Sunday, December 03, 2006

We're Going The Wrong Way! - Dec 3

Here's a picture from TimesOnline showing pro-Syrian supporters at a rally in Beirut, Lebanon.

Have you ever been driving along and all of a sudden get that 'feeling', that driver's instinct that tells you you're going the wrong way? Or, if you're like me and definitely not a morning person, start going along a certain road and wonder, "Which direction am I going?". I'm usually very good with directions and I always know which direction I'm facing (except at airports for some strange reason). Usually if I am headed in the wrong direction or have missed my turn I am able to spot my mistake early on and take corrective action. In close to twenty years of driving I've learned a few tricks. Know the route. Be alert. Never tailgate. Drive at the appropiate speed. Adjust your driving to the weather conditions. Always drive defensively. And don't even THINK about driving drunk (no big deal for me as I'm a non-drinker anyways). That sort of thing. Well friends, it seems that human history is hurtling in the wrong direction and no-one seems to care. Look at the above picture. In Lebanon, the much vaunted Cedar Revolution is not only stuck but looks increasingly under siege and ready to topple to pro-Syrian and pro-Hezbollah forces. A disaster for the West and Israel in particular.

Let's look at Canadian news first and foremost. Congrats to Stephane Dion who is the new leader of Canada's Liberal Party. Wow. Talk about a surprise! No Bob or Iggy to lambaste unfortunately. It should be interesting to see how Mr. Dion is able to bridge the big French-English divide. Is the fact that he is a Quebecois an asset or a liability? If Mr. Harper is seen as the voice of federalism within Quebec, then the Conservatives have nothing to fear. It is in Quebec, not Ontario (which has historically been very kind to the federal Liberals) where we will find out who will govern Canada next.

At Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, those practitioners of that 'Religion of Peace' is making the lives of (Christian) students miserable. A 'multi-faith' room has been hijacked (Very good at hijacking things these Muslims. For reference see 9/11) by the RoP. Kick 'em out. And then don't let them back in. Ryerson should have 'Muslim-free' zones for the relief of those who wish to escape all the B.S. and rampant PC which strangles free dissent and religious diversity.

Another institution I love to hate is the United Nations. The UN has been going the wrong way since 1948 and wouldn't know the right way if it came up to them and slapped them in the face. In its fine tradition around Christmas time and Hannukah, the UN has once again vilified Israel. And why not? The prevailing wisdom around the so-called intelligientsia is that the world would be a safer place if it didn't have to worry about those Jews who call the land of Israel their birthright. The modern day rebirth of Israel was a 'mistake' of grand proportions the thinking goes, one that should never have happened. I have said it before and I will say it again. The campaign of Armaggeddon is already well under way. All this posturing and faux meanderings are meaningless to the One who sits upon the throne. He is in control! Praise God!

I tell you another thing that is headed the wrong way and that is our education system. No, I'm not referring to PC on university campuses, but in grade school for crying out loud! The message to parents is clear: The state can do a better job of raising your kids than you can. Thanks to Sacred Scoop for the cool post.

It's getting late and I want to finish strong. Did you know that conservatives are more generous than their liberal counterparts when it comes to charity? Y'know, those CHRISTIANS who actually put their money where their mouth is? Ha! Fancy that!

God's army is on the move for sure. A German tourist by the name of Sadek Noshi Yassa is in trouble with Morrocan authorities for distributing Christian literature to the locals.

A cool program launched by Voice of the Martyrs has just shipped its 100,000th Bible to places where they are banned. The premise is simple. Get individuals to mail Bibles one at a time to avoid detection. Any bulk order is going to be noticed and stopped. His word cannot fail!

God is also on the move in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India where Gospel for Asia activists are spreading the Good News to the poorest of the poor.

As this is my first post for December '06, I want to remind anyone and everyone who has to endure the annual office Christmas party of one thing: Don't get drunk! And don't buy stupid gifts either.

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