Wednesday, November 08, 2006

By Inches and By Degrees - Nov 8

When I look at what happened yesterday at the American elections, it occurs to me that we are definitely moving towards the tribulation era. Not always by leaps and bounds, but by inches and degrees (nice segue, no?). Any serious plans about American military action against Iran's nuke facilities is now 100% dead in the water. An inwardly focused Bush administration is far less likely to intervene elsewhere. Make no mistake, the message coming out of Washington these days will be 'Fend for yourself!'. Nuclear proliferation in the ME and in the Pacific Rim countries stands to accelerate rather than diminish. North Korea will become more emboldened. And so on and so on. Call it a domino effect if you will, albeit in slo-motion for now. No, the end is not nigh, but it is a lot closer than you may think.

Well that didn't take long, did it? Out with the old and in with the new as they say. While the world celebrates Bush's comeuppance, Donald Rumsfeld is out and Nancy Pelosi is in as the new Madam Speaker of the House of Representatives. Saw Rummy's resignation a mile away. Really, there is no substitute for victory.

I also got a good laugh from the Liberals who are desperately trying to link this with Harper's mediocre polling across the country. A Liberal accusing Mr. Harper for being 'divisive'? WTF!?! What the heck was Adscam anyways? Gosh, that went well over in Quebec, dinnit? Honestly, these Liberals know no shame. Lie, cheat, steal. Do whatever it takes to grab power at any cost. Which is not to suggest that the Conservatives are a bunch of little darlings, because they're not. There is a world of difference between Bush's six years of majority control and Harper's ten MONTHS of minority control. Despite some bumps, these last ten months have been relatively quiet compared to the decade of Liberal arrogance and mismanagement under Mr. Chretien and Mr. Martin. Would love to see a Harper majority come 2007. Seeing the horrified expressions on the faces of die-hard Liberal voters would be priceless.

Doctor Frankenstein, paging Doctor Frankenstein! What? Oh, never mind.

Is it or isn't it? This next article on the rise of violent crime in Canada is so bloody typical of the 'balanced' reporting that we see in this country. The title clearly states that crime, especially involving handguns, is rising. Why then do we need some know-nothing acadamia type to immediately contradict these findings? I mean, which one is it? Is crime going up or is crime going down? This is what passes for journalism nowadays. Small wonder I get frustrated.

As Australia suffers from its fourth year of drought, it may be tiny Israel which leads the world against the ravages of desertification.

Here's a news flash: Russians are corrupt! Russians are corrupt! Try to the tune of $240bn, or what amounts to the entire state revenues.

No PC in India as Muslims barred from holding positions within the government's spy agency that works with sensitive intelligience. Muslims and intelligience? Now that's a good one! Note: Please let me know if this link expires.

More trouble in God's Holy Land as Hamas vows revenge (y'know, for like the thousandth time) as 18 killed in the Gaza Strip by IDF forces. Remember, these people think nothing of using human shields to cover up their nefarious deeds. Please consider that before jumping to any conclusions over this.

Gotta go. I'm tired!

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