Friday, November 24, 2006

Reasons To Be Thankful - Nov 24

OK, so I'm well aware that Thanksgiving was done in Canada a month ago and it's now the Americans turn. However, in lieu of a really clever lead-in, giving thanks to God is never a bad idea. Remember, it's not what you're thankful FOR, it's whom you're thankful to that makes all the difference. Silly atheists. What (or whom) do they thank? Themselves? What arrogance!

Why am I as a Canadian thankful? I am thankful for the fact that we care about the downtrodden and the poor, a job I might add is the church's responsibility, not the state. In 2005, Canadians supported charities to the tune of $7.9bn, up a cool billion from 2004. I'm also thankful we have organizations like Quest Food Exchange in Vancouver B.C. that uses near-expired food to feed the hungry. So successful is Quest that it is getting international attention from the likes of Spain, Germany, Jordan and France. Way to go, Quest!

While this may sound silly and a bit shmaltzy, I am thankful that we can have a civil debate about Quebec without resorting to violence. While our own PM says that Quebec is sorta kinda somewhat a 'nation', the rest of Canada does not take to the streets and start burning stuff and killing people. 'Cause lets face it, that really sucks. Actually, I like Rick Mercer's approach the best: Let Quebec separate. Then let other provinces separate and join Quebec. Soon it will be the nation of Quebec. Then we all have a referendum and change the name back to Canada. Simple yet utterly brilliant.

Also from Jihad Watch, reasons to be thankful even when the bad guys seem to have the upper hand. Just remember, for every so-called 'victory' and attack that is initiated by the jihadis, it is also a defeat because more people are becoming aware of Islam's true meaning and intentions. The truth is on our side. Praise God!

This post is coming a day later than what I wanted to but I still feel I have to report the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London, England. Defiant to the end, Mr. Litvinenko fought the good fight but sadly the poison was too high a dose for his body to endure. Actually, nobody knows for sure WHAT exactly killed Mr. Litvinenko. Some say it was thallium (a heavy metal used in rat poison) or some type of radiation poisoning. I'm assuming an autopsy will be done to determine the actual cause of death. Until then we shall have to wait and see.

Be thankful you don't live in France were there are 751 'no-go' zones that the French state does not control. Mr. Pipes calls it what it truly is, which is Dar al-Islam, or plain old-fashioned Muslim intimidation. Plus, if you lived in France, well that would make you French now wouldn't it?

In Lebanon and Israel, things are proceeding nicely. Nicely downhill that is. Both the Lebanese gov't and the Israeli gov't are being undone by the worst form of instability, which is from within rather than without.

This next link from worldnetdaily about the touchy subject of abortion may seem out of place here but please hear me out. People are starting to wake up to abortion's real cost in terms of the rising number of premature births and its proven link to breast cancer. The truth is solidly on our side, a fact no 'pro-choice' advocate can ever refute. Look, if this was any other medical procedure that was leaving this trail of carnage behind it there'd be hell to pay. But because abortion is deemed 'special' (read: a liberal sacred cow), it is all neatly swept under the rug. I am thankful for those who are blowing the whistle on abortion and for showing us its real cost on our society. I am thankful for those who are resisting this war that is being waged against women and children in our streets and in our homes. May God come alongside them and give them the courage they need to fight this bloody practice of legalized infanticide.

God is my Provider,

Johnny Cash

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