Sunday, November 19, 2006

John Bolton: Bush's Next Sacrifice? - Nov 19

It is becoming more and more difficult these days to speak the truth where it matters. The UN has never been one who has welcomed such plain speakers as Mr. John Bolton, who is the American ambassador to the UN. Plain speaking is anathema to the internationalists at the UN, which is why I think Mr. Bolton's days are numbered.

Gog and Magog Update: Or how to embrace the broad path to destruction. Russia has now become part of the WTO (World Trade Organization) facilitated by none other than the U.S.. A very strange move indeed. Make no mistake however, the Russians still have a few nasty surprises to spring on us if we're not careful. Just ask ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with thallium just recently. Or you can ask CSIS, Canada's spy agency whose job it is to capture foreign spies, particularly Russian ones. Then read this story from Thane Burnett, who tells a sordid story of al-Qaida operative Ali Mohamed, who was given free reign by the RCMP and the FBI.

A society that doesn't protect the weakest of the weak or value human life and freedom is one that is headed for disaster. From Bill O'Reilly comes the horror story of George 'The Killer' Tiller, who specializes in late-term abortions. You can cynically call it 'reproductive rights' if you want, but I prefer to call it what it truly is: infanticide. Meanwhile the war on women and children continues in the form of human trafficking. A big thumbs up to Vatican official Cardinal Renato Martino for bringing this injustice to light. As Christian children are being beheaded in Indonesia, some scumbag named Hasanuddin is pulling out all the lame excuses saying that local authorities were doing nothing to prevent anti-Muslim atrocities. Which of course makes the slaughter of infidel children a perfectly viable excuse.

I've got five links in international news that I think are worth your time.

In the Netherlands, the gov't is finally showing some backbone in banning the burka. Good. I have no problem with the headscarf, but a full burka is a bit much.

You have to give marks to Bush for his bull-headed insistence on renewing talks with North Korea. These perpetual talks are nothing more than a ruse, used by the likes of North Korea and Iran to buy much needed time to build their nuclear weapons. Plus this link has a very funny picture that is an absolute must see. I tried to post it here but I think blogger doesn't like bitmap pictures, only jpg's.

In Israel, soldiers there found advanced military equipment in Gaza. I suspect most of this stuff has Western (read: British, French and American) origins. Why are we funding Hamas? Doesn't Israel have enough on its plate? Speaking of Hamas, PM Ehud Olmert has indicated that as long as Kassam rockets continue to land in Sderot, the time for targeted assassinations of Hamas officials may begin again. God, I hope not. Please keep Israel in your prayers.

In London, Henry Kissinger (yes, he's still alive) has told the BBC that a military victory in Iraq is unlikely, if not impossible.

In just under three hours as of posting time, the Grey Cup will kick off in Winnipeg between the Montreal Alouettes and the B.C. Lions. Gotta love that three-down football. While B.C. is favored, it should be another tight game between two very good teams. A pick 'em, but I'm cheering for the Lions.

I have added three more links to the sidebar. They are the World Federalist Movement, Cox and Forkum (editorial cartoons) and a new blog called Whatever He Says. Please peruse them and tell me what you think.

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