Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayel (1972 - 2006) - Nov 21

There's been a major political upheaval in Lebanon as Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel has been assassinated by unknown gunmen. While I do NOT believe that this will immediately precipitate a civil war, the long-term (within a year at least) prospects of a stable Lebanese gov't diminishes greatly. Who will benefit from this atrocity? Syrian proxy Hezbollah seems to be the most to gain as they try to grab power. Nothing but trouble will come from this I tell you.

Kings of the East Update: I have been noticing the recent warm relations between India and China just recently. This is not an insignificant partnership, one that entails roughly a third of humanity and a very large market. Will keep you posted on this.

The Devil is in the Details Dep't: The now-surging Democrats are looking for a 'new direction' in Iraq. Well d'uh! Sounds more like trying to declare victory and get the hell out of Babylon. I'm not terribly confident that the recent changing of the guard as it were is somehow going to radically change the situation in Iraq for the better.

Haven't had a Daniel Pipes column in here in a while. So I unsubscribed from the RSS feed and went with the traditional e-mail instead. In this article Mr. Pipes talks about the Israeli-Egyptian peace plan that has fueled anti-Semitism and has cynically provided American arms manufacturers an excuse to trade with corrupt Arab countries. A must read.

I have also been negligent in providing Canadian content as well. Here is an update of that Russian spy caught in Montreal.

Read this story of Charles LeBlanc, a blogger and an independent journalist who was given the business by Saint John's finest (in New Brunswick, not Newfoundland) for taking pictures.

Hooray for B.C. kid Justin Morneau (1B, Minnesota Twins) who was awarded the AL MVP.

It's late again. A short post but still not a bad one.

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Hey JC,
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It took one thirsty person and Acts chapter 2, to remind us that we are settling for less than God wants to give us.

Belinda said...

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