Monday, December 11, 2006

Cynical, Moi? - Dec 11

Let me just comment first off about my last post. It was WAAAAY too long. And this was after I deleted at least ten or more bookmarks! Guess I got a wee bit too ambitious. Well, at least you got a taste of Johnny Cash's music, so all is not lost. Let's move on shall we?

I got a bit of a cynical side to me in case you haven't noticed. I try not to be, honest! However, it's stories like this that make my stomach churn. It appears that Mr. Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois is threatening to withdraw his party's support of the Afghanistan mission. Why you ask? Is it because he is concerned about the welfare of the Afghani people? Is he worried about the global jihad that is being waged against the West? No, none of these reasons hold water. The real reason? It appears that the Quebec City based Royal 22nd Regiment (incorrectly referred to as the 'VanDoos', see note below) are headed to Afghanistan in the summer of 2007. In other words, it's perfectly OK for English-speaking soldiers to be the targets of the Taliban attacks, but quelle horreur if a drop of pure laine (white francophone) blood spills in the Afghan desert. Look, I have no doubt that the R22R will acquit themselves nicely in the heat of battle. I do however have a very big problem however with the likes of Gilles Duceppe or Jack Layton who want to duck and run from the global jihad that the West faces today. PM Harper, do not hold negotiations over our glorious dead, be they French or English! Our boys deserve our unconditional love and support, even if you don't happen to support the mission that keeps them there.

Note: The number 22 in French is 'vingt deux' which crudely translates into English to 'Van Doo'. Just thought I'd like to point that out for you.

A sad update on Laura Gainey (daughter of NHL great Bob Gainey). The search for her has been called off as it normally would after 72 hours.

Jimmy Carter, fearless leader of the 'Blame America' crusade, is castigating us Canadians for withholding funds to the Hamas-led Palestinian gov't. Actually, I don't think we've gone far enough. I think this country should send a bill to the Pals asking them for all of our money back (plus interest) since 1948. I can hear the chant in the House of Commons now:

No more jizyah!
No more jizyah!
No more jizyah!

Or maybe not. To be certain I wouldn't expect to see a Muslim organization like Hamas give tribute to an infidel nation like ours, but hey, it's the thought that counts!

When I read this from the Beeb, it gave me the chills. A possible serial killer (as still yet unconfirmed) has killed three prostitutes (with two more unaccounted for) in the Ipswich/Suffolk area, east of London. Two British killers come to my mind, Peter Sutcliffe and of course Jack the Ripper. Let's hope and pray the British police find their man soon.

In the last link of my last post (compliments of Sacred Scoop), I posted a story about Muslims coming en masse to faith in Jesus Christ. Here now is the full story. Hope that lifts your Christian spirit!

The Man in Black,
Johnny Cash

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