

Here I Come To Save The Day Dep't: Sailors of the frigate HMCS Ottawa saved a crew of 18 in the Persian Gulf. The ship, an Indian dhow headed for Somalia was lost despite the heroic efforts of our boys. Still good job all around for saving lives!

I have some news about that ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Apparently things are getting serious as British police are getting set to take their investigative skills to Russia. If there is a word of advice I would like to give these British cops is this: The Russians are still Russians, Cold War or no. Trust nothing you hear and only half of what you see and you might actually get somewhere. I also have this bombshell that Mr. Litvinenko might have possibly converted to Islam (!) and was possibly trying to sell a 'dirty bomb' to Islamic extremists. Wow! I'll see if I can follow this up later as it is coming only from a single source, a journalistic no-no.

Johnny Cash

Rock the Casbah - Dec 3

Man, do I miss Joe Strummer and The Clash. Surely one of England's finest punk bands ever. This post may seem unusual but in fact its not. The Clash were a band that was way ahead of their time both in style and in lyrics. The song 'Rock the Casbah' was probably one of the first anti-jihad songs before we even knew what jihad really was. Look, if you're ahead of your time, don't expect this world to understand or congratulate you for your efforts. Being on the leading edge of social commentary will endear you to some and cause fear and loathing in others. I didn't understand The Clash at first either. Now I do and consider myself richer for listening to their music.

Johnny Cash
(lyrics provided by

Now the king told the boogie men
You have to let that raga drop
The oil down the desert way
Has been shakin to the top
The sheik he drove his cadillac
He went a cruisin' down the ville
The muezzin was a standing
On the radiator grille

The shareef dont like it
Rockin the casbah
Rock the casbah
The shareef dont like it
Rockin the casbah
Rock the casbah

By order of the prophet
We ban that boogie sound
Degenerate the faithful
With that crazy casbah sound
But the bedouin they brought out
The electric camel drum
The local guitar picker
Got his guitar picking thumb
As soon as the shareef
Had cleared the square
They began to wail


Now over at the temple
Oh! they really pack em in
The in crowd says "Cool!"
To dig this chanting thing
But as the wind changed direction
The temple band took five
The crowd caught a wiff
Of that crazy casbah jive


The king called up his jet fighters
He said you better earn your pay
Drop your bombs between the minarets
Down the casbah way

As soon as the shareef was
Chauffeured outta there
The jet pilots tuned to
The cockpit radio blare

As soon as the shareef was
Outta their hair
The jet pilots wailed


He thinks its not kosher
Fundamentally he cant take it.
You know he really hates it.

We're Going The Wrong Way! - Dec 3

Here's a picture from TimesOnline showing pro-Syrian supporters at a rally in Beirut, Lebanon.

Have you ever been driving along and all of a sudden get that 'feeling', that driver's instinct that tells you you're going the wrong way? Or, if you're like me and definitely not a morning person, start going along a certain road and wonder, "Which direction am I going?". I'm usually very good with directions and I always know which direction I'm facing (except at airports for some strange reason). Usually if I am headed in the wrong direction or have missed my turn I am able to spot my mistake early on and take corrective action. In close to twenty years of driving I've learned a few tricks. Know the route. Be alert. Never tailgate. Drive at the appropiate speed. Adjust your driving to the weather conditions. Always drive defensively. And don't even THINK about driving drunk (no big deal for me as I'm a non-drinker anyways). That sort of thing. Well friends, it seems that human history is hurtling in the wrong direction and no-one seems to care. Look at the above picture. In Lebanon, the much vaunted Cedar Revolution is not only stuck but looks increasingly under siege and ready to topple to pro-Syrian and pro-Hezbollah forces. A disaster for the West and Israel in particular.

Let's look at Canadian news first and foremost. Congrats to Stephane Dion who is the new leader of Canada's Liberal Party. Wow. Talk about a surprise! No Bob or Iggy to lambaste unfortunately. It should be interesting to see how Mr. Dion is able to bridge the big French-English divide. Is the fact that he is a Quebecois an asset or a liability? If Mr. Harper is seen as the voice of federalism within Quebec, then the Conservatives have nothing to fear. It is in Quebec, not Ontario (which has historically been very kind to the federal Liberals) where we will find out who will govern Canada next.

At Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, those practitioners of that 'Religion of Peace' is making the lives of (Christian) students miserable. A 'multi-faith' room has been hijacked (Very good at hijacking things these Muslims. For reference see 9/11) by the RoP. Kick 'em out. And then don't let them back in. Ryerson should have 'Muslim-free' zones for the relief of those who wish to escape all the B.S. and rampant PC which strangles free dissent and religious diversity.

Another institution I love to hate is the United Nations. The UN has been going the wrong way since 1948 and wouldn't know the right way if it came up to them and slapped them in the face. In its fine tradition around Christmas time and Hannukah, the UN has once again vilified Israel. And why not? The prevailing wisdom around the so-called intelligientsia is that the world would be a safer place if it didn't have to worry about those Jews who call the land of Israel their birthright. The modern day rebirth of Israel was a 'mistake' of grand proportions the thinking goes, one that should never have happened. I have said it before and I will say it again. The campaign of Armaggeddon is already well under way. All this posturing and faux meanderings are meaningless to the One who sits upon the throne. He is in control! Praise God!

I tell you another thing that is headed the wrong way and that is our education system. No, I'm not referring to PC on university campuses, but in grade school for crying out loud! The message to parents is clear: The state can do a better job of raising your kids than you can. Thanks to Sacred Scoop for the cool post.

It's getting late and I want to finish strong. Did you know that conservatives are more generous than their liberal counterparts when it comes to charity? Y'know, those CHRISTIANS who actually put their money where their mouth is? Ha! Fancy that!

God's army is on the move for sure. A German tourist by the name of Sadek Noshi Yassa is in trouble with Morrocan authorities for distributing Christian literature to the locals.

A cool program launched by Voice of the Martyrs has just shipped its 100,000th Bible to places where they are banned. The premise is simple. Get individuals to mail Bibles one at a time to avoid detection. Any bulk order is going to be noticed and stopped. His word cannot fail!

God is also on the move in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India where Gospel for Asia activists are spreading the Good News to the poorest of the poor.

As this is my first post for December '06, I want to remind anyone and everyone who has to endure the annual office Christmas party of one thing: Don't get drunk! And don't buy stupid gifts either.

Johnny Cash

Monday, November 27, 2006

Brigitte Gabriel - Nov 27

Got a quickie here from YouTube. It runs 9:36 and it details what happened when Brigitte's mother was wounded in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict. A real eye-opener on the difference between Jewish and Arab culture. Also a big slap in the face for all those that love to drag the Jews and the good nation of Israel through the mud.

Johnny Cash

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fanatics, Pinheads, Lunatics and Liberals - Nov 26

Look at these 'misunderstanders'. Silly them, don't they know that Islam is peaceful?

With the cacophony of propaganda, half-truths and out and out bald-faced lies, it is hard to seperate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. As the public confidence in the MSM goes south, it is up to us bloggers and other indy media to shed light into dark places. What frustrates me to no end are those individuals who should bloody well know better like Louise Arbour (Are boor?) who love to coddle terrorists and willfully spite Israel. I mean, aren't liberals supposed to be educated and stuff? Why then the kid gloves approach to those who wish to destroy us? Delusion and ignorance increase daily. Yessir, the Devil is hard at work, is he not?

In my last post, I gave a lot of thanks for a lot of things. I thank God for the likes of Caroline Glick, a Jewess who is able to cut through the bafflegab concerning Pierre Gemayel. Listen, I don't know exactly how any ME peace proposal is ever going to work so long as appeasement and surrender are its core components. Asking the terrorists for mercy along the lines of 'O pious Muslim, please don't hurt me!' is a fool's game, one that Israeli Jews understand all too well.

I read with great trepidation that a tentative truce has been reached in Gaza, Israel. I really have nothing to say over this. Another mirage in the desert I guess.

The need for peace in the region is in the Arab's interest too. Jordan's King Abdullah II is saying that there might be three possible wars in the ME in 2007. Clearly, Jordan is caught in the middle. Any kind of war in Israel, Lebanon and Iraq would not serve Jordanian interests.

Irking the Turk Dep't: It should come as a surprise to no-one that there have been massive demonstrations in Turkey over the upcoming papal visit. While the Muslims scream foul, I think it fair to remind you, fair reader, of the institutionalized repression and bias against non-Muslims in Turkey. Of course, it's awfully difficult to point out the splinter in someone else's eye when you have a 2X4 beam stuck in your own eye, isn't it?

I'll just close out this post with two excellent essays from Hugh Fitzgerald and Lorrie Goldstein. Hugh talks about Hamid Mir, and the fact that Mr. Mir refuses to recognize his own slavish mentality that Islam produces. A simpleton who doesn't like to bother with such things as critical thinking and a working conscience would find Islam to be a natural fit. I mean, why bother thinking when you don't have to? Let Islam provide you with its own 'Complete Understanding of the Universe' and park your brain at the door!

Mr. Lorrie Goldstein talks about the enigma that is Prime Minister Stephen Harper and how he has proven much more adept than what his detractors have thought. While Lorrie says quite rightly that this does not guarantee in any way a Tory majority come next federal election, it does at least offer us Canadians some hope that the next election will not be boring.

I have added two more links to my sidebar. The first one is '' which links to his official website. I think you'll need broadband to fully appreciate it. Under 'Know Thine Enemy' I have included the blog 'Jihadi Du Jour' (don't worry, it's in English). I have contacted the administrator of the blog and you'll find the X-Def included in its blogroll. Yay!

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

Friday, November 24, 2006

Reasons To Be Thankful - Nov 24

OK, so I'm well aware that Thanksgiving was done in Canada a month ago and it's now the Americans turn. However, in lieu of a really clever lead-in, giving thanks to God is never a bad idea. Remember, it's not what you're thankful FOR, it's whom you're thankful to that makes all the difference. Silly atheists. What (or whom) do they thank? Themselves? What arrogance!

Why am I as a Canadian thankful? I am thankful for the fact that we care about the downtrodden and the poor, a job I might add is the church's responsibility, not the state. In 2005, Canadians supported charities to the tune of $7.9bn, up a cool billion from 2004. I'm also thankful we have organizations like Quest Food Exchange in Vancouver B.C. that uses near-expired food to feed the hungry. So successful is Quest that it is getting international attention from the likes of Spain, Germany, Jordan and France. Way to go, Quest!

While this may sound silly and a bit shmaltzy, I am thankful that we can have a civil debate about Quebec without resorting to violence. While our own PM says that Quebec is sorta kinda somewhat a 'nation', the rest of Canada does not take to the streets and start burning stuff and killing people. 'Cause lets face it, that really sucks. Actually, I like Rick Mercer's approach the best: Let Quebec separate. Then let other provinces separate and join Quebec. Soon it will be the nation of Quebec. Then we all have a referendum and change the name back to Canada. Simple yet utterly brilliant.

Also from Jihad Watch, reasons to be thankful even when the bad guys seem to have the upper hand. Just remember, for every so-called 'victory' and attack that is initiated by the jihadis, it is also a defeat because more people are becoming aware of Islam's true meaning and intentions. The truth is on our side. Praise God!

This post is coming a day later than what I wanted to but I still feel I have to report the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London, England. Defiant to the end, Mr. Litvinenko fought the good fight but sadly the poison was too high a dose for his body to endure. Actually, nobody knows for sure WHAT exactly killed Mr. Litvinenko. Some say it was thallium (a heavy metal used in rat poison) or some type of radiation poisoning. I'm assuming an autopsy will be done to determine the actual cause of death. Until then we shall have to wait and see.

Be thankful you don't live in France were there are 751 'no-go' zones that the French state does not control. Mr. Pipes calls it what it truly is, which is Dar al-Islam, or plain old-fashioned Muslim intimidation. Plus, if you lived in France, well that would make you French now wouldn't it?

In Lebanon and Israel, things are proceeding nicely. Nicely downhill that is. Both the Lebanese gov't and the Israeli gov't are being undone by the worst form of instability, which is from within rather than without.

This next link from worldnetdaily about the touchy subject of abortion may seem out of place here but please hear me out. People are starting to wake up to abortion's real cost in terms of the rising number of premature births and its proven link to breast cancer. The truth is solidly on our side, a fact no 'pro-choice' advocate can ever refute. Look, if this was any other medical procedure that was leaving this trail of carnage behind it there'd be hell to pay. But because abortion is deemed 'special' (read: a liberal sacred cow), it is all neatly swept under the rug. I am thankful for those who are blowing the whistle on abortion and for showing us its real cost on our society. I am thankful for those who are resisting this war that is being waged against women and children in our streets and in our homes. May God come alongside them and give them the courage they need to fight this bloody practice of legalized infanticide.

God is my Provider,

Johnny Cash

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayel (1972 - 2006) - Nov 21

There's been a major political upheaval in Lebanon as Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel has been assassinated by unknown gunmen. While I do NOT believe that this will immediately precipitate a civil war, the long-term (within a year at least) prospects of a stable Lebanese gov't diminishes greatly. Who will benefit from this atrocity? Syrian proxy Hezbollah seems to be the most to gain as they try to grab power. Nothing but trouble will come from this I tell you.

Kings of the East Update: I have been noticing the recent warm relations between India and China just recently. This is not an insignificant partnership, one that entails roughly a third of humanity and a very large market. Will keep you posted on this.

The Devil is in the Details Dep't: The now-surging Democrats are looking for a 'new direction' in Iraq. Well d'uh! Sounds more like trying to declare victory and get the hell out of Babylon. I'm not terribly confident that the recent changing of the guard as it were is somehow going to radically change the situation in Iraq for the better.

Haven't had a Daniel Pipes column in here in a while. So I unsubscribed from the RSS feed and went with the traditional e-mail instead. In this article Mr. Pipes talks about the Israeli-Egyptian peace plan that has fueled anti-Semitism and has cynically provided American arms manufacturers an excuse to trade with corrupt Arab countries. A must read.

I have also been negligent in providing Canadian content as well. Here is an update of that Russian spy caught in Montreal.

Read this story of Charles LeBlanc, a blogger and an independent journalist who was given the business by Saint John's finest (in New Brunswick, not Newfoundland) for taking pictures.

Hooray for B.C. kid Justin Morneau (1B, Minnesota Twins) who was awarded the AL MVP.

It's late again. A short post but still not a bad one.

Johnny Cash