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America's Moment of Decision in '06 - Nov 7

Man I love this stuff. Obviously, I prefer watching Canadian politics but this will do. Yep, I'm a political junkie through and through. As I see it, Christians cannot afford to just sit on our hands when it comes to politics. Decisions are made everyday, and it's better that we get involved in those decisions than not. You either take a vested interest or be satisfied that someone else who is not sympathetic to the Judeo-Christian worldview to be making decisions for you. Secular politics is certainly a dirty, mean and nasty business and not for the faint of heart. As an example, our English friend dizzyfatplonka is actively involved with the British National Party. Good. At least he's doing something about it. Just don't be apathetic when it comes to politics. As we come up to Nov. 11 to honor our glorious dead and our vets, it is good to remind ourselves that a flawed democracy is still something worth fighting for.

In case you have insomnia or just have WAAAY too much time on your hands, from yahoo.com comes the mid-term races that went on across the U.S..

Speaking of which, what does the GOP have to do to convince Jewish voters that it has Israel's interests at heart? Still can't figure that one out. In what I think is supreme irony, there may be more Jews elected to Congress than ever before and yet strangely diminishing the overall amiable American-Israeli relationship. I do certainly hope that this brings some much needed change over what the Bush administration has been doing in Iraq. The Dems aren't likely to 'cut and run' as some neo-Cons would suggest but I do think that the overall strategy will get a much needed facelift. America will be looking more inwardly than ever before, keen to get its own house in order before it engages in any more foreign policy adventures. All of this of course is a boon to America's and Israel's enemies (read: Iran, Syria, Russia, China and North Korea) who will use this lull between now and January of 2009 to move about freely without fear of American military intervention. The only thing I think more fearsome than a flawed American foreign policy is probably none at all.

I've still got some other stuff that you might like.

In Calgary, a shocking story of poppy theft by thieves as young as 8 years old! Actually, stories like these happen every year. I imagine some older kids putting these impressionable young ones up to it as a bunch of silly 'I double-dare you' games. Still, it does upset me and a whole bunch of other people who care.

Three cheers for Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic who is calling Arab refusal to acknowledge Israel's right to exist as the main obstacle to peace in the region. Plus he openly states that Jerusalem is indeed Israel's true capital. Wow! Now if only Condi was willing to say the same then we'd really be cooking.

The Church of England, in a rare fit of orthodoxy, has come out against the Royal Mail for sending out Christmas cards that make no mention of Christ. Actually, I dread Christmas for the exact same reason. It's mostly a pagan celebration of food, wine and gifts that divorced itself from the occasion of Christ's birth a long, long time ago.

British Colonel Paul Farrar is now saying that the Western-funded neophyte Afghan army is at least 10 years away from being ready. In other words, Canadian and British troops will probably have to stay there 10 years till that time arrives.

Did you know that China's foreign currency reserves now top the one trillion dollar mark?

While you're at it, read about the deterioration of Turkish-EU relations and what that means to ME stability in an already volatile region.

From frontpagemag is an excellent piece on the Saddam Hussein verdict simply titled 'Justice Served'.

Lastly from realtruth.org, a sobering look at the world's dwindling food supply.

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