Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Got Chills Multiplyin' - Aug 7

It's been an interesting day personally. I just got dumped by three ladies on eHarmony. Nice to see my perfect record of futility is still intact. Truly pathetic I am. Erin led the charge along with two others. Saw a picture of Erin and as it turns out I really wasn't missing much. Hell, it's not like I was expecting a model or anything like that! Oh well, so be it. Fall down ten times and pick yourself up eleven. The end result? You're still standing. Perfect.

So onto my post. Got some air-conditioning going this past week so now I can sleep better without all that horrible humidity that you get in August in lovely Brampton. That however is not the reason for all the chills going up and down my spine. Don't seem to have any theme here so in lieu of an actual thought process I'm just going to lob them at you as I see fit.

Would you be worried if 190,000 AK-47's went missing in Iraq? Isn't that generous of America to accidently arm both al-Qaida and Hamas? What's the bet that some of these weapons end up in Afghanistan to be used against Canadian soldiers? It's foolish and it's reckless. Lose a retaining pin as a CF soldier and you get charged. Lose a 190,000 automatic assault rifles and no-one blinks. There's no oversight needed here! Why bother when you don't have to?

Mark Of The Beast Dep't: Got another article on that whole RFID thingy. This year, RFID was worth $4.96bn. In ten years (2017) that will multiply to $26.88bn. From tagging merchandise to tagging humans is not as big a leap as you might think. The technology for the mark of the beast is already here. All it requires is a huge political shift for that to happen. Once the church is evacuated out of harm's way, there will be no stopping this process.

This Jihad Is Killing Us Dep't: I read this story about some dolt trying to flush a Koran down the toilet. Oh the horror! For the toilet that is. Seriously, if this dude tried to desecrate a Bible (or at least a New Testament) he would've been feted by the Left and pro bono defended by the ACLU (Anti-Christ Legion of Unbelievers). Muslims really do love their state-sanctioned victim status, much to our detriment. And can we ban the burqa and niqab too? Not only do the women look completely daft, it's a known security risk and health issue. Besides, only Johnny Cash was effective in pulling off the 'Man in Black' look.

This Jihad Is Killing Us, Part II: Not just figuratively but quite literally as well. Chauncey Bailey was the editor of the Oakland Post before he was gunned down by an employee of Your Black Muslim Bakery, a jihadi front in the Oakland, CA area. Muslims baking fresh bread is one thing. The trashing of other business and the open display of automatic weapons is another. Should it surprise you that these criminals were aided and abetted by effete leftists? The arrogance and contempt they display towards local law enforcement is galling.

So what does all this entail? Citizens are NOT going to report criminal activity out of fear of reprisal. These Nazi-like brownshirt tactics are having a chilling effect on free speech. We are fortunate that some brave souls such as Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (watch the HotAir video here!) is not so frightened by the litigation and intimidation tactics of CAIR. God bless him. May there be a thousand more like him.

How would you like to be detained by Hezbollah? No? CSM reporter Nicholas Blanford found out the hard way and lived to tell a rather harrowing tale. Hey, better him than me!

Finally a story about how God used a motorcycle accident to open the door for the Gospel for a GFA missionary in Maharashta, India. Hallelujah! God is great!

Johnny Cash


Anonymous said...

Good job Johnny. About Cair--many lawyers in this country are waking up to cairs tactics and are volunteering pro-bono work just to fight cair. (At least it looks that way).
Much of the world is waking up to the stink of islam.
Keep on blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, also, you might want to reconsider removing the link to Bill oreilly. He thinks it is proper that the koran in the toilet guy gets feloney charges.....
I didn't bother listening to his reasons because I was so irritated with him that I changed the radio channel.