Thursday, December 28, 2006

Death Of A President - Dec 28

I received word on Wednesday that another great American, Gerald Ford, has passed away. He took over from Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal and in the waning years of Vietnam. He was regarded as a 'healer', the right man for the right job at precisely the right time. God I feel has continuously blessed countries like the United States and Canada with leaders that in their own way lead a healing of sorts. These past eleven months under Stephen Harper has been wonderfully quiet and pretty much scandal-free, a welcome respite from the Chretien/Martin regime which was one of the most secretive and corrupt in Canadian political history.

Speaking of dead leaders, Saddam Hussein has still not yet met his ultimate fate. I suspect he might be toast before the new year. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of individuals who wish to be his executioner. While Saddam's trial sometimes devolved into a farce at times, let's give credit where credit is due. The Iraqi legal system held its ground and were not intimidated by Saddam or distracted by such caterwauling lefties as Ramsey Clark.

The merry march towards God's rightful judgement continues unabated as well. By the middle of 2007 (at least), there appears to be some kind of showdown coming down between Iran's mullahcracy and the West (U.S. and Israel mostly). Andrew McCarthy of National Review explains why.

There's not much going on here in the Great White North but there certainly is a lot of international stuff that's worth posting.

In China, Hu Jintao is now making noises about building a significant naval force 'to protect Chinese interests'. Read that as a navy that will soon challenge the Americans for naval supremacy and you have another seed of war being planted in the Far East.

Somali gov't forces backed by the Ethiopian military have just entered Mogadishu, the Somalian capital. The 'brave mujahideen' have proven their military impotence once more.

From Jihadi du Jour, 3 million Muslims are beginning the annual Hajj pilgrimage , also known as Saudi Arabia's biggest cash cow apart from its crummy oil. Probably the main reason why the prophet Muhammed started his little 'venture' in the first place. Click on the Kaaba picture on the top left and see a funny video.

Our 'friends' in the United Arab Emirates are also waging a stealth campaign of jihad against the West by converting 8% of its foreign-exchange reserves into euros.

Some end of the year stuff, first from K-House on its Top Ten Strategic Trends and also the Top Ten Weather Stories of 2006 from Environment Canada

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