Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Politically Incorrect - Feb 6

I was watching CTS TV earlier and I saw something that disturbed me as a Christian parent. Apparently, British Columbia is the test case for a new spin on the sex-ed in high school. They are introducing gay and lesbian lifestyles as a normal, acceptable choice for teens. This is being done in relative secrecy. They are making a point of NOT asking the parents what they think and just teaching the kids what they want. They are also NOT ALLOWING PARENTS to excuse their children from this section of the curriculum. This makes me angry. Since when are parents no longer allowed to impose their moral or religious beliefs at public school? Okay, so they took out the Lord's Prayer, they made it really hard for Christian clubs to function in school, and you need a signed form from parents to listen to the Gideons and get your own free Bible....All this not to step on toes...But what about OUR toes?

As a Christian mom I believe that Homosexuality is wrong. Politically incorrect or not. The Bible says that a man should not lie down with another man and a woman should not lie down with another woman. Plain and simple. I believe that if God says "Don't do it" you don't do it. It's not rocket science. What other people want to believe or teach their children is up to them, but I want the right to teach my children my beliefs, NOT the world's.

If the school want to teach something, I can't stop them, BUT let the parents know and give them a choice! I have no problem with homosexuals -after all, Jesus died for them too - but that doesn't mean I agree with their lifestyle, and that doesn't mean a teacher should be teaching my children to accept it as 'right'.


Johnny Cash said...

Hi Faith Girl,
Finally some real fire in your belly! Looks good on you. This crap was around in Stalinist Russia where little Russian kids were taught to love Joseph Stalin more than Mom and Dad. The arrogance of these secular-progressives knows no bounds. The very idea that the state can do a better job of raising your kids than you can must naturally put a burr in your saddle. The radical 'pro-choice' movement is just as equally repulsive. They OPPOSE any form of parental notification laws. So should a teenage girl get pregnant, according to the 'pro-choice' stance, that frightened teenage girl should get a legal abortion just like that without having to ask her own parents by law for advice! It's obscene I tell you. If I had kids I'd hate the idea of sending them to a non-Christian school were the name of Jesus Christ isn't glorified like it ought to be. I know for a fact that many Christian parents feel the same as you do. May God bless you and your little ones.

dizzyfatplonka said...

We are suffering the same thing over here in Britain also Faith Girl, it looks like some kind of developed western worl agenda, even reports now of the school classes teaching our children how to be a muslim.
With days of dressing up and in their attire and practising muslim ways.
Ihad read about this stuff in the USA before on jihadwatch but it just seems to be spreading everywhere.

New World Order if you ask me, how else do all our governments develop the same policies, no matter who you vote for anywhere.