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Seven Secrets To Happy Blogging - Mar 3

I've noticed in the last few posts that I'm getting a steady stream of comments. Which of course is a good thing. I read certain comments and wonder to myself, "How on Earth did you find me?". Whether it's just coincidence, pure dumb luck or even Divine Providence the X-Def is moving on up. I even got someone from CTV to drop me a line! Remarkable and exciting stuff. So I decided to share some of my trade secrets with you on how to have a successful blog. In no particular order here are seven rules of thumb if you really want to reach out and touch someone.

Be Positive!

It is no accident that popular people are positive people. They are encouragers, optimists, leaders and doers. As you may know, I follow politics passionately. You look at those politicians who have that knack with people and they all share one thing in common: They make people feel good about themselves without using inane flattery. Ronald Reagan understood this. I think Mr. Harper has a clue about this too. When it comes to being a Christian blogger, this should be an easy task. Jesus was a positive person. I think that's why He attracted huge crowds wherever He went. Ask yourself: Why then are so many still attracted to this person called Jesus the Messiah? God the Father gave the ultimate expression of His love for us when He became flesh through His Son and walked amongst us. Being a Christian and having a positive attitude should automatically go hand in hand. The message Christianity brings to the world is one of hope and redemption. It's a mystery to me why I don't see more of this in the public sphere.

It's OK To Love Your Country!

Listen, I suffer no illusions about Canada and it's politics. Quebec is forever threatening to leave the confederation and many whine and cry about their 'rights'. Let's face it, Canada is not about to become a utopia anytime soon. I think this fits in with my first point yet it's much more specific. People don't like it when you say all manner of bad things about your own country. It's not that they don't know that some things need fixing, it just strikes some that continuously running down your country is, well, unpatriotic. Being a dissatisfied patriot is one thing. Out and out hating your country and all of its institutions is another. Do me a favor and visit Dizzyfatplonka or Sandmonkey's blog and you quickly get the idea that they do love their country even if it's completely messed up. I would hope that I give off that love of country as well.

Lurn 2 Rite Gud

My friend, there's no shame in being a bad speller. If you have problems with spelling or grammar, get a dictionary or use the spell-check that blogger provides to oversee your efforts. Short of that, get a friend to edit your posts. You'll have to let him or her have administrator status in order to accomplish this. For me, I am my own toughest critic. It's not uncommon for me to edit a post two, three or more times before I'm happy with it. The surest way to turn others away in droves is to write like an immature and insecure child. Don't be afraid to take a little bit more time and do the job right.

1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

When I first started this humble little blog, it was apparent early on that probably the only person who knew that I posted that day was me. And yes, that is as pathetic as it sounds. I didn't quit and here I am a year later. I think the thing that kept me going was this belief that I had a positive message to offer this world. You look at people like Donald Trump and other successful people and they all share the same characteristic: They love to work hard over and above where most would be packing it in for the day. Working hard for your own glory is a burden and a chore. Working hard to glorify the King of Kings is an honor. See the difference?

It's Not About You!

This may come as a shock, but the world does not hang on your every word. Just as people hate pessimists, it should come as no surprise that egoism is a major turn-off. How does this fatal error occur? By believing in your own infallibility. YOU ARE NOT GOD. Heck, you're not even the bloody Pope! As one-time Israeli PM Golda Meir once said, "Don't be so humble, you're not that great". Sounds like sage advice if you ask me.

It's OK To Laugh!

I'm a big fan of conservative commentary as you might well know. Along with the hard-hitting journalism that they do I also enjoy the good humor that these journos bring to their work. Take some time and see Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. Read Ann Coulter. Take a look at the body of work that Robert Spencer does for Jihad Watch. The one thing that these three share is a willingness to engage people with a dry sense of humor. You see, people love to laugh. It disarms them and gives them a chance to open up to you. Show some vulnerability and others will reciprocate. Godless individuals who are uber-serious about everything are a tremendous pet peeve of mine. Have faith in God and learn to laugh at yourself. Not only will you have a successful blog, you might actually live longer.

Give God The Glory

I saved this point for last and for good reason. For me, giving God the glory is the very reason I founded the Christian Defender. Loving the Lord your God sounds like a simple commandment and it is. Why then are so few willing to do this? Do they think they can love their neighbor without knowing the love of Jesus Christ? No they cannot. Loving Jesus ought to be the highest priority on every Christian's to do list. The second priority is to share that love with others. Yes, I know this is difficult! Many are apathetic, hostile or are just too comfortable with their lives to even bother to contemplate things like religion and eternity. Understand that evangelism is not something we have to do, it is something we get to do. So always give God the glory. Trust me on this.

Well I hope that helps. I realize that many of these points overlap with one another but nevertheless these seven will do for now. Bonne Chance and happy blogging y'all!

Johnny Cash

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