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Be Careful What You Wish For - Nov 4

Or you just might get it. I love Frank and Ernest!

Why does God judge? It seems harsh to think of God as judge, doesn't it? Well, one of the OT books in the Bible is called 'Judges' after all, so I do think it's appropiate. You see friends, God does not merely judge, He just gives us everything that we've asked for all along. A person finding themselves in Hell is there because he/she has chosen it of their own free will. God will never, ever trample human sovereignty underfoot. The way you choose to lead your life determines your eternal destiny. If you seek redemption, forgiveness and fellowship with God, you will find it, guaranteed! Those who choose to live their life as if God doesn't exist, that the Bible was never written or Jesus' sacrifice on the cross never happened should have no hope of salvation. None. Look, Christianity is not a difficult doctrine. Those who seek the Lord's favor with their whole heart will find it. Those who don't are on the broad path to their own destruction. There is NO third path. Which path have you chosen?

We have a lot of stuff to cover today so let's get right to it.

Let's start with Israel, the land (and it's people) that I love. It seems UNIFIL's mission is going exactly according to plan, in other words it's all downhill from here if you happen to be a Jew. Yep, patrol only during the day while Syria arms Hezbollah by night. Brilliant. And why are the Americans training the Palestinians to be better terrorists? Does the term 'lipstick on a pig' mean anything to these clueless dolts?

None of these things are going to work and I'll tell you why. Just like in Iraq or Afghanistan, the problem is Islam, plain and simple. Get the Muslims out of that slavish mindset and you will see a renaissance the likes of which you and I cannot possibly even imagine. There can be no peace in Islam. Why should we be forced into negotiations with those who are more than willing to sacrifice their women and children for the cause of Allah? It is a religion that extolls human sacrifice, a practice we associate with cannibal tribes and various other forms of barbarism.

For me, there are some clear solutions to this problem. Weakness fosters anti-Semitism. It is weakness that makes us unsure of who we are and what we stand for and emboldens the enemy. How can we win if we do not know ourselves or the enemy's true intentions?

Axis of Evil Update: One of the things that Iranian nuclear ambitions is doing is the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (cool jpg here). The Iranians are also celebrating the attack on the American embassy in Tehran in 1979 while Iraqi leaders urge restraint in the upcoming verdict in Saddam's trial.

Here's one from the CBC about the good people of Edmonton holding a rally for the troops stationed in Afghanistan. Which brings up another thing that bothers me. This whole 'Support the Troops' thing is tiresome. Look, for me, the question of supporting our troops has never been in question. I find the question to be a complete red herring actually. The real question is 'Do we support our troops in Afghanistan'?. There seems to be few people in power who have truly grasped what Islam is all about. How many have done research on Islam beyond the state-sponsored PC pablum that we're supposed to feed on? Islam, not al-Qaida or the Taliban, is Afghanistan's problem. It is Islam itself which poses the insurmountable obstacle to peace and modernity. All our so-called leaders are quick to condemn the 'militant' version of Islam while upholding its supposedly 'moderate' version. No, the whole damn thing is rotten, through and through. Let some brave Canadian politician come forward to say such things and he (not a she) will be hung, drawn and quartered by the leftist media in this country. Better to believe in a beautiful lie than an unpleasant truth I guess.

Four more lines of thought to close out this post.

In Britain, Big Brother and the surveillance society have arrived.

In Asia, a destructive cycle of drought and flood is causing massive water management problems.

The Supreme Court is once again finding itself in the thick of controversy over 'partial birth' abortions. So let me see if I've got this one straight. You rip a late-term baby, which is a living human being, out of the womb and murder it. Then have the nerve to call it 'sexual freedom' and 'pro-choice'. I live in bizarro world I tell you.

In Iraq, U.S. troops are coming under a new threat: enemy snipers. If you have javascript, here's the story in pictures.

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