Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God Is Our Protector - Feb 28

I just read this from Koinonia House news which is Chuck Missler's ministry. You can find the text below in its proper context here. Also from K-House you can read about the recent fraudulent claims about Jesus' supposed grave in Jerusalem. Keep in mind that Jesus and His earthly family where from Galilee, which is way north of Jerusalem. It is highly unlikely that a poor Galilean family would have a grave in Jerusalem. It must be noted here that the Talpiot grave is not a new discovery but one that was known to Israeli archaeologists since 1980!Consider also the fact that names like Mary, Jesus, Judas and Joseph were common names in use during our Saviour's earthly ministry. So yes, my faith in the resurrection is still alive and well.


The last Sunday of January, a US helicopter was shot down a few miles north of the Shiite holy city of Najaf . It was just two days before the Shiite high holy day of Ashoura, and the 600-700 man Islamic "Army of Heaven" was gathered, ready to mingle with the crowds and blow up as many pilgrims and clerics as possible. The "Heaven's Soldiers" believed their leader was the 12th Imam, or Islamic messiah, and planned to present him to the world on that Tuesday.

Shooting down that helicopter, though, might have been the worst decision the Army of Heaven made for their cause. A certain group of about 50 U.S.-backed Iraqi forces just happened to be in the area, and, going to the rescue of their friends in the helicopter, they ran smack into the middle of the cult army. The fighting that followed was so heavy that, "if you put your finger up in the air, it would get blown off," as one US soldier put it. The tiny Gideon-like band of Iraqis and Americans battled valiantly, though, and by the time reinforcements got in, they had killed at least 200 of the enemy. Another 60 of the enemy were wounded and 100-150 were captured. The cult's Imam was also killed, and the planned terrorist attacks never took place.

On our side, five Iraqis were killed, as well as the two Americans in the helicopter. One U.S. soldier in the battle that day described his amazement at surviving, saying, "I didn't get a scratch." When it was all done, he and a buddy prayed and thanked God for their lives.

Here's some scripture to put things into their proper place:

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way. (2 The 2:7)

The 'He' being spoken of in this verse is referring to none other than the Holy Spirit. While police and various other security forces still do play a part in foiling evil, ultimately it is the sovereign power of the Almighty that restrains evil. It is nothing short of obscene to believe that we are the ones that is stopping terrorism in its tracks through our own efforts. When the tribulation time comes, people will see terrorism and criminal activity go through the roof. My advice is to avoid that time here on Earth. Turn away from your sins and come to faith in Christ. Trust me, you'll thank me for it later.

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