Saturday, November 11, 2006

Silence Is Golden (For Two Minutes At Least)- Nov 11

Please pray over our troops, whether they be American, Canadian or British in whatever God-forsaken land they are serving.

I hope you did that whole two minutes silence thing at 11:00 this morning. I think as each Remembrance Day passes, it's less and less about the old guys (and girls) who served in WWII, Korea or Vietnam and more about this new generation of soldiers that are now serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Here's a cool video that was sent to me called 'A Pittance of Time' by Terry Kelly with thanks to Fred. Just click on the 'mpeg' link and it should start up no problem.

I'll just be quick here as it is late in the evening as I am posting this. I was hoping to do a full post but this will have to do for now. I've got some good stuff from the BBC. Here are some interviews from the Beeb's 1998 archives, the eightieth anniversary of the end of WWI.

You can also read these gut-wrenching accounts of the Battle of the Somme, the French-German battle of Verdun (both the Somme and Verdun were fought in 1916) and the mostly British led battle of Passchendaele (or the 3rd Battle of Ypres). And just to cover all our bases, a link on the failed Eastern Front of WWI which gave Russia (and the world) the Bolshevik Revolution.

Has Man learned about the folly of war? No, sadly he has not. You can also read the account of the citizens of Beit Hanoun, Gaza who came under Israeli tank shelling. I am not besmirching Israel because I know it is caught between a rock and hard place, however I decided to show the link because it's important to see the real cost of war.

Please note that I have added some links and an extra header on the sidebar to your right. Under the 'I Love Israel' banner I have included such luminaries as Haaretz, Debka, Jerusalem Online and Israel Insider. I have deleted because they have not posted in a month. Do make use of these links as I believe that they are very useful and informative.

Lest We Forget,

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