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Am I Being Too Harsh? - Mar 18

To the point, I am rather harshly critical of Islam. Am I being too hard on this religion whose adherents number in the billions? I think not. Truth be told I will always find myself in opposition to this ideology that enslaves minds and destroys bodies. It is good from time to time to make sure that you are being fair and accurate in your reporting. It's a legitimate question for anyone who freely offers up their critical opinion in the blogosphere. When I see journalists, scholars, celebrities and other bloggers take a stance, I notice a certain meanness, a kind of petty vindictiveness in their vitrol, the very thing I want to avoid.

Look, I love discussing politics and religion with other people. But my God some people are soooo hypersensitive when it comes to their pet beliefs that it's like stepping in a minefield when you talk to them. The way I see it is this: There can be no maturing in your political and religious beliefs if you don't examine them from time to time. My political views are vastly different today than what they were ten or twenty years ago. It is also likely that some of my views will change again in the next ten years or so. But like I said, you come across some people and your jaw drops. Their spiritual immaturity becomes painfully obvious as you come away with the conclusion that they will never accept any other postion other than their own. It would be more productive running into a brick wall at top speed than to argue with someone with a closed mind. It is a nightmare arguing with a proud person. They are physically unable to shut their mouths, never once taking the time to actually listen. On and on they rant, bullying and intimidating anyone who dares question them.

And so it is with Islam. Raising so much as a peep of protest to question them brings them to a rabid state. Like these Indian Muslims who threatened to behead Taslima Nasreen. In a civilized society any accusation of slander is brought before the courts. Not so with Islam! Nope, beheading is the way to go! Mohammed said so after all. I think when you examine fascist beliefs such as National Socialism, Communism, White Supremacism and yes, that 'Religion of Peace', there will always be those who gravitate towards it. If it didn't have that glossy sheen to begin with nobody would even bother. As Serge Trifkovic notes here:

It was exactly during Stalin's show trials that the Western intelligentsia was most outspokenly pro-Communist. Some people are drawn to the amoral exercise of raw power (emphasis mine) rather than repulsed. It is the basic appeal of fascism and one of Islam's greatest strengths.

Read your history and find out for yourself. The prophet Mohammed and Adolf Hitler worshipped war and having power over their enemies. The only difference between the two is that German National Socialism has been forever discredited whereas Islam's 'glossy sheen' is still very much in play. Power corrupts, whether it be the Council of American Islamic Relations, the United Nations or even such bona fide scoundrels as Pete Rose (Sorry Pete, no Hall of Fame entry for you until you truly repent of your sins).

So make no mistake, there is a coming war with Islam whether you like it or not. Totalitarianism in any form is an abortive policy. So what then do we do to defeat this threat to our freedoms? Here are a few ideas from your humble correspondent:

1) Europe must support Israel and the Jewish claim to the land. I believe it's called Zionism. Despite all the Europessimism, I still think they can pull back from the precipice from which it finds itself. However it must come from the grassroots, not from the dhimmified politicians. Europe must rediscover its democratic and Judeo-Christian traditions or move towards civil war. Time for 'Eurabia' is running out.

2) Emotional and materiel support for the U.S. military is crucial. Like it or not, the Americans are the sole guaranteeor of stability in the ME. Our politicians have to get serious about the spiritual nature of this battle and stop wasting men, materiel, money and morale to bring democracy to those who soundly reject it. (Note: I know how 'material' is spelt. The use of the word 'materiel' here is I believe the correct one.)

3) Support for the emerging global church in places like India are crucial. The West should dedicate a great deal of money and resources in helping bringing the Gospel to the unreached in the ME and Asia. Let's put all this PC in the garbage. Islam is not compatible with human rights. Islam is NOT an Abrahamic faith! Why is this moral equivalence so hard to shake?

That's it for now. Like I said, we got our work cut out for us. God's glory awaits all those that have their hope in Him.

Johnny Cash

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