Monday, November 20, 2006

The Wages of Sin - Nov 20

....Is still death last time I checked. It's kinda late so I don't want to dilly-dally too much. I have another article about John Bolton, this time from Sacred Scoop that is definitely worth your time. Just to put a capper on my previous post, so y'all understand.

I think that I may have mentioned before that it is a favorite tactic of the Palestinians to use human shields in their dealings with the IDF. The above photo (compliments of the Jerusalem Post) was taken outside the home of Wael Rajab, a known Hamas operative. The IAF warned Mr. Rajab that his house was going to be struck and so civilians began to gather around his house to protect him. Naturally, the attack was called off. When you hear about civilian casualties in Israel, understand that IDF soldiers aren't horrible brutes who love to kill women and children. No, it is often the so-called Pal leaders that are herding their own people into harm's way. Why do this? To embarrass Israel at any cost of course. If the deaths of a hundred innocent civilians advances the Islamic cause, then so be it. This is not me being unduly harsh or cynical, it is the hard truth of the matter.

Speaking about wages, here are some money figures that will make your jaw drop. It is now estimated that the U.S. is now spending half a trillion dollars ($507bn actually) on Iraq and Afghanistan. $8bn a month is being spent on Iraq alone! Yep, you read correctly. Here's another figure to wrap your head around. In 2006 there were $3.1 trillion worth of mergers and acquisitions, beating the old mark set in 2000. Like I've said before, if most of the wealth of the world can be controlled by the few, then all the wealth of the world can be given to one man, Mr. 666. As companies and indeed entire national economies merge into one, it appears that the tribulation is not as far off as you may think.

More funny money news as British owned BAE Systems are found to bribing a very corrupt Saudi family. What we call bribery, the Saudis refer to it as routine business. A horrible lot these Saudis are. And we are just as foolish to go along with it.

Did you know that Canadian currency is often the most counterfeited in the world? Why is it that the Americans with their plain looking currency have a better handle on this then we do? Most embarrassing!

I leave you with this article from Christian Science Monitor about China's weaponization of space. Not my usual knee-slapper to end a post but it'll have to do. So there.

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