Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Razor's Edge - Nov 16

No doubt about it, we are living right on the edge. The above photo taken from the Beeb is an actual road leading out of La Paz, Bolivia. It's a winding one-track dirt road with no guardrails high up in the Andes. One false move and you're done for. Sort of like how the world is right now. Anyhow I haven't posted in a few days so we've got lots to cover.

This link from is little out there but I believe is worth your time. Everything you wanted to know about Yale's Skull and Bones society, Bush and Kerry, the Nazis and the occult. Not for the faint of heart.

Get some good intelligience today from Listen to Colin Chapman as he gives an audio brief on the latest news events. Requires Real player or winamp.

Some business news as I believe the world economic system is falling rapidly into place. While Canada supports an Asia-Pacific free trade region, the Europeans are creating an EU share market.

Reason #3 why it sucks to be a Canadian soldier stationed at Kandahar. If the blistering heat and the Taliban don't get you, then perhaps the flooding and knee-deep mud will.

Science is Phun Update: Two links, one from Sacred Scoop on global warming and from the Beeb a cool article on 'dark matter'.

I've got some good news here that will lift your spirits. First read about what Gospel for Asia workers are doing in India. Then you can get a really good laugh at this next story about dumb criminals on how not to use a gun. Many are clueing in on Islam's aggressive nature, including military officers and the RAND Corp. think tank. And why many still think that the city of Jerusalem is a very special place.

That's it for now. It's late again and time for me to go to bed. I'll probably post again on Saturday so do watch this space. Thanks for your patience.

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