Monday, December 04, 2006

The Opposite of Love - Dec 4

Here is another YouTube video featuring superbabe Brigitte Gabriel and jihad buster Glenn Beck on how hate is being taught to Palestinian children in schools. Runs 7:38.

Man, there is so much hate-o-rade out there it isn't even funny. Dennis Prager, a Jew, was recently taken to task by CAIR over his criticism of Keith Ellison using the Koran instead of the Bible for his swearing in. The gauntlet has been tossed down. All those who insist on upholding Judeo-Christian values are intolerant and must be re-educated about Islam's peaceful nature or else! Listen, Mr. Prager is not alone in this. Many Americans are developing so-called cases of 'Islamophobia'. People are waking up to the jihadi fifth column in their midst and they're not liking what they see. Is that intolerant? No, it isn't. Rejecting lies is not intolerant. Truth is not bigotry. I wish someone could explain this (loudly and slowly of course) to those 'Blame America First' liberals who are enabling our destruction. Now wouldn't that be something!

Here's another thing that's bugging me. Will someone stop blaming all the rampant crime and bloodshed going on in the Palestinian territories on the Jews? Look, I'm well aware that there have been problems within the Israeli military, but please, enough already! I'm sick of this 'It's not my fault!' attitude that seems to seep through most Muslim minds.

Oh, I'm not finished yet. The Conservatives have mercifully ended a gov't funded program that allows prisoners to get tattooed while serving time. Denying a prisoner the 'right' to self-mutilate (because that's what tattoos ultimately represent) is NOT a violation of his (or her) rights! Of course we don't want to see Hep C and HIV in our prison system. But $600,000 a year plus another $350,000 for start up costs for this program is insanity! Kudos to Stockwell Day for getting rid of this PC madness.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, asks, "Have you been Ahmadinejadized?". I swear, the man is a comic genius.

John Bolton is toast as the U.S. ambassador to the UN. Bush isn't too terribly happy about it and I can't blame him. Just remember, the surrender of America's sovereignty to the UN is the ultimate dream of every NWO internationalist. It seems we've now taken a step closer in that direction. Mr. Bolton's fate was sealed when the Dems kicked GOP butt in the November mid-term elections.

Three more links and then we're finished.

It now appears that that long predicted military coup in Fiji is now taking place.

How 'bout this? Bend it Like Beckham, Palestinian style!

Here's a follow-up on that surprise twist of Alexander Litvinenko's conversion (reversion?) to Islam from

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